Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chair Me

For work, I think I'd want this chair: cumportabull! And of course it's not only meant for,

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's really hard to appreciate and enjoy work when you work with some people that are irritating and idiots. I may be one of them to some, but not as much as some of them are to me.
Went to Ryerson today, and was genuinely excited and looking forward to the event. I was gonna be a "rep" for Peel and have the memories. Well, a bunch of things happened that made me sour:
-I wore the vest that Peel employees are supposed to wear when at special events. The other three? Nope. And not only that, two of them were Supervisors and the other girl is one of the few ones I don't like at work. And then they pointed and laughed at the fact I was wearing it, saying this was not a special event. Hey, way to not embarass me!
-one of the Supervisors told me information to tell the students. It was wrong information. When I came back from break, they pointed out (in front of all the potential applicants, no doubt) that I was giving wrong information. And of course he didn't fess up to the mistake. Hey, way to not embarass me!
-I went back to the office and through the advice of one of my co-workers, told me to tell my Supervisor and Manager, as word of my "misinformation" may be transmitted incorrectly, making me look incompetent. I did. And I felt like a snitch. Hey, way to not embarass me! (okay, the last one was my decision, but still)
Argh. Days like this I feel burnt out and wonder why I have to work with the people I do.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What Do You Look At When You Pee?

Well, if you were a guy and you used my powder room, you would be looking at this:

He makes sure you wash your hands
Then you would promptly be possessed.

Monday, January 28, 2008


So there has been a dearth of posts lately, and with reason. I think I'm going to start making a conscientious effort not to spend so much time on the Internet, especially on the weekends. I spend so much time on the computer at work, that it can't possibly be good for me. In fact, it may be an obsession. I'll still try to post pics.
Not today.
* * *
I'm beginning to really like this soccer team. It may do more with the fact that I really like my team (they treat me like that Special Olympics athlete and cheer me on no matter what. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I'm the token Asian, but I'd rather think of it because I surprise them that I may actually have some sort of idea that I know what I'm doing).
It may also have something to do with the fact that I finally scored my first goal today! And to add gravy to that mashed potatoes, I scored again! It helps having really good teammates that pass to me every opportunity. And if I was even half as good as I think I am in my head, I would've really scored five goals (that's how many open shots I had. I know my Italian and Portugese teammates would've).
I told my team that I'm not playing anymore. I've plateaued. I'm going out on top of my game.
Yeah, right
* * *
And of course, Happy Birthday to my Mother Dearest today. Man, life is going by fast

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who Has A Day Off Tomorrow?

I do! Finally.
I have all these plans to do things, which will eventually turn out to doing...not even 32% of what I want to do. Oh well.
The point is, I won't be working. Score!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome To Cribs

"Oh, y'alls wanna see what's in ma fridge?" (okay fine, another cop-out for a "creative pic")

Taking my work home with me?
See that in the centre? That's one of my all-time favourite drinks: Vitasoy Malt Soyamilk...yummmm
* * *
I didn't realize how much winning would do to for your mood. I won in basketball this morning, and it got me feeling great. My soccer team is winning, and it's making me feel great. I really like the term, "I win!"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Think We Need ADT, Alarmforce Or Just The Police

Caught someone breaking and entering into our house:
He'd be less intimidating if I saw him in a rearview mirror
But anyway, I confronted him and took care of the situation.
I will hug you to death
He's lucky Sharon didn't Kee-Ya him.
(Yep...we're gonna be one of "those houses" next Christmas season thanks to my wife and her bargain-hunting skills. Mind you, I'm the one who really wanted it)

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm Beginning To Like This Soccer Thing

