Thursday, June 30, 2011

HaBubba Birthday!

Happy Birthday Bubs!  Your boys love you and are lost without you.

We're sorry you won't be getting sleep today.  Or, well, ever for the next little while.  But let's not talk about though.

You're a wonderful Mother and person.  Thank you for everything :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And It's Done

So I was hustling hard this past month to do my work in my area.  And...done.  With a day to spare at that.

Even better?  Long weekend!  Yee-uh!

*  *  *

Why do I do things?

For example, at 10:00pm, I decided to eat some chocolate cake.  Dang.  What is wrong with me?

*  *  *

And the decision is...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Season Finale

So our rec league team was playing for third place.  Of course I play my best game of the season (11 of the team's 39 points), and...we lost.

But I guess the good news is that my knees didn't explode!

Good season with the guys.  I hope I get to play next session again, but if the league night moves to Wednesday, then I may be SOL.  Sob

*  *  *

You have always been one of the strongest people I know.  I admire you.

*  *  *

Still decisioning.  Yikes

Pretending Like We Don't Have Kids Or Something

So I predict that we're going to be quite screwed tomorrow.

Don and Sarah passed by today for dinner with their baby Noah (who coincidentally was born on the exact same day as Eamon).  We got the talking and the next thing we know, it's...11:30pm?!?

But whatever, it's not like we do this all the time.  And it was a very nice evening spending it with another couple who is going through the exact same things as us.  Except...their child sleeps at least 7 hours during the night.  Looks like they win.

Unless we're talking about weight.  Because Eamon outweighs him a good 3-4 lbs.  That's my Chubb-a-lubbs!

*  *  *

Decision time again.  I dunno...I really dunno here

Monday, June 27, 2011

Feeling Fatigued, But I Gotta...


Stop the complaining and time to get at it.  Short work week what!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whole Brunch Of Fun

So we met up with JulesBuh and AarBuh (?) for brunch today.  Good times.  I'm not sure why I ordered the eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce, but, yet again, I'm sure my arteries are thanking me.

We then visited their place at the Liberty Village, which is a neat place if you are:  a) a young professional; b) a yuppie/hipster; c) are preferably single; and, d) have no kids.  I had these daydreaming moments when I was all four of that.  But then I thought about all the renos I wouldn't have been able to do.  Jeez I'm such an old man.

I realized that after looking at JulesBuh's work she had done for our "side project", I have a lot of catching up to do.  Now then, I just have to find inspiration...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

E. I. E. I. Oh Nooooo.

So I worked this morning at the Brampton Farmer's Market.  Brampton may not have a lot of things going for it, but the Farmer's Market isn't that bad.  Makes me wish Mississauga had something similar to this nearby.  Makes me also wish I didn't actually have to work.

Got some awesome cookies and strudel (fruit or veggies at a Farmer's Market?  Psssh-ah).  Looks like I'll have to go back though cause their were too many vendors and not enough me.  Great

Friday, June 24, 2011


I always seem to do this.  Whenever at an all-you-can-eat Japanese resto, I tend to overeat.  Argh.  One of these days I'll get the hang of it.

Anywho, with Sharon and Eamon in tow, we met up with Lisa and Simone for lunch.  Crazy to think I've known Lisa for about 10 years now.  She was my true mentor as a PHI, not whatshisname who got caught for bribery and got fired.

We also got Eamon's passport application in.  Chi-Town here we come!  (in a few months)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Booked It ShyTown ShyTown

Going to Chicago never gets old for me.  I love that city.

Meng is getting married and she's have a reception/party in September.  Seeing as how it's a roughly 10 hour drive there and we will have a 6 month old in tow, we figured it's better to be flying.

And woohoo I gots a deal!  For the cost of flying out of Buffalo and three nights stay at a hotel that is about a mile away from Mar's place for the both of us, it would've been the same as the cost for just the flight out of Toronto for just one of us.  Score!

(I get a little too happy when I find a killer deal.  But whatever.)

And, I found a 50% off deal for an architectural boat tour of the city.  We're gonna tourist it up baby...Italian Beef here I come!

(First flight with Eamon...I hope he doesn't get airsick like his Daddy does sometimes)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Mother Is Funny (June 22, 2011)

Eamon was sleeping.  My Mom was over, watching the video monitor.  As soon as he made the slightest move:  "Oh!  OH!  There he goes...oh he goes back to sleep" (look of disappointment) followed by "Come on Eamon, wake up!"

If Sharon was home, I'm sure that she wouldn't find it that funny

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dose Of Recreational Reality

Well, it was good while it lasted.  Our rec league team lost in the semi-finals.  And unsurprisingly, I played horribly.

