Friday, June 30, 2006

I Love Food

I can't help it. I'm a whore when it comes to eating. Of course I try not to live too rich, but sometimes I feel like I'm a slave to my tastebuds. Anywho, here are two of many of my favourite foods ever:
Mmmmmm....Poor Mexican Man Food.... cow...
In a reverse Chef Boyardee, "Why must everything that's bad for you, taste so good?"

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Went for another one, and told her that I was addicted to backrubs. Yes, I think I am, indeed. So what do I do to celebrate it? I go to Original's with BJ and ArJ. Great. My stomach already feel see-rah. Blah. Okay, salad for lunch tomorrow it is!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm A Basketball Star

In my head. Another realization I'm old: went to the gym this morning, and saw all these high school kids. Normally I would be annoyed all these kids would be inhabiting the gym I usually have to myself (no, not the fact I would be grumpy about that makes me old. Technically it does, but I'm not talking about that point during this tirade). But then they asked me to play a game, and then I remembered that it's much more fun to actually play with people. So anyway, I was draining my shot (luckily the guys didn't play much D), and my team won. I was also sweating and wearing a tanktop (which I never really do). When I say sweating, I mean the shirt was absolutely drenched. Then even more kids came (all aged maybe 17-19 years old), and we were gonna run a 5 on 5 game. But then I looked at the time and told them I couldn't play. They asked why not. I replied, rather sadily, "I have to go to work." Whomp-whomp... Sometimes I wish I still had the summer off so I could play basketball till I got blisters galore.
Oh well, at least I got my sweat on. Unfortunately I couldn't turn it off for the majority of the morning.

Oops...look like he was stopped short on his drive to the basket
* * *
The NBA Draft is on in about half an hour, and I'm really hoping the Raps choose LaMarcus Aldrige. Although I don't have the vaguest intuition about the Italian guy they are high on, nor do I ever profess myself to be a prospect expert, I'm not completely sold on him for some reason. Call it a gut feeling, and as you know, I have quite the gut.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Beech Bolley Ball

So we had a "team-building" get together at Playdium after work today, and played beach volleyball there. Here is dramatic footage from the game: reach for that ball
Well, not really. The sand was kinda gross, and the girls were not, unfortunately dressed like that. My forearms sort of hurt and I feel filthy. At least the night ended off good with an awesome burg I ate at Jack Astor's with the Mississauga office crew. Yummy and tasty. Mmmmmmm....

Monday, June 26, 2006

After My Mini-Vacation...

...for some reason I feel I need another vacation. I was sitting at work today, and just felt "blah...I don't feel like being here." Bringing home work doesn't help much either. Can't wait till I go to Ottawa/Montreal/Quebec City.
In the meantime, check this out:
Funny stuff.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Good Vitz To My Great Big Italian Engagement Party

Busy weekend:
Friday: -went camping with Sharon at Bon Echo Provincial Park, located in Cloyne, which is north-east of Belleville. Got there, and proceeded to make our 1 lb. homemade burgers on the grill, which took forever. I think I am officially off my ground beef kick. The bread was really good though ("Pull-Apart Parmeasean Garlic Bread") bought at the IGA on the way there.
-what time was it? Saved By The Bell time! Seriously, one of the greatest shows ever. Period.
-went to bed early. Woke up a couple of times because Sharon kept hitting me because of my snoring. Something along the lines of me saying to her "I'm already on my side!" I think she's really, really hoping the surgery I have in September is going to work
-promptly began to be a virtual buffet to all the mosquitos. By the end of the weekend, I will need about 1 litre of Aveeno Anti-Itch Skin Cream (which is the best invention ever according to Sharon) and a blood transfusion. Seriously, I don't think I've ever been mauled this much when I've gone camping
Saturday: -after sleeping about 10 hours, Sharon and I had a pancake breakfast. We then went to rent a canoe and canoed across Mazinaw Lake, a picturesque (well considering how many pictures Sharon took I would think so) lake punctuated by pictographs on the walls left behind by the Natives
-canoeing is hard to master, and it doesn't help when I get annoyed easily with my partner. I'm sorry baby, but seriously, with both of our inbalances and the inability to steer, it left me a little argh-ish. Not to mention my fingers getting constantly crushed by the side of the boat. And I think you swatting the bug away and the boat rocking almost sent me over the edge (literally?). BUT...I love her to death and somehow we ended up having a really good time. I even got to work on my thigh and foot tans
-we also canoed to the actualy Bon Echo Rock where we had a one hour hike. Really fun stuff, as I look back on it. Of course not as it was actually happening and as I was gasping for air
-went to South Beach where I froze like kah-ray-zee in the water. Went back on the beach and continued to work on my thigh and foot tans. My feet aren't looking that dirty anymore with that uneven tan
-went into town to buy bread. Heard that "Fall On Me" song by this guy:

