Wednesday, November 30, 2005


So I normally preplay my regular numbers for Super 7. I won two free tickets, so I exchanged the ticket. The way it works is that I'm supposed to get my ticket back for the rest of the preplayed numbers. What happened? The stupid idiot lady didn't give me back my preplayed number tickets, instead just giving me the free ticket. The bigger idiot? Me, for not noticing until I got home (thus making it too late).
But: a silver lining.
I think this is a sign that I should not be playing the lotto anymore. I tried it out, I won a couple of times, but nothing big. Why should I waste my money on it?
I didn't realize it, but I changed. I've always said to myself not to play the lottery because it's not money you (might potential) earn. Even though the harsh realities of a fixed income hit, I shouldn't be playing this. Maybe I should be giving to charity or the Church instead. It's not like I'm in search of a miracle; I have a good life and am comfortable. In the future too, I'll be fine. And what would happen if I actually won? How drastic would my happy life change?
So with that said, I am going to stop playing the lotto, I'll just play out the rest of my tickets. Besides, I have the Casino (heh).
* * *
Hopefully I'll be done my woodworking project by this class. We'll see.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ultimate Hustla

Been watching this show. I hate Damon Dash, but he puts on a pretty good show. Take your sorry ass outta there Kira!
Had dinner at Sharon's Papa's house with his girlfriend's caregivers cooking. Who is Filipino. It was like I ate at home!
Booked time off for my vacation officially today. Less than three weeks left!

Monday, November 28, 2005

What To Do

On an offday? Well:
-go to they gym
-buy perogies and sour cream
-look for Ping Pong tables
-go to Polish Cultural Centre and pick up copy of contract for the hall
-make perogies
-contemplate if I should take another day off tomorrow, just because I can
And then figure out what the heck to do next. I really should be more productive. Ah well, apathy rules!


Is what I did today. I was supposed to start the Christmas shopping, but I ended up just buying things for myself. Ah well.
So close to buying a 2005 cluster guage for my 2004 Echo (because it has a tach), but got discouraged from getting it due to the fact it is not a plug and play unit. Oh well. I would've just been wasting my money on it anyway.
Spoke to Tito Ramon today regarding houses. Looks like Sharon and I are going to be stuck using him as a real estate agent or he will "disown" me (whatever that means). But whatever, he'll be giving us a good wedding gift, as he says. Yeah, hopefullly a house?

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Working on a Saturday, especially when I don't really have an objective to complete (looking for bean sprouts. If found, discourage from using. Wow. Effective Public Health). Oh well, I guess I need the money.
Gotta start planning for my trip. And getting broke. Yikes.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Don't know why I wrote that as the title to this blog, but damn that's what work has been feeling like lately. It's not like I'm overworked too much. I guess I'm just not used to it. And now overtime tomorrow, on a Saturday, due to bean sprouts being implicated in Salmonella? Yeah. Right. Ah well, overtime baby!
Went to Sonia and Leo's house for dinner tonight. Nice people, albeit a little different. Can't put my finger on it (what I mean).
Also got my winter tires put on. Just a day late from the first real crazy snowfall.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Never Had One Of These In A While

A long day of work, that is. Bullets!
-dentist in the morning. No cavities. I swear that dentists are almost like criminals, the amount of money they charge. Good thing I have coverage
-busy day at work. Pick up samples. Drop off samples in Toronto. Inspections. Etc.
-go to Caledon for a public meeting with Boss. In white-out conditions. But my baby (car) made it through!
All in 13 hours, with nary a break. So this is what it's like to work in private industry. I almost caught myself feeling sorry for myself, but I shook out of it and remembered what hard work was like. Noice...feels good once in a while.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So I Was Wrong

My woodworking project is not going to be done early. Ah well, as long as it gets done. And I didn't have that fun of a class as I had a long day of work and the worries that came along with it stuck in my mind during the time. I really shouldn't take work home with me (although it's hard to because I'm on-call. Oh well, tomorrow is the last day. Yee-uh, overtime!)
Will be in Caledon late tomorrow for an "information meeting." Oh joy. And the first snowfall is here and my winter tires are not on until Friday. Perfect timing, just perfect.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Maybe I Do Want A Lot Of Things

But who doesn't when we live in a materialistic society? Too many things to buy, not enough money. That's usually the case for 99.9999999999435231% of society though, no?
* * *
Picked up Marbs and Angel's family from the airport today as they returned from their trip from the Philippines. My goodness I'm getting old. How do I know? Marbs is much bigger and stronger than me now, and Angel is "dee-la-ga" although not too much. She bought a skateboard, and I was trying it out. I think I want one now (remember: materialistic).
My girlfriend points out: you want a lot of things then you get bored of it. Like my bike. I say to that not true, obviously. You were what I wanted most, and I'm not bored of you, am I? So

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Still Dreamin'

About that Ping Pong table. I actually went out with Ken and looked at some, wiping my drool at the same time. I was going to buy a cheap one from Crappy Tire, but then after consulting with my future wife, she told me just to get a good one. I'm so happy! There is something therapeutic about hitting a little hollow ball back and forth. I just have to convince Sharon to do it with me all the time (heh heh...that sounded dirty). Oh yeah, and I just have to convince her it won't be like my bike. I will ride it more next year. This will not be a fad. I swear!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Feelin' Lucky

