Saturday, April 30, 2005

Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

That's how I felt when my keys were found by a neighbour and returned to me today. Thank God! (Speaking of which, I haven't been a good Catholic lately. I should be at Church right now, but I am in a funk and crisis right now. Sigh.)
Also went to the condo appointment with Sharon. Uh, yeah, she don't want a small place. Which makes me think: why bother having any money anyway? It is a nice place, and Anne did get one this morning. Alas, I think a townhouse is what she has in mind.
Went to Square One with Anne to buy some things. Went to Kernels to get my Cheesy Dill, and saw Charmaine who "hooked us up." She even stamped my card a couple more times! Score!
What is going on in my head? Snap out of it boy

I Tend To Screw Things Up

I really need a reassessment. Gotta stop and realize.
Lost my keys. I am almost absolutely devistated. Not only my keys, but my knife and most importantly my keychains. Another reminder that nothing in life is permanent and that even I am prone to losing things (despite the fact I am convinced I don't lose anything).
Have and appointment tomorrow with Solstice. Wish I had more money to get a bigger house.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Cin Sity

So I watched a burned, pirated, ai matey DVD of Sin City today. The movie was interesting, but while watching it, I realized something: I seem to have acquired a celebrity crush. Now most people would think it's Jessica Alba (and she is hot in the movie), but nope, it's on that Gilmore Girl. But before I announced it to anyone, I made sure she was legal (born in 1982; hey, just covering my bases). I think it first started when I watched Bride and Prejudice, and not surprisingly all those times I watched the show with Sharon. Well, I look forward to watching it now, again.
Oh Rory, You Make My Heart Go Sorey
Yeah, hurtful, hurtful day today on my back, knees and legs. I also went to David's and Maria's wedding shower today...that Mississauga bunch are interesting people. Would I be joining them soon? Hmmmmm...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Who Needs Knees?

One and a half hours of squash. 10km run. How else would my body, particularly my legs, feel like? I'm walking like this:

I'm wearing contacts

Seriously, who needs knees? I can waddle and still look cool. I have to remember that I'm not that much of an athlete. Yargh.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mmmmmmmmmm Back

Internet is back, and now I'm gonna be wack. Went for wings in Oakville with Tony, Lil' Mikey and Kathie Brown at a place called The Firehall. Goodgawshallmitey...damn good wings. Perhaps even the best wings I've ever eaten. It looked sort of like this, but not really because they were about 3.53215X better:
Smack Smack Drool Drool
I mustn't do this gorging thing because hello Jason, 10km run? Hello? McFly?!?

Monday, April 25, 2005

Being Without Internet Access

And it continues. Now I am posting from my work computer. This whole without internet thing at home just reminds me of when I move into my own place, it's gonna be headache.
Went to Angel's pool party last night; yay wave pool. I also went running and rolled the ankle. Good thing I'm an "athlete" as my ankle is feeling better today. Riiiight.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Computer Offline

Thus I am typing this from Jeff's computer. I never realized how hooked I was on the internet; one day off and my routine goes. Yikes, I can only think about what will happen when I go to the Philippines.
Had the financial investing seminar today with my cousin Mike. Hope everyone learned a little something.
I love my girlfriend, I wish she can always be happy. Don't worry baby, one of these days.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Pick A Pic, Any Pic

And the lucky pic today is...

J. (& S.) Crew
My girlfriend and I at BJ's cottage with our oars for our crew boat (that conveniently deflates).
Ran 10km last night with Arvin, Ian and Mike. Let me rephrase that: it started out with us four, then became Arvin and Me, then eventually just me. Does that mean I won? Yehey. Umm, but I have to remember that I have to actually take part in the actual race. Yikes.
Went to Guelph today for a seminar. It was way, way over any PHI's head. Thus, my workmates and I left a bit early. Then Sharon and I spent "QT" together. As usual, I lubhur. Then we met Jen E, Greg, Jody and Kevin. Very funny people. God bless that Newfie.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Roller Coaster

