Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's That Time Again!

That's right, time to make New Years Resolutions that I don't keep! I am, however, happy to report that I did stick to one from last years' resolutions: don't swear. Do you know how mentally hard it is to not swear? It almost takes away 36% brain concentration capacity trying to think of euphanisms for swear words.
So every year I think of new resolutions I usually end up breaking. And because I actually stuck to one (and subsquently have a sense of accomplishment and feel I deserve an award or something), I am not going to make a resolution. Instead, through the advice of Arvin, I will just substitue my "Resolutions List" to a "To Do List":
1. Iron clothes
2. Clean bathroom
3. Change spark plugs on car
4. Clean Car
5. Go neighbourhood/house hunting
With sheer determination, I believe I can finish this list. Hopefully by June. Hopefully.
To the very few readers that look at my blog (haha! You just wasted at least a minute out of your life you'll never get back reading the inane happenings in my boring life):
* * *
This time next year will be so dramatically different than what's going on in my life right now. 2007 will surely be the most significant year of my life thus far. It's a scary thought but definitely an exciting one as well.
Ahem. I'm good. I'm good.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Risky Business

Stayed at Jepot's last night till 3:30am with ArJ and Dr. Played Risk where all three of them colluded/canoodled together to take me out (as I was obviously going to win). The game is fun, but I'm sure the novelty will go away. Like when I keep losing.
* * *
Went and became more of a man today by buying these babies at Sears:
Like its owner: a tool
I went to look for a sparkplug socket, and ended up buying a 97 piece Mechanic's Tool Set. Not that I'm a mechanic or anything, but my tool collection is now burgeoning. I was able to get it for 60% off despite it not being on sale for that price anymore due to some lazy employees not taking down the price. Score!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

House Hunting

Well, specifically Neighbourhood Hunting. Sharon and I have started to look for neighbourhoods we could possibly live in. I have a feeling it's gonna be a tough search. We are thinking of applying to Property Virgins, the cool show from HGTV. We'll see. Then again, even if we apply more than likely we won't get it. Not that's a loss or anything.

So Melodie is gonna get a pugshit (Pug/Shitzu cross). I think if I was to get a dog for our own house, I'd want a Newfoundland. They're like as big as bears!
I would name him PEI. Just to confuse his identity

Reunion With Risk

The Golden Child, Dr. Sy, has returned from Calgary for the Christmas holidays. To celebrate, we decided to have a lunch at the Korean BBQ in downtown. The only problem was, he didn't make it. But whatever, BJ, Jeff, Arvin and I went down and overate as usual. We then walked around Eaton Centre and *whew*...gaddam it was busy due to the Day of Boxing. And all that was going through my head while I was there, thanks to Arvin, was "JaneCrebaJaneCrebaJaneCrebaJaneCrebaJaneCreba..." So sad the story from last year (Jane Creba was murdered in broad daylight in downtown this time last year), but I'm sure there is an underlying story there. In fact, I somewhat know there is.
Anywho, it was also crazy seeing Rye High again and how much they are expanding. Good for them, albeit I wasn't there to really enjoy it.

We then went home and met with the love of my life and Ian and Dr. Sy to watch the movie Eragon. It was...well...the movie was as good as the reviews it got. With that said, it did feel like some mutated Lord of the Rings plagerized story, but at least there was one semi-hot girl in the movie:

Girl? 3 stars out of 4. Movie? 3 stars out of 17
So after searching on the Net for whom the actress is, I of course came across some nudes of her. If only she got neked for this movie too. If only. Oh, and I found this rather funny:

It did leave a storyline open for a sequel. I look forward to it. Seriously. I like comedies.
* * *
Anywho, after the movie, Dr. Sy, BJerk, Jepot, Argay and me went to Jepot's house to play the game of world domination...that's right...RISK. Apparently wanting to try something different from our annual game of "appease Jeff by playing Monopoly with him", Mike got him this awesome game.