By the end of the trip, I think we heard Rob Thomas about 4-5 times. I'm not sick of it though. Sharon is.
-got back to camp and made a ginormous portion of pasta. It was damn good, but it was pure gluttony. I made so much I have lunch for tomorrow
-DVD batteries died. It was a really sad moment when it did and I couldn't recharge it (we went on a non-electricity site)
-watched a big family-outing (that looked like a Church function or something) where it was kids vs. adults. I thought it was interesting, but Sharon didn't. She was trying to sleep. The field where they were playing? Right beside our campsite
-with nothing else to do, I went to bed (for some reason I was tired). Sharon was upset and claiming it was unfair I could sleep easily but she couldn't. I could think of one way where she could go to bed easily...
Sunday: -got up early (like really early...4:30am early). Tried to go back to bed and ignore my urge to pee, but reawoke with Sharon punching me in the ear. By "accident" as she was trying to stop me from snoring again. Hmmm....
-packed up, and whined to Sharon that I should drive home because she hadn't slept much in 2 days. I ended up driving her car. It was like a luxury drive compared to my car
-all in all, another great camping trip with the exceptions of: being a blood donor to multiple mosquitos and my darling not sleeping a lot
* * *
Why did we have to wake up so early and leave on Sunday? Because it was the second part of our weekend; Marie and Gil's engagement party. Gil asked me on Friday if I could say a speech/toast for the party. I agreed, but hadn't thought about it yet. Here's what I ended up writing at 1230pm (of course I had to be at the hall by 130pm):
"Hello good afternoon, I hope everyone is having a good time. My name is Jason and I am Gilbert's younger brother. Aside from leading the toast today for Gil and Marie, I would just like to say a few things. First off, I honestly don't remember the first time I met Marie. I believe it was at my house for a BBQ I was having with my friends, but the first real time I actually knew her was when she baked some desserts for my family. The first time I tried her butter pecan tarts and tiramisu, all I thought to myself was "Damn, Gil better not screw this up." That's not to say I only wanted Marie in my family because of her desserts. Among other reasons, I am glad that with her and my brother getting married, they will truly start our United Nations family (for those of you that don't know, I am also engaged and going to be married to that Indian lady over there). I am sure my younger brother Con will most likely not marry a Filipino girl either; hey, Gil started the trend.
Another reason I am glad Marie and the Franchino's are going to be my extended family is the fact I can now legitimately stick an Italian flag on my car every four years when the World Cup comes around (needless to say the Philippines doesn't have a good soccer team. But if you guys want to stick a Philippines flag on your car when the World Cup of Cock Fighting happens, by all means). Anyways, to wrap things up, I just want to raise a glass to the couple and say: Marie, I look forward to many years of your desserts. Oh yeah, and as my sister-in-law. To the two of you, congratulations, good luck, and Funniculi Funnicula!"
-picked up my tired fiance and got to the hall. Mingled and such, and made the same joke "welcome to our engagement party!" Oh yeah, originality in the house. Lots of beautiful vuluptious Italians too. I think Sharon was lusting after the two Italian twin boys
-speaking of the hall, it looked like a factory on the outside, but it was nice on the inside
-to my surprise (and somewhat relief), I would be the very first person to talk. I did, got a few laughs and compliments (even though I don't think anyone got my Funniculi Funnicula statement. I was, however, shaking for a good five minutes afterwards for some reason
-the food? Dear goodness...antipasto, pasta, chicken/veal with veggies, seafood with salad, sweets table. I'm wondering why more Italians aren't morbidly obese
-got to dance a lot with my baby. I think Marie's family now knows I'm an attention-whore. I, on the other hand, love to dance. I'm just glad I forever will have a willing (but very reluctant) partner to dance with
-left early because we were both supertired. But not without resistance from drunk Tito Mon. And he's gonna be our real estate agent? Yikes
-dropped by Ken's house and borrowed Pirates of the Caribbean to prime myself for when we watch the second installment next week
Woah, I haven't wrote this long a post in a long time. But, it was a great weekend and a great meet-the-family. I don't think I'm gonna eat tomorrow. Tuesday doesn't look good either.
Work, tomorrow? Blah

