Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mad Scramble...


Gotta lock up the house, finish packing up, getting set, and Italy here we come (airport in 20 minutes)!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Just gotta get through this day.

Gotta also get out of this mental funk. Why the hell do I always have some sort of drama in my head?

Monday, July 27, 2009


Aside for the trip, I also cleaned out my desk today at work (albeit for different reasons; they are going to replace the carpet and in a few weeks we'll be moving to another floor as well). I started purging my stuff there, and then I had one of my all-too-common bouts of "what am I going to do with my life/career moments." Then again, I'm kind of bummed at work lately cause Kiri is gonna be leaving for the other office. Who am I going to eat lunch with? Eh, whateves, I'll get over it. I gotta stop being such a baby.

* * *

I became a computer geek and bought some parts that would enable me to share my monitor, mouse and (new) keyboard with both the Mac and PC simultaneously. Sure it took a couple of tries, but working on a 19" screen with the macbook is a-okay

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Wow this summer has been crazy. Actually, I don't think I mind it much, as I'm not much one for liking heat waves. But really, the amount of rain and the coolness of the climate makes for one really odd summer.

Mind you, I'll be in sweltering heat come Friday when we're in Italy. So I guess I should enjoy this right now...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Of Doing Something

Checking off all the things in the list of "to-do's". For example:

-install faucet in basement
-put away camping gear
-cook delicious tacos
-rearrange the furniture in the office
-paint trim

Next thing you know, it's 4:35pm. Wowza.

Going to Arfeli's place pretty soon. Yum, barbeque!

Friday, July 24, 2009

What's Better Than A Nice Patio Set?

A cheap patio set!

House and umbrella not included

Real Canadian Superstore is great, as is the PC brand. I knew it would go on sale; just had to be patient. Regla price $349.99. Jason's price? $99.99!

Now then, just have to, you know, fix up the backyard

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sounds (And Tastes) Fishy

So I made fish tacos today. I've become somewhat fond of them, after years of saying "ewww...I don't think I would like those".

I also made all sorts of guacamole. Always love it when avocados are on sale.

Oh, also went to the walk-in doctor (which, by the way, I absolutely abhor due to the crazy wait time). Looks like I'll be taking steroids for a while (hydrocortisone, that is)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Think I Want A Nissan Cube

Iced Cube

It'll fit the Great Dane!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dammit Henna

You are killing my arm here.

Not only did I get a fake tattoo, apparently I am also getting the fake regret about a fake tattoo, except the regret ain't fake

Monday, July 20, 2009

So What Did I Learn Today?

I'm allergic to henna (I think). I haven't broken out in a rash like this since, well...ever.

Maybe my skin is too delicate. Either way, crap, there goes my plans of getting temporarily tattooed up

Sunday, July 19, 2009


So we went camping this past weekend at Killbear, and it was a fun time. The traffic was horrible going to Barrie ("I'm never getting a cottage, even if I could afford one" thoughts circulated in my mind), but then afterwards it cleared up nicely.

Camping with Alex, Kirk and kids was fun (especially since Kirk, who is a chef by trade, cooked us some great food on Saturday night). Camping with the other workmates who I didn't know was going to be there? Maybe not so great. In fact, had I known they would've been there? Most likely I wouldn't have went.

Coming home today we went to Ruthie, Kevin and the kids place (baby overload!). Had goose sausage (maybe if it was prepared better I would've enjoyed it; Kevin even feared he used the wrong spices). Oh, he also brought out his gun he uses for hunting and then we (Sharon included) shot it. And then I realized why guns are so dang violent.

Busy week again this week, then in less than two we'll be in Italy! Crazy!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Does Camping Have To Be So Stressful?

So you go camping to "get away from it all" and to "be one with nature". So then, I wonder, why does it have to be so stressful before and after the trip?

I'm talking about packing the car, hoping you don't forget anything, and then when you return you have to clean everything, etc. I didn't even mention the actual drive up there.

One of these days I'm going to have to do some sort of cost/benefit analysis of this whole thing. Then again, it may have something to do with the fact that Sharon isn't home and I have to do most of this all by myself. Yargh

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Penny For My Thoughts

Thoughts being not saying "Dammit!"

So Second Cup is having a sale on their smoothies for $1.56. I went for break and got one (oh, and the calories in it is horrendous...looks like my cheap side is winning again). I ran into Kira and told her about it; she said she was going to get one. I gave her a penny so she doesn't get a handful of pennies for change.

Rewind back to the morning: I forgot my wallet at home. What the heck is happening to me? I used to be not a forgetful person. Luckily I had a petty cash slip at work, so my pocket was populated with $45.00.

Fast forward to the evening: stopped by the grocery store to buy a few things. Total came to $4.69. Sure enough, I had $5.68 in my pocket. Crapping fargus! So I got stuck with $0.99 in my pocket.

Of course.

* * *

Is this what it's like being a bachelor and living by myself? Sharon left for Montreal, so now I have cook for myself. Not only that, I have to do a bunch of chores (cutting grass, trimming bushes, washing car, etc.) and other stuff to get ready for camping 2009 at Killbear PP this weekend. On top of that, I'm still kind of tired and continue to go to the gym (I have to though, considering I've been eating like a chump this past week).