This certainly ain't one Bored Game
After about 4 hours learning it and playing it and creating and forming alliances and betrayls and personal grudges, Mike came away victorious. We'd like to think that it's only because he's in town for the next week that we let him win.
But's crazy to think that times like this (hanging out with them) are going to be very much fewer and fewer in the future. I mean, for years it was on the regular and I didn't really think about it so much. It's always been goodtimes and one of the few very simple things in life that makes me happy. I guess now, being gay as I am, I shouldn't take it for granted. As we get older, things change (not to mention where we will live), but I'd like to think every once in a while we're gonna be able to do this. Then we'll call it the Carlsberg Years. And we'll all wear pinky rings...haha...JERK!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

For Her Sake

I can't wait. I really can't wait.

How'd You Spend Your Christmas?

I did three things:
1. Watched about 8 episodes of CSI:NY (I told you I go crazy)
2. Went to Sharon's house for Christmas dinner (good chow)
3. Went to the Siervo's (aka. house for the yearly tradition of hanging out with Dave, Mike and Alfred. This year was especially funny because Alf was there and all the boys were drunk and singing karoke, and I played ping pong with Con (and beat him something like 8 games to 1, not that I'm bragging or anything). Also, Tita Alice every year makes me a cheeseball because I said many years ago (maybe over 10 years ago) that I really liked it. Now every year she makes it and tells me she made it for me. Tres nice.
Tomorrow looks pretty busy too. Although I'm not particularily going shopping, I'm going downtown with Sharon, Arvin, Team Beevy and Jepot for some Korean Grill. And then we're gonna watch Eragon with the triumphant return of Dr. Sy (although he will be going home on New Years Day.)
Where did this year just go? This time next year, my life will be drastically different. Yikes

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Because Nothing Says Christmas Like...

...CSI! Some people might know that I watch all three CSI incarnations (not just Las Vegas like some amatures) by buying the DVD boxsets. What, watch it on TV and deal with commercials? Bleh, not for me. Only problem is, it gets addicting, and next thing I know I've gone through 12 episodes over 2 days. Specifically, I've been watching CSI:NY. Good thing I'm on vacation right now.
I gotta get me one of those belt buckles

Out of all three CSI franchises, I think I like this one second most, tied with the original CSI. In this case, I like the fact that it is set in New York (a city I've been thoroughly fascinated with for a while now). The original is set in Las Vegas, and I've documented in this space before that there is no city like Vegas. Gary Sinese is not a bad lead actor too in that he doesn't show off his smarts too much. I just can't help but look at him as "Loooo-ten-ant Daaaaan" though.
But what makes me like CSI:Miami the most? I mean, I'm not fascinated with Miami like I am with the other two cities. Well, it is because of the thorough methodological skills of this fine thespian:

Shades in the house
As I've noted in my previous post about Apocalypto, unintentional comedy is awesome; and those who have watched Miami know that it is about as awesome as it gets.
* * *
I did get a Roots sweater from my Kris Kringle (Gil) that I really like. Also, the Garces families came over and we had a quiet Christmas party. But having my babee here made this Christmas grrrrreat.

[Wide Open Eyes/Disbelief] "Just My Luck"

That, I believe, is what the title of "Apocalypto" should've been. Watching a movie for the first time in what seems to be months, Sharon, Arvin and I watched it and I'm left without knowing if I like it or not.

I basically got this out of the movie: running, blood, running, boar balls, running, naked Mayan chicks, running, blood squirting, running, a woman giving a "natural birth" while her other son was on her shoulders (now that's what I call difficult birthing process), running, jumping off waterfalls, running, poisonous frogs, running, wasps, running, unfortunate deaths/crappy ways to die, running (okay, I'm gonna stop that joke right here; I'm pretty sure you get the idea by now), a Mayan-gyver, ancient Mayans putting their hands in the air and waving it all around like they just don't care, the Pirates of the Carribean...ummm, I mean some Europeans, and perhaps most fortunate, unintentional comedy (in the sense that it made the movie much more enjoyable). It's always a good movie when you can make jokes in the middle of dramatic scenes.

