Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cheer Up Sleepy Jean

I loved watching The Monkees when I was younger.  Davy Jones passed away today...another reminder that time does not stop for anyone.

*  *  *

The quest for the new mitre saw continues.  If there is a project that I do want to finish while I am on parental leave, it's to complete the crown moulding in the living room and dining room. 

We'll see how well that works out.

And this involves me wanting a new mitre saw.  Because, you know, it makes sense for me to buy it when I'm going on EI and all

*  *  *

Keep on fighting.  Never, ever give up

It's Not Cool Anymore

So I was perusing Facebook and was looking at pics that my nephew (who is 23) posted.  It was an album of him and all of his "GQ" boys at a club.

Aside from the fact that the club was pretty empty and the pictures were nothing that special, I noticed that at least 6 of the guys were wearing bow ties.  I couldn't suppress the hater in me; the bow tie doesn't look cool anymore when everyone else around looked the same.  Is the look over now?

I blame celebrities for trying to make the "geek look" be "the look".  Or something like that.

Or maybe I'm just upset because I wanted to incorporate the bow tie into my wardrobe and now feel like it's played out (exactly when and where would I wear one?  Sometimes I don't think my hating

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So after four treatments from the osteo, it's looking (and feeling) good.  Sharon is almost all the way back from her back setback (back it up now, I think I'm funny).

He did quite a number on my hamstring today, but I'm confident it will feel better soon

*  *  *

Heard this song today on the radio:

I've always loved this song

*  *  *

So apparently I accounted for roughly 50% of the tickets issued last year.  50%.  To put that in perspective...I account for roughly 2.5% of the entire staff.  I'm either going about this whole work thing incorrectly (in that I'm doing the "right thing"), or the rest of the staff is.  I'm not sure how I feel about this stat

Mean Guy (Or Mean, Guy)

Wow.  I've become one of those inspectors that's become numb to my operators complaints/stories of plight when I give a ticket to them.  What's more, I'm going to give 3 tickets to 3 different operators within 2 weeks.  Wtf?  That's a record for me.

Just thinking that just over a year and a month ago, I would've never thought that I would be giving tickets with the regularity that I am now.  Since when did I become a police officer?

It's like I might as well squeeze this all in before I'm off at the end of this

Sunday, February 26, 2012

ABCDE (Antonio's Baptism Crazy Damn Eating)

Antonio got baptized today and he was awesome, with not crying or anything.

We had the reception at Solstice Restaurant.  With like 6 courses.  Crazy...but damn good.  I'm of course gonna have to work out tomorrow or something.

Oh, and apparently Eamon was quite the Daddy's Boy today...crying with everyone (including his mother) wanting me to hold him.  I swear I didn't brainwash him.  Sharon of course thinks I loved every minute of it.  I was flattered of course, but I don't want him to be like that...I want him to be social and not so clingy.  And then I remembered that he was only 11 months old and that this was only the first time he's done something like this.  Oh, and also that we haven't been going out much.

I have 4.5 weeks with him starting in two weeks.  Yikes and Yay!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lots A New Parents

Went to Tyler's first birthday today and saw a bunch of Gil's friends and other people.  There were a heck of a lot new parents there, including us.

But even newer parents were Selby and his wife Amritha with their baby Crethan.  He was crazy small!  Hard to believe Eamon was once that small.

Simmer down there wistful thinker.

On the other hand, Eamon was so tired today at the party that he actually fell asleep in my arms, like he was 2 months old or something.  How could I not think that way?

Oh So You're Mobile Now?

So I came home from work.  And lo and behold...Eamon is now crawling frontwards with ease.

Yikes.  Seriously.  When?  How?  Wha?

Mind you he's still whiney, but baby

Friday, February 24, 2012


It's coming up!  And I pretty much arranged everything I needed to with HR at work what.

I find it amusing that I'll get all the EI and "top-up" from work, you know, once I return back to work.  But it's better than nothing, indeed

*  *  *

Not saying that a good thing or bad thing?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Which I Learn Jogging With A Stroller Is Hard

I really shouldn't be surprised though, right?

And Eamon fell asleep as I pushed him along.  He has quite the life

The Theory Of Displacement

So we went to our osteo appointment yesterday.  I told him I was still suffering from a nagging left hammie.  He stretched it out like crazy (hurt like hell) and also pinched my calf a lot.  I actually screamed in pain.  I'm wincing right now remembering how much pain it was.

Afterwards, my hamstring felt almost 100% better! calf hurt like hell.

So really, he made the pain go away from one spot.  Unfortunately, he made it go to another spot.  But at least the original spot didn't hurt anymore.

