Wednesday, January 31, 2007

(Arms In Air) "Ohhhhhh!!!"

That's the reaction of the people watching the Raptors game in Cooper's Bar and Pub when Chris Bosh hit his buzzer beater from beyond half-court. I was one of them. I like watching games at Cooper's now; cheap eats and nice atmosphere (albeit a little too sausagey sometimes).

Just Pretend It Didn't Happen...

...don't make eye contact with people. That's the thought that came into my mind as I walked back to my car as I turned around as I walked towards the gym this morning with this in my hands:
Instead of this:
I usually keep both behind my driver's seat. And for one reason or the other, I took my snowbrush with me instead of my shower flip flops. Maybe I wasn't awake yet. Maybe.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You Know What Else Is Painful?

Waiting for a house to come up for sale in the neighbourhood you want.
Jeez, it's like I'm in a rush to get poor.

Monday, January 29, 2007

My Eyes Should Get Better

Because lately I've really been diggin' Carrot Cake. good

Celery cake be jealous

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Heard In Church:

"...that minimum wage be raised to $10/hr. We pray to the Lord..."
My Mom even laughed. Is this allowed? Am I allowed to pray that the house of our dreams will be in ours in the near future too, then?
* * *
My parents love the store Giant Tiger. I find that funny for some reason. Especially when the buy something just because it's on sale. Seriously, Wine Coolers?

Nothing's Changed...

...I'm still not a poker player. Never again do I plan on losing money that way. Never.
* * *
Happy Birthday to my Mommy!
* * *
Went to the No Stone concert at Execs with Arvin. Standard, good stuff. They added a wicked trumpet player; almost makes me want to practice again. I eventually will; I'll start when I run out of excuses.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Workmate Overload?

At least that's what Rowena would call it. Aside from seeing them at work, I have Diana's farewell party after work and then Kyle's poker party after that. Luckily, I don't mind my workmates that much.
* * *
I'm impatient. I want a house.
* * *
And thus concludes perhaps one of the boringest posts I have ever created.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tuck And Roll

When you're falling, apparently you should tuck and roll. But, when you're falling when you don't expect it, it's much harder to. Especially when you're not fully awake yet and running after a basketball and the next thing you know you're on the ground.
Yeah. That's what happened to me today. As a result, this happened:

A little foundation should cover that up
Okay, fine, not that dramatic. But I did bruise my legs after tripping on Alan's foot while hustling after a rebound. And hurts. The massage therapy session I went to helped a little, at least.
[chanelling my NBA dreams] Oh well, at this point in the season, everyone is battling through injuries [/channelling my NBA dreams]

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm Gonna Get A Subscription...

...for SHARON. Oh snap, that's right, I went thurr.
Oh, I thought this mag was about S & M...
(I love you baby. I'm just joking. I love you. You.)
* * *
Well, looks like sometimes newer things are better than older things (which, conversely means exactly the same thing as "sometimes older things are better than newer things"). The VC1's felt a little bit more comfortable than the VC2's, but it ended up giving me what felt like shin splits (or whatever they call it). Definitely need to break in these ones too.
Can I just say it one more time? "The Art of Shoe Humping." Oh snap that joke is funny
So the final ratings:
And now then, just gotta work on my game. Which, as we all know, is non-existant.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So Pretty You Have To Break Em' In

Out of all my VC's, I think the VC2 is the prettiest and best looking one. Unfortunately, it's also the most painful at this point.

The Art of...nevermind
They are one of those pairs of shoes you have to break in and have sore feet with before you get comfortable with them. Which brings me to this question I often ask myself: do you break in shoes so that the shoes are comfortable for your feet, or do your break in your feet so that it's comfortable for the shoes? Either way, my feet are going to hurt and I might as well wear the comfortable out of the box VC5's. So, tomorrow will be the last day for revising the rankings as I wear the VC1's. I already wore these, and if I remember correctly, they are also a break 'em in pair of shoes. Argh.
* * *
Got a whole sandwich tray from Sharon yesterday. I am sick of sandwiches now.
* * *
Got a raise at work! What!
(Unfortunately, still have a somewhat-inept boss. The plans are still in the works for a transfer, but we'll see what happens)

Monday, January 22, 2007

A New Favourite Has Emerged

The VC5's have proven to be the most comfortable shoe to date.