That is what my emotions are calling the Casino from now on. The joy of winning, the agony of defeat (yikes, I'm talking in cliches like Anne now. I think I've been spending way too much time with her). But anywho, I try to rationalize it: Why be upset when the money you lost was the money you won? And you did try and won at Caribbean Stud, thus ending the two day Casino trip with a net profit of $15.
Not as exciting though when you consider I was up double what I won last night (in other words, I was up $170). See, I would have stopped, but I was to meet them at 7:00pm and by the time I was up, it was only 5:30pm. What was I to do for the next hour and a half? Hmmm...well, I could have done nothing. But, the point is, I was thinking it was money that I didn't really deserve anyway.
I don't like this gambling thing. I shouldn't do it. I have other responsibilities. And it's not money I feel I earned (Devil money?). Oh, and my heart can't take it. Fun then, it will only be for fun. So, logically, I will be at the Casino again until I really lose. Argh, I am a complex person.
I did go to Buffalo today, and had these famous wings. They weren't bad, but they aren't Originals. Wings again tomorrow with the work crew in Oakville. Oh boy, I don't think my heart can take that either.

Free Money, Loss Of Identity

I used to always think that I would never be a gambler, a person addicted to games where money is easily thrown around. I always thought that money is too valuable to let go freely. I always thought that it was a waste of money.
But then recently I was thinking to myself: be something you're not, at least try it. So instead of taking up cocaine or marijuana or alcohol or sexcapades, I decided to try gambling. I set an amount I thought I was going to lose, and once lost, I would not try it again as I would see it's an enormous waste of money. But then a funny thing happened as I went today (yes, it's a Tuesday, and I thought that it would be a cheap night and a good day to go considering I don't have work tomorrow)...
I won.
In fact, I doubled the amount of money I set aside plus another $15. Yikes. My plan backfired.
Well, I don't think I'm gonna be addicted because I have too much other responsibilities. Plus, as Sharon says, "she'll knock it out of me" if I get addicted.
So yeah, I never thought I would gamble, but it's fun. Especially when you first get deflowered at the Blackjack table. Oh boy, and did I look like a rookie; doubling down when I didn't have to and not splitting when I should've. But whatever, I won and the money I won is the money I'm gonna spend tomorrow. Yes, I am going back tomorrow, but only because I was already gonna go to Buffalo with Anne and her Mother.
Here's to breaking even...

Monday, April 18, 2005

What Do You Get When You Combine Two Disco Songs Together?

The Kung Fu Hustle!
This is perhaps one of the best movies I've seen in a long, long time, if not ever. A Comedy? Yep. Action? Yep. Synchronized Dancing? Yep. Fairies? Yep. It's got it all, even a cute mute. Looks like I'm gonna have to buy this one for my DVD collection.

That's me, the fifth one to the left in the, not the one with the hat, the other guy
Got my car done with the sound proofing and everything. It may be just my imagination, but my bass is sounding a whole lot better and tighter. Not to mention the rustproofing abilities of the sound deadner in addition to the no cost to it; score!
Went for water well inspections today with Alexia. Saw a part of Brampton which doesn't feel like Brampton. Almost like an Old Meadowvale Village in Mississauga before all the development. Helped an old woman named Betty with her well. She called me her "Filipino Boy." I hope this means I get left in the will now.
Went for a good run, with the Burnhamthorpe to 10 to 5 to Mavis route. Al, Nina's brother, caught me screaming to myself. Surprisingly, though, the run was much easier than I thought. Looks like I'm shaping up for the 10K. Remember, round is still a shape. Good thing I went for a run too, especially with all the shit I ate today from Crawford's Bakery, like that yummy peanut butter and chocolate chip filled cookie, which has the consistency and feel of cookie dough, but not the rawness taste of it. I'll have to take Sharon there one time.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Yearly Cycle

I can fit my car in my garage again, after cleaning it out. Eventually, though, it is gonna become full and I won't be able to fit it in there again. Then next year I'm gonna clean it out again so it will fit. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Oh well, at least it's clean for now.
Speaking of my car, the appointment/recall is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Should be interesting.
Went for cheap Vietnamese subs and patties with Jeps today. Must suck for him to be pee-lie. I wouldn't want to be.

Why Does Indian Food Make Me Nauseous?

