Saturday, September 30, 2006

Not Only A Surgery

I also have a fever. Well, Cabin Fever anyway. There really is just so much TV you can watch. I would like to be more productive or something, but I have this weird soreness-pain in my shoulders, neck and back of the head. If I stay still, it's not so bad. So...I stay still.
Which brings me up to the "medication" I am supposed to be taking. The Doctor prescribed for me Codiene and Tylenol-3 (which is a combo of tylenol and codiene according to Murse BJ). Now Codiene causes nausea (which I had quite a bit of, to the point I actually vomitted last night). Tylenol, well, is supposed to suppress pain. But if codiene causes pain, why bother taking the medication anyway? So...I didn't. I might just take regular Tylenol tonight if the pain really persists. Otherwise, I'm gonna be a hero and ignore it (well of course that's dumb. You don't have to tell me that.)
So then what is the most eventful thing I did today? I watched Ella Enchanted:

Bend it like Cinderella
It was actually a funny and entertaining movie. In fact, I think I may have a Rory-sized crush on Anne Hathaway now. She's not the prettiest of the bunch, but she certainly seems the most...genuine? Plus she's funny. Okay, I'll stop gushing now, but do know I had to of course search for her on the web. And I found topless pics of her. Heehee...

Friday, September 29, 2006

Good News:

I'm alive!
Bad news:
It hurts something fierce. The morphine given to me makes me feel nauseous and woozy. The meds given to me are worse than Buckley's. I think I still hear myself snoring. I may have underestimated the time I have to take off work; the Surgeon gave me a note saying I need to take a week off (oops). I am starving, as water and room temperature lugao is not satiating my hungry, but then again I'm not hungry. My energy is down. I feel a bit disoriented and unbalanced (more than usual). And worse of all...I already miss solid food.
Ah well, so begins the long road to recovery.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ode To An Onion

On thy eve of an operation,
I had this, well, not tingling sensation;
fear, angst, worry, hurting
I only knew one thing that be certain;
tomorrow thy uvula be banished
but that's okay, I hath eat something Spanish.
Bloomin' onion.

Heart attack on a plate. Yum!
* * *
A wee bit nervous, yes, but many thanks for the encouragement and reassurances of "no problems" to all the people. This time tomorrow, I will be without my uvula; while a minor surgery, the prospect of surgery still somewhat frightens me. But I better suck it up and be a man. This is for the future, no doubt.
So what better way to celebrate the end of solid food, at least for a while? Nachos, deep fried onion, and steak! Texas Longhorn Baby. Good food, good company...good bye (solid food). Lu-gao here I come!

Dirty Screechez

So if the rumours are true, the world will be in a better place: Dustin "Forever Screech" Diamond will be coming out with a sex tape. Not only the fact are two girls willing to be humped by him in the video, it apparently has one of the most funniest disgusting acts that can happen. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at this pic for a clue:
Can't wait till Urkel does one
You know, AC Slater and Zack wouldn't have stood for this. In fact, I can picture Zack going into Screech's room while he was getting prepared, with Preppy going, "Stop Screech!" But then Screech starts singing, "I'm so excited...I'm so excited...I'm so...scared..." (Okay, some serious SBTB references there, but if Jesse Spano and Screech ever make a sex tape together there is no way in hell I am not getting it...just because I wouldn't be a true fan if I didn't...)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

50% Not Evil!

You Are 50% Evil
You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.

I did some random online test from Rowena, and found out I'm 50% evil. BUT, that also means I'm 50% not evil. Yay?
* * *
Happy Birfday to the aforementioned Rowena! May you have all of life's happiness and having a great time in Spain. I so jealous. Ham!


I love them, especially when they are made in a chicken broth and lemon base. Yummmm...(yep, I had them today).

It's like potatoporn
* * *
So in a couple of days time, I will be "under the knife" for my throat. Nervous much? Yep, you betcha. But it should be fine. I just don't have a high threshold for pain, according to Sharon. I would disagree, but it's hard to when I do agree. It hurts just thinking about it.
* * *
Last night's G-squared episode wasn't too bad, but there was just something missing. I think the departure of the creator definitely has a part in it. Not that I'm an affecionado or anything.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ta Ta Tabico

So today we had our going away party for my buddy at work, Tony "Tabico, Jr." Camara. There were about 22 of us at the Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet.