I have, since I can remember, always suggested this method.  Whenever someone told me that they had a headache or a body part was hurting, I always asked them if they wanted me to punch them on the thigh.  You know, displace that original hurt.  I swear I think I missed my calling as an osteopath

*  *  *

You ever have a feeling of dread when you're going to do something because you know how it's going to turn out?  And you can't do anything about that because, well, it's your job?

I had that yesterday.  Had to go do an inspection of a place I knew was going to bad.  And of course, it was.

Now I have to charge him.  Again.  Seriously, what is with this people?

These are the days my job makes me have anxiety

*  *  *

Still mad at myself for not attempting to apply for E.I. earlier.  Now I feel like I'm scrambling.  In my mind, I have plenty of excuses, maybe some that are even valid.  But still...they are just excuses.  Now those excuses are turning into regret.  Argh

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It dawned on me today that I have a lot of stuffs to do.

Number one of the list:  figure out the parental leave administration stuff.  Like apply for EI.  I'm feeling quite irresponsible

*  *  *

Went to Sears with the boy today after dinner.  He was quite tired.  He slept in my arms the whole time we were there.  I loved every second of it.  I love that guy

But How?

Letting that chip on my shoulder get filled in?


*  *  *

Two weeks left.


Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Tool Time? 2012 Tool Time.

Happy Family Day!  Or more precisely, "Happy I'm Not At Work And Instead With My Family" Day!

Bought the bike trailer today.  Looks good; can't wait to get Eamon a helmet and then take it for a spin.  He fits in it nicely and seems to like it.

We then went to Square One.  We must be gluttons for pain because it was nuts in there; like it was Boxing Day all over again.  But at least this time it was bearable because Eamon seemed to have enjoyed himself people-watching.

While at Square One, it seems I have made the decision to graduate from my first compound mitre saw.  Went to Sears and saw a double-bevel, sliding compound mitre saw.  And of course, in my awesome rationalizing ways, it is deemed a necessary buy because it will make the crown moulding I still have to do much easier.  Plus it's more than 60% off!

So unnecessarily necessary 

Will it bring me better skills?  What do you think?  (Helllllll no)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

H-Anging Out

The Ang's came over last night.  Good times as usual with lots of laughs.  I'm glad Dexter didn't leave paralyzed with all the moments he feel on his face/head

*  *  *

Went swimming today and Eamon is getting a lot more vocal in the pool.  Did I also mention that he's crawling forward now?  My boy is getting older.  Yikes

*  *  *

We went to the Home Hardware at Cloverdale Mall today.  There was all sorts of crazy sale there!  Somehow I ended up with 4 LED flashlights (regular price $8, onsale for $1).

Somehow, I also don't think this is not good for my hoarding tendencies

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Gonna Be One Of THOSE Parents

Before I became a parent, heck even before I was married, I always imagined that I would get a bike trailer for my kid.

And thanks to the power of Craigslist, I am going to be one now!  And not only that, it's an MEC brand (which I'm a big fan of).  All for less than half price (the fact it's a great deal, you know, makes me extra crazy).  Oh yeah boi.

I guess I should get a bike

Let's just hope Eamon actually, you know, likes to sit in it.  And more importantly, I, you know, use it

The Meltdown

So Eamon is teething.  Eamon is also sick.  Thus, Eamon is fussy.

We went for groceries and whatnot (finally got a new pair of kneepads!) yesterday as I had a day off (what).  It was fine in the earlygoings, but then...yeah.

I hope he gets better soon, but then again, his immune system is starting to build

*  *  *

Hung out with Paresh, Sevan and Clavo last night.  Weird to say the least...but it's always interesting to socialize with different people

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Once Again...

...this is how all work weeks should be:  three days what!

*  *  *

New PlayBook is frustrating me again.  It's loading up with a "developer's operating system".  What the heck?

*  *  *

I miss renovating.  I need more time (and money)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Worriers Report

So this Drummond report came out regarding how to find "efficiencies" in the provincial government (see here:

My family is a family of (indirect) provincial government workers.  There could be changes implemented that could affect us (ex. removing the 36 health units and amalgamating them into the 16 LHIN's).

Nothing to worry about, right?

This is the paranoia that I have to let go sometimes.  I hope.

I really have to start looking into this "expanding my resume" thing

Osteopath? More Like Ow-Steopath

So Gula did some stretches to my legs and back that was something intense.  It seems to be working though.  Hopefully it continues to work

*  *  *

Just a few more weeks left.  Gotta hold on...gogogogogogo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Valentine's Day...

...Eamon gave his whole family his germs.


