Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Rythym Method

Thanks to our wedding classes at the Church, I now know it. Woah. Eh, I'll forget it by next week most likely.

Good Riddance

To our original wedding photographer that turned out to be a flake and fruitcake. Hopefully we actually get the deposit back that he promised he'd return to us. All it took was a three week wait for him to finally contact us back. Jerk.
We're gonna meet this guy on Saturday, hopefully: www.thomhamiltonphotography.com
The guy photographed the Trailer Park Boys and Snake; he must be good!

Monday, October 30, 2006

I Also Heart Basketball

Aside from the more strenuous sport of ping pong, I'm also an avid basketball lover. Aside from the aberration of me playing in a men's rec league last year, I always dreamed of playing in a basketball league where there wasn't so much...drama. In other words, I like playing for fun.
So this morning, I got to play one-on-one with a guy I see at the gym every so often. He is younger than me (he still goes to University), but is a pretty good shooter. He asked if I wanted to play one-on-one; I willingly obliged. Basically, we played 3 games, each game going to 7. And whaddaknow, I won 2 games to 1! (Of course I neglect to mention he was just coming off an 8 hour nightshift, but that's besides the point. My shot was on fire! Again, I neglect to say that he let me shoot the majority of those shots, but again, that's besides the point)

Clearly an accurate depiction
I gots the basketball jones...can't wait till Wednesday's Raptors season opener. Oh damn, wait, I have wedding classes. Whomp-whomp

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Visting Mattamyville...Ummm...Milton

So Sharon and I went with Ron and Melanie to Milton to check out the neighbourhoods there (they bought a townhouse/village home there and will move in July). All the neighbourhoods there were built by Mattamy! It was crazy; it was like suburbia at its best. We even visited all the model homes. At the end, it was an interesting if not fun time for me.
I was always hesitant to even consider moving there because of the increased driving time to work, and I always preferred Mississauga (no bias there...lol). Sharon wanted to at least look and consider living there. But after today, I think she has second thoughts about it. On an unrelated note, my reaction might have been something like this:

It's not that it's not a nice place to live, it just felt so densely packed and the roads would be like chaos. Not that the place we're gonna live at is gonna be much different, but I'm imagining the lots will be at least a little bigger and the homes a little more character.
Regardless, many congrats to Ron and Melanie for purchasing their first house; it's gonna be an exciting time, that's for sure!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Just To Prove A Point

"nunc scio quid sit amor" -how BJ feels about Ivy, I would imagine.
I know Latin too. logbays reaay aygay, pparentlyay


So Marie makes some awesome Tiramisu. I can't even add anything else to that statement.

Lazy cake goodness
* * *
Last night my Mom threw a wedding shower for Liz's cousin Marianne, whom also happens to work with my Mom. A bunch of women from my Mom's work was there, including the Indian women who spoke to Sharon, an Italian that is trying to tell me to move to Bolton, and a bunch of Filipinos who party, well, uniquely. It was fun catching up with Liz, and forcing her to awkwardly dance in front of other people. It was also gross seeing a bunch of old women, including my Mom, play with the gifts Marianne got. Oh yeah, the gifts were sex-related, like penis-shaped candies. *Shudder*

Friday, October 27, 2006

Yay Off

That's what I call my day off, because I'm that gay. It's always fun having a day off; not so fun when I feel like this though:
He's bringing acheyback...yes, that joke is old, but I love it
I think I'm getting old. Sigh.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Is Change Good?

Well, yes and no. I’ve been seriously thinking about my career, and contemplating changing my position within my division. I’ve never been a big fan of the enforcement aspect of my job, and with a possible position opening up where I would be focusing more on the education aspect; a change may be a possibility. I would, of course, miss going out and may be chained to my desk, although at this point I don’t think I would mind it too much. In the end though, it would be up to management and if they think I am capable/competent enough to do the job, so maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up too high.

