Thursday, August 31, 2006

Master Summer Over

So my summer as a mentor has officially ended as I have a day off tomorrow. We celebrated as a team by taking the students out to Shoeless Joe's. My student innodated me with gifts, including a plush cow toy and baked goods. I was even prominently featured in her scrapbook that she made (I'm going to have to get ready for all the barbs I'm going to incur next week). I will miss my student, as she definitely is one of the most, ummm...unique persons I have ever met.
My ex-student from last year, who I didn't get onto the right foot with at the beginning (but everything is fine since), is taking the month off as she gets married. Now that I have two students under my belt (not literally), I am left wondering if I'll do this mentoring thing next year again. I enjoy it, but it does take a lot of time out of you and it could get repetitive. Not that that is a bad thing, as I sometimes have to find things to do. I'll further assess in, say...December.
* * *
When was the last time I did something crazy and unexpected? I wanted to go to Buffalo today just for the heck of it, but no one was available/willing to. But Ken did give me an idea: I think I'll go golfing tomorrow on my day off. Fore!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Claiborne Is For Men Too"

J: "Hey Baby, I'm at Yorkdale with Arvin right now. I went into Sears on a hunch to look at the suits. As I was looking around, I went to the clearance rack near the back. I saw this one suit, the only beige one there. I looked at the size, and it was a 40S! Not only that, it's $300 off!!! And it's a Claiborne!!! Should I get it?"
S: (apparently forgetting that for the past month or so she's been telling me she's going to buy me a suit) "Is it for me?"
J: "'s for me?"
S: "Liz Claiborne makes suits for men too?"
J: (what I was gonna say, because I'm a sarcasitc jerk sometimes): "No, I'm trying on women's clothing because: 1. I'm with Arvin, whose been known to wear women's clothing; 2. I prefer the fit of women's clothing because of my curves; and, 3. I was gonna buy this so we can both share the suit"
(what I said, because I realized I shouldn't be a sarcastic jerk with the love of my life): "yes"
So I bought it. Kinda like this, except imagine it with 3 buttons, a different colour, and the suit on someone with a head on:

A real bonus would've been a girl in those pants. Then the pants on my bedroom floor. I'm a pervert!
Okay, it's not like that, but close. Kinda. Sorta. Not really.
I realized I'm one of those it was meant to be kind of shoppers (within reason, of course). Here I was, at Yorkdale, out of the blue (Arvin and I were supposed to go to Pacific Mall, but the traffic was too heavy so we ended up at Yorkdale). I parked at another parking lot I usually don't park in. Went into the first store I normally wouldn't go into. Saw the suit, the last of it's kind. In my size. At a sale price! I even left it on the exact same rack for 1.5 hours, and thought to myself, "if it's there when I come back, I'll buy it." And when I saw it there, of course, it was meant to be!
The only thing left...argue with Sharon that she does not have to pay for my suit because I got it already. I guess she doesn't realize that she's paying for my motorcycle? She does now!


So I showed Sharon around Bolton today. I think it's kinda crazy that her and I work so close to each other now. Makes me wanna:

Scenes from Mission Impossible 8
Well, not really. That's just a little cookoo (but man it does show he's in love. Why hate on him for that?).
But it will be nice when we have lunch together sometimes. That is up until when we move in with each other, which by then she'll prolly be thoroughly fed up with me. Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

All I Can Do... go crazy. This Chantal Kreviazuk song, "All I Can Do Is Love You To Pieces" is stuck in my head, with her what seems like yoddeling the chorus in my head. Seriously, I can't get it out. I got this picture of her:

All I can do is love your keelee keelee
Wow...I didn't know she was that...ummm...talented...
* * *
Had lamb shawarma today for lunch with Rowie. Damnlambtastic!
* * *
Weird having Sharon working so close to me now. She looks so pretty and businesslady like. Yum

Monday, August 28, 2006


Yeah, I had one of those days where I said to myself, "self, you haven't gone jogging for a while. Why don't you try it again?" Hey, I can do this no problem! It's like riding a bike! Except it turned out to be riding a bike...then horrifically crashing it. Running straight distances? Well, in 10 minute spurts. Okay, I have a lot of training to do again. Gotta lose some of that gut...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

40 S

My suit size. Now I won't forget, hopefully. Well the "S" is not that hard to forget because God has blessed me with short limbs.