Feel like craps.  Amongst other reasons, too

*  *  *

Went to an AYCE Japanese Buffet with the co-workers for lunch today (we celebrate all celebrations up: St. Patrick's

It's like I haven't been out in public before...dropped my water onto my lap and the table.  Embarrassing.

Even more embarrassing?

5 minutes later dropping Ruthie's glass of water onto Wilson's lap.

Holy crap.  I have no idea what the hell was happening, but it was like one of those things where I'm just watching myself from a far act a fool.  Luckily I had my excuses lined up:  am sick, never been out in a while, am a natural born klutz.  Luckily my co-workers are understanding and understandably made fun of me (obviously I would do the same thing if it happened to them).  Good times though; I appreciate the folks I work with

*  *  *

One of the people I appreciate every-so-often is my co-worker Laurie.  She is supremely retarded, a typical psycho-Filipina girl, and someone I can't really trust but I can (makes sense to me), but she makes me laugh and I pick and choose when to listen to her.

She told me something today that made me laugh and maybe even lifted my spirits up in my own world without her actually awkwardly knowing it.

But whatever, I'll take it

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Progression (Or Regression)

Went to the gym for the first time in a week this morning, played a little ball, worked out a bit.  Felt great.  Even got my oil changed at Toyota.

Then I started to notice it when I got home.  The boy gave me what he got (or otherwise known as I got what the boy got because I kept on kissing him).

So all day I've been trying to do things as much as I could as if I were healthy so that I could enjoy it:  eat junkfood; do laundry; watch TV.

But alas, here comes the sore throat and runny nose.

And on top of that, I'm going back to work tomorrow.  Booooo.

On the brightside, Sharon is starting to feel better now and we have another osteopath appointment tomorrow.  Here's hoping...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

But He's So Cute Even When He's Sick

Really, he is.  I love this kid

*  *  *

Watched the documentary "Inside Job".  I enjoyed it

*  *  *

Glad that Sharon is starting to feel better and able to move more freely and carry Eamon.  Not glad that tomorrow is my last day off before going to work again.

But next weekend will be another four-day weekend, followed by four days of work, followed by four weeks off...what

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh, And One More

God Gawd she was awesome.  Yeah

Oh Damn Whitney...I Guess This Is Your One Moment In Time

Right up there on top of my all-time favourite singers.

I feel especially sad for some reason.  I remember listening to her vinyl record when I was a little kid, memorizing the lyrics and just getting lost in her voice.  A shame her life was lost in drugs and chaos, but I will forever remember her for the way she made/makes me feel whenever I listen to her songs (like these):

...just to name a few.

I guess it also leaves me thinking about my childhood and love and the likes.  I'm dramatic, I know, but she is truly one of the few singers that would honestly leave me saddened with her passing.

Time is going by fast...

Friday, February 10, 2012

From Teat To Teeth

My baby boy is growing up.  Yet another sign:  the tooth emerges.

And now he's cranky/fussy/not sleeping/inconsolable.  Hey...he IS my son!

*  *  *

Jeremy Lin is making it fun to watch basketball again.  For now.  Since most of his parts were Made in China, I expect him to break soon.  Oh racist snap!

*  *  *

Get well soon Bubba.  Please?  lol

Thursday, February 09, 2012

File Under "Should've Went Earlier": Osteopathy


Went all the way to Burlington Osteopathy Clinic for Sharon's back, but also decided to get some work done on me for my pains and woes.

I was a little skeptical at first as he was a little out there, but as soon as he met Sharon and started to diagnose her, he was bang on.  And on top of that, she felt better (much better) after the treatment.

Then he went to me and treated me.  It was painful and hurting, but at the end it loosened me up as well.

Yes, he was one of those practitioners who slammed other types of practices, but dang, he was good.  And we'll be returning again on Tuesday, hopefully to more success.

Also good news?  We left Eamon at Gil and Marie's place and he did great.  Encouraging news for when we leave him at day care.  Mind you, it helps that knows his cousin's but still.  I have to make this child more social because he seems to be a little clingy lately (not that I mind, of course)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It's Better Than Nothing...

...but unfortunately, not better than $240.  That's the total penalty we were assessed for canceling our plane tickets, and the rest of the amount goes towards a credit towards another flight we must take within a year.

So it's a small (big) price to pay, but that's's much better this happened before we got there as opposed to when we got there

*  *  *

Seriously, props to all the single-parents out there.  It's a crazy amount of work!  I never try to take Sharon for granted for all the work she does in the house, and even more so now.

Just gotta focus...

*  *  *

I got in before the deal went out.  As witnessed plenty of times before, finding a deal and saving $$$ makes me "what up now? Yee-uh!!!!"