Speaking of change, Sharon and I have begun thinking about changing our wedding photographer. The flakey, piece of !#$*&^ does not even have the respect to give us a courtesy call despite the multiple messages left by us. The only thing I’m happy about is that he actually gave
Jen's photos to her, and she seems to be happy about it. But what about us? Does he have something against us? Who knows if we’re even going to get our deposit back. Jeez, I never thought we’d be this stressed this early already…argh

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Watching Soap Opera's = Gay You Know

So I was doing an inspection of a bar today at 2:00pm. There were only two guys in there: a West Indian man who seemed to be in his 40's and was the bartender, and a patron who seemed to be 40ish and looked and talked somewhat like a Newfie (side thought: who drinks at 2:00pm on a Wednesday anyway? You must either be an alcoholic or really bored). The patron was trying to be funny, saying all the "hey, did you tell him about the dead rats in the kitchen?" and the "hey, did you tell him about the used condoms in the kitchen?" jokes. Believe me, it wasn't the least bit funny. And they are the kind of jokes I would do, too!
So anyway, the bartender, who had a lispy voice and to me, anyway, seemed obviously homosexual, was watching "All My Children" on the TV. Everytime he stepped away from the bar, the patron would change the channel to "Chico and the Man." The bartender would keep saying, "hey, thop it! Change it back!" This banter between the two of them went on for a few minutes, until finally, the patron goes, "did you know that if you watch soap operas it's kind of like, it's kind of gay you know?" And he didn't say it mocking the bartender; the patron genuinely didn't think the bartender was gay. The bartender goes, "I'm gay like happy, yeth!" At this point, I didn't know whether to laugh out loud or just put my head down and continue to work on my computer. I chose the latter.

That "h" has an ack-scont-eh-goo
I was, though, highly amused by the entire situation. It turns out I did think the patron was funny, albeit not for the reason he would think.
* * *
Wedding class #4 tonight, and it's all about money. I have a feeling after tonight I will be reprimanded about the amount of money I spend on footwear.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Someone Tell That Ogre To Shut Up

So at Wedding Class #3 today, we had the unfortunate happenstance to sit in front of a guy who reminded us of this:
A little Pro-Activ should clear that up
Obviously, he was dragged there by his fiance, because he certainly didn't want to be there. He made rude remarks, thought he was funny by making fun of the presentor, really resembled an ogre, and was generally disruptive. Seriously, I know 1.5hrs out of your day is the biggest sacrifice in the world to you (I mean, you could be doing other things like flinging your own excrement against a mirror or something), but would it kill you to show a little respect and, I dunno, act civil and stay quiet? And that leaves us with the final thought: she's a lucky gal.
Other than that, the class was fine and we tried our hardest to ignore him. Sharon said it best when she told me who he reminded her of.

I Heart Ping Pong

Forgot to mention I went to my workmate Ron's house yesterday to have a little ping pong action. It was really, really fun, and I really, really can't wait till we move into our house when we get one. Really! I even joked with Sharon that it can double as our dinner table. On an unrelatted note, she doesn't think I'm funny.

The paddle is the big spoon

Monday, October 23, 2006

I Got The Golden Ticket!

So I think I found one of my new favourite chocolate bars! None other than:

I Won with Ka
I was doing an inspection today at a convenience store when I had a pang for chocolate. I saw this one that I never tried before, and when I bit into it, it was like...like...I had to run home because I got a golden ticket to visit where this delicious piece of heaven is made. Milk chocolate and graham cracker bits...it's an awesome combo. I highly recommend!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