I miss my wife, if only for the fact I'm kind of wanting to be lazy. Oh right, and also because I love her.

On the bright side, I made some great tacos for lunch tomorrow. Besides the fact I don't have a choice (although I do: "Mom! I'm coming for dinner!" Oh yeah, I actually did go there for dinner today, but that's because she asked me to come to help her carry a TV. Really! Oh right, back to the point...), I tend to cook foods I wouldn't normally cook when Sharon is here. Hopefully she doesn't realize this and makes me cook more (writing this where she could read it doesn't really help). Man, I got a good thing going here while she's home

Monday, July 13, 2009

It Was The Size Of An Onion Ring

Nothing like descriptive words from Laurie to explain what happens to a woman's body (and her, ummm...stinky parts) during childbirth. What could top that? A hand-drawn picture.

Thank goodness she's not going to show me the videotape (yup, there was a videotape)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"If You Know What I Mean"

So Miami with the boys was fun. I enjoy the time with them homos. Nothing too raunchy, just pure scorching out in the sun, eating too much junk food, and just general lazying around. Oh, and I got a tattoo.

Fake, sure, but still.

And we have threatened Jepot that if he puts the pics up on FB, then goshdangit...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Vakay With The Homos

Goin' with the boys to Miami...I wonder if the trip would be better had I been single. And a manwhore.

As if I would even, you know, talk to a girl...dang I suck!

"What Arvin Wanted To Be When He Grew Up?"


"A teacher?"


So we had a couple's night dinner/board game Taboo-a-thon at Arfeli's place last night. Good times. Team Sharson won against Arfeli and Beevy, but then the boys team couldn't beat the girls team. I would like to think it's because one certain member from the boys team (starts with "A" ends with "rvin") was freaking out while he tried to say his clues. You'd think he was at a border crossing or something.

But regardless, it was fun and lead to this awesome display of Taboo-ness from Arfeli:

Nefeli: you use this to cut hair (not real question, but a similar question to it)

Arvin: I don't know


* * *

Miami! Have a feeling I'm gonna be exhausted tomorrow

Monday, July 06, 2009

Almost There...

...where? Miami! I'm hoping to go all Horatio Caine when I get there. Right.

Was just thinking...perhaps we have to actually, you know, plan some things to do there. Glad I'm not the best man!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Young Nervous Drivers of BC/Ontario

So BJ and Ives passed by today, and we had the bright idea of teaching BJ how to drive (as Ivy has a standard back home in BC that BJ, well...doesn't drive). Seeing a good time as any, it was a great time for Sharon to learn too.

And the best part? Seeing as how both of them get super nervous when driving, it was doubly awesome when Sharon was learning and...a police officer came to us (we were in the parking lot of a high school). He wanted to see what was happening; and ended up laughing and letting us go. Sharon? Maybe not so much.

You learn best when under pressure, no?

* * *

Apparently I think I'm on vacation mode already. I've been eating all sorts of crap the last few days...better smarten up before Thursday and em-eye-aaaaa comes a knockin'

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Someone Build An Ark

So the pool was a bit of a failure. Figured before the neighbours start calling the West Nile Virus team out on me (ironic!), I should empty it.

And empty it I did.

It was like a flood (granted I didn't do the "slow and steady" approach; more like the "horny teenager about to git some" approach)! Either my grass and my neighbours is going to die, or grow like crazy

* * *

Had a great date with wifey this morning: watched Transformers (it was okay) and ate at Souvlaki Hut (it was awesome). It would be awesome if she was a morning person everyday

Friday, July 03, 2009

Glad it's here. Been so tired lately.

I'll be in Miami on Thursday though...can't wait!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lechonfest 2009

I would like to think it was a success. Peeps said it was fun and there's still a lot of clean-up left to do (a sign of a good party?).

Some thoughts:
-having BJ slow-turn the pig(s!) for about 5 hours straight really helped. The fact he has the worst farmer's tan ever? Bonus! (Jerk!). I still can't believe that the fire pit actually worked
-disappointed in my limp pool. Sucks...I think I'll be giving it to the Solski's, who have more room for it. Who knew it was so big?
-speaking of the pool, I hope I didn't cause an incident when one of my workmates' kid fell in it. She was close to drowning, but I think it left my workmate pretty shaken
-speaking of workmates, it was nice to have them over at once. Does this mean I never have to invite them over again now that they finally saw our place?
-speaking of their kids, it was like a kid explosion. Chloe, Elizabeth, Victoria, Kush, Leon, Maya, Sheky and of course my baby Trinity were all here. Trinity was really, really sad at first. Why? She said to me, "because you didn't give me a hug hello". Well, then. But it was crazy with all the kids and funny too seeing the reactions of some of my friends who didn't have kids. And no, we're not about to have any kids anytime soon
-leftovers galore. Luckily I have Filipino friends and even more lucky they could give it to their parents to make paksew
-finally, the weather held out. Thank God for that. I hope it wasn't a "balance it out" kind of deal, though, where because I had such good luck here (and I had been fretting about the weather for a week, hoping it would be good) that I'm going to have some bad luck in the near future (food poisoning?)