Saturday, April 30, 2011

Remember When We Had No Kid?

We did -- for a few hours, anyway.  My parents came over and watched a fed, semi-sleeping Eamon while we went out and did a few errands.  Crazy to think that he is exactly one month old today.

I love him so much.

It's funny; whenever he is fed and changed, we have a "countdown" until the next feeding and changing will have to occur (anywhere between 1.5-3 hrs).  We try to maximize the time as much as possible.

Of course, he is up in the middle of the night still.  It was a crazy one last night, with him just refusing to go to bed.  Went to bed at 3:00am-ish, and woke up/slept again until 11:00am-ish.  I am pretty tired, but whateves.

Also finally went outside and did some work in the yard to take advantage of the nice weather.  Took down the Christmas lights and re-arranged some landscaping rocks.  Then I remembered how yardwork has the potential to be tiring and not-so-good for my back.  But again, whateves, could be worse

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ball Wall

Okay, maybe I am getting tired.  Could not play ball this morning for the life of me, with no energy at all.

I'm sure I'll get my sleep in soon enough.


*  *  *

Sang karoke with my boy this past evening.  It was funny watching him stare at me with bemusement (embarrassment?  Let's go with embarrassment)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Concrete Floors Are Going To Cripple Me

I hate to sound like a primadonno, but man, playing ball on concrete floors are killer on the old knees (played tonight with Ron and his friends at the police station).

I shouldn't complain though; at least I get to play.  Thanks Bub!

*  *  *

Atlanta Hawks what!  Now let's go Memphis

*  *  *

Friday what!  Seriously, I can get used to this two day, pause, two day work weeks.  If only

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Best Hands-Free Invention Ever

This baby carrier/sling thing is awesome.  And it makes me feel closer to my son.  I dread the day he outgrows it.

In the meantime, he and I will continue to salsa/bachata together while he's in it

*  *  *

Day off what!  I think all of this "5-day workweek" thing sucks.  These two day workweeks are much more palatable

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Okay, Maybe He Is My Child

So Sharon took the boy to the mid-wives for a check-up.  The mid-wife told Sharon that an expected weight gain would have been 0.5 lbs (8 oz.) since the last weigh-in.  How much did Eamon gain, you say?  18 oz.

Sharon then asked about why Eamon is not able to sleep on his own, and would always cry for us.  They said that some babies just naturally need to always be around someone, and that perhaps they will grow out of it within a few months.

So to summarize:  Eamon gains weight easily (fatty fat face), and always needs to be around someone (clingy).  Yep.  He does seem to have traits that resemble me.

Dammit.  And I was hoping he would be like his mother in this regard

*  *  *

Speaking of traits about me, two that I find I possess:  jealousy and pettiness.  Even worse?  When I get jealous I get petty.  Wish I could change that.  I'm pretty sure everyone wishes I could change that...

Monday, April 25, 2011

"It's Like You Don't Care Because Your Priorities Change"

So said my workmate PG, who summed up how I feel about work right about now.

Still up to now trying to get readjusted to work.  Funny -- I imagine some people would have a hard time adjusting to "parenthood" and then going back to work is like a stress reliever (at least, that's what I hear from my male coworkers).

Me?  I think the opposite occurred.  It was easy getting into the swing of things at home, and much harder trying to get back to work.  Maybe I'm more of a "mother" than I let on?  Well, whatever the case, I have to snap out of it.  Don't want to get fired or anything...

*  *  *

Fireplace ideas coming along.  But the execution?  Who knows.  Feeling extra tired today for some reason.

*  *  *

Why is it that whenever you're trying not to do something, and you have to force yourself not to do it, it makes it 5423x harder?

Case in point:  my first day "eating healthy".  Yeah, I was doing fine for the majority of the day, but I kind of broke down at the end and had a chocolate chip cookie and other junkfood.  Yargh.  Okay, tomorrow again!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lambtastic Extravaganza Pt. 3

It's great to be Greek.

Well, to know Greek people anyway.