So for the longest time, I wondered what Busta was saying in his song, "Touch It." I always thought is was, "touch it bring it turn it leave stop it stop it top-o-matic." Yes, I know that makes no real sense. I finally looked it up and found out he's really saying, "touch it, bring it, pay it, watch it, turn it, leave it, stop, format it."
I guess that answers that, although I prefer to say top-o-matic. It's a funner word.

Michnifer, You Make Me Full

So congrats goes out to Team Michnifer (aka. Jennichael). Held in the pleasant City of London, the wedding went off without a hitch (well, except for the bride and groom that got, well, hitched).
Some quick highlights, because I am damn sleepy from that drive home while trying to digest and stay awake by constantly opening and closing the window, turning off and on the interior lights, singing, etc.:
-got to London early, so we ate lunch at Arby's. Needless to say, we were the best dressed people in the restaurant eating roast beef sandwiches
-got to the Church, and met Sharon's rather tall classmate Sheila. She plays rugby. I wonder if she plays the "hooker" position. Okay, bad joke
-went in and sat with Suzanne and her daughter Taryn, who looked like Mini-Me of Suzanne due to them wearing the same colour dress
-the Priest used a lot of pauses, seemingly for dramatic effect. For a second there, we thought he forgot what he was going to say, like their names. But regardless, it was a nice wedding ceremony
-I had to stay really still, because of that whole hyperhydrosis thing I think I have
-went to a restaurant "Just A Taste" with Sharon and her classmates, including Lukas, Danielle, Sheila, Ludwica, Patrick, Suzanne and Taryn. The way Taryn was acting, I thought for sure Sharon would've wanted to get her tubes tied
-agreed to drive Suzanne and Taryn to the reception, so we went to her house. In her house are all sorts of body plaster mold/art pieces on the walls, including one of a lady with implants. I'm not sure if that means I saw porn or pseudoporn
-got to Shanghai Restaurant, where the reception was being held. Sat at a table with Patrick the Australian, Ludwica, Karen and her husband the Newfie Mike, Steve and his wife Serena who has a baby named Sage, and Heather. Seeing as how I was the only Asian at the all-white table (with the exception of Sharon), I think I was designated "guy who explains what food is coming out because I looked most likely to know." Which I guess was fitting, because I was the only one who ate at least a serving of each of the TWELVE COURSES we had:
1. Assorted BBQ Meats, including jellyfish (which didn't go over too well with some of the people at the table. Surprising?)
2. Stuffed Crab Claws. A chorus of "there's something in my chicken ball!" jokes rang out
3. Vegetables and seafood in a Phoenix's nest (some of the girls like the potato bowl). I exclaimed, "...and I ate the bowl!" while I was eating it, but the Tim Horton's commercial referenced joke kinda flew over everyone's head
4. Shark's Fin Soup. The Newfie said it looked like snot. It did. It was still tasty though. And I was the only one that ate a whole bowl
5. Crisy Chicken. I would think the most popular course that came out, because afterwards came...
6. Lobster! wtf?!? How the people at my table didn't eat perhaps the most expensive course is beyond me, but I wasn't complaining. I had plenty of lobster. And it was quite yummy.
7. Sea Cucumbers with Mushrooms and Bok Choy. If they didn't eat the lobster, they obviously didn't eat the "penis of the sea"
8. Fried Pickerel. Another great dish. Another dish only eaten by pretty much me (although Sharon helped out)
(a big lull between the next courses, but then they wham-ohed us with two courses at once)
9. Yeung Chow Fried Rice
10. Long Life Noodles. By this point though, things slowed down at the table due to the people not being used to having dinner spanned out over 3.5 hours or so
11. Red Bean Soup and Sesame Seed/Almond Cookies. Yummy, but not as yummy as...
12. Cake! The citrus with cream cheese icing kind and the chocolate cake with icing kind. Very good
-yes, I realize I memorized all the courses we ate (which should at least hopefully make Jen smile when she reads this), but as Sharon said, "this is like your perfect wedding reception, huh?"
-funny speeches, including Jen's cousin who told Mike "you're very interesting. But I'm married" and Mike's cousin, who told them to have "pink babies." Some of the people at my table and I were kinda shocked and didn't know how to react because we're not sure if that meant for the baby to be more of Mike's Canadian, white side and not Jen's Asian side, otherwise known as a yellow baby. Took a while, but then we realized it meant for them to have girls. And it took the Australian to tell us Canadians that.