I've seen this a lot from the web and I couldn't help but think about it while watching the movie. Twins?
Twin horses?
These two of course being Rudy Youngblood (the star of the movie) and Ronaldinho. The movie would've been awesomer if they had the lead character doing some tricks with his feet and head with, say, a decapitated head.
Maybe I did end up liking it. Especially for a movie I had no idea what to expect going in.
* * *
Also ran into Phillip S. from high school after the movie. Always a nice dude.
* * *
Credit Pointe.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Why Must Everything Bad For You, Taste So Good?

Last day of work before the Christmas week off, and I did exactly what I did the past two days: nothing! Yay!
Well, I lie. Some workmates did go to Turtle Jacks for lunch, where I ordered Buffalo Shrimp. See, I love shrimp (as long as it's peeled). And I love "buffalo" sauce. Why there are not more restaurants serving this heavenly combo I don't know, but it's damn good.

I, too, love to eat and travel. Dot com.
* * *
Sharon and I also went to Dundas, ON last night to meet up with Sharon's workmates from CanReg, Subha, Heather and her husband Dave and daughter Laura. Laura is 11 mos. and is as cute as heck. She doesn't smile much, doesn't have much hair, and is constantly frowning. BUT, she doesn't cry if someone either than her parents hold her. When she does smile, she makes the room brighter, is walking (!) and sleeps through the night. We definitely need our kid to be like that in the future. Definitely.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hard Worker

I'm not. Well, at least right now. I pushed and pushed and finished all my calls...early. As a result, I've been literally sitting in the office for the past couple of days (and will be tomorrow as well) doing, well...
Hopefully next year will get me more motivated I am right now. Who knows? I might even be doing something different. At least I hope.
* * *
Overeating. Goes hand in hand with the holidays. Argh.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And Then I Ate The Bowl!

Anyone have 1 litre of HP sauce?
Okay, not really, I'm not that insane. But my workmates certainly are.
216oz. of beef + 3 insane guys =

They should've wore gay shirts for this occasion. Oh wait...
So after about a year of talking about it, Mikey, Tony and Alan decided to do it (not me, I'm not as young as I used to be). A bunch of workmates went out to Texas Longhorn last night after work. I had half a rack of ribs, and I was so full after that. These guys ate steaks that equated to about 4.5 lbs. each. The only disappointing thing was that it was not a steak in its truest sense; it was more like pot roasts grilled over a fire. And about 15% of the meat was actually fat, so they had to trim around that. I felt full and nauseous just watching them eat it. But whatever, these guys are champs (especially Alan, who had his side of fries and a Pepsi with it).
I think I'm going to go hurl now.

Monday, December 18, 2006

"Ai Buckley's!"

That was my Mom's reaction when she almost dropped her glass cup on the table this morning. Funny, at least to me.
* * *
Back to inspecting today. Putting "all my eggs in a basket" (as Rowena pointed out), I'm beginning to hope it's the end of my inspecting; at least for the time being. We'll see.
* * *
I like playing basketball. I'm sorta bummed out that my student didn't pass his certification. Why? Well, I play with him at the YMCA in the mornings. But because he didn't pass his certification, that means he's out of a job at the end of this year, which means he won't be going to the Y early in the morning anymore (he lives in Scarberia). It's like getting a playmate to play with at recess, only to find out he got suspended from school and now he can't play anymore. Dammit!
* * *
Can't believe it's only one week until Christmas! This weather is certainly screwing me up.
* * *
Anyone see the new iPod Shuffle? Man that thing is crazy small and (relatively) cheap! It'll be perfect for when I go jogging.
Oops...fell for the hype again
Speaking of which:
That's the amount of days I have left till I do the 10km run.
That's the amount of days I have left till I regret doing the 10km run and complain that I'll never do it again.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Where'd You Get Yo (Korean) Grills?