Today marked Greek Easter, and we made our annual trip to Scarborough to Feli's Parent's place.  And as per usual, it was lambtastic.

Our little man was the star of the place (in my mind, anyway), with everyone oohing and ahhing him.

It was also amusing to watch all the Adamides girls hold the boy and watching all of them freak out because they weren't entirely sure how to do it.  Then watching all of them take a drink right after.

Can't wait till next year, where surely I will overeat yet again.  But the lamb is so damn good.  I think it's all Arvin's plan to get me into even more horrible shape for this race.  I'm onto him.

*  *  *

My Dad posts pictures for my Mom's FB page.  He write the funniest (unintentionally funny) comments to me.  For example, he put up a pic of Eamon with my Mom, and his caption?

"Our Bombay Prince Eamon"

*  *  *

Starting tomorrow I am going to resolve to eat well until after the race.  This eating is getting ridiculous

(S)Who Knew This Day Would Come?

A few years ago (starting in University), I had this desire to collect basketball shoes.  Specifically, I sought out collecting Nike Shox, and in particular the Vince Carter collection (as he was the man back then).

I did pretty well too, getting the shoes at good prices on sale or on eBay.  I had no real...direction (?) with the collection though.  Was I just going to collect them and not actually wear them/use them?

Then a few years later and after amassing about 6 pairs, I came to that point in my life where I said "this is ridiculous, you got to start using these".  It also happily coincided with my playing basketball everyday at the YMCA in the morning.  So score all the way around (excuse the pun), as I did not have to buy ball shoes for the next 10 years or so.

But the problem with using 8+ years old shoes is that the glue dries out and the shoes start to come apart.  Plus, I lost a few pounds and the shoes started feeling different on my feet.  Yes, I'm good with excuses.

So I bought a few pairs of "other-than-shox" and they are now in my regular rotation.  And now I'm in that phase of life where I want to purge and get rid of things that I do not use.

So after spending over $700 throughout the years on these shoes, but using them well (this I'm certain I did), I have given them up to my younger brother/Philippines (the ones Con doesn't want).

I am no longer into "collecting things" that are not useful (as evidenced by trying to sell the CSI DVD's).  Does this mean I'm getting older?

Anywho, goodbye shoes.  And thank you.

(Yes, I'm making an ode to my shox)

RIP 2001-2011 (from my hands)  (yes, I actually took pics of my shoes)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hibernating Good Friday

Nice day yesterday, doing absolutely nothing.  Unfortunately, I also did absolutely nothing.

I did start on "artwork" for Eamon's room.  This should be interesting, as I am attempting to paint on canvas.  It's gonna take me a hell of a long time, this much I know

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Every Workweek Should Be Only 2 Days

If only.

Easing into my "new routine".  Oddly enough, it incorporates a lot of my old routine.  You know, like playing basketball in the morning until an unreasonable time.  But I can't help it.  Really, I can't.

Looking forward to this nice long weekend.  Maybe I'll start the fireplace...most likely not

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Approved? Approved. Avocado-Nutella-Chapatti.

Put in the category of yummy:  warm chapatti with nutella and avocado.  (I know that nutella with anything is approved in my books, but this is a good combo.  Especially since I'm on an avocado kick lately)

It Could Be Worse, I Could Not Be Going Back To A Job

So the "day I dreaded" turned out not to be so so bad.  Sure it was filled with paperwork and whatnot, but I have to admit that I missed changing the boy's diapers.  And, you know, just being with him and not being at work.

Luckily tomorrow is my last day (!) and then I have Friday off, then next week Wednesday (should've been Monday, but I somehow got roped into going into a management meeting on Monday.  Are they aware I'm not, you know, a manager?).

Rolando passed by and just gave a killer massage.  My shoulder had been strained and feeling weak, and he seemed to have diagnosed that the bones in my hand have somehow collapsed.  He adjusted it and taped it up and it is feeling better now, but I have to keep it taped up for a few weeks (have absolutely no idea how I'm going to do that).  That man works magic, I tell you

Who Knee-ds It?