Thursday, June 22, 2006

It Never Fails

One of those things in life that never fails: 3:00pm at the office, a day before my long weekend, and a file comes in. A suspect foodborne illness. At one of my restaurants. In the world of Public Health Inspectors, this is what constitutes an emergency. So what ends up happening? I have to drop off a stool kit, do a quick inspection, go back to the office, update the complainer, drop off my stuff, and the next thing I know, it's 7:20pm. And my Boss doesn't want to give me overtime, instead telling me I should carry the hours forward to next week so I can take more time off. wtf? I'd rather take the money. (I shouldn't, however, complain as somedays it's not like I work this hard. I guess everything compensates and works itself out. I just forget about that fact everytime I "work hard"). For all of this, it deserves a big:
* * *
I am going camping to Bon Echo tomorrow with my ever so darling darling. I'm so excited...for the hamburgers I am going to make. *smack smack smack drool drool drool*
And what's that? SAVED BY THE BELL?!? I think my fiance is going to dump me after this weekend.

Well That Was A Doozy

Ended up at my backyard with ArJ andBeeJ drinking and smoking. Good times, looks like I may be getting the hang of this drinking thing. As well, looks like the Las Vegas Bachelor Party Trip may be changed to the Carribean Bachelor Party Trip. Why didn't I think of that before? It's cheaper, don't have to worry about food or anything, and there will be plenty of, ahem, girls there. Time to save up boys!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cancer Stick? On A Wednesday?!?

So I may smoke my cigar and drink alcohol tonight with Arvin and BJ and possibly Jeff to celebrate. What are we celebrating? That Arvin got us cigars and that Jason will have one of those weird days where he drinks and that BJ is procrastinating on his final's paper and that Jeff will (hopefully) open up his backyard to us. Now that's a celebration. (Dr. Sy is in Las Vegas, so he won't join us. I wonder if he would've been allowed to if he was in town? oh snap)

It's like poo, except it's not

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Feel Like Building Something

Saw this picture, and now I feel like woodworking again:

I Can't Believe It's Not Ikea!
I would, however, like to live in my own house first before I figure out what to make. Definitely.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ah Ya Damn Beach

Apparently I care about Peel Region's Beaches, thus I went to a seminar held at the Holiday Inn at King Street in Toronto. It was really...really...long and boring. There was a cute Polish girl named Linda who sat at the table with Lil' Mikey and me. We acted like two horny teenagers, but felt we couldn't help it because we swear she was flirting with us. Seriously, she kept staring at me! I think Alexia noticed, and I'm sure I'm gonna hear it at work tomorrow.
(All of sudden I think I'm hot stuff to other women. Maybe it's because I'm engaged? Or dilusional. Yeah, that's gotta be it. Especially after sleeping in my own sweat again last night. We really need to get our A/C fixed)

Always fun times on the boardwalk
* * *
Still frustrated and somewhat upset. What to you do when things get to be too much and it eats you up inside? Or to not be able to control things? Or to always feel responsible or guilty? I think it's time I start being a little more selfish than I already am, especially with my family. I hate to say it and think this way, but more and more I'm really looking forward to moving away from here.
It's time.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another Funny Mummy Moment

Upon seeing my Dad attempt to wear socks with sandals, my Mom told him not to. My Dad asked, "why not?" My Mom replied: "Because that's gay"

Wanna Overeat?

Then BBQ! Had a BBQ at Mike's house and for some reason played another game (or two) of Monopoly, but this time with more players (Team Beevy was present this time). The BBQ was great, lots of (too much, actualy) food, including "Potato Caesar Salad with Bacon Bits," an interesting kind of potato salad.

