Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Take 29

Okay, I exaggerate, especially since I didn't really start making new year resolutions since maybe half my life. But, I am going on my 29th year of life, and what better way to look at it than to do my annual list of highly unrealistic expectations?

And of course, we look back to last years post:

1. Be a good husband (that's a first)
2. Help clean up around the house (another first)
3. Be more healthy (not a first, but always recurring. I did lose some weight, but I'm afraid I might've gained it back already. I did join the 10km race again, so I don't have a choice. And I did join the basketball and soccer league)
4. Finish the renos!!! (Right.)
5. Be more money-wise
6. Be an adult

The results?

1. Ask Sharon. I know I am going to definitely have to work on it, more than ever. Whoever said that marriage is hard work I would like to punch in the face (only because they were telling the truth, and I can't handle the truth)
2. Again, ask Sharon. I would like to think I was a bit less messy, but by my wife's standards? Let's just say that #2 on this list is intimately linked with #1
3. I would like to think was somewhat of a success! I'm under 160, my blood tests for cholesterol came back within normal levels (at least, I think it did as that whole "no news is good news" thing is a great motto to go by) and without drugs (!...unless you count metmucil and omega-3 pills as drugs), going to the gym has become habit (albeit only for cardio), and I've signed up for my 5th 10km race. Now then, I just gotta keep at it this year, and go for my next goal...under 155
4. It's getting there. The bathroom is on its way, and then for the summer is the garden and backyard. Either than that, we just gotta save for our curb appeal (driveway and porch) and "dream kitchen"
5. Well, we're not broke which is always a good thing. We encountered a scare with Sharon almost losing her job, but we got lucky. We're not in trouble with the banks, the credit card companies, and we enjoy extravagences (ex. new garage door, vacations) in moderation with only money we actually have. So I would like to say, yes, we are becoming more money-wise. We'll see how wise we are once we get a dog
6. Ask Sharon how that is. As for what I think? I went through a lot of changes this past year that tested my adult-ness: my stubborn belief that if I continue to not swear (in fact, it gets easier everyday as it becomes second nature, and the only time I consciously swear is when I really, really want to make a point), I become more mature; I learned (sometimes through no choice of my own) to lower my expectations from people; I went through some career-soul-searching with rejections and contemplating what I really want out of my job; and, of course the hardest test, that being my mental anguish via all that daydreaming I do and trying to display some sembalance of control in my everyday actions. I have also come to believe and accept that being an adult requires the recognition and most importantly acceptance of happens all the time, every day, every second, whether it be circumstances, actions or thoughts, and that unfortunately there is no controlling it. So after all that blathering, what is the conclusion? I have a long, long, long way to go

Okay, so now that has been established, what are some of my goals for next year? Here is a list I am haphazardly slapping together (after about 2 minutes of thought) and may sound eerily the same as years past, as I seem to lack ambition (?):

1. Be a better, more grateful, helpful and happier husband to Sharon
2. Be better, more grateful, helpful and happier to myself
3. Be healthier (hey, you can't ever be too healthy)
4. Work less, enjoy life more
5. Recognize my limitations, embrace my strengths
6. Get a dog and be responsible for her (somehow, adding this on a new years resolution seems awfully a lot like implying something to a certain reader of mine)
7. Be more responsible
8. Finish renos! (I think this one will be on every list from now on)
9. Curb some of that conspicuous consumerism
10. Stress less. About everything

Let's see how well this blog goes for the upcoming year. I've been posting less and less and putting less pictures. Consistency is a hard and difficult thing, and sometimes interst wanes. This is still a great experiment for me though, and I shouldn't put too much pressure on myself.

Happy New Years!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Meet The Potatoes

Haven't done that in a long while...and a partner to boot!
My wife joined me as we watched 8 episodes of CSI in a row. Before that, I was somewhat productive; I ironed all my clothes. While watching TV.
So basically, it was a TV-filled day. And like I said, I haven't done that in a long while. I don't think my body was used to it. In fact, coupled with the fact I skipped my soccer game and ate all sorts of junk food, I wouldn't be surprised if my body was going into slight-shock, but is remembering how I used to be years ago. Yikes...I better not go down that road again.
But whateves, I'm determined to veg. For the first honest time in my life, I feel like I deserve it because come the new year, I gotta get my butt back into it. Oh crap, the new year is in a few days...ummm...

The Break: Halfway

It always gets depressing knowing you're half-way to going back to work. It always takes me a while just to get out of "work mode", and now that I'm being lazy and eating too much, reality will be striking soon again.
Why must my mind have these constant perceived struggles? Yikes, I gotta let things go.
* * *
Looks like Alberta in September is a for-sure go, what with me being a groomsman to Dr. Sy and all. Actually, I'm excited!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

All This Holidaying Makes Me Tired

Doesn't help when I dropped off my cousin (who, in my best adjective for her is as a "dumb blonde") at the airport last night/early this morning at 3:30am. Haven't done this "up for 23 hours straight" in a while.
I think I'm getting old

Friday, December 26, 2008

What Recession?