It may have something to do with the fact that we are actually winning (as opposed to my loveable-losers basketball team), but that's besides the point.
I now know why soccer (I would use the term "football" but, you know, that's a poser thing to do) players get all dramatic when they miss their chance to score the goal: it's damn hard to get chances! So all the more reason for me to be upset with myself. I think I missed four really good chances to score. My goal (excuse the pun) this season? One goal. Argh!
In a self-serving way, though, I am happy to report that my line was successful in scoring both goals today (we won 2-1), with one of my shots being blocked by the goalkeep (poser-alert with the jargon) but the rebound being promptly put away by our resident superstar Frank. He gave me all the props afterwards, along with all my teammates saying I did really, really well, but I think they are way too nice and encouraging. All I know was I was just trying not to embarass myself and trying to stave off the heartattack.
Oh yeah, here's a pic of my lime green team, "The Peelers":
A highlighter barfed on our jerseys

That's right, our lockeroom is co-ed. This game is grrrrreat!
I sorta can't wait till next week, although I fear all my juice will have run out by then. We'll see.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


So I watched Cloverfield with KenKen, and two factors made me want to barf:
1. We came a little late, so we had to sit in the front row
2. The movie is Blair Witch Project-style, with shakey cam and everything
Put those two together? The first time I felt like I was going to vomit in a movie ever. It got so bad I had to close my eyes for a good 4 minutes at one point.
Not to mention the storyline sorta lacked and the ending, well, the ending finished the only way it could. Basically, I felt unfulfilled and sick afterwards.
Either than that? It was an okay movie, I guess

Friday, January 18, 2008


Errr...that is, burnt out. I dunno, I just don't have it in me right now. I have so many things to do, but no motivation to do it.
I should just go by that mantra, "just shut up and do it."
It's on the way...
* * *
Having my keyk and eating it too:
Before it was eaten, not after. Really!
Made a fake-cake for my team as it was May's faux-going-away party and Aldo's birthday. I wasn't that pleased with this cake. I should learn how to do it by scratch.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Don't Tell Me!

So I've come to a realization, well...more of an acceptance today. For years I've been trying to convince people that I could, but for some reason or another, the opposite comes true.
Instead of trying to talk cryptically, I'll just say it: I can't keep "secrets".
Backgrounder: one of my workmates, May, who started two months ago, told me she was handing in her resignation. I was genuinely sad she was leaving, cause I got along well with her. Well, me with the blabbermouth, started telling some friends at work she was leaving. Including my Supervisor and Manager (yes, I know, dumbbard I be). Little did I know May was playing a trick, and even got the Supervisor and Manager to play along. In other words, everyone was in on it except me, and everyone was laughing how I was the only one who didn't know she really wasn't leaving.
Now, while she didn't make a big deal about me telling a lot of people, Kiran had said to me, "see? You can't keep secrets." I tried to counter with: "but I don't tell the important secrets." But after I said that, I realized that really, it doesn't matter. I shouldn't have said anything in the first place, and I felt horrible and awful.

I'm trying hard to mature and be all adult-like and all that, and I'm sure that includes being able to keep my mouth shut. But I'm one of those guys that likes being the first to "break news" (easy there CP24). The more I think about it, that fact alone makes me think I'm regressing from becoming that adult I want to be. Pretty ridiculous, really.
I've thought about this fact about myself plenty of times in the past, and everytime I kept telling myself that I can't prove to people that I can keep secrets by actually verbally telling them. Instead, I thought I would have to prove it to them by my actions, no matter how long it took (ie. months, years, etc.).
But now? Forget it...I giveup; I don't think I can keep secrets. I guess I shouldn't be offended when people don't tell me things, and I equally shouldn't be offended if I tell something to someone I don't want to be broadcast but that person tells other people.
Holy blabbering. In the end, I hope people don't tell me things they consider a secret. At this point, I don't think I want to know. My brain hurts. My mental strength is waning...sigh


Dammit, I swore again today. I think my mental strength is starting to break down. I gotta start focusing again...argh

Equation Of A Good Day

Getting my banged up knee fixed from the Chiro + touring the CityTV building with Arjay + Burrito Boyz + cheap Raptors tickets + free "hook-ups" from Ron's friend at the ACC which turned into Platinum seats + Biermarket Poutine
* * *
So I got fooled at work, with one of my workmates May getting the Supervisor to be in cahoots with her. I'm impressed, and can't help but laugh at the foolishness of it all. Oops!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Smile now, frown later...and for the rest of the amortization period
Pic of my brother and sister-in-law in front of their new home they will be moving into on February 1. They are smiling. I wonder what the "after" pic will look like. "After" as in "after they start paying the mortgage." Happened to us!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Beautiful Game?