To get to the other side?
-even Sharon said a speech which I personally think drew the most laughs out of her group. I would like to think I made an impact on her? Nah, couldn't be
-oh, we also met Dan for the first time, who was their photographer and will be ours as well. He reminded me of Jon Favreau for some reason. Oh, and he even pinched my nipple. Don't ask

All in all, good times, albeit the emcee was overly inebriated and was swearing and was screaming into the mic and doing some schtick at the end of the night which he must of thought was crazy funny. I'm sure it was crazy funny; unfortunately, only to him. So, congrats and good luck in the future!

There goes that thought about it being a quick post

Friday, August 25, 2006


As in Public Health Par-tay. I am going to make an appearance tonight at Montana's for the party with the workmates. Yay?

I'm not sure if this is what it will be like, but I hope not

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Aside from the absolutely vulgar title of my post today, it also sounds like the vaccination I got today. I went to my Doctor for the results of my blood test (normal, but continuing on with the crestor for preventative measures), and asked her when the last time I got a tetanus shot. She went to look at my files, and came back with a needle. Oh, and she said, "I added some polio in there too." I found that funny for some reason. I swear I didn't know you can add different vaccines in there. Dammit, why didn't you add Typhoid and E. coli while you at it?

That's right. He owned multiple chopsticks for the same time

Oh yeah, and my shoulder is sore now. Argh.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Sort of, when it starts to get darker earlier. So many things to do still! Including:
-laying down all the soil and growing new grass
-painting the side
-washing my car thoroughly, perhaps putting on my wheels
Dang yo.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tippin' Yucky

So for Kim's birthday, Kim, Madie, Sandy, Tracy, Ken, Janice and myself went to Iron Chef Restaurant, which had one of those chefs that cooked in front of you (teppenyaki-style). Much like this:

If only he made a Philly Cheesesteak on it
Except, it wasn't quite like that. See, I always thought it would be funny in my head if the chef was horrible, flipping the knives and food but instead of catching it it would fall all over the place. Although not as bad, this chef, Eric, was pretty not so good. I kinda had a feeling when the first utensil he flipped in the air and missed. In fact, I was kinda scared that when he started twirling his knife, I would have a stab wound to, say, my liver.

He kept on trying to do these fancy things, throwing things in the air or cutting vegetable or splashing butter, but he just kept on semi-failing it. I swear he was a chef-in-training or at least on the "B" team*. I was trying my hardest not to laugh and Janice kept telling me, "that's enough!" Well what the hell, I couldn't help but laugh! At least I didn't laugh in his face though. Seeing as how I was with yet again the "quiet group" (seriously, these people don't talk), I made conversation with the chef. Unfortunately, I think he saw it as an opportunity to play games with me. Like only give me a morsel of chicken while everyone else had a big serving. Funny. Right.

All in the all, the food was about a 6.2/10 in my books, and it was kinda expensive. But it was Kim's birthday, so I didn't mind as much. Iron Chef? More like Rusty Chef. I know I can be critical, but seriously, this one warranted it in my books.

*only to find out that there are two big pictures of him plastered on the outside of the restaurant. That warranted a big wtf?!? from me. In my imagination, he is the owner of the restaurant who surrounds himself with other, more talented chefs (which there were) to cover up for his mistakes. Unfortunately, it wasn't covered up.
* * *
Spoke to two of the Portugese triplets, each of which is dating one of Filipino twins. One of them got engaged (Tracy), and the other (Sandy) is desperately waiting for her ring. She even went on to exclaim "I thought about getting pregnant just so I can trap him." Wow. Even though she said she was joking, I can't imagine if I had a girl like her who would be serious about doing that. I'd be screwed, both literally and figuratively! I do wish her good luck though, it's a great feeling to be engaged. I think? luvlubb


So I was talking to one of the PHI's here, David. He brought in his sweet bike today, a 1975 Yamaha 500:
It's calling me
He had all the gear, including the helmet that just goes with the bike. I so damn want one. I wish I was him. Well, not really, but I wish I had his bike. Seriously, it must be a sign. I better stop daydreaming and do something about a couple of years.
* * *
Happy Belated Birthday to Kim DiCecco. We're gonna eat sushi tonight at Iron Chef Sushi (yes, that's really the name). Wahhhhhhsahhhhhhhbeeeeee!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

I Finally Did It!