Perhaps because the last time I ate it I barfed. Even though it may have not been the culprit to my sickness, you always associate the last thing you ate with the cause of what made you sick. No wonder whenever I do Indian restaurant inspections it doesn't look appetizing to me. Where did this thought come from? I went to The Host Indian Restaurant with Sharon, her parents and her Grandfather. I did eat the food though, but it wasn't enjoyable as it would have been, say, if I didn't get sick before.
Before that, I went to the new Yorkdale Mall with Nina to get this magical cheese knife for my cousin Che. After 30 minutes, I finally found the frikin' thing. The mall looked nice, I guess, but still overpriced. Arvin thought the mall looked absolutely great, but I reminded him that the majority of shoppers there dress up just to go to the mall, so it looks like only beautiful people shop there. Oh, and gay people. I also bought what I always have to buy when I'm there: a cheese stick from Michel Baguette. I also got Kernel's Cheesy Dill Popcorn. Abso-frikin'-lutely great popcorn.
Speaking of Nina, she told me that her and Anne's parents think it's weird that I'm hanging around them so much lately and not Sharon. Yikes. I had a feeling it would come to that. Okay, that's it.
After The Host, Sharon and I went to Tito Gene's and Tita Day's 30th Wedding Anniversay party. We did a little ballroom dancing (emphasis on "little" as we did hardly any of it right). I really wanna take it, I think I enjoy it a lot. Oh, and I made a bad joke that we got engaged, and all my family thought it was true. My goodness.
My Mom ordered an ube cake for the party. On the cake read: "Happy 30th Wedding A. Gene & Inday." At what point did the cakemaker think they weren't gonna have enough room to spell "Anniversary"? Was it after the A? That was perhaps the worst example of an abbreviation I have seen. Can't wait to have a "Happy 30th B. Jason!" cake.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Biz-Ay Day

Meeting in the morning with Bosses. As usual, nothing accomplished. I am rudely finding out how retarded Government is. Too much bureaucracy, not enough things getting done. I'm just lucky I have great workmates. But whatever, I shouldn't complain as it's giving me a paycheque. Bleh.
So I paid for my ticket. June 8-28. Looks like I'll be the FOB during that time. Yikes.
Went to S1 with Sharon, Gil, Marie and Con to look for a gift for Che's shower. Couldn't find it, and might have to go to Yorkdale for it. Hey, it gives an excuse to go there.
Went to Tita Beck's place for her birthday. They always have parties, and as Sharon says, "It's a little overwhelming. I'm not used to it." She makes me laugh...just wait till we get married! Poker as usual. Did not have any hands at all. Hope my luck will change when I go to the Casino.
Screw you Vince, where was that passion when you were in Toronto? But whatever, Toronto fans are too babyish sometimes. And Vince Carter can still be the man.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Either My Jaw Is Getting Stronger Or Jawbreakers Just Ain't What They Used To Be

So I had a package of Gobstoppers today. First time in a long, long time (think: over 15 years). When I was younger, I remember it lasting forever and being very marble-like in it's consistency.
Then I had these today:

Can't stop the Gob. Actually, you can now.
The start was the same. But then I tried to do something: bite hard. Surprisingly, my teeth went through it easily. I'm guessing because I got the chewy centre one.
Regardless though, it was good times. Candy is fun when you're in the mood.
Have a meeting tomorrow with Big Boss and Boss. Jeez, what a tangle web I weave, when I first...well, complain a lot..
Running today for 18 laps. Should've done more. 30 days left!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

An Impromptu Ode To Pad Thai

Oh how I love thee,
You really fill me.
When I am hungry,
The thought of you makes me go heehee.
I crave you at least once a week,
I don't eat you because you're sheik,
I don't care if you make me reek,
When you're being cooked I want to peek.
So what went wrong?
What happened to that song?
That version I had of you today,
The one that didn't make me go "yay",
Tasted all burnt and yucky,
It made my mood go all mucky.
This is the way Pad Thai is supposed to look:

Smack Smack Drool Drool
Instead I had a version where the cook...
And yet, I go on, dreaming of a version that will make me go me-oh-my.
My Pad Thai.
My Pad Thai.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Gold Bond Is Gold

So after my whole chafing incident yesterday, and still hurting today, I finally decided to go for the gold:

The Bond Is Gold
This stuff really works! After the first application, it really soothed me. I want to own stocks in this company. Man, I really am old and my body is breaking down. Yikes.
Long day at work today doing HACCP's, and even longer tomorrow. I love my job. No, really.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Again With The Chafing Thighs