That's basically what I was saying last night as I went clubbing for the first time in a long time. To celebrate Ken's and Melissa's birthdays, Sharon, Arvin, Ian and I went to Level nightclub in Toronto. What I remembered:
-Arvin and Ian having the same hair and the same style. It's always fun to go with them when they are drunk (which wouldn't take long...)
Arvin and Ian. Or Ian and Arvin. You pick.
-went to Melissa's house for the pre-party. Saw Walter there. Couldn't say anything (don't worry about the backstory on this one)
-Arvin and Ian polished off a wine bottle; no surprise there. Ian being so visibly tipsy that when I pointed it out to him, he said, "ith it noteyable?"
-to the club, where Nina and Liz met us by the stairwell
-"yo man, look at that girl, she dressed up like that for you, she looked at you, you should dance with her" -Ian, with the best quote of the night. Rather, he said the same quote about 19 times that night
-Ian and Arvin absolutely hammered
-regretting wearing an undershirt and breaking in my new shoes
-the music being horrendously loud. Me using tissue paper as ear plugs (yes, I know, I'm old)
-Ken having something like 15 drinks, and not getting drunk at all. Man, his oxygen dealcoholanase is much, much better than mine
-seeing a bunch of my workmates, who I know is going to say, "you and your fiance are so cute"
-my fiance being really cute
-going home, Ian farting and Sharon having to open the window. Oh, and Ian almost barfing and Arvin passing out
-meeting up with Ken, Walter, Nit and Marcin at Tremendous after dropping home everyone else. Having to be really quiet again so I didn't say anything to Walter
-sleeping at 5am for the first time in a long time, having a dream I woke up at 4pm, but waking up at 12pm

All in all, a pretty fun night. And what made it funner for me? Sharon came (believe me, this is a big thing)
* * *
Went to Korean BBQ today with the family for Con's birthday. Ah, Korean BBQ: where the experience stays with you. Only because your clothes stink afterwards.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hap Birfday KenKen

Happy Birthday to my oldest friend (in the sense that he's the one I've known the longest). While we may have grown apart and started hanging out with different people more often and are not much in contact anymore, I know things are still cool between us. I mean, it has to be since he's going to be the best man at my wedding!
Sad how growing older sometimes means growing apart. That's life, though, no?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Engagement Photos Done!

Well, not really. But after all the frustrations with our photographer, I finally found out the reason why he hasn't been contacting us back: he already did the engagement photo shot (notice the no-plurality in that)!
Right before he pinched my nipple during Team Miknifer's wedding, he took this shot:

Who says I can't be serious?
I suppose this counts as an engagement photo? Well, whatever the case, thanks to Team Miknifer for this photo, and hopefully our real ones will turn out nice. We're not mad or impatient or anything; in fact, we kind of find it a little humourous. I mean, Fall Colours on trees that have snow on them can be just as beautiful (?).

Thursday, October 19, 2006


That's pretty much what I did at work today. I dunno, I think I'm starting to feel the burn-out. There are about 49 inspections I have to do before I leave for India, so I'm gonna have to push it like crazy and get even more burnt out. But whatever, I'll be on vacation and perhaps enjoy it even more.
And now, a random pic:

Seriously, real men wear lilac

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Apparently the most important thing in a marriage, according to the speakers today. What did I remember most about our second marriage class? Well, at the beginning of the class, the speaker asked for a volunteer to say a prayer. There were over 40 couples, but no one wanted to say the prayer. Until...a woman volunteered (much to the delight of everyone staring down at the tables).
This is how her "prayer" went:
"Okay, I guess we'll start with the sign of the cross thing? (everyone proceeds to do the sign of the cross) Okay, so I would just like to say let's get this show on the road so we can get the hell out of here!"
Then she promptly sat down. And some people even cheered.
wtf?!? I was embarassed, almost even appalled. Why the heck would you want to get married in a Catholic Church then if you don't even want to be there? I mean, the speakers were already saying that you shouldn't be getting married in a Catholic Church if you don't want to. Even more stupid was her prayer. It wasn't even a prayer! Man, that guy is lucky to be marrying her...
(keep in mind though, that I wouldn't ever volunteer to lead a prayer. But at the same instance, I wouldn't also say anything that horrible either)

The Tailored Man

Has arrived. My custom-made shirts from Maxwell's Clothiers came and I picked it up from the Post Office (damn taxes!). I tried them on and they fit well...only one problem: I think I gained weight from the time I was measured for it. Considering I only went to the gym once the past month (although I do have a valid reason), I'm not surprised. I mean, I've been feeling chunky.
Well, regardless, the shirts are nice and now a motivating factor for me to lose weight again.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

First Day Of Marriage Classes

And so far, so good. Somewhat interesting if not boring class. There were a lot of people there, and what did I think of more than half the time? That perhaps half of the couples there are going to be divorced. But not Team Sharson, I hope. Oh heck, I know!