Pizza Hut and Nothin' But
Let's just say we made our waitress very, very happy. Tabico will be going to the Mississauga. I'll miss the guy, and hopefully we'll still be able to do our "field trips" (wink).
* * *
It's great talking to Kathie about wedding preparations. Seems like we're in the same boat. Only exception is, she's either having it in April or in October of next year. Yep, that certainly narrows it down. But, she doesn't know who she will invite from the office, if she invites anyone at all. I know how that feels...yikes...mine is coming up pretty damn soon...

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Lot In The Noggin'

A lot on the mind. Lots of work, lots of worry, lots of angst. Hopefully it will be better in a couple of days.
* * *
But enough about that, guess what I'm all excited for tomorrow? That's right! This:

You know what I want to be? Grass
(Sorry Jen, I don't think I can make it out tomorrow, seeing the way the week has been, I'll probably get called to go out again. I'll be watching with much trepadition. Whatever that means. We shall do it another time though; thanks for the invite!)
(If your name was not Jen, the above message did not applly to you. This one does, though)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dog Gone It

So as I was saying beforehand, I'm the oncall PHI this weekend. And boy, has it been relatively busy. Today, I got a call from a guy who just came from India that was bit by his father's dog there. The Doctor's there, apparently very worried about Rabies, really wanted him to get the Rabies Vaccination. I tried to talk him out of it (as it meant I had to actually do, but to no avail.
So I went to the Mississauga office, only to find out the pass card doesn't work there. Then I went to my office, only to find out my own pass card doesn't even work either. I was annoyed already because Sharon was waiting in the car and we were supposed to be at Che and Brian's kid Jacob's Baptismal party. So I had to wait for security to come, blah blah blah. Basically, I had to do all this because the guy thought he might get rabies.
See, if you get bit by a dog that looks like this:

Smile for the camera! So cute!
Then yes, I might agree with you. But when I'm hungry, I have to go to a party, I'm on-call, and I can't even get inside my own frikin' building, then you don't have rabies.

Merry Marriage Jereg

So this morning I got called into work for a fire and a nursing home outbreak. Overtime is great I guess, but only problem was, I was supposed to go to a wedding in Ajax. Suffice it to say, I was a wee bit late going to Team Jereg's (aka Gren) wedding. Luckily Sharon had a ride with Team Miknifer.
The wedding itself was pretty fun, although I missed the rather amusing ceremony (according to everyone that was there). Some tidbits from the wedding:
-Teams Miknifer, Tiista (Tim and Krista) and Patvica (Patrick and Ludvica) were at our table
-Ludvica and Patrick got married last month, which was a secret. Good on them, and much good lucks as well
-the food was great, not too much, just the right portions
-the cake was just as awesome as Miknifer's wedding cake
-Newfies are a hilarious bunch (Greg is a Newfie). I often wonder what it would be like to be a Newfie, but then that thought quickly disappears after I see exactly how much they drink
-no emergency calls through the rest of the night. Hopefully it's not because there was no reception (the hall was in Uxbridge!)...I can just imagine, "you have one new message...first are fired"
-the most amusing part of the night for me had to be this incident:
(Greg and Jen were going to do the cutting of the cake ceremony, when the DJ started playing that song "Cotton Eyed Joe", the same song I find annoying whenever they play it at Raptors games)
Tim to Krista: "Damn this is a great song!"
Greg outloud: "Cotton Eyed Joe!!! Man, he had to play this now when I'm cutting the cake? It's bringing me back to my University days!"
Me: (non-stop laughing). Sometimes, white people make me laugh

One level higher than a platinum record. Plutonium record?
Anywho, good luck to them. I am slowly realizing that in just over a year, I will be married myself. Wow. Yikes.

Friday, September 22, 2006

"Woah...Look At That...Dad?!?"