So I go running with a new record: 20 laps around the FMG track. Only problem is that by lap 16 my thighs were seriously chafing. Even Ian saw me kept grabbing my crotch. I thought I needed a bikini wax, but upon further inspection, it's just my fat thighs. Sigh. Sighs with the thighs. I think I have to invest in boxer-briefs or bicycle shorts.
So I got a cheque in the mail today from my car insurance company because they screwed up somehow. I was so worried because when I saw the envelope I thought it was one of those "you have to pay even more now because..." letters. But nope, score Jason. Casino money! (Not really, but I am very determined to at least play Blackjack or Casino War when I take my day off on Wednesday, April 20, 2005. Remember that day because that's the day I get rich; or most likely not. Hey, I need to get this out of my system)
Still dreaming of the recumbent, I am growing impatient with my tax return. I shouldn't complain, though, for my Tito Cesar is doing it for free after all. But still, with the bike and the Philippines trip coming up, talk about an expensive summer. Luckily I will pay off my car by July (fingers crossing fingers crossing)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Tension Whore

So I went with Sharon to Hamilton to drop off some stuff for Debbie. Debbie told me that I'm an attention whore (apparently not tension whore). Now, I may be one, and my friends often try to tell me I'm one, but when another person tells me I'm one, I get offended. Go figure. Besides, I don't go looking for attention, attention goes looking for me. I swear!
Then I went to Sharon's and had my first barbeque hamburger of the year. It's gonna be a yummy summer.
Looking at all those people biking today on this beautiful day made me even more comitted to buying a recumbent bike. In addition to that, I would love to have a motorcycle, seeing all those people taking their bikes out. Apparently I want to maim myself.
Got home and went for a jog around the FMG track. Whereas last summer I was huffing and puffing doing 8 laps, this year I'm already up to 12. Yee-uh! Although jogging directly in the sunlight without sunglasses hurts. Ow, my retinas.
Went to Ken's to shave my hair. Now I have to pluck my moustache and beard, as Sharon says I look like a Dirty Chinese guy with it.
Some words of advice from my Dad today: "Don't gamble. You shouldn't gamble at casinos. You should drink instead. If you drink a lot, you get drunk, and that's the end of that. If you gamble, you can find yourself losing $10,000 because you can't stop like drinking and then you're addicted." Thanks Dad!

Another Long Saturday

-woke up early in the morning, hung out with Sharon for a couple hours, had a little drama with her, had lunch with her

-went to Downtown Toronto with Nina to go to Urbane Cycles. Saw some recumbents there, and I am at 99.9999% certainty that I am going to get one. I am leaning towards the Burley Sand Point, which I can order from MBS Tandems. Also met up with Anne Marie. Found a new place to park for relatively cheap; under the Chapters on Richmond and John ($6). Had part of Nina's crepe filled with Nutella and Bananas. Decided I want to make some good crepes at home

-got home, picked up BJ, and went to Casino Rama to watch the Boyz II Men concert. Make that Boyz II Fat Men. Holy crap they got fat, especially Wanya. The whole show all I kept thinking was how they got fat. Even the skinny guy got fatter. The cripple wasn't there. They sang the classics and some retro songs (ex. God Bless You, by The Stylistics). I liked the retro songs especially. All in all, not that bad of a performance, but keep in mind this is my first official concert. And no, seriously, they got fat.

-played some Video Poker. I won $2 profit from spending $5, but then I ended up losing it then losing another $5. My plan was to play Black Jack or Sic Bo, but the minimum at the Black Jack table was $25, and $10 at the Sic Bo table. Too rich for my blood. If I am going to play, it's gotta be $5 tables

-ate Chinese Food there courtesy of Anne's Dad. He must have some serious points in order to pay for 7 people for about $15

-drove home and had an interesting talk with Anne, Nina and BJ

Long day, I should sleep. Okay, I will.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Bent On Getting A 'Bent

So I test rode a recumbent today, and it was quite the experience. Feather-touch steering, wobbly riding, at first, but then I got used to it. I am never going to ride a "normal" bike again. The lady, Brenda, at MBS Tandems (a bike store out of her garage in Meadowvale) let me test out the Bike-E, and then was offering to sell it to me for $1000. I thought about it, but then I figured I wanted this one instead:

This should raise my coolness factor by at least 53.982
A Burley Sand Point. $934. Can't wait for my tax return...then I'll contemplate it even more.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Damn this blogger. It kept screwing up my blog for this particular post about balut and my TV. Ask me for the story if you want to hear it. Here are the pictures I would've used:

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Cheesecake Baker

According to my workmates, my cheesecake was very good. I'll take the compliment. I wish I made the one for Sharon as good as this time baby.
"W.O.D." at work today. Looks like the next two weeks though are going to be crazy though with HACCP audits and all. Damn good lunch with Tony, who said, "I wish I understood what females think." I couldn't stop laughing because he said it with such conviction. I hope my relationship doesn't end up like that when I'm married. Then again, I don't understand what females think right now.
Called Toyota to find out how much I owe for my car still. As of today, $9090.91. Once that's all done and paid for (hopefully soon), then I'll know where the hell my money went. Yikes.
I wanted to go to the Casino today for some reason, but I ended up with a video poker game I can hook up directly to my TV I borrowed from Melodie. Hey, she's worse than I am when it comes to gambling (then again, a lot of people are considering I'm not what you call the most riskiest of bettors).
Tomorrow should be a more productive day.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Irritating Day

Quick overview:
-woke up with my back hurting due to yesterday's hell of a time with those damn wheels. Woke up irritated.
-brought my car in the morning, expecting to take the shuttle at 800am to make my 900am meeting. Left at 830am, got there just at 900am. Irritated at Erin Park Toyota.
-meeting was long and drawn out, as usual. Too many people say things just to hear themselves talk. Irritated at workmates who don't shut up.
-shuttle was supposed to take me back to Toyota at 1215pm. Called at 1225pm, only to find out it would take another hour for them to pick me up. Swore at them, then had Walter drive me to the dealership. Quite irritated at Erin Park Toyota.
-noticed my wheels were put in the wrong position I requested them to put it in. Super irritated at Erin Park Toyota.
-got a report on my desk about insects being sold at Mac's Milk. Packaged insects. I can't believe some inspectors take down this frivolous information. Quite irritated at workmates who make my work hard.
-wrote an e-mail to Erin Park Toyota expressing my displeasure at the service today. Got a response back that said the shuttle service is a courtesy, and that they'll fix my tires for free. As if they are not the ones who screwed it up in the first place. So irritated at Erin Park Toyota that I plan tol never go back there for service.
-got home and decided to jog. I was happy that I jogged for about 1 hour straight. Irritated, however, that my fat thighs rub each other while I run and causes chafing. Look below for an image of what chafing looks like, but imagine it on my inner thighs (actually, don't imagine that for your sake). Literally irritated.

Unless you think this is sexy, then this is a realistic image of myself and not Adam
-Baked a cheesecake for Kiran's birfday. Irritated that it didn't bake right in the oven.
-I wasn't irritated when I talked to Sharon. So let's call it an irritating day but a much better evening.
39 Days till the Marathon. Yikes.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Worst Wheels EVER

So Ken and I tried to change my winter wheels to my all-seasons for summer. After about 2 hours, I was able to change one wheel. One frikin' wheel. The rest were rusted on from the salt from winter. Not even WD40 would loosen it. Dammit! I even injured my back trying to take out the damn things. So now I ride with one all-season tire and three winter tires. I am taking it to Toyota tomorrow morning. Can't believe I have to take it to the dealership to change tires. Tires!!!
Sharon posted some pictures we took at Niagara-On-The-Lake. The below picture tells you everything you need to know about my maturity:

The Indian and the Fisherman were looking for a new Village Person up there
Hey, it was a great day with an Indian. Heck, two Indians! Which makes me determined to get a Tobacco Indian for our house when Sharon and I get one. I mean, how cool would that be? Very (as Sharon said)! I'm glad she's on-board. It's gonna be one gangsta statue overlooking my Ping Pong Table and Drum Set and Poker Table and Home Entertainment System. Oh yes, I dream.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Don't Worry Kenny, I Can Do You Proud

I have been thinking lately that I can be a good gambler. I wouldn't go crazy, but at the same time it would be fun and I think I would eventually turn a profit. And this all happened because I read a couple of pamphlets that gave me instructions on how to play those games I never knew before. I think all I need is to lose like $100 before I'm off this kick. I've never been a gambling type before, I don't know why I would start now. Oh, maybe it's because like everyone, I think I want money for nothing.
Watched that movie 8mm last night. I think Nicolas Cage is a terrible actor, and the movie was even more so.
Went to the Raptors game today with Sharon. I am finding myself falling more and more in love with her (if it's even more possible to fall in love with her). I'm a lucky guy. With that in mind, I think I should be a gambler. Not with her, just with everything else in life. Oh yeah, and the Raps are really sucking these days; the only thing good about the game was that it was free and we got pizza slices for free too.
Gym tomorrow? Unlikely. Okay, Tuesday it is.