Till I scratched the Cash for Life ticket. I am not lucky to have won cash for life.
* * *
Saw some halls today with Sharon. As of right now, looks like it's between Christ The King hall and John Paul II hall. Wow, I can't believe how fast this is happening.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Officially started with the answering service waking me up at 5:45am for a fire in Mississauga. It'a been a long day thus far.
* * *
Ate a burrito from Chester Fried Chicken Mexican Food. Last time I'll eat one from there. I hope I don't get a food poisoning, but then I am going to have to investigate it since I am the on-call inspector. D'oh!
* * *
0-9 to start the season. Oh Raptors. I hope they only win 3 games this season; then it would be like my basketball team, and then truly in my head I would be playing for the Raptors. Hey, it works for me. (Yesterday's round-up: I hit a three pointer! We lost by 72 points! Whattagame!)

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Oh man, I'm having these anxiety attacks for some reason. Contrary to what people might think, it's not my impending engagement/wedding. My anxiety is a result more of two things:
1)I'm on-call for work. I hate being on-call, I should have never agreed to it, but it's overtime, and that's always good. I am hoping for no-calls.
2)I have a basketball game today, and as always my objective is to not suck so much.
Since when the heck did I become a nervous wreck?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Workin' The Wood

Is fun. Almost done! Well, not really. But close. Good thing I went to class instead of watching the Raptors. They have now just lost 8 in a row to start the season. My goodness it hurts to be a fan. When will the madness end?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I Can't Believe I Watched The Whole Thing

Band of Brothers. 10 episodes, at about an hour each, over two days. I haven't been this slothful in quite a while.
Good lunch with the "in-laws." Exactly what I thought: a lot of talk about Filipinos and Indians and where they are located in life.

Sloth Day

And how: watched Batman Begins (good stuff with the exception of Katie Holmes, who I used to think her cute girl act was cute but not so much anymore), then 4 episodes of Band of Brothers. Then went out with the guys and gals for Mexican, then to Mike's, then to Timmies. I am so productive.
Tomorrow is the day my parents go with me for lunch to Sharon's parents house. Should be intersting.

Friday, November 11, 2005

I Have Something To Ask You

"I love your daughter/she is my inspiration and my motivation in everything I do/there is nothing more I would like than to marry her/I just want things to be proper/so I am asking you for your blessing"
Handshake and hug. Presentation of champagne and white carnations.
* * *
The hours, however, proceeding into my request: fear, nervousness, barfy, lightheadedness, YIKES. Luckily it wasn't in my mind all this time; I just thought of finally doing it yesterday. Otherwise I think I would have aged tremendously. Although, it would seem by doing this I have aged.
* * *
We've only just begun. Wink!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Long Day O' Work

Ah well, that's okay. Every once in a while you have to show that you care. Oh, that and to make sure you don't get fired. I may be really horrible when it comes to paranoia about that. Now I gotta fix tomorrow as much as I can. Bleh.
Woodworking is fun. I should've built a bigger and more time consuming project, as I will be done my project maybe two weeks ahead of schedule.
My muscles are sore. It's always hard trying to lift weights on a regular schedule again. I better start training for the Mississauga Marathon?

Monday, November 07, 2005

It Works!

My internet, again, at least for the meantime. Hopefully it continues to work because as I am so sorely aware, the Internet seems to be a big part of my life now.
* * *
Day off today: gym, chiro, lunch with Ken, cleaned car. I love days off.
* * *
Issued resolved, it would seem.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy Marriage Barbara and Trevor!

Went to their reception today at Credit Valley Golf Club. It was a small affair, and the food was amazing. I seem to be getting more and more excited about Sharon and mine(s?) wedding.
* * *
My internet is all fugged up in my room. I am moved my computer to the basement to test it out, and as by this post it seems to be working. I think we need a new router.
* * *
I love my Sharon; she will be with me till death do us part. I must remember that and not have petty little thoughts in my head ruin what we have, or make it more drama than it needs to be.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Don't Worry, Be Happy

It's hard sometimes, though.
* * *
Had a Shawarma Dinner for lunch today. Absolutely awesome. Then had a Zet's poutine. I really need to go on a diet.
* * *
Cupcakes turned out okay. Well, the cake mix one; my homemade ones were good a proof as any that a cook is only as good as his ingredients (or his recipe).

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nervous Guy

For some reason I've been really anxious lately. But not in the good way; it feels like I'm having panic attacks. Extreme nervousness. And it manifests itself on the basketball court; I haven't scored any points in two games, I keep making turnovers, I'm playing so tense. Now it seems basketball is not so fun to me anymore. I think I just gotta get over this. Holy dramaqueen.
* * *
You may notice that I am not putting up pictures anymore. I have decided to not install "hello" because since I installed it on my last computer, I could have sworn I got viruses (viri?). So, from now on I will not post any pictures (unless I find a better program). I'll just try my hardest to describe what I want you to see.
* * *
I feel so "blah" at work. Where's the motivation?
* * *
I will bake tonight. Yes, I will do that.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Still Computering It Up

Yep, still.
Found out that Dr. Sy is not going to be in Ontario in the future, as he is going to be in Alberta. Wow, it's crazy how plans change so fast and so drastically. All the best. I'll be okay because Dr. Koh is still here (assuming BJ let's us go to