Great to get back to the gym in the morning again.  Too bad I'm convinced my knees are arthritic now.  Dramatic perhaps, but even stretching it all out hurts.  Mind you it's been 3 weeks since, but still.

We then continued on our "royal tour" (labelled by Arvin) and went to our workplace to show off Eamon.  We received a lot of compliments, oooo's and ahhhh's, and some very generous gifts.  One of the problems of working at the same place?  The visit lasts twice as long.  By the time we got out, it was 2:00pm and we still had to eat lunch.

We found ourselves at Shandra's Roti Shop as Sharon was craving it.  It was filling, very filling.  Maybe too filling.

We got home, and the roti knocked me out.  Trannifer and Sharon's Kiran (as we call her) came by at 5:30pm while Sharon was nursing upstairs.  I was downstairs, asleep on the couch.  After Sharon was hollering, I finally woke up all confused.  I think they thought I must be some very lazy  But it was really nice for them to visit, and wowza, we can't even imagine Eamon getting to Grant's age (10 months).  Luckily for us, Jen went through all the things we're about to go through, so we know where to go when to ask questions.

Then I had my league basketball game, and that roti was still having effects on me, making me sluggish and whatnot (yes, let's blame it on the roti).  We had no subs, and we played an amazing first half, leading by ten.  Then we all hit a wall in the second half (damn age), and we ended up losing by 13.  Dammit!  I mean, I hit three threes in the first half and nothing in the second.  I feel like I let my team down.  I know it's just a game, but still.  Hopefully next week we do better.

I finally got home and now my shoulder feels all strained.  Tanks goodness I have a massage tomorrow.

Wow it's been a long day.

And tomorrow?  Work starts for me again after three weeks off.  I might actually start crying.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheapness Is A Gift

Some people like to label it as "value-conscious".  Well, whatever.  I'm cheap!  (When it comes to certain things).

Got the fireplace today at a reputable dealer for much cheaper than elsewhere.  Just have to get it installed.  That and figure out exactly how this new fireplace is going to look like.  Oh, and also the actual renovating of it.  But it's not like I'm busy with a job and a baby or anything...

Seriously, what did I get myself into?

*  *  *

Time to adjust again.

Let go of things that hit me right in the gut when they shouldn't.

Be happy for others, and actually mean it.

I wonder what will happen next lifetime?  In the meantime, be happy with life, be happy for life

Proof It's A Gonna Be Hard

Was supposed to start going back to the gym this morning.  Couldn't, cause the boy was quite the fussy.

Crap...I'll try it again tomorrow morning

*  *  *

Gonna pick up a fireplace today.  When will it get installed though, is the question

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's That Time, 2011 Season

NBA Playoff time...I would say this would be the time for no-sleep, but I'm already getting that for other reasons.  Plus, I'm not too hot on match-ups and I'm saddened with the reality that the Raps aren't going to be in the payoffs anytime soon.

But still...couchpotato time!

Fire(d Up About The) Place

K, well looks like we've done the research for the fireplace.  Now it's about the execution.

When exactly that will happen?  Who knows.  But we have to make a decision in the next few days, or risk missing out on a sale/$$$...pressure!

*  *  *

Nice to have the friends I've known the longest, Lizzy and the Kambals (with spouses) come by to meet Eamon.  I think he's almost done meeting everyone!

(I don't think so)

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Father Is Funny, Pt. 97

After Sharon told him that Eamon poo's a lot, his observation:  "so he's like a Canadian Geese (sic); after he eats he goes"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This Commemorative Tour Is Tiring

We've been going out a lot lately to introduce the boy to a lot of people (and to get some errands done while we're at it).  Feel bad for Sharon cause she's getting tired and she doesn't have time to take a nap.

But with that said, it's still nice to meet peeps (although we may be getting tired of telling the same  We'll get our sleep in.  In a few years/decades.  Whatever.

For lunch today, we met Kats which was great.  Egad, I remember when I was doing her job.  Seemed like such a long time ago.

