Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Insured Accomplishment

Am I retarded for thinking that I must absolutely have to have something accomplished each day, or I feel like a failure? (don't answer that)

Anywho, I'm happy I got at least something accomplished: finding a gatdam cheaper insurance provider for both our house and my car.

I hate insurance. I mean, yeah, it's good to have (even though it's mandatory as said by our government), but if in the end I don't ever have to use it (which I'm planning on never having to)...what a waste of money! Not to mention I subscribe to the theory that the insurance companies out there are trying to screw with our wallets. I mean, really, for the exact same insurance, how am I saving about $500 a year?

So in the end: screw you Meloche Monnex. Hello Desjardins! (I'm just hoping that in a few years from now, I'm not saying screw you too)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Baching Again

So my wife is gone for the next three days for meetings. Guess who's gonna be a bachelor? Yee-uh boiiii!

So what does that mean? Absolutely nothing!

In fact, one of the problems is my parents are in the Philippines, so now I'm not going to be able to go there for dinner. I'm also not feeling the greatest, and there seems to be a heatwave going on. So I guess the only thing going for me is I get to sleep in the basement? Yee-uh boiiiiiiii!!!


Sunday, August 29, 2010


Head cold getting yuckier...I think I'll sleep early tonight.

Went to Yorkdale with Bubs today...contemplating if I should get a wholely unnecessary suit

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Holy Habitat For Humanity

So after 13 hours and in humid heat, Arvin, Ian, his Dad and I finally finished laying down the laminate floors and the quarter-rounds.

But I ate some good menudo and rice, and had Pizza Hut and all sorts of chocolate. I guess it was worth it? Well, yeah, it was for Ian and Maunly's new kid Grayson. I'm for the kids, I suppose. It would've been easier I think if he didn't live 113 km. away.

Now then, to get over the start of what feels like I'm getting sick...


Dammit, my throat is starting to get sore. Where the bloodclot did I get this from? It wasn't even from somewhere fun, like making out with a sick stripper or something (wait, that's not fun).

Anywho, off to Newcastle where, for some reason, I agreed to help out Ian with his laminate floors. I must really have nothing to do today...lol

Friday, August 27, 2010

As Predicted...

...sluggish, slow, gross feelings. Crap, I am getting older. It's getting harder and harder to eat foods like wings and fries and not feel the after-effects.

Give me back my youth and the ability to eat whatever!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Winged Dinged

Uh-oh...looks like I took a few steps back again. In the sense that I was supposed to be watching what I ate and all that crap. For one reason or another, I ended up at Original's with Argay.

But I blame this mishap/yummy crusade on Sharon.

She wanted to go to Yorkdale, where the Grand Opening of Victoria's Secret occurred today (first sign of "probably not a good idea"). When we got there, it would've taken 45 minutes for her just to get in the bloody store.

So, being resourceful, I told her I would be back for her while I went to get my wings on.

Well whatever, everything worked in the end (including, miraculously, her not being annoyed that she was in the store for about 2 hours and ended up with only 3 items). Well except for the clogged arteries, but whatever, that's what basketball is for tomorrow.

Speaking of which, it would seem I joined another basketball league this fall/winter with Gil and his friends. I hope we win, you know, at least one game.

* * *

BeeJ, I know you're reading this. Just know that the plans for your bachelor trip? Not all my idea. I'm just sayin'

(but you'll have fun. Well, if you don't, I know we will...lol)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My Mother and Father is in the Philippines. Funny enough, they seem to be enjoying themselves so much that they didn't even bother calling their sons at home. Thank goodness for Facebook?

Conversation between my Mom and me on our FB walls:

Mom (after a few weeks in the Philippines):

hi jay how everything we been busy going around just looking for now no shopping coz we want to see whats in bali we are leaving today 25 aug at 6.00pm say hi to sharon
what do you like us to bring you

Me (trying to joke with her):

Hello Mother. I am very disappointed in you for not contacting us sooner. You know, we are here at home waiting for you to call, but you and Dad are just out galavanting and not thinking about us? First there was that tour bus that crashed near Baguio, then that tour bus that had Canadian citizens...please have a little more consideration for the future. Thank you.