So today I find out my Dad went to a strip club with a family friend who's here from the Philippines. I imagine if I went to the same strip club and saw my Dad and Titos there, that's what my reaction would have been (just for the record, I haven't been to a strip club in like three years...well one if you count the times I did inspections there). I dunno, the thought of late 50 year olds going to a strip club? I wonder if the boys and I will go when we're old. That might just be a little weird?
Oh, and I totally imagine my Dad complaining about the cost of drinks. He'll be so "nako! Mas mahal! When I went here when I first came to Canada, a drink would cost less than a dollar! Okay, one drink and let's go." Or even worse, the thought of a stipper asking my Dad if he wants a lap dance. Yikes.
Partay over hurr!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Yam A Ham

Kam on blogspot, you're usually good with the pics. Well, if the pictures were working, I would've posted a picture of "The Museum of Ham" in Spain. Rowena is going on a Spain trip next week, and one of her highlights is going to the Museum of Ham. For one reason or another, I'm kinda envious. I want Spanish Ham. As long as it doesn't taste like that awful "cooked ham" deli meats you can get at delis. Talk about filler.
If there was, say, a Museum of Steak...I'd more than likely plan a trip around that for sure. Mmmmm...steak...
* * *
Worst song I've heard in a long time? That eenie meenie mynnie mo "hip hop" song.'s horrible on so many levels. What's next? Icka lacka horses' kaka?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Salad Kinged!

So I was having one of my patented restless after work moods today. I didn't feel like going to Yorkdale Mall again, so Arvin obliged with my latest idea: Eaton Centre!
So we got there and looked around the mall. There has definitely been a lot of changes since I've last been there. Then when we got hungry, we were going to go to New Ho King (heehee), but instead played the audible and went to my original Thai joint from my university days, Salad King. I always told my workmates my favourite Phud Thai of all time was from Salad King; and I was not disappointed. I also ordered a Coconut Milk soup, which was also delicious.
Although, there was undertones of it being my "last supper" as Arvin put it. As some might know, I'm having a day surgery next week for my throat. I think Arvin might have thought I might not make it through*. He talked about how before his Lola died, they had a dinner with her rather unexpectedly. Oh, and he also paid for my meal without me knowing it. wtf?!?
And the nail in the coffin (so to speak)? When we passed by a cemetery on the way to Arvin's salsa class studio and he said, "are you scared? Do you want to go in? We can find you a spot." Tanks man...tanks.
*this has a very successful surgery rate, kinda like a tonsil surgery. Even my own girlfriend tells me I'm being too dramatic when I question if I'm gonna wake up from the anesthesia

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Can Now Swallow Stool

Infected with Salmonella typhi. Not that I ever would, because, well, that's just not normal. BUT, in the inadvertant chance I do, I have been vaccinated with Typhrix. India here I come!

Monday, September 18, 2006

You Go Kat Kat

So my workmate Kathie this past weekend became part of the engaged club. Her story went like this:
Kathie and Tyler went to Quebec City this past Thursday. Tyler hid the ring in the stack of Connect Four chips (they play Connect Four on their trips). Kathie finally found it after playing more than half the game (she went on to win the game). He didn't ask her to marry him, although he was going to say it in French (because they were in Quebec). Then again, she really, really didn't want one of those embarassing proposals, otherwise she'd go crazy (I've seen her crazy before). I wonder what she would've done if he pulled it from behind her ear.
The funniest part was her telling everyone at work: Kathie e-mailed a bunch of people that she was engaged. Then exactly 20 seconds later, she ran out of the office so no one could ask her any questions and she turned off her cell phone. Awesome. (Oh and Rowena called it by predicting they would get engaged this past weekend...if only she could predict lottery numbers for me)

What Did I Learn Today?

That whenever I work on my car, something goes wrong. Actually, I lie, I didn't just learn that today. I learnt that a long while back.'s always a good feeling when that scary feeling that my car might be broken actually turns out okay. Like today, when I finally finished installing all my car parts, and there was that big moment of "ohoh"... as in "ohoh I think I just took something out that can't be put back in. As always though, God had my back and made it work just fine. Thank God!