Also went to go look at more fireplace places (oh, didn't I mention that there is still a "project" we have to do this summer?  Yeah).

Then for dinner, we had the always humourous and jovial JulesBuh come over (it's been a meet-the-white-people-day for Eamon today).  As she said, it's the transitioning from "work friends" to "real friends".  I personally think the transitioning is going well, despite our history of comfort-level jumping.  But it's all good, certain people have that connection (what I call the "retard connection") that makes it perfectly appropriate.  Also really helps that Sharon likes her ("genuine" she calls her), and that (I assume) Eamon likes her and her sniffing of his hair.

Can't believe it's Friday tomorrow.  Normally I would be excited about that, but damn, that means work is this much closer.  Gaaaagh

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wow, It Really DOES Work

So we went out today and met Kiri for lunch.  The joke there?  "Watch out, Eamon has never been that high before!" when she carried him.  Hey, funny to us at least.

Then we went to Sherway Gardens for pashal.  I took Eamon out of the car seat/stroller because he's been cooped up in there too long.  So while Sharon went inside the stores and I carried him, I absolutely cannot believe the sheer amount of comments/questions I received from women (and one man).

"How old is he?"

"He's so precious!"

"He's so small!"

Seriously, this kid is like a chick (and non-chick?) magnet.  I would've totally capitalized if, say, I wasn't married.  Or if it wasn't creepy.  Or if I had, you know, game.

I figure I have a few more months of this before he gets too big to be asked.  But I guess it is weird for a two-week old to be strolling the malls?

*  *  *

We realized today that technically next week is the day that Eamon was "supposed to be" born.  Can't believe it's been two weeks already.  I am really, really dreading going back into work next week.

Nowadays, all he does is sleep.  Well, except in the middle of the night.  But of course

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Parent Money Saving Tip

So with Sharon being off of work and all, we have to find ways to save some monies (at least for the next year or so).

I found one way to (albeit unintentionally) and with help from our son:  instead of using more diapers, have him pee/poo on us when his diaper is off.

Yeah.  Happened more than thrice, I tell you what

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ohhhh...So THIS Is What They Mean

So 10 days and nights in, and Eamon has been a (relatively) good sleeper.

Then the 11th day...

He was so fussy.  I think it's because the circumcision ring came off.  He just wouldn't sleep!  I feel especially bad for Sharon, because she had to feed him so we couldn't even take shifts.

So this is what they mean by "no sleep".

Oh, and this is also what they mean by "10 diapers a day"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Personal Record I Never Wanted

For one reason or another, I have been to Walmart for nine straight days.  Gat-damn just get me a blue smock already.

If only they weren't so damn cheap.

Speaking of cheap, I get super-hyped (that's right, super-hyped) when I get a really good deal.  For instance, today I bought some Irish Spring Microclean Soap (just my favourite) at the Superstore.  Six bars were on sale for $2.44.  I had a coupon for $2 off.  I spent $0.44 for six bars of soap!  Ridic!  (I immediately started thinking to myself, man, I should've gotten more of those coupons so I can get even more.  I mean, hello...I've always been the "if it's cheap, buy in bulk or in different colours!" kind of person.)

(On another note...this is my life!  Yikes)

Sunday...Today Is Sunday

All of these days are getting to be a blur.  Today is Sunday.  Which means tomorrow is...*groan*...Monday.

BUT, I'm not working tomorrow!  What!

Also, Eamon slept for like 4 hours straight last night.  Talk about bonus!  (These are the things that get me excited now?).

Watched Dirty Dancing last night while we were at the in-laws.  I always thought Patrick Swayze was a good dancer.  I always wanted to dance just like him (then I realized I'm neither tall and slim).  But it's always been a dream of mine to have a dance number just like they did.  Unfortunately, Sharon would never let me carry her above me like Swayze did with Grey.  Prolly for the better though, as I'd surely accidentally drop her.  