Got myself a bike!

Because real bikers ride with...sandals
Well, not really. It's her's:

So's like she's almost a garage?
What the hell, I'm so jealous. Melodie actually got hers before I got mine? wtf?!?
Oh who the hell am I kidding, like I am ever going to get mine. Sigh. Why do I have to be so chicken of my parents/Sharon? *sigh*


So this morning I ate spaghetti with a fork. When I was done, I placed the microwave container in the recycling box. I then washed my hands and proceeded to place the spent paper towels in the garbage bin when I noticed a fork in the garbage can. I asked my Dad, in a disbelieving tone, "why is there a fork in the garbage?" He replied, "I don't know." At that point I realized that I earlier put the fork in the garbage can unknowingly. I always thought I was awake in the morning. I guess not all the time.
* * *
When I was at the gym this morning, there were these two guys working out in those pajama pants that university kids wear. One of the guys was wearing one of those skin-tight hammer shirts. He was saying to his friend, "when chicks are around, I do this: RAARRGHHHH" and proceeded to lift weights while grunting. Unfortunately, they looked really gay together doing these poses and spotting each other. It reminded me of this:

Up, up...up some more!
I think they truly were ambiguously gay.
* * *
And that brings me up to title of this post. I was in the shower this morning, and I make it a habit not to talk to anyone while in there. Maybe a head nod or a "hello" but not statements or sentences. So anywho, I was washing my feet (think of crossing your legs while seated but you are standing up) when the guy next to me taps me and goes, "I see you practice that Yoga at home!" Eee-yeah. Sure. Not knowing how to respond, I said, "well I fell down a lot so I have lots of practice." Yo-ga-boy

Sunday, August 20, 2006

One Damn Huge Park

So another succesful camping trip with my baby (successful in that we didn't break up?). We went to Algonquin Provincial Park, which was so big it took us about 35 minutes to get to our campsite from the front gate at 90 km/hr. That's huge!

I was right...over...there
I won't go into a daily account of what I did what day, but just these memories stand out in my mind:
-damn good steak on Friday. Secret I won't forget now is: use more charcoal
-canoeing is fun. It can also lead to a couple having fights and fits due to "superfluous comments" and a "short temper"
-rowie boatboat...rowierowie boatboat...
-Sharon + sleeping in tent + lightning = parnoia and the thought that "at least I'll die with the man I love." And I don't think I have ever been more flattered in my life

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Enlightened, I'm Sure

I had one of those enlightening/dreaded moments at work today. For the longest time, I was telling my operators at restaurants to do something "according to regulation" only to find out today that there is no such regulation. In other words, I was making up my own rules. Oops! Now what? I can't tell the operators something else now, like, say, the real regulations, can I? I should be a policeman!
* * *
Going to Algonquin with my baby this weekend. What am I excited about? That's right, you got it:

Meat Makes A Man Mushy

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

World Record...

...for not knowing the guy who broke all these records lives right in front of me goes to: me. So I was driving my Mom to work this morning when she told me that my Dad helped boost the new neighbour's car (the couple moved in about a year ago). According to my Mom, he's my Dad's "new buddy." Anywho, the guy was telling my Dad that he is in training to break the world record for dribbling a basketball. Only then I realized that he is the same guy who got married at Christ the King Church a couple of years ago, where he made a spectacle by having 47 Groomsmen and his wife had 79 Bridesmaids.
Seriously. I wonder if Sharon would go for something like that? I don't think I even know 43 men that can be Groomsmen. I'm surprised that the Church I'm going to be married in would allow such a spectacle.
Regardless, he's definitely a star on a world stage, and if I were him, I'd also get a photo like this:

World record holder for coolest pose
For more of his outlandish records, take a look at this:
I would get his autograph, but then that might prompt him to try to break a record of "most autographs given to Asian men within 38 hours"

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


That's how my Lola used to say it. I think that, combined with some sort of virus that just won't go away, is the reason I feel like absolute crap in the mornings. Like today. Argh.