Have fun in Bali; you do not have to get us anything, just be safe. Say hello to everyone there for us. Love you

Mom (unaware of my joking, and apparently really averse to punctuation):
so sorry son just having a very busy day everyday when we arrived home just fall asleep right away you know the day that hostage happen i was just telling your dad i want to go there that day then we heard the news dont worry we wont take bus tour we have our private drivers
your ate carol rocky paul tito manny even your tito bobot they all happy to drive us anywhere we want

My Mom is boojee as well. No tour buses for her...only private drivers!

Go Fetch...That Person

One of these days (in my life) I plan on getting my own dog.

One of these days

Monday, August 23, 2010

Twitchy Monday

My right eye has been twitching all friggin' day. I wonder what that's all about.

Maybe it has something to do with my meeting tomorrow with my team? Perhaps.

* * *

Decided to do some cooking tomorrow. Not just any cooking; stuffed mushrooms, a whole chicken and potatoes. wtf?!? Apparently I think it's Thanksgiving or something. I spent 1.5 hrs. just prepping the stuff for tomorrow, which will also take a few hours.

Luckily I have a massage tomorrow right before dinner. Yee-uh!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well Hide In A Cake, Jump Out And Yell "Surprise!"

Our day at the Ex was actually...okay (!). Expecting to be underwhelmed again, I was pleasantly surprised that I ended up just whelmed.

Here's how the day went:

-got to Port Credit GO station, and boarded literally 25 seconds before the train came. If we would've missed it, I would've been all sorts of upset
-got to the CNE just as the gates opened. Proceeded to buy a Corn Dog
-went to the shopping building; bought 3 books for $10 (Carpentry, Patio books, and a book for Xavier)
-went to the food building. Sharon got a burrito; I got seven fried perogies (yum) and a Kolbassa burger (meh)
-went to watch the President's Choice Superdogs show. Was pretty cheesy (especially the music), but it was still fun to watch. Saw a Great Dane...sigh
-went to watch "Rock on Ice". First time watching a figure skating show. Saw Jamie Sale and David Pelttier and what seemed to be people from Cirque du Soliel. You know what? It wasn't half bad
-briefly saw Tommy from "Sarah's House"
-went to the free Cheese Tasting show. Got a bunch of swag on top of the free cheese
-saw the hyped-up deep fried butter. People were saying it tasted like chicken balls without the chicken, so I passed on it. Let me tell you though, even though it turned out to be not bad, I felt like such a retard ordering bacon covered in chocolate
-went to the Canadian Armed Forces section. Tried on "soldier gear". I think I would be physically be able to handle all the weight they carry. Mentally? Prolly not so much
-went to eat dinner. Mexican Poutine and Tiny Tom Donuts. I think I gained 6 lbs. today
-hopped on the GO train and came back home

Already feels like such a long day, but it was fun having a date day with my Bubs again.

Next year though? We'll see.

(Because I'm cheap, I don't know if I'm ready to drop a bill again on a day like today. And plus, it really can't be good for my health)

Seen Knee

So we're going to the Ex today.

I hope I don't pop a blood vessel in my brain because, you know, I don't like people

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Plantar F#%$#-itis

So this sucks...my heels hurt like crazy. I have self-diagnosed myself as having plantar fasciitis.

The cure? Rest. Which is not good when I'm supposed to be training for the 10km run. Yargh

Friday, August 20, 2010

You Know What Company Ended Up Being Sucky?

AyA Kitchens.

A shame too because we had such high hopes going in with them. Then the delays happened, and the (non-)customer support happened.

The installers were great and the cabinets looked nice, but sometimes the means does not justify the ends.

Oh well, what can you do? Last we'll ever use them or recommend them to anyone.

* * *

I have a race in two weeks.

For breakfast this morning, I had noodles and leftover duck. For lunch I had Burger King chicken sandwich, poutine, root beer and washed it down with a chocolate bar. For dinner I had pizza and washed it down with a DQ mini-Blizzard.

Yup, I obviously care (not only about the race, but also, you know, my life).

And it seems we're going to the Ex on Sunday (what happened to holding out? I suck). Deep fried butter? Yikes

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shed-ding Those Doubts

So the shed plans are in full-effect (in my head).

Like all renos, I just have to believe I can do this without screwing up. Right. We'll see how that goes.

But then it occurred to me today, as I spoke to the neighbour: one of my dreams is to build my own home. I don't think that will ever happen. So what's the next best thing? This! It's just like building a mini-home

* * *

It's that time of year again...the time where I say to myself, "I'm not going to go to the CNE because it sucks everytime I go". But I might have to go because Sharon wants to go.