So Sharon and I did our part to help bolster the Canadian economy today. It was not only our right, it was our duty.
I wish.
We've been boxed. We always said, "look at those poor suckers spending their money conspicuously". And then we became poor. And a sucker.
But hey, always remember to look at how much you saved, not how much you spent.
Rationalizer in effect!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Murry Christmas!

Woah...this came up really fast.
What says Christmas more than...CSI? It's couch potato time!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Make That 5

Under the file of "just because I can, because I don't have to pay out of my pocket", I got three more pairs of glasses today*. I recommend for eyeglasses if you know your prescription.
*It's a deal! Buy in bulk!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

MSN With Your Mom

It always leads to funny conversations:
(After I asked how the show "We Will Rock You" was, tickets we got them for Christmas)
Imelda says:
we're in front of the stage almost right in third row near the wall and in front of the speaker its good we brought along ear plugs other wise we're deft by now
Jason says:
oh I didn't know it wouldbe that loud
Jason says:
next time we'll get you seats that are further
Imelda says:
its pull blast
Apparently she types the way she talks?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Be Ballin'

Looks like my basketball league I signed up for is a go. I'm hoping I enjoy it a lot more (and actually win a game!). There are only four teams, but I'm guaranteed at least 8 games.
I hope the team I'm on doesn't end up a bunch of ballhogs

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Work Should Never Stress You Out"

I always told myself that. Then why am I having these mini-anxiety attacks? I can't take it right now. I work with imbeciles.
I can't wait for this break...

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Parents Are Funny Pt. 23

(Upon discussing my Aunt, who is a widow and has a new boyfriend)
Mom: "When your Dad dies there will be no other man for me. I want God to take me right away"
Dad: "Right away? Give me a break first...wait at least ten years before He takes you"
Mom: "Ya right"
* * *
Under "Backhanded Compliment": I conducted a class today and after the class I asked the students to answer an evaluation form.
One of the questions is what they would like to see for future classes. One of the students wrote, "it wouldn't hurt to have a good looking instructor. You did a great job today Jason!" Thanks...I think?!?

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So I finally found a day that I wasn't lazy and started putting up the drywall in the bathroom.
I feel progress. Then again, I also feel progress is less than half way there.
But really, it's been fun work today. Woah

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bathroom Travailes

I'm not sure if "travailes" is a word, but I'll use it anyway. We're finally sourcing out the tiles and other details for our bathroom...I'm excited.
Until I realize how much work is still involved actually doing it.
Time...I just need time

Monday, December 08, 2008


So our soccer game today ended (predictably) with a loss, and (unpredictably) with a fight. I wasn't involved, nor was I willing or wanting to. I think it was partly Trent (my teammate's) fault, but the other team was playing way too aggresively for a rec league. Trent even ended up with a gash by his eyebrow.
Quite frankly, this is the reason I sometimes hate playing organized sports, especially with testosterone-filled idiots who take these games too seriously.
Besides, I'm a lover, not a fighter.
(And thank goodness I was on the bench as opposed to on the field, otherwise I may have reluctantly had to get invovled...and get beat

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Brotherhood Of The Travelling Skirt

Okay, yes, I'm a girl. I just watched that movie with Sharon.
I think I still have a thing for Rory

Friday, December 05, 2008

Longest Week Ever

So I figured this week I worked an extra two days. Four straight days of leaving ridonkulously early just to finish a project I've been pretty much working on the past year.
Or in other words: what it feels like to work for private industry?
I'm pretty tired

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Mom Is Funny

I haven't done one of these posts in a while. So I went to my parents house for dinner, and my Mom asked me to install MSN messenger for her so she could chat with Con on the computer.
Well I installed it, but she had to go to her prayer group. So I showed my Dad how to use it to show my Mom. I then added her as a contact and then left the house.
When I got home and signed in, I messaged my Mom who was now online. Here is how the conversation went:

Jason said:
So do you know how to use this now?

Imelda says:
hi jay its working its mom testing123
For some reason it reminded me of the time we first got call waiting years ago. When my Mom came home that evening, she asked me if the call waiting worked. I said yes. She asked how did it sound. I told her it was a beep. She proceeded to ask me what kind of a beep, how long did it last, what did I say to the person I put on hold, etc.
Old people and technology make for a great combination

Monday, December 01, 2008

And Then It Hit Me

While at work today, I realized that it's gonna be a while before I get over it.
My heart is just not in it right now. To be dramatic (a la American Idol): my spirit is broken.
A trio of black leaders will help me through this:
I will overcome. Yes, I can. You go girl*.
(*oh would you look at that, someone is already joking)

Who's Next?

Congrats go out to Team Mistie. I do find it funny thought that Dr. Sy had to include in his text message, "she said yes!"
Was there any possibility she would have said "no"? It's not like he moved halfway across the country for her or anything...