Monday, August 14, 2006

R.I.P. Professor Y

I went to the YMCA this morning and saw a sign that said, "Rest in Peace Peter Hansen, 1916-2006." He was an elder gentlemen (obviously), that reminded me a lot of Professor Farnsworth of Futurama fame:
What I will look like in 4 years
He had liver spots and everything. But I didn't realize the guy was 88 years old when I first saw him at the gym; I mean, I knew he was old, but not that old. I can't imagine going to the gym when I'm 38 years old, let alone 88. He always said hi to me, even though he had no idea who I was. I haven't seen him for a while, and now I know why. Regardless, he's a good inspiration and I hope I get to live a nice full life.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Because Everyone Loves Pictures

Some random ones:
Reach out and touch...yourself
Real men wear lilac
I never realized my lips are that thick
One of the happiest moments of my life

It's obvious what she sees in me

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cold Summer

That is, rather, a summer cold. Looks like I got one again. Frikin' hell! And I was supposed to go swimming today at Sharon's friend's housewarming party.
* * *
Did some RRSP stuff yesterday through Ron, Melanie's boyfriend. They should rename is Argh Argh SP. Just because.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Whore On The Side

So I was reading this article where this Policewoman in New Zealand supplemented her income with a part-time a prostitute. Apparently it's legal in New Zealand to be a prostitute, but frowned upon if your other job is in law enforcement. I wonder how that would pan out here, if I became, say, a man-whore. Nice.
* * *
And now, in a very pansy way, I present a couple of pictures I thought were cute. It's not very manly for me to post such pics, but this random e-mail from Sharon made me go awwwwwwwwwww. The babyguard:

Here's A Tip: $0.39

Went to St. Louis' Bar and Grill with Arvin and Ken to get our chicken on. Unfortunately, the food wasn't that good to me. On top of that, when Arvin asked a waitress for extra dip, she told him to ask our server, who also happened to be the bartender at the same time. As a result of the rudeness and the rather long wait, we gave them what we thought would be a fair tip: $0.39. (At least it's not like the time Arvin and I underpaid when we went to an astoundingly horrible serviced Denny's. Okay, so we underpaid $0.10, but it's the principal that matters). So to St. Louis' Bar and Grill, I say: YO MOMMA!
Like I might have been saying before, that show is so bad and funny with unintentional comedy, I can't not watch it. So when Ken drove this to the place:
Wanted: Short Dicked Drivers
A Mercedes S550 (starting at $118 000 Can.), I promptly got out of the driver's seat, shut the door, crossed my arms and in my worse Latin accent shouted at St. Louis' "yo momma" (to those that watch the show you'd understand my lame attempt at humour here). I was staring at the car's wheels when Ken showed me the sensors on it. I then went to my car, which was probably cheaper than those wheels I was looking at. I love my car, but damn, it felt like I was just yo momma-ed (soon...I will be sick of that saying...soon...)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


So my brothers and I finally finished laying down the bricks for the landscaping project in the front we were doing. Turned out looking semi-okay...just have to see how it looks with everything in place. And finally I'll be able to post the before and after pics.
Oh yeah, a career in bricklaying? I'm much too fragile for that.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Can I Interpret That For You?

If it's English to English, no problem. Anything else, problem. So I was asked today to do some loose interpreting of Filipino to a client for Kathie, my workmate. Only problem is, the guy really couldn't understand me. I went on saying, "hindi ako marunong mg salita ng tagalog" and of course he understood that. Basically, I just told him that I don't speak Filipino in Filipino. I'm pretty sure I thoroughly confused him. I even asked him to speak to me in Filipino, but he didn't understand my English too well. Then he hung up.
I think I want to learn...French.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Knots Landed

On my shoulders. At least that's what the massage therapist found. A little something like this:

Okay #6 is just ultra kinky
In fact, she was not able to fully release the knots due to insufficient time; next time I better go for the two hour treatment package.
And create more knots working out in the garden. Yehey!