I guess I'll just go for the corndog? Oh, and the chocolate covered bacon. Oh, and new this year? Deep fried...butter. Oh yeah, I really care about my Labour Day 10km run

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Christmas? My Birthday? Wednesday?

So for one reason or another, I ended up going to Peking Duck today with Row, Clavo, Susana and her husband Chris. All very last minute, but I remembered that it was a half-price Peking Duck special at Happy Jade Seafood Restaurant.


It was really good. Of course, that means I just ruined my workouts from today, but whateves. It's not like I have a 10km race to concentrate in a few weeks. Oh, right.

At least I didn't go for bubble tea afterwards. Oh, wait...

What Keeps You Up At Night?

I'm not sure what keeps me up. For some reason I couldn't sleep much and woke up super-early this morning (4:00am-ish with some dozing). I think I have too much on my mind, like the retard I am.

And it's only Hump Day. Wow.

(I have to work on a culture of not complaining so much. This can't be good for my psyche)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Running Delusionally

So apparently I think I'm a runner? This has got to be some sort of new record, running for the 3rd time in about a week.

I hope the new shoes leaves my feet feeling a lot less hurting. I really should lose some weight.

* * *

I now have shed dreams, apparently. A lot of stuffs to consider here...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Retail (Will Put Me Into) Therapy

So I did a lot of shopping today.

Went to the Running Room because they had their last day of their sidewalk sale. I don't know how, but I ended up with two purrs of running shoes. wtf? But, in all my awesome rationalization, it was pretty cheap and I did get a good deal, so I don't have to buy another few pairs for the next couple of years.

Then we went to a Mexican place by Vaughn Mills called La Taquizza...and it was pretty good. I love me some Mexican.

We then went to Vaughn Mills to walk it out (and walk it out we did...how the hell did we spend nearly 4 hours in there?!?). Bought myself some hats, because I don't seem to have those (/sarcasm).

So after today, I find myself thinking to myself: don't I have, you know, other things to get? I mean, the kitchen is in the homestretch (just the glass backsplash is left), but there are still other things to do.

Oh yeah, so we decided that the dog and motorcycle will have to be put on hold (I'm not selling out on my dreams, though...I swear, it will happen. Just not this year. I will now proceed to cry). I think we're going to try to fit in building the shed in the backyard by the end of this year. Time to start planning again...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Is Up With The Can't Sleep?

So Saturday is the day I'm supposed to sleep in but yet, here I am awake at my usual 5:00am. Too many things on the mind, I suppose. I really should stop thinking so much.

I set my mental alarm clock for 7:00am because I was supposed to go running. Perhaps I'll start a little earlier today? Or maybe I'll just lie down again.

And then I realized: if Bubs and I ever have a kid, these are the moments I'll think, "wow...this was the stress in your life back then? That's so gay"

* * *

Things my Mother says that still amuse me:

-at the restaurant, while playing with Xavier: "Teek-a-Boo! Keek-a-Boo! Peek-a-Doo!" (you know, everything but "Peek-a-Boo!")

-talking about my cousin's kid, who has Downs Syndrome: "Did you see Mia? She's getting so big and smart. She's not so much Downs" (not really sure what she meant)

-my parents are going to the Philippines, and my mother smothering Xavier, dramatically (and seriously) saying to him, "Don't you ever forget me...don't forget your Lola...I will miss you so much...don't ever forget me...". They will be back in one month, not, you know, forever. I wonder where I get my dramatic tendencies from?

-upon my brother and me driving my parents to the airport. As we were approaching the airport from the highway, I asked them what Terminal they would be going to. My Dad said, "Korean Airlines". So we looked for the sign. Con found it first and said "3", nearly the same time I said it. A second after that, my Dad said "3". And a yet a second after that as if no one said anything? My Mom says, "3". It was one of those moments that you realize that reaction times really do slow down as you get older

-when we were hugging them goodbye, my Mom kept winking to me "secretly" and saying, "look after your brother, make sure he's okay, make sure the house is okay. Tell me what you want from the Philippines". Even if I wanted something and I told her I don't think she would remember and she didn't exactly write it down. I don't think she really intended to get me something from the Philippines

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Split As To Whether This Is Funny Or Not

Maybe it's not so funny, but I always liked that song for some reason.

Hall & Oates ftw!