Not to be confused with TV repairman
And somehow these "2 hours tops" kind of jobs always turns into "how did it get to 4 hours?" Auto mechanic...I are not.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Two Great Words

If ever there were two words that were forever meant to be together, it would be: Jerky and Beef.

Dried Smoked Goodness
So Sharon and I went to Vaughn Mills today, and upon entering the Bass Pro shop, I noticed that a big bag o' jerky was on sale for $4.88 (reg. price: $8.97). So I doubled up, one Terryaki Flavour, the other Sweet and Spicy Flavour. I almost didn't get the S and S because it was apparently sold out, but the Chinese employee there found one of the last bags there for me. Score!
So I ate beef jerky and had a Peach Julius drink...awesome. Jason recommends!
* * *
Sharon and I then went to look at houses. I think I found the home I would like to live in. Too bad we're still like 9 months away from buying one. Maybe we better stop looking for now.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Sometimes I go off on tangents, which comes as no surprise to some people. I caught myself on this one today:
saw on CP24 that Dog the Bounty Hunter was arrested -> always wanted to know what a bail bondsman does -> checked wikipedia -> saw a link on Boba Fett, the Star Wars character that was a bail bondsman and bounty hunter -> read up on Boba Fett, saw a link to Darth Maul -> read up on Darth Maul, saw a link to Jedi Knights -> read up on Jedi Knights -> one hour later, I am more knowledgable on bail bondsman and Count Dooku


Friday, September 15, 2006


So as I've said before, I find my parents pretty funny (although they are not intentionally trying to be funny). It's not that I'm making fun of them, but rather they say things that I just find amusing. Another one happened this morning, as I drove my Mom to work:
Ken, one of my best friends and the Smart Car Salesman, lent my neighbour, the world record holder guy, a Smart Car because he is going to attempt to break the record of pushing a car continuously for 24 hours around Lake Aquataine. I coincidentally called Ken the moment my neighbour was there, so Ken told him that I live right in front of him. Yesterday when I got home, we finally said hi to each other, but at the same moment, my Mom got home and saw me talking to him.
So this morning, my Mom asked me, "So Ken let him borrow the Smart Set?"

Can be worn with dress pants

Thursday, September 14, 2006


That's what I call the hairs on my chin, because it's not quite a goatee. In fact, the hairs are so sparse, it just looks like it's dirty. But I don't care, I wanna see how long I can pull this off before I, well, pull it off.

This is how long mine will about 68 years
* * *
Anyone remember that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer goes on a test drive with the salesman, and the gas light goes on, and the salesman is scared they are going to run out of gas but Kramer convinces him to keep going? Well yesterday, my gas light started flashing in Oakville (as I was coming home from Niagara). I was thinking I could drive all the way to the Mavis Petro-Canada. But, I lost my nerve. I got off at Erin Mills (with my A/C and radio turned off to, you know, conserve gas). And then when I filled my tank, I realized I still had about 6-7 litres of gas in it. Dammit! I could've made it to Mavis!
The above totally made sense to me, including why I would possibly wait till the last second to get gas. I am special.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Learning At The Casino

So this morning, I left my house at 5:30am to make my way to Fallsview Casino. Convenient I got there at 6:45am, because then I had over an hour to play my favourite casino game:

You know how horny I get when I get these cards together?
The Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI), which I am almost proud not to be a part of, was holding it's annual conference there. This was a three day event, starting last Monday. I wasn't going to go, but my Boss wanted me to go. Add on top of that the day he chose for me to go was on a Wednesday (cheap tables!), I guess I wasn't gonna complain. The only thing I was semi-worried about was that I was on-call, and there might have been a chance I could've gotten an emergency call (imagine I'd have to go back home while at the table?). But, I didn't.
So the result? I doubled my money going in, but found it was only 7:30am. So did I stop? Nah...I kept playing till I lost all the money I won. In other words, I broke exactly even. I'll take it!
Oh yeah, and the conference wasn't that bad I guess, it was somewhat interesting. Looks like I'll be paying my $120 dues every year starting next year, I suppose to be a "member in good standing." My self-imposed boycott has been lifted; not that anyone noticed. But make no mistake about it: I still don't know what CIPHI does for me. You're telling me I'm paying $120 every year for...magazines?!? (PHIs would know what I'm talking about here)
* * *
I've been meaning to take and post picture of my driveway before and after shots. Eventually. Maybe next year? We'll see how lazy I'm not.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another My Mom Is Funny Moment:

"Is that Anatomy Grey on TV or CD?"