Monday, August 07, 2006

J The Trucker

Well after driving for about 8.5 hours or so from Quebec City, I certainly feel like it. But I wouldn't be able to do it...too boring I suppose.
A really quick recap of what happened this weekend:
Friday - drove up to Ottawa, picked up my girl at airport, went to B n' B owned by a 69 and 72 year old gay couple. They had a cat with a wicked haircut, looked like a mini-lion. Went walking all over downtown, caught a busker show that was hilarious, and had dinner at a great Mexican place.
Saturday - drove to Montreal, went to a B n' B in downtown which was...rather...unique. The shower was located right beside the kitchen and the owner was your typical Frenchman with long, unkept hair and wore clothing that made him look like a strung-out rocker. Regardless, we went walking all over old Montreal, ate at Schwartz's (absolutely awesome), Frite Alors! (would've been better if I wasn't so full), and Bocacinni's. We also took the Metro (subway) to the Casino, where I won $25 and promptly spent it on a charicature of Sharon and I which I thought was quite good. Also bought bagels for the family at St. Viateur. Crazy amount of walking again.
Sunday - drove to Quebec City, and saw perhaps the most scariest thing I could see in my rear view mirror while driving there:

Made my biyag tingle
I was going 125km/hr in a 100km/hr zone, and I knew I was dinged for sure...but thank God (which I did) that there was someone else behind me as well, and he got stopped instead. Holy crap I nearly, well, crapped. Let's just say that when he stopped the other car, the feeling of relief isn't the most descriptive word of how I felt at that moment. Anywho, we made our way to Quebec City, and checked into a B n' B owned by a friendly old man. Ate at a crappy fast food place called Chez Ashton (had a poutine craving, but it wasn't all that), and a 2 for $12.95 steak special with fries and salad at a place called Downtown Bistro (one of those "you get what you pay for" meals). Quebec City was awesome, reminded me of San Francisco, and yet again, we did a crazy amount of walking.
Today - the long drive home, compounded by traffic due to cottage country. Good to be home, and damn I'm sick of eating. I'm still so happy I got away with that ticket for sure. I'm never going back to Kay-Beck...maybe
Back to work tomorrow...sigh...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Phase 1 Complete

The car is lowered a bit, and it feels great making the sharp turns. Of course it could just be in my mind, but dammit I believe.
* * *
Off on vacation again this weekend, except this time with my baby. Woohoo! I miss her! I think she misses me too! I think?
Friday: Nation's Captial.

Ka-Nah-Dah...I think it means "Village o'er there"
Saturday: Montreal (bagels, Schwartz's, pie)
Sunday: Quebec City
Monday: the long drive home. Ah well, at least I'll be with my girl. Barf!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So That's What High Blood Pressure Does

Gives you a bad temper; easy to get mad. Slowly am waiting the days till I move out of this house, when I can leave a know-it-all and become the resident know-it-all in my own house. I hope Sharon still wants to live with me.

Dramatic Suspen(sion)

So I took my car to the Stealership to get these babies installed:
Yes, it's natural for people to take pictures of car parts
That's right, I'm gonna be a TRD Sportivo Ho, and the whole reason why I went to Chicago in the first place. Everything was going smoothly until they gave me the dreaded call: "we need to order in a part, the seat for the shock, where the threads on it became crossthreaded. The car will have to stay here overnight because the part won't come in until tomorrow." Oh man, my baby is not gonna be at home near me now. She'll have to stay the night there, hopefully she's okay tomorrow and not mad at me (yes, I realize I have personified my car). It's all for the better because it's gonna be a crazy fun time with my new suspension, so I think.
In the meantime, I am driving her sister car:

I think that white truck is stalking them
Luckily Ken lets me drive his car when I'm in a pinch. He had to make sure though that I didn't drive on any gravel roads (what he won't know won't hurt him). His car is what my car is striving to be (suspension wise, not the obnoxiously loud exhaust/header and in-dash DVD player). I can't wait (well, I can wait for the bill though).
* * *
Still ridiculously hot today. I hate the sweat and stickiness it incurs on my body. India here I come!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How Hot?

It was so hot today, this is what my body felt like:

That's right, a woman.
Well, a woman melting anyway. So hot that I can't work outside today on the landscaping project despite my best intentions to. I did, however, go to the Weinerfest held at El Dorado Park with some of the workmates, and even got splashed around a lot by this girl who seems to flirt with me. I should prolly stop encouraging her.