Back To School

Well, not quite. But, I do have my first day of classes today...marriage classes at the Church. Woah.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tippin' Sideways

So while doing the massive amounts of ironing I always seem to accumulate, I watched this movie:
Get it? "This Fall"? Haha
It was a pretty amusing film, very much how like if I got into wine, Sharon dumped me, and I had to take Arvin out on his bachelor party week. Trust me on this.

"Yes, the tanins pronounce the oak taste"
Oh yeah, and I never really considered Sandra Oh as attractive yet alone sexy, but after this movie...I still don't. But there is a nice scene of her. You know, that scene.


I can't seem to say the word "Diwali" without adding the melodie to "oochiewallywally." Anywho, I went to do an Indian Restaurant Inspection, not really knowing that Diwali falls on Thursday. What does that mean? Well, chaos in the kitchen for one. And my clothes really smelling afterwards for another.

Oh...my...watch out behind you...oh jeez...you don't even notice
Oh yeah, I also got Ras Malai. And now, I am sick of it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I'm not really a Hoe for S's, but rather for SHoes. Okay, so my wordplay is horrible, but the point is I bought another pair of shoes today. Seriously, I may have a problem, but Winners always accomodates me. I think I'm going to have to return it. Seriously, I keep forgetting the whole "going to buy a house/getting married" thing.
* * *
While most brides would be superstitious about their future grooms seeing their wedding dress before the actual day, my fiance is obviously very atypical. In fact, she would get annoyed at me if I even hinted not going to see them with her. According to her, "you're going to be by my side the whole day, so I want your opinion." True, I suppose.
So today I went with her and her parents to a store on the Danforth; and...my...goodness. She was stunning in all my estimations and I almost cried at how perfect she looked (but I didn't, because, you know, that's gay). She just didn't know it and I didn't tell her because she would surely admonish me for saying so (she doesn't like it when I get mushy). She's everything to me, she's perfect for me, and I can't wait for us to be with each other forever. Oops...now she knows.
Then we ate a Greek restaurant, and Opa! Delicious and so filing, I didn't eat a dinner today.

Fire makes everything Greekier

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Feeling Fat

I haven't exactly exercised in a long while. I feel like I can, but I don't want to risk my throat getting more screwed up. I feel I can start up again (and believe me I want to...I'm feeling blukky); I think I'll give it another week. In the meantime, you'd think I wouldn't eat such junk. Well, I guess you don't know me that much.

Friday, October 13, 2006

One Year?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Okay, so in exactly one year from now, I will no longer be considered legally single. Not that I mind, but it does seem rather eerie that my one year left of bachelorhoodism lands on what some would consider an unlucky day. Oh what the hell am I blabbing about...time for real life to start (in one year)! I'm just hoping one year from now, Sharon and I will have our engagement photos done by then.
* * *
Was flipping through the channels pretty late last night when I came upon an interview with Robin Williams on Jimmy Kimmel. An audience member asked him what his thoughts are on US-Canada relations. His response: "Canada is like that nice neighbour that lives above the noisy, party, meth-lab apartment. Oh, and the US realizes you have a lot of fresh water, and we're coming to get it." I couldn't stop laughing for some reason; and yet, at the same time, felt sad?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Problems Begin...