So I met with the Rye High classmates for lunch today in downtown at the Korean Grill, where you cook your own food (does that mean the servers should get less of a tip? I've constantly thought about this). Good chow, and pretty cheap. I don't think I'll ever see an $8.99 all-you-can-eat Korean Grill place in Mississauga (it's usually two to three times more expensive). Nice people, and I am glad I keep in contact with them.
Then I stayed in downtown and met up with Arvin there. Did some window shopping and drank some Starbucks. I saw the phone I really want in Fido (not a subliminal message here at all, baby...wink), went to Ambercrombie & Fitch and Hollister and complained about the clothing there, and most of all, leered at all the pretty women. Good times, and now all of a sudden the day is done. Man, time really does fly as you get older.
Because I wanna be a balla

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Big Daddy's Crab Shack?

More like Big Daddy's CRAP Shack! Sharon, BJ, Ivy, Arvin and I went to eat there. It was a fairly expensive place, so at least I figured the food should be good.
We ordered our food at around 8:00pm, and didn't get it until about 9:15pm. Not only that, the steaks that BJ, Ivy and I ordered were cool to the touch. In other words, it wasn't even warm, and further more, I was highly dissatisfied (to the point I didn't even eat half of it...and that's a big deal if you consider how much I love my beef).
It's a shame because the other food was actually good (the jumbo shrimp I had was excellent); just the service was bad. I even asked for my 3/4 of a steak to be put in a container so I could give it to Hobbes, and just like the rest of the night she seemed to have forgotten about it.
Of course I had to complain and she did get us 25% off our bill, but it was a pretty pathetic eating experience. Even now I'm beginning to regret us leaving a 10% tip for her; but whatever. I just won't go there anymore. And I'll blog about it*, hoping to disuade other people from going to Big Daddy's Crab Shack, 420 Southdown Rd., Mississauga, ON.
Oh and we also tried to go to AMC to watch Apocolypto, but they didn't have it there for some reason. Sucks! So we ended up going home. What a great Saturday night! Man we're so young and vibrant.
*and thus fulfills the "haha...Jason will blog about this as soon as he gets home!" prophecy exclaimed by the four people I was with today.

Friday, December 15, 2006


So I love the people I work with; they make my day much more bearable sometimes. I informed my backup partner I work with now that I might soon be leaving to another team, and he pretty much told me he wouldn't want me to leave. I also told others, including my superiors, and they also wouldn't want me to leave but also understand and wouldn't hinder me from going. I know it's pretty gay, and I always thought in my mind that the people I work with are always just going to be that: workmates. Somewhere along the line, though, some of them became actual friends, not just workmates. Basically, I would be leaving my friends if I left. So aside from the obvious "your friends don't determine your work tasks and the aggrevating public you work with" answer, why am I bent on changing to another team?
Quite recently, another Supervisor asked me if I want to switch to her team due to another employee leaving. While I would be paid the same and still see my team I work with now (I would only be moving down a floor), I would be working with new people and would be doing drastically different tasks.
I think the main reason is my desire for constant change in my working career; whether that is good or bad is up for self-debate. I would like to use a whole new skillset and to enhance my knowledge, but at the same time it would take me away from the familiar. But then I think this is where doubt sets in; the familiar, or rather the tasks I am doing now, I have not yet mastered. I never want to leave things unfinished. So would leaving be a wise thing? I think yes when the familiar, while I still have a lot to accomplish, is starting not to thing.
All of this, though, is contingent on whether there is competition for this position when the employee leaves. I would like to think I still have the "upper hand" in getting the position, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high yet. In the meantime, I think I have some growing up to do.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gurjit...Stop Humping De Frikin' Laser