3:22 is just the awesomeness:

And the sexual tension in that movie was palpable.  Then it always goes back to "ummm...she's only 17 in that movie".  I guess it was accepted back then?  Just put her in a corner and it'll be all good.  Hot

Friday, April 08, 2011

And Turn It...Like So

So we decided to get out of the house for Sharon (and my) sake and take a trip to Dixie Mall (I didn't have to eat KFC's Poutine there for dinner.  But I did.  Of course).

Sharon had to feed Eamon, so we went to the Family Bathroom.  Before he would eat, though, I had to change him.  So I went to the counter and laid out our change pad.  In the middle of changing him, of course he decided to start peeing (specifically after I took off his diaper).  So what did I do?  That's right...I turned him to the side.

That way, his pee went all over the counter instead of on him (and more importantly, me).  And let me tell you (people who don't have kids; parents already know this):  no matter how small they are, they still have a much bigger bladder than you anticipate.  It was like a flood!

I had to tell him to hurry up in case someone came in, but he did it pretty fast, and we saved wasting another diaper.  Score?

Well whatever, I wiped it all up and what not.  But I think that's what I'll do now whenever I change him in a public place:  turn him 90 degrees.

By the way, I swear he's doing it on purpose.  Every fourth diaper he insists on peeing once the diaper is taken off.  He's like a bird that waits till you're not looking..."accident" right on you

Prepare For Grocery Bills

So our boy is gaining weight at an impressive clip.  Now I'm thinking about our grocery bills in the next few years...

(not that there is anything wrong with that)

*  *  *

Drama at work?  I'm over that.  I don't seem to care anymore, unless it directly affects me.  I've always said that people deserve what they get, and they are not a victim if they look to blame everyone else without checking themselves.

  My life has changed.  Jeez, it really is true what they say about having a kid.

Speaking of work, I can't imagine going back even though it's a little less than 2 weeks away.  I don't wanna go back!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Under The Circum(cision)-Stances, That Wasn't So Bad

Mainly because we didn't have to be in the room with him.  But hearing the crying from across the clinic?  Heart-wrenching.  But he's on his way to recovery, and hopefully will be good as new in just a few days.

*  *  *

Went to Vosier Autosports in Pickering to get my car fixed up (brake job, new tires, etc.).  Luckily my cousin Dave fixed it up well (and cheap!), otherwise I wouldn't have made the trek all the way there.  If only his shop was closer; I would definitely be taking my car there all the time.

I am feeling more confident now that my car is all "baby-ized" and should be good for Eamon

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Fore(skin) Scored And No More

Well, Eamon, my boy, I'm sorry it might hurt you, but you're going to have to go through a rite of passage tomorrow morning:  the removal of the foreskin (aka. circumcision).

I know there is no conclusive proof that it is more hygienic than not having the procedure done, and really it's more of a cultural/vanity thing, but I guess we would prefer it if you look like all the other Marquez men?  Besides, if you were not to have it done, then you will have to take extra time and precaution in the future to have lil' Eamon cleaned out properly.  And with your genetics (at least on the Father's side) of being lazy, this is a good thing.

At least you wont remember the pain and you'll just see a scar.  As for me, though, surely it will leave a scar on my mind forever

Ball Cures All

So I was feeling quite the lazy the past week (but the reason why is understandable).  Luckily some of the peeps on my basketball team rented out a gym.  With Sharon's blessing, I was able to get in a few good runs.  I even got Clavo and Kelvin to come out.

Being a week off actually improved (?) my game.  I was hitting shots.  Go figure.  I think I was doing the "For My Son!" thing in my head everytime I hit one.  I'm gay.

Of course the knees still ache, but I feel better

Monday, April 04, 2011

Mmmmmm & Mmmmmm

I always thought that M & M Meat Shops was a store for lazy people.  I mean, how hard is it to make some of those products?  And it's not like it's healthy or anything.

And yet...every once in a while I'll buy something from there (not counting the lasagna Sharon makes me buy, despite the fact I abhor it).  The other week I bought egg rolls because I needed comfort food from the jerk who was a jerk when I was doing my job (seemed like such a long time ago, and I already forgot about him.  This kid does wonders!).