The Art of Shoe Humping. Get used to this joke.
Thus, VC5>VC3>VC4. Tomorrow, another revision to the scale as this whole "using the shoes instead of just looking at it" experiment is continuing, as the VC2's will be unearthed.
* * *
So Sharon had a whole party tray of sandwiches left over from one of her seminars. Needless to say, I scored...and now will have sandwiches for lunch for the next 4 weeks.
* * *
Ended up getting to Eaton Centre at 8:15pm with Sharon to go to the store bebe. On a Monday. With Sharon. And she ended up returning a dress she bought in Florida for a sexy blouse. Masarap!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh Well

There went that idea.
Eh, there will be other houses, I'm almost sure of it.

Cross Our Pingers

Saw a house that looks nice from the outside, and hopefully we're gonna check out the inside tomorrow. They say not to get attached to a house that is not yours...true. Very true.
For instance, I was driving around the gigantour houses by Erin Centre Dr. by Erin Mills Town Centre. The houses there make the house we're going to look at look like a garden shed. While I don't really want a house that big in the future (and no way in hell we're gonna be able to afford it anyway), I could just imagine having a house in the 5000-6000 sq. ft. range. And how empty it would be inside because there would be no way we'd be able to afford things
It's also scary to think that if we were to make an offer on the house, well, just exactly how the heck do we do that? When the hell did we become adults?
Also went to Canyon Creek with Sharon and BJ, and had a conversation about what Sharon and I do as a couple. The result? That we were resoundingly boring. I mean after this whole house hunting thing, what else are we going to do? Yikes.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Maybe It's Not The Shoes

Because now I beat Alan 3 times with my VC4's! Lost in that fact, however, is that he beat me 4 times, but that's besides the point.
So far, with my whole "going to wear the basketball shoes I already have instead of buying new ones" thing I'm going on right now, in terms of basketball performance: VC3>VC4. New rankings next week when I wear my VC5's.

The Art of Shoe Humping...woah...dejavu
* * *
Seeing as how I spent two hours at the gym today (it's a day off), I decided a nice hearty lunch would do. So Jepot and I went to Mama Martino's...tasty. In fact, one of the best salad's I've ever eaten! I could've just eaten the salad and not the linguine and meatballs and would've been just as happy. One thing I've always known, though, and the effects are happening as I type this: pasta = sleeping pill
* * *
My baby is coming home tonight from Florida, and I might shock her by telling her that Oakville looks like a nice place to live. There is one major thing I am hesitant about, though, and it's the prospect of spending upwards of 2 hours a day driving to and from work. Doesn't sound that bad if you break it down day by day, but over the course of a week/month/year? Yeah...ummm...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Shoes? The Shoes!

It's gotta be the shoes! How to explain me beating Alan in basketball this morning four times in a row (when he virtually demolishes me every game prior to that)? The only thing that changed was I wore these babies today:
The art of shoe humping
VC3's. Tomorrow I'll try the VC4's. I have a feeling I'm going to lose, but whatever...the dude is 6', 230lbs with a sweet shot. So do I feel a sense of accomplishment? Yes, I would say. Yes.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

For The Love Of...

SLOW DOWN!!! I just came home after witnessing a crash that could've involved me being T-Boned (and not the good kind of T-Bone).
I was waiting for the lights to turn green; in fact, I was waiting extra long because I was expecting the left-turn advance green light for the on-coming lanes. But, their advance light didn't go on. In retrospect, maybe it was a good thing I was waiting for that advance green instead of accelerating right away, because no more than one second later, a car in the perpendicular land came barreling through her stoplight...crashing into two cars from the oncoming lane. I even honked (oddly enough, I was the only one that honked. No one else, even those involved in the accident didn't honk. I guess it happened so fast)
I mean, the roads were pretty bad the past two days, yes, but this accident was just inexcusable. Even more so, someone has to be looking out for me because my car was this close to getting into an accident. Yikes.

Parallel Parking at its finest
* * *
Heard a song on the radio today I haven't heard in a while and totally love. Don't know the name, but it goes: "ragga-ragga-ragga-ragga-ragga..." Awesome.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Didn't Get Food Poisoning?

Hug your local Public Health Inspector.
All this week is the official "Environmental Public Health Week" as perscribed by the ever so (sarcasm) illustrious (/sarcasm) Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors. We had a celebration today, and little Mikey made this slideshow highlighted by the background song of Growing Pains theme song. Absolutely awesome.
* * *
Went to Spacific Mull with Arjay. Good fresh noodles, as always. And $2 bubble tea...gasalicious

Monday, January 15, 2007

Welcome Back Snow!