Surprise! This Time I Actually Didn't Know What Was Going To Happen!

First off, let me just say: I love Sharon. She treats me so good and does so much nice things for me. I am not good to her all the time, and she still treats me royally. Whatever I have done in my past life to deserve her I don't know, but I'll take it. Okay, enough with the barf.
So here's how my Birfday Surprise (yet, this Birthday thing just keeps going and going) Day went:
7:50am - call from Sharon that woke me (after about 4 hours of sleep). She said that we were still going (there was a chance it was going to be cancelled because of a snow storm. A snow storm. Okay Winter, I get it. Now it's time to say good bye for another year). I needed to know where so I could dress appropriately, and she finally told me, "Niagara Falls." I thought we were going to Toronto and the CN Tower. Looks like she had Ken in on it and he tricked me. Good one!
8:41am - Sharon picked me up and we went to Tim Horton's so I could pick up a bagel. It was supposed to take a minute or two, but the stupid woman kept screwing up and it took over 6 minutes. I was so pissed off I said outloud, "it takes 6 minutes to do a fucking bagel?" Yikes, I hope no kids heard me. I couldn't help it, I was hungry and Sharon was waiting, for she said we had to be at the place by 10am.
9:46am - Tim Horton's by St. Catherine's for a bathroom break. Realization that we were not going to be there by 10am. Doesn't help that it's a frikin' blizzard out there.
9:57am - second Tim Horton's bathroom break. Looks like I'm gonna have a weak bladder for the day. Lawrence, Sharon's cousin called. It was then she told me that a bunch of people were supposed to meet us in Niagara-On-The-Lake, including Lawrence and some of his friends, David Chu and Evelyn Kam (now dating), Anne Marie and Nina, Arvin, BJ, Ivy, and Ken and Janice. Anne Marie called and said "not to wait for her." Doesn't look like anyone else will make it. Regardless, SURPRISE! (I can't believe Sharon got people to agree to come down for me. Save for the weather, it would have been weird seeing a bunch of Mississauga people acting like tourists in Niagara).
10:22am - finally got to the destination: Niagara-On-The-Lake. My girlfriend, otherwise known as the Master of Itineraries, lets me know the plan. (Aside funny story: when she told me we were going to Niagara, I asked her if there was a plan. She tried her hardest to keep a straight face and say, "no, we're just going there and we'll see what we'll do." I quickly called her bluff, and we laughed at how ridiculous it would be for Sharon to go somewhere without have a plan and schedule. That's my girl!). We were going to go on a Historical Walking Tour. I am very glad I brought my Galawwchez and borrowed Sharon's rain jacket and layered up. It was snowraining and freezing. No one else came. Looking at the weather, I don't blame them. Didn't matter though, it was like Sharon and I had the town to ourselves! (I don't imagine anyone else being that insane doing a walking tour in that weather)
10:31am - first site, one of the oldest Churches in Canada.
10:50am - second site, Fort George. Watched a movie there about the History of Niagara Region. Didn't feel like going inside and reliving British life, especially since she's Indian and I'm Filipino.
11:someting to 11:something - passed by the outsides of Shaw Festival Theatre, St. Vincent De Paul Church, Niagara Museum, a candy shop (we bought Fudge and lollipops. It amazes me how Fudge makes Sharon so very, very happy. I thought I was the only one who finds joy in the little things in life), some hotel, and an apothecrary.
12:32pm - lunch at a small place called Roaster's. I ordered chicken soup and a Reubin Sangwich, while Sharon had a Souvlaki Wrap. The sandwich I had was so-so, but that's only because Shopsy's Deli totally spolied it for me when it came to the concept of Reubin Sandwiches. It was a small place, but there must've been like 5 waiters. And yet, our waiter was slow in getting our bill.
1:16pm - walked around Downtown Niagara-On-The-Lake, but didn't buy anything. The place had a very small town USA feel to it.
1:31pm - left for Niagara Falls. Noticed a crazy amount of Bed and Breakfasts' along the way. They must do really good business.
1:55pm - got to Clifton Hill, where we parked at the top of the hill. There Sharon told me that a bunch of people where coming for dinner at Kelsey's. Again, I was surprised that a bunch of people would come all the way to Niagara for a dinner.