Today, I bought chicken wings and buttermilk dill sauce because they were on sale.  Delish, in that unnecessary calorie and sodium intake kind of way.

I guess I am lazy?  What's next?  Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and mayonnaised Wonder Bread sandwiches?  (and with that sentence, you can clearly see who I'm talking about when I stereotype about the real customers for that store.  Not that there's anything wrong with that because everyone needs to eat, but not everyone needs to know how to cook.  Or something like that)

*  *  *

Xavier passed by today.  So dang cute.  And...mischievous.

That's it, I already know that he's going to be the ring leader and Eamon is going to follow him.  We're in trouble

My Parents Are Funny, Baby Edition

Sharon:  "Eamon doesn't sleep at night"

Mother:  "Then he should move to the Philippines!  Because when it's night here, it's day there!"

*  *  *

Father (to my younger brother):  "Why did they name him a fancy name like Eamon?  How do you pronounce that?  They should have just called him Edmond.  Edmond is easier to pronounce"

*  *  *

Father (to Sharon while looking at Eamon's long sideburns):  "By one year's old, it's gonna be so long that you can twist the hair under his chin and put a turban on him.  He'll be a Sikh"

*  *  *

Xavier and Eamon are surely in for more drops of wisdom from their Lola and Lolo in the future

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Life With The Little Guy

So far this whole parenthood thing is going as I expected it to go:  no sleep at night; a feeling of "wtf how did this happen to my life?"; diaper changing; that feeling of "oh crap, I have to do this, this, this, this and this"; and of course, happiness.

Again, it's still surreal.

Also, it was a crazy first night at home:  having to help Sharon into the bathtub to take a soothing bath, I heard drip drip drips downstairs.  I ran downstairs to find a leak happening, only to hear the kiddo starting to wail.  I ran back up, tried to explain quickly to Sharon what was happening without worrying her, grabbed the kid, ran back downstairs with the crying child to try to find buckets to contain the leaks, then a mop to soak up the liquid, then going back upstairs to try to get Sharon not to worry, then realizing I never slept for a while, then realizing it was the first night...I almost ran downstairs, out the door and not turn back.  Okay, well, not really, but man I was upset (mostly because it was the damn bathtub that I fixed that was leaking.  Luckily I was able to fix it, but still, it shouldn't have happened in the first place).  That upsetness written all over my face didn't exactly help calm down Sharon, either.  BUT...the second night things went better; although he's still not sleeping, at least I don't have to worry about the house flooding.  Jeez, I hope.

Just waiting for the little man to get us into a the meantime, yes, I am still going to fret that I've been eating crap (pizza three days in a row, soon to be and that I haven't exercised in a while (when was the last time I did a sit-up?).

Otherwise, I do look forward to not being at work for the next 20 days...what

Friday, April 01, 2011

How Life Changes Over 48 Hrs.

48 hrs. ago, Sharon went into labour.  48 hrs. from that point, I hold our boy's body in my arms

*  *  *

After the long basketball marathon I had on March 29, I was telling the guys that I had a feeling the baby would be coming soon.  Little did I know that it would be later on that night.

Went to bed at 12:30am that night cause I needed to unwind and heat up my knees.  I had a hard time falling asleep, when at 1:30am, Sharon told me she was cramping.  She had been cramping for a while, so I figured it was just her false contractions acting up again.  I told her to try to sleep it off.  Too bad she couldn't, because the contractions just kept coming up.

So at 2:30am, she told me to look up signs of labour.  Sure enough, it read into the classical form of true labour (sans water breaking).  So she did what I thought she would do:  take a shower.  If she was going to give birth this day, she's gonna be fresh doing it!

Called the mid-wife at 3:00am and made plans to call her again once the contractions became longer and more painful.  You know that stereotypical image of the mother going through contractions and squeezing the life out of a person's hand (a la Fresh Prince)?  There's a reason it's a stereotype.  It's because it happens.  Sure as heck happened to me (not that I'm complaining).