Now please go away. At least the icy kind that makes it really, really difficult to shovel a driveway.
I am somewhat relieved though. A winter without snow? Don't be ridculous Cousin Larry.
Sharon picked a nifty time to make her way to Florida for her company's sales meeting. Damn those pharma compaines are rich.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Curse Of The Confusing Movies

So Arvin and I went to watch "Curse Of The Golden Flower." Just like yesterday's movie, I'm not sure if I liked it. Some notes on the movie (some somewhat spoilers, so if you want to watch this movie, don't read ahead but if you do read ahead you'll know what I'm talking about):
-the face of the eldest son throughout the whole movie. He's either gay, a wimp, or a loser. Or a combination of all three
-all the incestiousness. It's almost like a redneck, Chinese imperial family

-the out-of-the-blue scene involving an old man in makeup character. Where the heck did he come from?

-so who exactly is the good guy and who exactly is the bad guy?

-the youngest son dying at the hands of the father when usually it's a form of punishment for Filipino kids


Crouching Jugs, Hidden Clevage
-waiting for the big fight scene, then the fight scene ending altogether too quickly

-flying ninjas. Pretty cool, until the Elves from the Lord Of The Rings showed up
After the movie, we were going to sneak in to another movie to watch Primevil. I never snuck into a theatre before. But we didn't. Instead, we promptly ate dim sum at Tremendous. It only seemed fitting to.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Children Of Men

Watched the movie with Sharon today. I'm not sure if I liked it. In a word, it was...interesting.
Also the shakey camera work didn't do much to alleviate a sense of dizziness. And the ending was as interesting as the rest of the movie. Yeah.

House (S)Hunting

Went open house hopping today with my Uncle for the first time. Went to about 8 houses, ended up only liking one (which is gonna be sold) and shunting the rest. Some of the houses we saw were our style.
He even brought us to houses way out of our price range. I'm thinking even if we had the money for the mortgage for it, there's no way we would want it. Do you know how expensive it would be to furnish the damn thing?

I have a feeling it's gonna be a long, strenuous search finding a house. Gulp.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I Knew It

Competition for the job I've been sorta wanting. And if my feelings are correct, I am prolly in the underdog position for it.
Ah well. I like what I'm doing now. Seriously! I gotta convince myself that!
* * *
Hap Birfday to Shainy at work; gonna condo-party it up tonight

Thursday, January 11, 2007

An Interesting Day In An Otherwise Boring Life

1. Woke up naked. I don't know how or why, but I just did. Maybe this isn't so interesting, but if it ever happens to you, you'd think so too.
2. Went to work, saw my picutre on Peel Region's internal website (where thousand's of people have access to it). It was during our Toys for Tots drive at Christmas. I was holding a football, pretending to throw it. My body was positioned in a way that: a)my pocket was showing and it looked like my fly was down; and, b)where my real crotch was my pants were bunched up in a way that it looked like I had a boner. And of course there was Rowena's body right in front of it. Good thing I have that sexual harassment training on Monday.
3. Ruthie passed by with Trinity, one of the cutest and most well-behaved babies I have ever met. She's so cute. We all went for lunch at Shoeless Joe's and all took turns playing with Trini. When we finished up our lunch, the super-hot waitress (hey, even my female workmates said she was hot too) came to our tables all with our separate bills. When she came up to Ruth and I (sitting beside each other), she said, "and I put both of yours together." Everybody stayed quiet at first, absorbing what she just said. I gave my credit card to her and said, "okay, I'll pay for both of ours, but just know I'm not the father. Do you want to make my babies?" Okay, I didn't say that last part, but I think she was embarassed. It was pretty funny because despite Trini having Asiany eyes, she doesn't exactly look like me. I think it may have been because I was holding and feeding Trini while Ruth ate and the waitress saw me. I should've told her I was available to make babies with her. Prolly wouldn't have went over well considering I was sitting at a table with 5 females and 0 males, and they would've called me a "whore." I should've though, considering they still called me a whore regardless. Oh yeah, that and I love Sharon? (!)
4. Sold my Whiteline Sway Bar from my car. It was fun while it lasted, but man it made my car oversteer like crazy and kinda got scary driving it when the roads were wet. It's all about the house now, baby!
5. Went to Dr. Andres office where I waited for 1.5hrs. to see her for 10 mins. Figures. Anywho, my cholesterol is back to good levels. I really should buy stocks in AstraZeneca, the makers of Crestor, who is saving my life.
6. Saw Sharon at Erin Mills Town Centre for about 15 mins. Was thinking that if we moved around there, this would be my mall after work (as opposed to Square One). Crazy.
7. Went to Sherway Gardens and Beaver and Bulldog with Arvin. Had one of the best, tastiest Gingerales with Cranberry Juice's ever. Going home, I filled up gas at a Petro Canada I never went to before (on Dundas/Dixie). Not really paying attention as usually the gas pump shuts off by itself when my gas tank is full, the pump malfunctions and gas spills all over the floor and my clothes. Dammit! First/last time I go to that Petro Canada.
Did I not tell you he's just the greatest actor ever?
Okay, maybe my life isn't that interesting.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You Know What's Damn Hard?