I hate it especially because I feel like I let the guys down.

But whatever, it's just a game, and I like the guys I am playing with.  Should be fun next season when we split the teams up into two.

Oh, and what did I find out?  The average age of the team is like 34.  I thought I was the youngest, but our best player turned out to be only 29.  So I don't feel as bad, as it should be a general rule that the youngest player has to be the best player (due to the fact that he still has under-30 years old knees).  Or something like that.

But still, I gotta get better...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Days Just Go By

Life is whizzing by.

I think I would like a vacation

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Me Day!

Weird to think I'm actually a Father.  For serious.  Eamon (and Mommy) got me an awesome card and a great book.  Loves it (and them).

We then went to my parents house for a tuyo breakfast (bad breath for the win!).  We took this photo of all the Marquez men:

Okay guys, when we take this picture, open your eyes.  Perfect!

Was funny when Con said, "so if Gil holds Xavier and Jay hold Eamon, is Dad going to have to hold me?"  With another baby on the way from Gil and Marie, I just have a feeling that this time next year, my Mom will be blessed with yet another boy.  Would just make sense.

Then we went a shopping at Square One, including me getting a free BluckBurry holster from Andre (Holly do you hear me?), then to Sherway where we got a free pepper grinder.  It's a Father's Day Miracle!

Finally we ended off the busy day at my in-laws, and after today, I, yet again, unsurprisingly...ate too much.  I really have to get a hold of this.

I don't wanna work tomorrow.  Father's Day should be a stat holiday

Karaoke With Daddy - Dionne Edition

This morning's selections:

Maybe its coincidental that while we sing, he's taking a massive poo?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sun Beating Down On Me

So it was a tiring day today.

Woke up early and went with Eamon to meet Kats and Bethie and Brady to give Sharon a break.  It was fun hanging with them.  Bethie gave Eamon lots of hugs and kisses, much to the disinterest of my boy.

Then went to Xaviers, and hung out there for a bit.  We even went to the splash pad with him.

At this point, the sun just made me feel exhausted.

But we kept powering on.  Went to the mall to get Dad a Papa's Day gift (is it weird that I will be celebrating a Father's Day?  Very weird to me), and then went to get Eamon's passport photo.  He looks drugged.  It's quite cute, to me at least.

Then Argay came by and is doing a practice run of babysitting Eamon when we leave him with them on July 30 when we attend a wedding.  As I type, he's trying to get Eamon to bed.  I wonder how he'll feel after (if) he is successful at doing

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Sleep Technique Brought To You By...

So unfortunately, Eamon is a fussy sleeper.  That is, he makes a big fuss before he actually gets to sleep.

I noticed that he tends to fall asleep in the Baby Bjorn.  So using my awesome analytical skills (sarcasm), I realized that if i walk around with him in the house, he will calm down and eventually go to sleep.

Surprisingly, it does work.

Unsurprisingly, I have to walk frikin' 500 miles in the house to get him to finally fall asleep.

Even worse?  My back aches and my body is just all around breaking down while doing this.  You know, I may not drink alcohol, but my body is certainly full of whine.  Yikes

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Is Lovely...CRAP

So I went on a nice, long walk with my son in the Baby Bjorn.  He fell nicely asleep on my chest during the walk of about, say, 5 km.  At almost exactly the furthest point from my house, the inevitable happened.  He started to stir and wake up.

Why was this a "crap" moment?  Because he was hungry and he was looking for milk (Sharon was at home taking a nap).

Needless to say, I had to hustle home.  But the Buster beat the bawling...he didn't cry.  Sweet.

On another good note, it seems my knee is feeling a bit better.  I hope I didn't speak too soon though

Well This Sucks

The knee pain isn't going away.  Maybe I should get it checked out.

Crap.  I knew I shouldn't have made fun of Vince Carter all those years ago

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nothing Stops...

...gotta keep going going going

*  *  *

Calm down Eamon.  Please.  Calm down for Mommy.

Hoping this is just a short "phase" he's going through.

On another, related note, Eamon is quite lucky to have the Mommy he has

One Off?

Jeez I'm hoping this knee thing is a one-off.  So far it's just a little sore and not as bad as yesterday, but let's see what happens by the afternoon.

Growing old sucks sometimes

*  *  *

*  *  *

Eamon has been consistently happy in the morning.  He smiles and gurgles.  Makes me quite happy myself

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Knee-d Of Pain Relief

Well this is a first.  I had to stop playing the second half of the second half of my rec league playoff basketball game (which just about killed me).