Foreplay right before he humped it
* * *
As well, the driveway is on the last day of curing (the sealer). We moved three trees to different locations, and all on a frikin' hot day. On top of the heat stroke, I also acquired a nasty blister on my palm due to the reluctance of myself to wear workgloves. Again, the moral of the story? Don't do any work. (Pictures are on the way. You know, when I'm not lazy)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

This Counts As The One Time Per Year

What am I talking about? Our somewhat-annual monopoly game where we humour Jeff and actually play a game. This year's version included Sharon, Mike and Christie. I, unfortunately, became bankrupt first (hope this isn't a real-life trend). We left before finding out Mike won. Ah well, next year (maybe).

Where's my hat? WHERE'S MY HAT?!? Dagnabit!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Damn These Peel Parties

I couldn't miss this one though, it was Ruthie's baby shower one. Ate here, as usual (almost all Peel parties are held here):

I'm gonna open up a Filipino buffet house called "Tagalog"
I tried in my earnest not to overeat, and thought I did a good job. Although, I still felt like I ate too much. Uhhhhhh...I guess no dinner tonight.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Au Revoir Au Uvula

Gonna have my ball removed. No, not that ball. Went to the ENT specialist today and was prescribed to have my uvula (otherwise known as the hangy ball thingy behind the tounge) removed to help ease my mild apnea and snoring. In some medical definitions, though, easing my mild apnea and snoring = easing Sharon's sleep at night in the future.
Regardless, the day operation will occur at Etobicoke Trillium, once known as Queensway General Hospital. I was born there. Just hope I don't become unborn there.

It would seem I have a fascination with these kinds of pictures lately. I hope I'm not gay.
On the bright side, I think I'm finally over that sinus infection. To celebrate, I ate Jerk Pork. To uncelebrate that celebration, I think I will go for a jog.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Next Stop: Broadway

Well, at least off-off-off-off-off-off-off-off-Broadway. So off, that Broadway would not even be a way. Anywho, I ended up doing the skit, and it came off sorta without a hitch (with the exception of the closing song). I was very nervous, but I eventually perserved through it. Everyone said it was good and congratulated us. I was flattered that my Manager kept telling everyone I did everything, although I can't take credit for that. Maybe I'll do it again next year, but for now, I'm really glad it's over with.
* * *
Got my VC5's yesterday on Queen St. W. in Toronto. Yee-uh...I gotta take a picture of all of them.
* * *
Went to Dr. Sy's house at the nighttime to catch up, as usual. He'll be leaving for Calgary for good by next month. Truly, this is the end of an era. Who's next?

Monday, June 12, 2006

You Will Be Mine

Sooner or later. The Nike Shox VC5 is now on sale for $99.99 at Foot Lockers across the GTA. I was actually going to buy them at $149.99, but this is quite the plesant surprise if I do say so myself. The unfortunate part, however, is the fact that they don't have my size (8.5) anywhere except for the location at 337 Queen St. W. in Toronto. As a result, Ken and myself will be going there shortly, and then, this will hopefully round off my collection:

For my mortgage's sake, I hope they don't have a VC6
* * *
Tomorrow is Staff Day, and I somehow got myself into performing in front of 500 people. I don't think I'll be too nervous though. I hope. I think. Yikes. My stomach feels gurgly.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


First camping trip of 2006 over and done, and it was quite fun. Well, maybe not to my baby all things considering (I'm very, very, very happy you're okay and healthy, relatively speaking), I had a great time. It was a little too cold to go swimming, but we did some good hiking and general loafing. We saw this on the way there:

In the Philippines it was a coconut tree with tsinelas on it
And we had great steak and food. The firewood from the campground was kinda crappy, but the one we bought from a house wasn't not too half bad. But for me, I think, the highlight was the endless amounts of this:

Be-Be-Be-Be-Be-Be-Beeeee...GO BAYSIDE!
That's right, we watched so many episodes of Saved By The Bell I think Sharon will kill me the next time she hears, "brrrrrrrrrrringgggggggg...when I wake up in the morning..." And the poutine from the chip truck on the way home was "Dam Good Fries" (as their motto said). So all in all, a good trip, and I get to do it all again in two weeks when we go to Bon Echo (of Bon Vitz as I like to call it).