Saving up for a house is damn hard, that's what's damn hard.
Life's pretty expensive.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Hate Running

What the hell was I thinking? It hurts! My body and my mind. Argh.
You know what else sucks? Hangnails!

Monday, January 08, 2007


My workmate Kathie, a sweet ol' white girl, calls the major Filipino language, "Tugalug." I always laugh when she calls it that. But then I realized that, man, I don't even know how to speak it. I understand it to some extent, but I always had taking a Filipino class on my list of things to do in life.
So, in an effort to embrace my culture, I am taking a Tagalog class with Rowena starting on Feb. 7 every week for two hours. FOB I wanna be, apparently. Should be interesting.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Imma Flossin' Plats Babyz

Through the good fortunes of the Raptor Gods, I got free platinum seats at the Raps via Conrad's friend. Yee-uh! Here's what I wrote for the Raptorsblog forum:

First game of the year I get to the ACC, and the Raptor Gods smile down on me: free Platinum seats baby! It seems every year for the past few I’ve been able to get on floor level, and I ain’t complainin’. This years benefactor: my brother’s friends who couldn’t go. Score!

Anywho, some random thoughts while I was there:
-amazing view, 9th row, section 120, right behind the Wizard’s bench where I could see the baldness that is Chuck. I also saw Leo, and was very tempted to throw my water bottle at his head and say, “That’s your X-Factor right there, you ****bag”
-got the Bargs action figure (thought it was gonna be a bobblehead). NorthernFalcon said it right: looks nothing like him. Witness:

-ordered the Pork Rib Sangwich (it was Italy day, I feel obliged to call it that) because I do every time I get to sit in the Platinum section and have someone deliver it to me (aka. Jeeves). Was disappointed because I thought it was gonna be the pulled-pork sangwich, ended up being something like the McRib. There goes that tradition.
-saw Superfan Nav Bhatia there giving everyone props and daps and hugs. Damn I wish I was as rich as he was
-oh right, the game. TJ Ford is a shrub amongst trees, but damn is he fast. Agent Zero looks as cut as Maggette. Bosh needs to cut his hair, Rasho looks like a sloth, and Brendan Haywood a sissyboy
-looked up at the scoreboard and saw the Raps built a lead. Don’t know how that happened, but I knew it wouldn’t last
-I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: basketball players are freaks of nature. To be that big and yet that agile (Rasho aside) and able to control the ball a size of a grapefruit to the normal person is amazing to me
-Rasho has very good court vision. Too bad he can’t finish on simple plays
-Bargs impressed me lots. At draft day I wanted Aldrige, but I guess BC knew what he was doing
-halftime we went walking at in the tunnels and I saw this dance pak girl in person:

I think I’m in love. Seriously, she’s hot
-Jarvis Hayes and Caron Butler played really well. Gilbert seemed to have partied too much on his birthday, because a bunch of plays that seems like he could’ve finished with his eyes closed he was struggling with. It did surprise me, however, to see he took 21 free throw attempts. wtf?
-saw blonde mop girl and she was jugtastical. Also saw ballboy, who looks like the lovechild of Matt Geiger and Greg Foster
-Raps up by 20 when Joey Graham missed an easy layup, and that’s when I said, “there’s the turning point.” Because, you know, there’s no way the Raps were gonna hold onto this lead
-sure enough, Charles Oakley, errrr…Roger Mason, Jr. hits two threes in a row and the Wiz go on a mini run. They run a full court press, and the Raps for the life of them can’t get past the timeline. I mean, Jose Calderon threw the ball off his own shot clock one play. wtf? Which makes me wonder: if the Wiz just ran the full court press the whole game, I’m sure the Raps would’ve scored 33 points, tops
-perhaps the sloppiest and ugliest end of the game I’ve witnessed. For all of Joey Graham’s maddening “defense,” at least he hit two straight gimmes at the end

-Fred Jones, where art thou?
-and what would a post be without the berating of Derek Martin? Man I hate that tubby Ashy Larry guy