So as part of our team building/Christmas party at work, we had a pot luck. I made dip that everyone seemed to love, while everyone else also made some really yummy food. As much as I try to avoid overeating during the holiday season, it gets really hard not to.
For the second part of the day, about 11 of us went to LaserQuest. I haven't been to Laserquest for about 10 years, so a blast from the past it was. Everyone had to have a nickname; some chose such original ones as Juanita, Cutie, Chichi, Hellokitty and 12 Bar. Myself? Gurjit.
Now scratch your head as you might at the name, but just know that Gurjit came in first place*. The highlight of the game for me had to be when one of my workmates, Alexia, screamed "WHO THE HELL IS GURJIT? HE KEEPS SHOOTING ME!" Good times. Below is a horrible webcam pic of my scorecard:

Awesome 134.8 megapixel camera shot
Perhaps it's a sad state of affairs that winning at a game of LaserQuest counts for a great accomplishment in my life, but dammit, you go boy!
*sure it was against 8 girls and 2 over 50 year old guys, but I have, ummm...jet lag. And some of the girls could beat me up. So there

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I've been home almost 5 days, and I'm still feeling tired. Then again it might be due to the drudgery of getting back to work. But alas, I can't; I have to make dip.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hap Birfs Kambals

Went to Star Walk Buffet for Mel and Mel's birthday. Yummy food including the raw salmon. Nice running into Jeff and Rachael there, who I haven't seen since high school; they just got married. Then it got me thinking: this time next year, I will be married. Wowza.
* * *
My favourite word of the moment: bajayjay. Hilarious for some reason

Reality Bites

Well, sort of. But going to work after 3.5 weeks off, it's always somewhat a grounding feeling. One thing that always gets me is the repetitive conversations I always have my first day back. Now, while I genuinely appreciate the interest in how my vacation went, it could get quite draining saying, "oh I had fun!" to about 9 different groups of people followed by the stories of my trip. I'm obviously very complainey here, but next time I swear I'm gonna type up a story of my excursion and let everyone read it while I play a slideshow of my pics.
And how was my first day back? Well, I had a meeting this afternoon (unexpected), and I have meetings everyday for the rest of this week. It's good to be back! Perhaps.

Monday, December 11, 2006

In The Ahhhhh

That's hot because it looks like she's touching a...nevermind
Sit ubu sit! Good goat!
Taj Mahal Kita Babeee
Buddha? Or just plain gay?

Sharon finds this hot because it looks like I'm touching a...nevermind

I'm Never Taking Pics Again

What? I'm playing hopscotch
Sharon playing statue
Jason playing statue
Not a conjured up pose at all

The Indians had to cut costs somewhere building this. Thus, no walls

If Only I Could Post More Than 5 Pics At A Time

The Somewhat Great Wall of India
They would be so confused in Canada; it's right-hand drive streets here
I even saw lions in India!
Chillin' (and most likely scaring) with the Rajasthans I don't have to go to Pisa

You Know How Long This Is Taking Me?

Monkeying around. Get it?
Out of the picture: Sigfried and Roy
Such a loving couple
Closed lotus...

Open lotus!


Can you see me? I'm the one who's not Indian. Right there! Look!
Wink if you wear pink
Sorry Sharon, he asked me to marry him first
My inmate colours in Fort Aguda includes my sunburns

Trying to measure how big a BBQ I need for this

Pics Orgy

Ganesh and Buddah impersonators
Eeriely missing? The other shoe
Welcome to my place...where I force you to pose like a tourist
Gateway to India; for some, especially those who pose like this, it's the Gayteway

More Pics To Come

Nothing like the beauty of the natural environment
Only real riders bike with the kickstand down (and tree in front of them)
Because a trip to India is not complete without going to McDonald's
Mahatma Ghandi and co.
"This smells fresh" "I just washed it, five days ago!"

India Pics!

Reading the Financial Times...errrr...comics
About as natural pose as you'll find one
Due in 3 months
One of these just doesn't belong here...

Great technical advances in construction