It's never a nice feeling being stood up. Like a jilted lover, Sharon and I have been stood up by our wedding photographer, who was supposed to take our engagement photos today. It wasn't the fact that he cancelled, but more the fact that the guy didn't even call despite us leaving three messages. And just like a jilter lover, I feel like a fool; I recommended him to some of my workmates. I guess that adage of "you get what you pay for" applies right now. Looks like I won't be referring him anymore.
And really, I'm more upset that it got Sharon upset. Pictures are pictures to me, but she was looking forward to it. No person, let alone bride, should have disappointments for this whole event (even something as not trivial as this). Whatever happened to customer service these days anyway?
Ah well, I'm not gonna dwell on this. One last chance before we really say something (we already had problems with him the day we were supposed to meet him to sign our contract; at least he gave us more of a discount initially. But then, it's not even about the money. Argh.).

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pantassey Drapting

This basketball draft I am doing for my fantasy basketball team is pretty fun. Oh great, now I'm going to have too much of a vested interest in the NBA this year...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Come Fort Ta Bull

So today my Dad picked up the Sienna. Unfortunately, not this one:

Let me slip it into drive babee...oh yeah, I'm smoove
But rather this one:
Let me slip it into drive babee...oh yeah, I'm, ummm...smoove
A 2001 Toyota Sienna LE. It's a nice van I think. Gilbert asked him why he got it. He said it's for travelling and for when they have grandchildren. But the real answer my brother was looking for was what my Dad said before: "Because it's come-fort-ta-bull." Indeed.

If I Was A Violent Man...

...I would've followed the stupid punk kid tailgating me and giving me the middle finger as he drove past me, and then proceeded to bash his brains out. Sometimes I hate people.
* * *
Fantasy Basketball Draft Night Tonight...yep, I'm a geek

Monday, October 09, 2006

Facial Hair

A funny thing happened today, while Sharon was trying to be funny. She bit my goatee, and a hair inadvertantly (to her, at least) came off my chin and into her mouth. Trust me, it was hilarious.
* * *
Another thing I find amusing my parents say: "Don't flash the toilet yet, I'm gonna pee too"

Montreal In 39 Hours

Left at 4:00am in Mississauga (in a Yaris hatchback! Holy clowncar), got there at 10:30ish and promptly went here:

Did you know that Schwartz was black? Yep, Schwartz-ni...nevermind
I think I made believers out of my fellow travellers. Ian, Maunley, Danielle and Arvin. It was absolutely awesome, and the thing that made it even better was the fact that we got there, there was an immediate seat for 5, and when we left there was about 60 people waiting in line to get into a restaurant that hold about 60 people max (no joke). All within 30 minutes. Waiting in line is for suckas! In fact, they loved it so much we went there again before we left Montreal for home. I will now go into smoked meat withdrawl.
As well, I have for one reason or another fallen in love with this Quebec-chain department store:
They took the "PS" out of Simpsons...damn those French!
They have some great styles and pretty affordable prices. At the same time, though, they also have some high-end clothing. I ended up buying an old man's hat and when we went there a second time before we left for home (like Schwartz's, one is not enough), I got myself a black zip-up hoody. I only found out about this store when Sharon and I went to Quebec City a month or so ago, and this location was about 3 times bigger. This store has the potential to be the Target of Montreal (in that whenever I visit the US, I almost absolutely have to visit a Target). I wish they bring a branch to Ontario.
Other highlights:
-the French restaurant we went to for dinner was good; the poached salmon I had was great
-poprocks candy; first time having it in decades
-finding Arvin's long-wanted navy blue jacket from Zara's, trying to hide it from him, having him follow me around a pillar asking me what it was (yep, it looked as homo as it sounded), and then him pretending not to be happy/excited about it. What makes this story even better? Literally taking the jacket from the rack 13 seconds before a gay guy who wanted it got to it, then having that gay guy trying his hardest to be conspicuous (he really wasn't) follow us around the store seeing if we would ditch it so he could get his hands on it. Seriously, I guess this jacket was meant to be for Arvin, even though in my opinion it looks very similar to one he already has (had to add that last part of the sentence in there because I know he is going to be reading this and will whole-heartdly disagree with me)
-going to American Apparel, where the clothing selection was really not that good, but one of the sales associates being extremely hot. And then looking and acting like a 13 year old boy who just saw his first pair of boobies
-speaking of which, stopping in front of strip bars, almost going in, but then chickening out because moments before we acted like 13 year old boys who just saw their first pair of boobies
-did I mention the names of these strip bars? "Super Sexe" and my favourite one, "Super Contact"
-getting to know Ian and Maunley and Danielle better
-staying at the Delta Hotel, except for the fact I had to sleep on the floor in my sleeping bag and not sleeping much because of the constant fluctuations in hot and cold
-Snyder's pretzel chips, damn addicting
-wearing my old man's hat, then having an actual old French man (with who I presumed to be his granddaughter) come up to me and asking, "sir, I ask you a kesschon, where did you get that hat?" Me, wanting to pretend I was hip and saavy and knowledgable about Montreal and French culture all together, responded by saying, "oh I just bought it at Simons (except I pronounced it see-moans)." The granddaughter sorta gave me a look and said, "oh, Simons (and she pronounced it exactly the way it looks in English)." And then the old man added in, "oh, the Simons here in Montreal? Not in Japan, right?" I wasn't aware that I was looking Japanese, unless, of course, he saw me as a Sumo in-training
Basically, good times and lots of fun, except for whenever I was in horrible pain due to my throat and inner left ear being affected by the side effects of the surgery. One of the most intense pains I've felt in a long time. It's like a burning, scratching, irritated feeling that won't go away unless I close my eyes and wait it out for like 45 seconds. Then it started again, and tylenol wasn't really much help. So needless to say, the meals I ate weren't fully satisfying. Sigh.
I did come home happy though, seeing my love and a Thanksgiving meal (which included what I look forward to every year: stuffing! I think I like it even better than turkey). Vive le Schwartz's et Simons!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Financial Planning 101

Took this course today at work, and was impressed with it. Taught me some new stuff, strengthened my knowledge on others, and basically taught me "not to spend more than I make." While that's a definite "duh" to some people, you'd be surprised how many people earning over $120000 household income are struggling to make ends meet, especially keeping in mind that the average household income in Canada is $46000. Crazy!
If there was one thing to come out of this, it's that I am determined we pay off our mortgage as soon as we can. Of course, though, that means I'd prolly have to find a part-time job. Hopefully I'll be able to do this hardwork thing the next couple of years.
* * *
So of course, instead of saving money, I am spending it. Going to Montreal tomorrow for a mini-trip with Ian, Maunly, Arvin and Danielle. Hopefully I will be over this ear infection thing I am currently experiencing, but it should be fun regardless.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random Picture I Found On Google:

As opposed to "Front to Fantasy." I know, not that funny
First day back at work after complaining this past week of going cabin-crazy. And of course, I didn't do much. It's just like I was at home! And not only that, I am taking a course tomorrow to fill in for Jenny (Financial Planning...lol...because, you know, that's related to work), so this week has been unuberproductive. I was thinking, though, wouldn't it be crazy if all weekends were 6 day weekends? That would be mindboggling. Mindboggling I say, mindboggling!!!
* * *
I'm gonna hang out with my one-time-elementary school nemesis (don't ask, kids are dumb), but now friend-I-hardly-see Lizanor. Crazy!
Edit: Screeeeeeeech......change of plans...raincheck for now. Hope your Mama is okay Liz!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So on my last day off (I'm starting to feel the energy come back. Ironically* I don't want to go back to work anymore) I was a little bit more productive. If you consider spending a lot of money on something perhaps a little unnecessary. Well, whatever the case, I got this baby installed in my car:
Now I can determine the RPM when I go...the speed limit
All my upgrades are almost complete to my car. Almost.
Oh and it looks like the swelling/pain in my throat is going down, as I ate Quizno's. Unfortunately, I don't think I lost any weight. Man, I can't even get sick right!
*yeah, right