I never experienced this knee pain before.  I hope it's nothing too too bad.  I'll just have to put heat on it and drink water.

I would make a terrible doctor.

I should prolly also take it easy for a bit.  Right

Monday, June 13, 2011

Okay! Blue Jays! Let's...Kick Out Those Drunken Bastards.

So yesterday was quite the busy day (and I wonder how the weekend ends so quickly).

Got up and went to Grant's First Birthday Celebration at a Coronation Park in Oakville.  Great times, good sandwiches, and baby overload.

We then went to the Jays game (free tickets courtesy of Clavo).  They were great seats, right by the bullpen.  Unfortunately:
-got there by the sixth inning.  The Jays were down already.  11-1.  Yikes.
-difference between Jays fans and Raps fans?  Jays fans are drunk and belligerent at the game.  Granted some of them were BoSox fans with their amusing accents, but good gawd were some of them drunk.  I counted three people who got kicked out around us.  One of those idiots, seated right in front of us, decided that it would be a good idea to smoke.  I was contemplating telling him that I was a Smoking Cop (not really), but instead settled for telling on him to the usher.  Not really the most comfortable place to bring Eamon to his first game, especially since I was really considering getting into an actual fight with the idiot (I think I could've taken him since he was so impaired his motorskills were quite the slow)
-if we had gotten there about 42 minutes earlier, we would've been on TV as Big Papi hit a homer right in the section we were seated.  Although, maybe a good thing as there was that slight chance I would've dropped Eamon trying to catch the

Got home and took on my mountain of clothing that needed to be ironing.  Good thing the NBA finals were on, as it helped me get through it.  Good game too, as the Mavs beat out the sad Heat.  The lasting image I'll remember?  Chris Bosh crying.  Ha.

Then there  At least I got something accomplished at work, but ended up staying in the office all day and I still have a ton a ton a ton of stuff to do before the end of the month.  I'm playing with fire here, as I'm banking on the fact that in the next few weeks my area will be slow as I try to catch up on my regular calls.  Knowing my luck though...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Want Moo Ride My Bicycle

I have always had a fascination with cows.  They make me laugh, and for no reason at all.

This link here just furthers my appreciation for them:

My Parents Are Funny Pt. (Ongoing)

My Mom to Eamon:  "You're a futty?  You're going to be a futty?  Futty boy?"  (trying to say "fatty").

My Dad upon seeing a picture of Ken's Mom on FB:  "Huh?  That's the Mom?  The Original Mom? Or the Second Mom?  Why is she so young?"

My Mom to Eamon:  "A biddingdingdingdingding...a biddingdingdingdingdingggggg...look at you...a biddingdingdingding" promptly followed to Sharon:  "Look!  I can talk English now with Eamon!"  Then she looked back at Eamon and said:  "A biddingdingdingdingding...a biddingdingdingdingdingggggg...look at you...a biddingdingdingding" 

My Dad to Sharon, upon seeing her wrist which she tensor bandaged up because she had a pinched nerve:  "Did you try to slit your wrist?"

Karaoke Time With The Boy

This morning's selections:

And for some reason I fear he's going to grow up to be too sensitive like his father why?!?

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm Patient. Wait, Make That Impatient

Starting to feel stress lately.


I feel horrible for being impatient with the people that I love (and especially my baby, who usually brings me nothing but happiness), especially when I know when I'm being impatient and I know I shouldn't be but I still am.  Quite annoyed with myself

Keep thinking July will be better...if I get there.  Drama

*  *  *

Heard what I had to hear

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Waking Up Confused

Eerily the same as going to bed confused.  Sucks.

What day is it now?

*  *  *

Eamon is starting to roll over now.  Sharon put him beside me last night, and I woke up and his body/face was rolled over onto the side of my body.  Then again, it may be just because the bed was angled that way due to my weight when I lie down on it, but it's always lovely waking up and the boy is pressed up against me.

Mind you, it's prolly better when it's winter/colder.  It was hot last night.  He's a heat machine.

We both woke up feeling sweaty.  And perhaps confused

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I Hate Making People Cry

But it's not my fault!  Technically it was his.

Had to issue a (costly) ticket to an operator today.  Looked like he was going to cry.  Looks like he'll have to sell a whole lot more food now to recoup his cost.

Sorry man, but you gotta play by the rules.  You're only given enough chances.

Why do I take it personal then?  Jeez

*  *  *

*  *  *

Complete happiness is eluding, only because it is sadly not a static condition.  The thought of complete happiness scares me though.  How else will I play the victim, a role I've played my whole life?