Okay, I didn't go to an actual spa, but I did go to my massage ("mah-sah-guh" is the way I say it, according to people who make fun of the way I talk) therapist. I didn't really have that many aches and pains, but thought I'd go anyway. Relaxicious!
A Canadian Beauty
* * *
Gonna sign up for wedding courses today. That's it, now I'm really in for it...

Monday, September 11, 2006

How You Doing Lola?

September 11 will always be a date everyone remembers. I remember five years ago thinking that World War Three was starting (which, to some effect, I guess it has. Maybe not as definitive as previous wars, but make no mistake, we obviously are not living in peaceful times). I remember waking up, groggily, and watching it on TV. My Lola was there watching it too, doing her trademarked "tsk tsk tsk" as she watched it. I remember being transfixed to the TV screen, thinking it was a dream. What was this world coming to?
I went to school, and it was eerie. Everyone was leaving the city while I was coming in. When Walter and I got to school, all the chaos was just starting; everyone was panicking, all these rumours of the high rise buildings in Downtown were closed. Our class was eventually cancelled, and Walter and I expected to be stuck behind hoards of people going home. But for some reason, it wasn't. I guess everyone was home already, or prolly didn't go to the city at all.
When I got home, I watched TV coverage for perhaps three-four hours straight. While I don't remember it specifically, I'm pretty sure I also prayed with my Lola that night, our customary one mystery (apparently I became too busy for a whole rosary as I got older).
* * *
Exactly two years later, my Lola passed away on a hospital bed, stricken with cancer. My whole family was there, and everyone was crying. Except me. I didn't cry. I still haven't cried. I refuse to, because I saw what cancer did to her. I also remember being somewhat...relieved? My Lola had all the faith in the world in God (more than I think I ever will have). There is no doubt in my mind she's in heaven with Him.
As I get older, the cemetary visits become less frequent, the thoughts of her become less and less. Life goes on, and save for a couple of memories, I'm sure she understands why I'm not so outward with my emotions or actions when I think of her (at least I hope she does). I'm not immature enough to blame anyone or wonder "why?" Death is as much a part of life as everything else.
I was preparing for the day that would eventually come exactly three years ago today. I chose to look at her life as part of her death. I remember a genuine woman who helped raise me be the man I am today; the man I aspire to be. I will always remember my Lola like this:
I am sorry life got so busy Lola. I'm sorry I haven't visited you as much as I should have. I still think of you every now and then. I want you to be proud of me, but I know I fail. While I know you won't be at my wedding physically, I somehow think you will still be there. Maybe I'll never cry that you are not with us here anymore, but don't mistake that for me not being sad. It's just easier this way.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

House Hunting

Sort of. Kind of. Not seriously though.
* * *
I've been on-call this past week. Wow, I really have nothing to talk about it seems.

Damn, I Missed It

So I went to Walter's karoke party today with Sharon. While it was fun hanging out with some workmates, I also missed my old student's wedding. I was briefed by lil' Mikey that a certain clerk that used to work for my office was there looking for me. And based on the picture that Mikey sent (I would post the picture up here, but just in case anyone reading this might know her, well, I'd rather not).
And for those of you that may lecture me on the fact that I have a fiance, she said it's okay for me to have an infatuation with her. See? This is why I really, really love Sharon.
* * *
On another somewhat mixed-feelings note, my buddy at work, Tabico Jr. has been recently appointed the Quality Assurance position. In other words, he is going to be the PHI policing the other PHIs. Kinda sucks to see him leave our office, but at the same time it's good for me because it means I'm protected. What do I mean? Let's just say that any indiscrestions at work I may commit that he may notice will be overlooked. Score!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mr. Big Shot