* * *

Thank goodness it's the weekend. Still wondering if this position is worth it...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday Tomorrow Couldn't Come Soon Enough

When the heck did I start counting the days to the weekend?

This work thing...(I think) I'm starting to let go of the negativity? Right.

Funny how life turns out sometimes, when you least expect things to happen, it happens. Ohhhhh...cryptic!

Get Up Now...Keep Your Head High

Keep on keepin' on...

...it ain't worth it

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's Wrong?

I wish I didn't show my emotions on my face so much.

As well, I wish I didn't have so many emotions.

wtf is wrong with me?

Gotta let it go...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong

You know, work. Worklife. Life.

It shouldn't be this stressful, right?

I've gotta reassess things and make some positive changes. This just isn't working right now

Let Me (Try To) Run This Town

So I will attempt to go for a run this morning. Should be interesting.

Oh yeah, and work? Sucks! Man I wish I was on vacation again...lol

Monday, August 09, 2010

I Love Modern Amenities

Don't get me wrong; it was a fun time at Kevuth's Camp. It's just that after not showering for 3 days (it was too cold for me to bathe in the lake), it's nice to be bake where there is running, warm water.

So I did a whole lot of nothing, as well as fishing, eating, sleeping and paddle boating. What was disappointing? We didn't get to use our bikes (became inconvenient because we had to take a boat across a lake to get to our car). But that's okay because my wheels were flat after a few days anyway (some bike mechanic I am).

And as we sat in traffic yesterday (took us about 6 hours to get home from Sudbury), it compounded the fact that there is absolutely no desire for me to get a cottage or do the "go North for the weekend" thing that the Canadian Dream directs you to do. I guess I'm not white afterall.

So now it's a new week and I have to hype myself up. I also have to really start running because I have a 10km race in less than a month. Yikes

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Cottaging? Cabining? Camping?

Well whatever you want to call it, Espinola here we come! Hope we have a good time with Kevuth and the Kids at their place up North of Sudbury. We'll be leaving in about 7 hours. Shouldn't I be sleeping? And shouldn't I be packing?

But whatever. Should be interesting with the outhouse and the bathing in the lake. And the bugbites that are awaiting us. Not that I'm thinking negatively or anything.

Alls I knows is that I'm just glad I'm not at work. Even with a two-day work week, it already felt like it was a six-day one.

Oh, and I just totally relived my Grade 7 aspirations of being a "bike mechanic". Just fixed up my old trusty bike to get it ready for our trip. I suppose I should look into, you know, where we will be biking. But that's just logistics (I think).

Okay, so no technology or Internet for four days. Nature here I come?

Monday, August 02, 2010

I've Been SealBlocked

Dammit...went to Rona early this morning only to find out that the 7-year sealer was sold out. I had no choice but to purchase the 10-year sealer, which was considerably more expensive. And the worse (in my head)? Half my driveway is now 7-year, the other half is 10-year. Crap. I figure I'll reseal it at the 8.5 year mark? (Most likely I'll reseal it next year).

By the way...I hate sealing driveways

* * *

Speaking of driveways and the things that go on it, I then went car shopping with Lavita because her husband is useless (not that I'm more useful when it comes to knowledge about cars, but she insisted I went). And what did I find? Man I dislike car salesmen. I also found it amusing that they kept asking me questions because they thought I was her husband, yet she was the one buying it.

I dread the day that I'm eventually going to have to get a new car

* * *

Speaking of cars and the things that go on it (holy segue), I just bought a car rack for our bikes. Now we can go biking anywhere, especially since I sold my recumbent and am going to use my old, trusty early-teens bike. I plan on taking it to Ruthie's cottage/camp this weekend

* * *

Speaking of bikes and the things that go on it...I really should incorporate biking into my physical activities


That's the thought that went through my mind yesterday as I was sealing the driveway, and the realization crept up on me that I had little sealer but plenty of driveway left.

Needless to say, I'm quite disappointed with myself that I wasn't able to complete seal the driveway because I needed more of the black stuff. So here I am, on my day-off, waking up early so I can go to Lowes to buy more sealer.

Frustration incorporation.

Although this does remind me of how great it is to realize -- two day work week! Just have to survive Tuesday and Wednesday and then Thursday on we're going to hang out with Kevuth and kids at their cottage

Sunday, August 01, 2010


So we went to the Tabico's for some good lobster and shrimp, and it was a grand ol' time.

I loves me some lobster...