So my first foray into the "beautiful game" (aka soccer). Yeah, beautiful if you mean blisters are beautiful. I was breaking in the new cleats, so really, I shouldn't be surprised.

I would like to think of it as a semi-success: I didn't score, but at the same time I didn't, say, rupture my achilles tendon or anything. I got a good workout, and am glad to say my knee didn't completely fall apart from my injury last Saturday (I still had to ice it down when I got home). Can't wait till next week.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention: co-ed league and we get only one lockeroom. I really like this game! Yee-uh!
* * *
My wife is funny. She, herself, is foraying (I think that's a fun word) into a new sport: rock-climbing. What did I find on my camera? This:

Wanted: rock to climb on
I think it's funny how she always teases me as to how excited I get when I get a new pair of shoes, yet, unbeknownst to me she took this picture with my camera of her new kicks. Buyer's high? Perhaps...until the bill comes!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ironing Out The Sloth

It's not that much, really:

"This smells fresh";"I just washed it...four months ago!"
Just haven't ironed since September. Yikes.
* * *
I swore today. I shouldn't have. I plan on posting everyday I swear. I hope this is the last time this year.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Who Needs A Knee?

After today, I certainly do. We resumed our dismal basketball season (and my continued performance of non-scoring) and lost by about 30 points. I also got the dreaded "knee-on-knee collisions" which is hurting me something fierce. And wouldn't you know it? My psychic premonition came true: I was to get injured before I start my soccer league on Monday. Who needs a knee for soccer? Sigh.
One of the opponents said to us after the game what I felt all along: "You need taller players." You think?
* * *
After the game, Sharon, Beeg and Neens and I went to MEC in downtown.

Obligatory Boyz II Men End Of The Road shot
My wife is going to start her new hobby: rock-climbing. Afterwards we realized that she's more into the individual success sports (ie. swimming, karate, and now rock-climbing) whereas I'm more into the team sports (ie. basketball, baseball, soccer). I guess I'm not a snob?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Symbolism At It's Finest?

My friend Mike and Marci's wedding invitation:

Delivered by tiny pallbearers
While really nice , it almost...(ironically? symbolically? representatively?) looks like...a...coffin?
It also prompted the oft asked question by those who received it: how do you mail this? I'm almost expecting quite the lavish affair now

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Cop-Out For A "Creative Picture"

So I started to take pictures with my camera thinking I could be creative for this blog. You know, one of those "one creative pic a day" sort of themed things. Well, today is a cop-out, besides the fact I'm not that creative with a camera. I just took random shots of some co-workers (check out Alex in the white sweater...hilarious I tell you):
I can't even...
...think of anything...
..."funny" to say. Sigh

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

File Under "Not Fond Of":


Took my camera outside for the first time, and this is the best I could do?!?
Can't wait till gas goes up to like $2.00/L, only because I believe there will be less cars on the road. Maybe it doesn't work that way, but I can dream. Because on top of my frugal-on-the-gas car, I would have my frugal-on-the-gas motorcycle? Maybe...maybe
* * *
Met a Financial Advisor today...looks like Sharon and I are okay. Not great, but okay. Or as I would gayly say: Ohkyay!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Working Change

So things are gonna be a changin' at work...I'm gonna get help soon! Yee-uh.

Oh yeah, I'm also going to Rye High on Jan. 30 to be one of Peel's Representatives. Sucks for Peel!