2:00pm to 2:45pm - walked down Clifton Hill, stopped at various places along the way including the Midway. I didn't feel like doing any of those attractions, so we went to Casino Niagara.
2:55pm - got hassled at the security checkpoint for my license. Wish I had my badge. Oh hell, like that would've done anything.
3:something to 4:32pm - looked at the Casino games, and I partook in a couple of rounds of Sic Bo. I decided I was going to bet $20, fully expecting to lose it all. Minimum bets were $5. Lost money, won money, lost money, lost money, and finally stopped when I finally was $5 over! I made a profit! (Dammit, I won on a single $5 bet on a "5" dice, where 1 wins 1. The dice came up with three "5's." With this, 1 wins 3. If I placed it on the "triple 5" dice, 1 would win 180. That means I would've won $800. Instead, after breaking even, I only ended up with a $5 profit. Oh hell, like I would've known to put it there. But still... see, this is why I hate gambling, you never know if you're gonna win. It's luck. I'm so smrt!)
4:32pm - lost my $5 profit playing video poker and video blackjack. Looks like I broke even. I still had fun though, and I can't believe I won $5.
Between 4:32pm to 7:00pm - drove around Niagara, passed by the new Casino but didn't go in, Sharon bought a touque in a souviner store and I got a mini-figurine of a howling wolf that looks like Hobbes I'm gonna put on my work desk, sat down and hung out. We also went to Ripley's 4D movie experience ride thing. I thought it was okay, but not that great. Sharon said that one of the movies we watched was one she watched when her class went there in Grade 8. Maybe it's no wonder the attraction felt kind of dated. Hell, the other movie was us in the viewpoint of a log. A log. Plus, there may be something wrong with my brain and eyes, but it didn't really process 3D that well. I think because society is so bombarded these days with techonology that something like that just didn't give me the excitement and awe it would have, say, 8.42 years ago. We then coincidentally met Anne Marie, Aldwin, Nina and Steph in the parking lot. My rain jacket made 2 different people think I was working as the parking lot attendent. Apparently wearing a yellow rain jacket in public is not acceptable as a normal person in society. Someone should start a movement on that. Got lottery tickets from Nina (didn't win; boo) and a lotion applicator from Anne.
7:00pm to beyond - ate at Kelsey's with Ken, Nit, Janice, Walter, Mike Sy, Arvin, BJ, Ivy, Nina, Steph, Anne, Aldwin and of course Sharon, who treated me to everything today including all my meals. I had the "Kelsey's Konglomeration." What the hell happened to watching my diet? lol...just not today I figure. I was standing up when the waitress brought over my cake and everyone started singing Happy Birthday. I was thoroughly embarassed, and I'm glad everyone there was thoroughly glad (the tables were turned; the embarassor became the embarasee). Afterwards, BJ, Ivy, Mike, Arvin, Sharon and I were going to go to the new Casino, but the weather was crappy and we didn't want to find parking again. So we just went to the old Casino and looked around. I got a few pamphlets on the rules to the games, including Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, etc. I know have the urge to go to Vegas, to lose money.
10:11pm - started for home. The roads were bad, and it never ceases to amaze me how there are some very stupid, insane drivers out on the road during snowstorms. Luckily I had a safe driver, and I slept most of the way home. What a guy, I know.
So in all, it's been a great day and I thank Sharon for everything. Alluding to the first part of this rather long post, it's all because of my Baby. If you're reading this, thanks for everything and I love you times 62107089264362146245497802346. Aside from being a little sick still, I couldn't think of a more perfect day.
* * *
Damn Daylights Savings Time, you made me lose an hour of sleep. Ah well. Raptors game tomorrow.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Trying. Something. New.

Work. Long. Driving. Cows. Sick. TV. Sharon's. QT. Nitin's. Poker. Argh. Late. Wake. Up. Early. Tomorrow. Surprise. Snow. Crap. Pic:

Skupersillz. Yikes. Bad. Random. Pic.
Will. Never. Do. This. Again. Don't. Worry. I. Know. It. Is. Annoying.