Highs, Lows And Back Blows

Quite a day today.  Bubs had another episode of horrible back pain and as a result, had some issues that ended with us being in the hospital.

Some lows:
-seeing my beautiful wife in pain, and feeling absolutely useless and helpless, hoping there was something I could do to help her
-hearing that she started this pain while I was in the gym and having to hear that Eamon was left alone for about 30 minutes before my in-laws came.  Talk about feeling selfish, even though I knew it was a freak accident
-hearing from the Doctor that we are not to go to Las Vegas this Thursday, and ultimately disrupting plans for Beevy and Mistie, who we were really looking forward to hanging out with

Some highs:
-my baby boy being very, very well behaved at the hospital.  I was so very, very proud of him
-seeing my beautiful wife sleeping on the floor of our living room as she recovers.  I'm just glad and relieved she is okay.  I don't care about a cancelled trip; I just care about the mother of our boy being okay
-seeing that maybe, just maybe, we might be able to at least get a credit for the monies lost for the flights.  I'll have to look into it tomorrow

Life is like that sometimes; reality just comes and punches you really hard in the face when you least expect it.  You just have to fight through it, keep your head up and move on.  Things could always be worse.

Plus, I just downed a whole frozen pizza by myself to help wash/heart attack my miseries away

*  *  *

Trying to mature.  Trying to not be so dramatic.  Trying to change.  Trying.


Monday, February 06, 2012

The Stress Before The Relaxation

Or something like that.  Right.  As if going on a vacation with an infant is

Gotta clean, laundry, plan.  Not hard, right?  What's that?  Only 3 more sleeps?  Oh

*  *  *

Looks like the summer is gonna be different for me.  Hope it's not a mistake (I don't think it will be).  It's like 9 years ago, but not quite the same!

PlayBook? More Like StopBook

Whomp-whomp...the PlayBook is a dud.  Went to The Source to exchange it, was about to then...found out Argay had to be there to do so.  Suckatash.

And then what do I find out?  That Arfeli did the spontaneous-it's-obvious-they-don't-have-kids-yet-last-minute-trip to Jamaica (granted it's prolly their honeymoon, but still...they booked on Friday and left on Saturday).  Not that I'm jealous or anything.  In fact, quite the opposite; I'm very happy for them.

So looks like I'll be bringing the Mac to Beygas instead, and the StopBook will have to wait to be exchanged 2 weeks from now.  It's okay though, because after reading The Wealthy Barber Returns, it helps me put things into perspective (this is a minor inconvenience, not a major tragedy).  I recommend this book for anyone.  Apparently I think I'm a book-reader now.

Oh, and reading that book helped invigorate my outlook on finances and saving and whatnot.  Of course, going to Beygas is prolly going to counteract

Speaking of the trip, we spoke to both Mistie and Beevy and I'm getting excited.  Can't believe it's already on Thursday.  I feel like I have so much stuffs to do before we go.  Luckily I just spent 2 hours cleaning the bathrooms; at least I can check that off my list.

And then there's that other hassle I have to go through before going off on vaykay.  Work.  Damn you!

K, enough rambling...I should sleep or something

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Childhood Memories, Adult Reality

Went skating this morning for the first time in years with Xavier.  I was quite shaky on the ice, but it was still fun.  Until my feet started to hurt.  Boooo.

Then went to my parents where Ate Corinne came by (visiting from Seattle).  I always forget how tiny she is.  She also hung out with us all afternoon, which was fun.

Next thing I know, I'm ready to go to bed.

Lots of stuffs to do though...hopefully will be more productive tomorrow

*  *  *

I've always loved deals.  Latest deal?  I purchased some shaving cream/after shave balm from Shoppers Drug Mart that was on sale plus the use of coupons. Result?  66% off!  Yee-uh boi.

Mind you, I'm prolly not going to finish this supply for the next couple of years, but whatever

*  *  *

More boo?  Looks like the PlayBook is screwing up.  Gotta go to The Source tomorrow to see what can be done

Friday, February 03, 2012

Bunch Of Ones

One day until Saturday.

One week until we will be in Baygas.

One month until I am off on parental leave.

Time is a blur.  Lots of stuffs to do

*  *  *

I thought the interview went well today.  Which of course means that the opposite might actually be the truth.  We'll see if I'll be doing something different this summer

Thursday, February 02, 2012

It's A Mini-Go Time

I should've prolly studied more.  But, whatever...what can you do.  It's in my nature.

Just gotta keep a clear-mind and be confident.  Right

*  *  *

This latest bought of cracking skin has been the most painful I've had for as much as I could remember.  Hopefully the weather in Vegas will be better for my skin.  Growing old sucks sometimes