I always thought that guys who got their clothes made specifically for them were big shots. Well guess who's a big shot now?!? Maxwell's Clothiers, established in 1961, purveyors of custom made men's garments (albeit most likely in China's sweatshops), was in town this week taking orders. I made my way down to the Windham Bristol Hotel with Sharon and saw the man himself, Mr. Maxwell (well, the son of the original Mr. Maxwell, and an Indian guy who spoke Chinese).
I picked my fabrics:
-white 100% cotton, because everyone needs one plain white shirt
-burnt orange polyblend, because I am recently very infatuated with the colour orange (what is this, the '70s?)
-light blue oxford point 100% cotton, because blue is also a very neutral colour
I also picked a windsor collar and french cuffs for the dress shirts. And my favorite part? Having my initials "JM" embroidered on the cuffs for a little of that flair and pizzaz to let people know I mean business. And with a notice on top of my order form that says "Rush Rush November 10" and a payment of $150 (good deal! at least I think...) just like that I am now part of the customization club. What up now playa?
The next time they come to town, I might just have to pick up a customized suit for $485. I just have to convince Sharon somehow that it's a good investment. Because, you know, the one time I wear it every two years pays great returns on this investment.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

How McDonald's Affects Society And Its Members

It can make certain members sad. Like me. I ordered fries today and asked for my customary accompaniment:
Hot even until its death
Only to find out it has been discontinued and replaced with the more bland, generic, run-of-the-mill, same as the other fast food joints honey mustard. wtf?!? How am I going to truly enjoy my fish fillets during Lent?
R.I.P. Honey Mustard. R.I.P. indeed

Struttin' But Not Swayin'

So Ken and I decided to put in my other suspension parts on my car today, three in total. Thinking we can do it in a couple of hours, to no one's surprise (least of all ours), we were only able to complete installing one part out of the three. The Strut Bar is complete, only the rear member brace and the rear sway bar is left.
I think I've become one of those guys, you know, the guys who just pays other people to do stuff. I used to want to do all my stuff myself. But now? I dunno...I think I'm just too tired. Must be because of the long, stressful days of work I've had the past couple of days. Tomorrow doesn't seem any better either. Sigh

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Life Of Pie

So I had a long day at work today, but I did do an inspection of this homemade pie making place. I've been having this thing lately for pie, so I thought, "why not buy one of these pies?" I know, outstanding logic. So I did, and now I'm baking the strawberry-apple pie right now. Can't wait to put a slice of cheese on it...yum...

A dyslexic pervert would say, "mmmm...pie cream..."

Monday, September 04, 2006

Suspension Upgrade Phase II

That's it, pose for me baby! Yeah!
Can't wait...

Working On Labour Day

How ironic. But it's not like it's strenuous work...I am just sitting here waiting for dead bird phone calls, which most likely won't happen. So, as a result, I am watching DVDs. I know, tough work and government money well spent. But of course I'm not complaining; double overtime baby!
By the way, who goes to Toronto for pizza at 11:45pm on a Sunday night?

Served on a a plate of peptobismol
Apparently Jason and Argay do. But Cora's was good, and so was the chacha slice we had. I wish they had an all-night donair stand...I'd so be on that

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crap! Crepe!

So I went to Vaughn Mills today with Sharon because I wanted to do some shopping, despite what she thinks. She thought the only reason I wanted to go there was for this:

Nutella-ing me it's not good?
I will admit that the crepe with nutella and strawberries was damn good, but really, I wanted to shop. I ended up getting a cool pair of polyester pants. Sharon didn't do too bad either, scoring some pants and a jacket. I also got beef jerky and she got ice cream. Oh yes, good times all the way around.
Oh, and did I mention I saw my ex-girlfriend, whom I haven't talked to in years, there? I didn't say hi or anything, but the scenario could've been funny because:
-I was unshaved and feeling yucky/ugly
-she was looking good
-I was eating a crepe, looking like a fat loser trying to find a table
-my fiance was there, sick as heck, sounding like a man (according to her, don't lambast me) and not wearing her ring
All of this culminating to this likely exchange (in my head, of course): "Hi! I haven't seen you for a while (while nutella from my crepe is dripping on my nasty goatee and white shirt)! This is my fiance Sharon! No really, she's my fiance, she just didn't wear her ring today! I'm not lying! Say hi Sharon! I know, she sounds really sexy! See how well my life has been since you dumped me and we last spoke! Wanna grab a coffee sometime? I have a job!"
But luckily I didn't say anything. I just told Sharon, "there's my ex-girlfriend" and dragged her with me to the opposite direction. Of course the requisite teasing from Sharon and the "why are you blushing?" taunts came out, but I can't blame her. I am retarded, after all.
But of course, I'm very glad things turned out the way it did (obviously). I love Sharon with all my heart and I do believe she's my soulmate. I swear I'm not saying this just because she reads my blog. Really! I love you baby! (I really shouldn't say much on this whole topic anymore; it's getting kinda awkward)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I Went To The Ex...Oh Baby

Every year, I always go to the CNE and at the end of the experience I always complain and say "never again." So this year, I was determined to go (thus reversing the eventuality of mine going). And what happens? I find myself there. Again.
But - I do have a good reason: I had free tickets. It was raining and pouring and horrible weather (the less likely chance people would be there and I wouldn't have to contend with crowds, as time and time again I have expressed my utter disdain for waiting). I thought, perfect. So I convinced Sharon and Arvin to go.
First stop when we got there:

Dem pooches be corny
That's right, corn dog heaven/hell. Heaven because it's freshly made. Hell because after having one my life expectancy just went down 4 months I think.
We also went to the midway, with very little people there. I wanted to "recapture the magic" with Sharon when I won her a stuffed animal much to her surprise playing the break the beer bottles game. Let's just say there was no magic in the air tonight. On top of that, I think I popped my shoulder. Argh. Oh, even on topper of that, Sharon won her own stuffed animal by playing the throw the wiffle ball on top of coloured cups. That's right: I'm a man.
We then went to the farm animal building. I love cows. They stink though. The pig that licked me was cute. Again, it stunk though. We also saw the fall fair pagent winners for all the fall fairs around Ontario. Arvin and I used to think that perhaps there were cute cowpoke girls lurking around the rural areas of Ontario. Not anymore.
Then it was off to the food building, where I absolutely gorged myself. Shawarma and tacos for dessert (!), and I helped Arvin eat his corned beef sandwich and french fries. I also had a few bites of Sharon's beaver tail (heehee). Unsurprisingly, there was no room for Tiny Tom donuts. Maybe it was for the better.
We then went to the shopping place, where Arvin bought Bvlgari cologne for cheap. It was less than half price in the stores, so he was vpbeat and ouerjoyed. Oh, I didn't finish all the food at the food building; it was at this point while they shopped I decided to sit down by a fence and eat my leftovers. But after dozens of stares come from various people, and feeling like a freakshow, I moved to a more discreet corner. I should've put a cup out for change, I prolly would've gotten it.
After going to the midway again and getting absolutely drenched, we met up with my parents who watched the Superdogs show, and drove home. All in all, I didn't have that feeling of "never again" so I guess this would be considered a successful ex year. Which, of course, means I won't be going next year.

Friday, September 01, 2006


So on my day off today, I went for (what seems now) my annual golf game. I went to Centennial Park with Ken and Marcin. Marcin and I ended up tied and Ken came in a distant second, which is not that surprising as it was his deflowering golf game. It was a good game, despite plenty of mulligans, lost balls and fore calls.

Imagine if it hit them on the foreskin!
Then to celebrate, we went to Master Steaks for a good steak lunch, which I topped it off with a pecan tart that was awesome. When I got home, my strut bar from Chicago was just delivered, thus the beginning of phase 2 of suspension upgrade for my car has begun. Great day off so far, although my baby is sick and might not be able to make it out to Ivy's party tonight. I don't want to go without her, thus confirming what I thought: I'm one of those relationship guys. That's it, I got to buy a motorcycle.