Speaking of stereotypes, of course this baby would be coming in the middle of the

Called the mid-wife at 5:00am because Sharon said they were really bad.  Arranged to meet at the hospital at 5:30am.

I did avoid one stereotype, I'm happy to say:  I didn't drive like a maniac to the hospital.  Fitting though that one of the songs that played during the drive there?

This one: (the first few words of the song, anyway).  It was followed by this song: (our first dance song).  I dunno, just something I wouldn't forget while driving there.

Anywho, got to the hospital at 5:31am, and Sharon went to one of the birthing rooms.  Our mid-wife did some checks on Sharon and said to her, "you'll never guess how dilated the cervix is?"  Sharon, in an annoyed (but understandable) tone:  "I have no idea".  Mid-wife:  "9 cm."

I think it was at that point I realized that maybe, just maybe, this wasn't a false alarm.  I mean, the water didn't even break.

It broke shortly thereafter.  After the mid-wife broke it.

A lot of men don't want to see the "action" going on down there during the delivery.  I was always going to be a game-time decision.  In this case, I didn't really have a choice because it was just Sharon, the mid-wife and me in the room.  And Sharon's legs were cramping up really bad, so it was my job to massage them.

All the fluids, all the smells, all the grossness that people wouldn't find nauseating did not affect me at all.  In fact, there was a point that I was so intrigued by what was going on and plus I had such emotions going through me (my wife was in horrible pain which pained me, but our child was coming which made me thrilled) that I couldn't think of anything else.

But there were a few specific things I remember during the birthing process that made me laugh:
-Sharon saying to the midwife "just give me drugs".  The midwife responding, "there's no time".  The look on Sharon's face after that
-Sharon saying to the midwife, "I don't know if I'm having contractions anymore".  The midwife saying, "are you having one now?"  Sharon:  "no (pause 0.2 seconds)...YESSSSSSSSSS"
-Sharon smacking me on the face by accident.  My glasses falling.  Right into the goop and fluids pooling right where the baby was coming out.  Me trying to massage her cramping legs while simultaneously trying to clean my glasses while trying to explain to the midwife what just happened/what I was doing after she turned away for a brief period
-Sharon screaming "can't you just pull it out?" after our baby had decided to just stop coming out when it's head was just halfway out

During the actual birth, it was crazy to see a full head of hair coming out.  Even crazier to see it stop half-way (lazy like Dad!).  But Sharon made it happen, and at exactly 7:00am our child was pronounced borned.

I checked and there it was...ballsack and pee-pee.  We had ourselves a beautiful, alien-looking boy!  The old Chinese lady was right.  He cried for only a little bit but was then quite content to be with Mommy (Mama's Boy?).

After that, it was like a blur.  The placenta came out (looked like organ meats), and unfortunately there was a lot of tearing so Sharon had to have a lot of stitches.  I witnessed that to, and felt horrible for Sharon (luckily, Sharon is a fighter and will no doubt recover quite fine after a few weeks).

So we looked at our Indian looking (ie. damn hairy) child and named him to what we both agreed before:  Eamon Al Marquez.  I mean, Filipino Dad, Indian Mom, so logically an Irish name, right?

Eamon weighed in at 6 lbs 4 oz and 19" long.  The head wasn't too too big and neither was the nose.

The whole thing just seemed surreal.  Weren't we supposed to still be at work?  Wasn't that alien just a few minutes ago inside her?  We didn't even have time to tell our families she was going through labour.  And wasn't labour supposed to be like 18 hrs. long and not the 2.5 hrs. of active labour Sharon went through?  And 18 years.  18 YEARS!

Well whatever happens, Eamon will know that his parents love him more than anything else.

When I had the chance, I broke the surprising news to the families, friends and of course Facebook so everyone would know.

Stayed in the hospital until March 31 at 1:30pm and made our way home with our baby.

Since then, he's been a little fussy and been a little congested and he can't sleep and he's been feeding like crazy and his parents are more than tired, but he's worth it.

And of course I gotta go right now to change a diaper...

Look at them sideburns...get this kid a leather jacket!