Good game, Raps were lucky not to blow the lead, and Smitch is wearing down on me. Just glad I didn’t have to hear Chuck and Leo call it

Shuffle: The Next Generation

Well I went and did it. Chalk up another reason* the 10km run I'm doing in May for another purchase; from this to this:
The size doesn't matter, it's how you use it. Oh wait, it's used the same
To rationalize, I did have a $50 gift certificate to Square One from Tito Cesar and Tita Seng, so really, the new Shuffle only cost me $52.99. Score!
*Yes, it will make me run faster

Friday, January 05, 2007

Car Mechanic, I Am Not

In an increasingly consistant display of dimwittedness, I have managed to break something in my car again. While changing the sparkplugs, I had to remove a cover. After I changed the sparkplugs, I put the cover on again. In order to secure the cover, I had to tighten a nut. Unfortunately, I overtightened it and as a result sheared off the bolt. Now this is purely a cosmetic defect now (there are other nuts and bolts holding the cover in place), but still. Why the heck do I always manage to break something when I'm "working" on my car?
* * *
Otherwise, I had a pretty good lunch. Yummm...Mongolian Grill:

Otherwise used to make pancakes for giants
Yes, that's right, lunch. Let's just say things at work right now are a bit...not on the fast side.
But next week...woodoggy...let's see what I can make It's always so tough to get back into gear after the holidays. That plus the fact I'm still waiting to find out if I make a transfer (with my luck, I prolly won't get it. Sigh)
* * *
Some random notes I forgot:
-finally beat Alan in basketball. In fact, I beat him twice. But then he proceeded to beat me two times in a row after that. But I did cross him up, which made me feel mighty special. Now let's hope he gets a job here so that I can continue to have a playmate at the Y in the morning
-found out something very interesting about Rowena
-started the "home buying" process. Man I'm gonna be broke. Property Virgins called us back, but looks like we're gonna decline; I suppose I'll have to be on TV next time

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Resolution Time At The Y

So inevitably at this time of year, a glut of people go to the YMCA early in the morning no doubt to stick to their own resolutions. Not that I mind; I mean I have done it constantly in the past. The only problem is, it gets pretty crowded (well, more than usual at least. I'm used to having a gym pretty much all to myself with all the other regulars). I suppose I have to ride it out for the next couple of weeks when they eventually drop out.
It does bring some interesting new characters, though. Like this morning, the guy (who looked like he worked for the Geek Squad or something) who was on the eliptical machine. He had on earphones, and was singing out loud in a horrible, high-pitched voice that Amanda Marshall song, "...everybody's got a story that will break your heart." I tried so hard not to laugh. It was pretty tough.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

As A Result

Of enjoying self-inflicting pain (that is, joining the 10km run), I had an excuse to buy running shoes. My first pair of Saucony's. That's it, I'm on may way to breaking the 50 minute mark!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's Official

I'm into self-inflicting pain. I joined the 2007 Mississauga Marathon 10km. Remember this beauty of a pic? a couch
Blah. After that, I was convinced I wasn't going to do it again, or at least lower it down to a 5km run. But just as I predicted, I would forget exactly how far 10km is and how much pain I would be afterwards. And I'm a stickler for tradition (although it could be argued that 2 times doing it is not exactly a tradition). And apparently my goal for this year is sub-50 minutes.
So anyway, yeah. Expect me to be complaining before, during, and after this race.
* * *
First day of work for the new year today. Ai.
* * *
I won the competition zeitberger. Just like I knew I would.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Starting New Years' With A Burp

Or rather, ending off old years' with a burp. Last night's festivities, in chronological order:
-Tita Amy's apartment where the Garces' were
-Team Miknifer's lovely house for a nice, quaint get-together (with Joe and Amanda, who gave us some advice on where to send our children to school. IB? French Immersion? Kumon?). Btw guys, nice house!
-my place for the countdown where my Mom got a bit emotional because it's the last year all her boys are going to be home for the countdown
-Jepot's place for the annual after-countdown-chilldown
And in-between all that, I sure ate a lot. Then I got home at 6am, figured it was too late to sleep, so I ended up watching and finishing CSI:Miami season 4 (I did sneak in a 2 hour nap, luckily?). So basically, for my vacation, I watched two whole seasons of CSI:NY and Miami (49 episodes!!!). Ummm...that might not be such a good thing to brag about. But whatever, when else am I going to do that? (Oh right...when next season's DVDs come out. Yikes)
* * *
Now then, am I ready for another year of work? Bring it on!