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Can-Don't Please

So I watch decorating/design shows. HGTV is a great channel. But my one pet peeve? I hate, almost absolutely hate it when decorators make candles an integral part of their "visions."
Get a job candles why don't you
I can't explain it. It's like a cheap cop-out for designing. I think it's because I'm more into major design elements, like, say, solid wood coffee tables. Another thing, but perhaps not as much, besides candles that irk me? Napkins and place settings for tables. Come on!!!
I obviously get pretty passionate about this. It's almost embarassing. Yeah...almost as embarassing as decorating with candles. Burn!

Robin Thicke

Judging from his first song I heard, he's a falsetto, Justin-like, white boy crooner. But researching further into him, I found he is signed to Pharell's Startrac label. Interesting...I might just have to get his album. Maybe.
That's all I could muster up today? Well, I went to a massage therapy appointment, and otherwise was pretty bored. Tomorrow will be last day off. Then back to complaining about work. Yay?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mississauga Shoxaholic

So every year for the past 4/5 years I've been involved with a Fantasy Basketball League. I don't win or anything, nor do I strategize as much as some guys, but it's fun nonetheless. Every year I register under the same team name:

Screw Public Health, I'm gonna be a Graphic Designer
This year, and due to the fact I have a copious amount of time at the moment, I decided to create a team logo with my oh so great MSN Paint skills. Plus the fact I need a picture to link to for my avatar when I visit my favorite Raptors-related website. As you can see, I combined some of my favorite things: basketball, shoes, and Mississauga. I know, I'm gifted!
Can't wait for the Raptors season to start...

The No-Work Corollary

Okay, I admit I don't really know what "corollary" means, but I think that's the word to describe predictament I'm in? I'm enjoying time off right now (although the circumstances around the time off could be better), but I didn't realize that if I wasn't at work I could be bored. Like now. I think I have to learn to just let go of my worries at work and smooth sail, but I figure that will be when I actually finish all my work and be in India. Plus, my body has to learn that sleeping over 6 hours is not that bad (it's still not used to it).

Thank goodness for the invention of the internet, otherwise what the heck would I do? Wow, I really am having a slow day if I'm complaining about not working.
* * *
Many thanks to the well-wishers and no-nay-sayers for my speedy recovery. I may have underestimated the time I would require off, but the recovery process is surprisingly going well. As well, I found I just got my first dedication post ever from another blog, and it makes me feel peachy. Thanks

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ah The Luck O' The Irish

So I just had to get out of my house today. My body is still a wee bit sore and it sorta hurts eating still, but I am not going to be coped up in my house. So I went shopping with Arvin. He got some Salsa shoes (and nacho chip socks). We also went to Square One and met up with Dr. Sy's Dad, who I still think is heartbroken that he left for Alberta. It was quite amusing, actually: "I spent my money for their education and now they (including his brother Merv, who will be moving to Ajax next year) move away. I don't care!" I'm thinking most Filipino dads are like that; at least mine is too.
Oh then we went to Walmart where they were having this anniversary sale. We saw people rushing towards the Clearance centre, where they were hurrily grabbing toothpaste and shampoo. Then I joined in the fracas when I saw my exclusive soap that I use:

Better than Scottish Summer: Milli Clean
Exclusive in that I love this loofah-like soap. Sharon doesn't like it; she prefers Dove or something more moisturizy. The limit was 6 packages of 6 bars of soap. I figure that I use about one bar of soap per month, so this should last me a good three years. I didn't even know the price of it; alls I knews was that if the immigrants were getting it, it must be cheap (I'm going to hell, I know).
Turns out that they were only $1.49 each. See, I have been known to be a guy that goes overboard with good deals. That is, if it's a good deal, I'll buy in serious bulk. So now I'm contemplating if I need a nine year supply of soap. It's really a tough decision. Complex? Yes. Cheap? Maybe even more so. Irish? At least for the next three years.