* * *

Attire: Business-Super Casual
This is my wife. She works really hard.
(I really should start taking the camera outside of the house; I'm gonna run out of things to take pictures of here. Plus, I think Sharon it going to kill me soon with all these pictures I've been taking so far)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Art Attack

So Sharon and I forayed for the first time into the art world and got this rather conservative piece:

Let's call a treety
I would say that we spent a long time thinking about it and seeing if it touched our souls, but was on sale.
I think for the next piece it'll be a nude portrait. Of myself.
That way, no one will visit!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year, Same Lazy

So this has been hanging (or not hanging) on my mind since last year:

I've been framed
I have to figure out a way to get it hung. I have an idea of how to do it, I'm just, well...lazy? I dunno, I can't seem to get motivated enough. I blame the cold weather

Friday, January 04, 2008

Two Things I Like, Together For The First Time

Jen's cookies and the floor tiles we bought this past summer.

5 second rule!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot

Got this baby last night:
Baby...where'd you get that body from?
Delta Power baby! Now I'm going to unecessarily cut things...

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

...this one? Maybe a thousand expletives. To me. From my loving wife.

I see you!
Whatever the case, I love her because she works really hard. And she paints. I did find it funny that she had a professional painter come over to do an estimate for the high walls/ceilings that we don't have a desire to do, while she was painting. Talk about opening yourself up for criticism (at least that's how I'd feel).

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

As Promised...

...first picture of the year:

Hobbes...going Supernova
It's a pretty boring one with no imagination, but I figure I'm on my computer so much I might as well take a picture of, well, my computer. And my messy desk. This desk creates a lot of tension in Sharon's head.
* * *
Also the first day back at work today. Needless to say: ouch

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Every year it seems I have some new year's resolution list I never get around to completing. Let's see how I did from last year:
"That's right, time to make New Years Resolutions that I don't keep! I am, however, happy to report that I did stick to one from last years' resolutions: don't swear. Do you know how mentally hard it is to not swear? It almost takes away 36% brain concentration capacity trying to think of euphanisms for swear words.
So every year I think of new resolutions I usually end up breaking. And because I actually stuck to one (and subsquently have a sense of accomplishment and feel I deserve an award or something), I am not going to make a resolution. Instead, through the advice of Arvin, I will just substitue my "Resolutions List" to a "To Do List":
1. Iron clothes
2. Clean bathroom
3. Change spark plugs on car
4. Clean Car
5. Go neighbourhood/house hunting"'s really sad when my thoughts for this year's resolution list was to do a "To Do List" but I did it last year already without realizing I did it last year. I am happy to report that I still continue not to swear, but not so happy to report that the first thing on my list this year is still to iron my clothes. Yikes.
Here's my list this year:
1. Be a good husband (that's a first)
2. Help clean up around the house (another first)
3. Be more healthy (not a first, but always recurring. I did lose some weight, but I'm afraid I might've gained it back already. I did join the 10km race again, so I don't have a choice. And I did join the basketball and soccer league)
4. Finish the renos!!! (Right.)
5. Be more money-wise
6. Be an adult
Let's see how it turns out this time next year
* * *
So we had a fun party at our house. Quiet with only Team Miknifer and Brain Kim and his new girlfriend for the countdown, but more peeps (including Arvin's "friend") passed by earlier for our Fajita party. Oh, but Ron and Mel squared passed by afterwards. Ron is funny when he's drunk.
Then we woke 12:45pm. Dang...haven't done that in a long while.
* * *
Other things that happened recently that I haven't posted about:
-did the annual ritual/tradition during this time of year; watched the entire fifth season of CSI:Miami. It's increasingly become my favourite of the CSI's. Why? One word: Horatio
-we are even more officially adults; we got a Costco membership. What's that all about?
-my wife finished writing all her wedding thank you cards. I should prolly start mine. Dammit.
* * *
I have noticed (a long while back) that I haven't been putting photos into my blog. In an effort to continue being "creative" and due to my luck finding a digital camera in Greece, I will do one of those "photo a day or as often as I can" on my posts. I'll try. Seriously. Starting tomorrow.