Friday, August 30, 2013

Day Of Byes

Lots going on today, mostly saddish. Eamon's last day at Joanne's, which he spent a year and a half at and grew in leaps and bounds. And they were nice and man I really grew attached to those kids there. But all good things come to an end and he had a good time there.

Now I just have to be mature at the new school with the new kids. Lol

Also had to say bye to my summer students and had a lunch party for them. Good bunch, they will be missed. Also means I'm back to "normal" in a month. Yikes.

I'm typing this as I'm giving blood. Good way to distract myself. Just about done...

Man I have a lot to do still with the house... Gonna be busy again. I I've been too lazy for too long.

Let's do this...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oh Hey Fellow Randomo

Good luck trying to follow my train of thoughts. It's off the tracks! Again, nothing interesting to see here and be prepared to laugh at me but don't point. Banana. Oh and trying to post something on my phone is screwing up the formatting. Blah

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Time To Breathe Yet?

This whole settling into a new house/parenting/renovating thing is getting to be a little exhausting.  Could always be worse, but I'm just feeling fatigued.

Been taking a bit of a physical/mental break, but I gotta start at it again.  Hopefully after this weekend after Montreal with the boys (there will be a 10k race on Saturday that I'm pretty sure I'm not going to do well in).  So much to do, such little time as the refrain goes

*  *  *

Fleeting, I bet. But at least for a little bit the thought is there

Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Next Chapter

So I started this new chapter in my life officially.  Moved in last week and still scrambling to get everything all set up (still gonna be a long while until that's done).

Didn't realize I'd sort of be a mess and overwhelmed.  Just gotta remember to take things day to day/hour by hour.

Had a full day today with Eamon.  He took a nap at my place for the first time and it was a success.  My baby boy is growing so fast, fully potty trained and talking in full sentences.  Crazy.  Went to High Park and Ikea.  Love that guy.

Now then, just gotta tackle my list of 7561 things to do...