And It's The Start...

...of the sweat-sleeps-season.  Argh.

Hey, here's an idea:  turn on the air conditioning, cheapo.

*  *  *

Just the beginning of a hectic day ahead.  An operator is in store of a rude-awakening when I have to ticket him today.  Again, I don't really enjoy this part of the job, but it has to be done

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

See? This Is What Happens When You Get Fat(ter)

You get tired, lazy and out-of-shape (well, I mean, I have plenty of shape.  Namely of the round kind).

I hit the weights this morning for the first time in what seems like a crazy long time.  And then I remembered how hard it was.

As well, I don't think it may have been the best idea for my basketball game in the evening.  I was gassed and I missed all sorts of shots (not that that was a surprise or anything).

I gotta fight through this...

*  *  *

And that's the thing with life.  Sometimes it doesn't go the way you want it to.  I guess I just gotta keep living more, and dreaming less?

(Have I met me?)

Monday, June 06, 2011


Great to have a massage.  I've said it time and again:  that Rolando is great.

Otherwise it was a pretty hectic/busy day.  And it's going to be a hectic/busy month.  Yikes

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Finally...Productive Day

Gots a lot done today, and with nice weather in tow:

-mowed the lawn
-emptied out the gutters (it was clogged with decomposing leaves and other putrid smelling stuffs.  No wonder it was getting clogged up)
-trimmed the trees/bushes and other yardwork
-washed the outside of my car
-cleaned the inside of my car
-cleaned all the bathrooms
-saw this blog (hat-tip to Trannifer), and it inspired me:
(please note I am not actually going to embarrass Eamon like this.  On purpose, anyway.  But it is an awesome thing that of course perhaps only I would find, well, awesome)

Good day!

I don't want to work tomorrow, but I have to hustle hard because by the end of this month I have deadlines.  Plus, I have to take the Camry in to get fixed again.  Argh...hope this is the last major fix for a while...

*  *  *

You are the complete opposite of whatever is said otherwise.  Chin up, head straight, you are worth it...

Saturday, June 04, 2011


So we (I) decided to be "spontaneous" today.  After getting a quote for the Camry's a/c getting fixed (as an aside, how can Toyota try to charge us literally 6x the amount we're getting it fixed from my Dad's Vietnamese friend?!?), we ended up going to Kensington Market for some authentic Mexican tacos.

I swear it's like I'm pregnant or something with my cravings.

On a related note, when exactly did I accept the feeling of not caring if I gain a lot of weight?  What is wrong with me?!?  I gotta get my head back into the right place.  Hopefully my body will follow?  Right

*  *  *

Congrats to Ken and Janice on having their baby boy Drake Garcia.  Weird how life turns out sometimes, and how "friends" grow apart.

I try not to have regrets in life, but this is one of them:  it should've always been Argay as my Best Man and BGay as my Groomsman.

Not that I dislike the guy or anything, but it just seems like it's all a big waste.  I also just hate being wrong (as everyone who knows me knows).

Who knows what happens in the future...

Friday, June 03, 2011

More Like Fatday...Amirite?

So today was one of those days where I channeled my 12-year-old self.  In other words, it was filled with eating.

Went to Row's Dad's funeral, and the reception was at the Mandarin.  I could've stopped at two plates.  Instead I went for three.  But of course.

Then we went to Gil's house for dinner and cake.  And did I have that, I tell you what.

I might need a stomach pump, but I think I'm more interested in sleeping now

*  *  *

My wife is funny, albeit unintentionally.

Upon listening to this song on the radio:, Sharon asked me what they were saying at the end of the chorus.

I told her they were getting "papers".

She responded, "Because they are immigrants?"

Me:  "what?"

Her:  "They are getting their immigration papers?"


Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Problem With Schedules... that if it gets disrupted, it makes people sad.

For instance, we're currently trying to put Eamon on a sleep schedule.  We had to go to Row's Dad's viewing (Rest in Peace, Mr. Andrade), and when he was supposed to be sleeping, he unfortunately wasn't.

So he ended up sad.  But, not only him.  Also his Mommy.  Which of course means his Daddy will also end up sad.

Damn schedules

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Annoyed Just Like That

I hate how I turn on a dime just like that sometimes.

I can't even explain it.

Feeling whelmed right now (not quite "over" just yet).  Feels like there's a lot to do, but not enough time.  Doesn't help that my back feels like it's The Wretched.

Hate it when my mind runs 87 km/hr and my emotions are about 84 km/hr slower.

Gotta stop and refocus again...