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How Does OJ Make You Feel?

Went to my first-ever focus group, where the topic was Orange Juice and how the ad pitches were conceived as. Pretty simplistic stuff, and I gave a bunch of retarded answers. Hopefully they ask me back because it was the simplest $60 (I had to subtract $5 for parking) I made in a long time (aside from that whole time I did the WNV crow line where I just sat around watching DVD's). Oh, and I got to eat streetmeat, which is always a treat.

Horny? Does it make you feel...horny?
* * *
Concrete is almost done, and it looks good. Sam, the concrete man, ended up making our whole driveway patterned concrete as opposed to only the walkway (and it looks pretty good). Pictures after he seals it. Of course now that it's done, I only really have 1 year to enjoy it (as I will be moving out next year). Sigh?

Concrete Is Here!

Yee-uh! Now let's just hope they do a good job with it.

Moonlights as a candystriper during the night

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good News Is:

I don't have a brain tumour, like I may have suspected. Bad news is, I still have a sinovial viral infectionitis (I'm not really sure if that's what it's called, but it sound medical enough). And it hurts. A lot. Hopefully it will go away soon. Argh.

Yes, my sinuses are on its regs.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Forgot how the world of contracting can be; waiting for our contractor who is doing the driveway can be frustrating. It totally depends on the weather, and the fact that he has like 6 or 7 other projects on the go makes for more delays. I'd still like to be a contractor though. Maybe.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ask Me Why I'm Sad

You want to know why? First, take a look at this picture:
Say ahhhhhhhhhhh
Now ask me which of these four works for me. If you guessed any of the above, I would be inclined to tell you "no." Basically, none of them work. I do believe it's because I've been sickly the past couple of days.
But then I got to thinking (which is rare): if I lost my taste sensation forever, what would happen to me? You see, I love to eat and eat all different kinds of foods. If I would not be able to taste, I might have to revert to just eating salads and other healthy food. Then I would become skinny. While that may be an ideal goal, I prefer to be more on the plump and content side. Sigh...(oh, and I usually eat when I'm bummed out. But if I was bummed about this, what would I do? Double sigh)
* * *
Another funny moment, brought to you by my mother:
Upon two teenaged lesbians, hand-in-hand, jaywalking across the street and almost getting hit by our car, she exclaims, "SHUT UP! Paka mamatay..." I'm not sure if that was a shut up to being gay, or a shut up to almost getting hit by our car. Then again, I don't even know if they were talking, so I don't know why my Mom would tell them to shut up.

A Man In His 40's

The 1940's, that is. For Staff Day, I have volunteered myself to be in the skit. As a result, I have to look like, well, a man from the 1940's. So I went out and bought myself some garbs that is somewhat remenicent of the 40's (thank you Goodwill!). I have been trying to master this:
The only thing missing from this tutorial is basic comprehension from yours truly
Now I have to find a tabacco pipe. Yeah... what did I get myself into?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

If I Were An X-Man

I would be..."Opulent":
For sure he's a mutant. Check out that waist!
My major power would be attracting the ladies with my suaveness and sophistication. After watching X-Men 3 with Sharon, I have decided this is who I would be. Oh yeah, and Opulent would also be able to fly. Definitely.

Friday, June 02, 2006


I think it's my new glasses that are too tight, but I did get them adjusted. So really it's because I have this headcold that hasn't gone away and all that nose-blowing. Can't wait to get it over with.

I sense...head...ache
* * *
Gonna get the Nike Shox VC 5, complete the quest. Soon.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bye Bye Driveway And Curbs

After about 16 or so years, the original driveway and curbs from my house are gone. The one thing I remember about these curbs? I almost broke my knee on one of them when I fell playing with my tennis racket when I was 12 or something (don't ask). And now it's gone, hopefully for something much better looking. So without further ado, the "before" picture:

Who knew I could get so emotional over ashphalt?
* * *
So I got the "gift" from my student today, you know, the one I boobed. In front of everyone, she gave me a 36D bra. Clearly this girl is thinking about the situation way too much. Unlike me. Riiiiiight.