Monday, May 30, 2005

Financial Planned Out

Met with Mike today with Sharon. Planning, planning.
* * *
Maybe it's a good time to think about my faith again? I guess it's no surprise because I need something again. I hate the way humans are (myself included). I don't understand why we are the way we are; why some act the way they do. Then again, life is short. Bleh.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Gettin' Too Old

For jogging already? Well crap, the first time I go jogging in a week and a half and now my knees and my ankles are all sorts of messed up. Maybe it is time to invest in new runners...we'll see.
The party with the Cezar/Redublo clan just don't stop, does it? Went there again and ate a lot and hung out with the cousins and nieces and nephews. Even nieces Ashely, Amber and Andrew from Florida, who I don't see at all but it's like we've known each other forever. Family is nice, I wish mine in the future is like that.
Cheyanne also treated me to a movie. That's my niece! She loves one of her favorite Uncles so much she treated me to "The Longest Yard." It was actually a very funny movie. I find scenes with grotesquely huge individuals standing beside average height individuals always funny. And then I extend the laughter by imagining me beside them, since I'm even sorta considered below-average. Oh, and Rob Schnieder is always funny, and in fact he gave me the funniest quote from the movie (aside from the usual, "YOU CAN DO IT!"): "we win! group hug in the shower tonight!"

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hip To HepA

Got my shot today. Ready to go to the Philippines.
Had lunch with Jaime and Kira. Nice people.
Went shopping with Sharon, Meng and my niece Ashley.
Ate chicken balls at Jeff's place. Craving satisfied.
Che's wedding tomorrow.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Full At Midnight

Can't be good. I just came from The Clarkson Pump after my Che's wedding rehearsal. Hope I don't screw up pinning the veil on Saturday.
Also armour-all-ed my car finally. Shiney!
Say it with me: I will make a concerted attempt at not eating out so much and not eating so much junk food.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Mastercard Hurts

It's been used thoroughly today:
-graduation gift for Sharon at Donato's. Hope her haircut/styled is everything she wants. She deserves it and way more!
-Imagine these shoes, but only in all white:

Shell toe, not to be confused with Camel toe
I love them, they look grrrrrreat (I read in the paper that the voice for Tony the Tiger died recently. Thus, I had to mention him somehow)
-Uzbekistanian (sp.?) food for lunch. Again, grrrrrrrrreat
-RCA Lyra MP3/FM player. Cheap! Got it from an employee at work for the super low price of sigdy bones. Brand new too...thus, I have to learn how to use it
-finally, one the top movies ever made in my opinion: Revenge of the Nerds! hoo hoo hoo hoooooo
Plus, my fascination with Gilmore Girls continues. I even watched it over the American Idol finale, although I know the country girl won. I personally thought the ending to AI3 with Fantasia was the best ending:
'Cause I waited all my life; for this moment to arrive...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Back To Work

Busy at work. Cut my middle finger. Hurts. Gotta start hitting the gym hardcore again. Found pics of me on the net from the marathon. Big belly. Yikes. Eating disorder it is.

Monday, May 23, 2005


So I spent the long weekend camping at Ahmic Lake with Sharon and her classmates. Unlike last year where it was a veritable downpour rainfest, this year was nice and sunny (with the exception of a tad bit of spitting the last night). I even got tanned (argh). I would like to think that every camping trip gets easier in terms of what to pack and what to bring. I'm almost becoming a seasoned camper. Yeah, an oragano camper.
Friday: got everything ready, played poker at BJ's house with the friends, woke up three and a half hours later to...
Saturday: woke up at 6am, left by 645am, got to Sharon's, went to Tim Horton's for an everything bagel garden sandwich, stopped in Barrie for last minute food (cold cuts, cheese and bread), got to Ahmic Lake, met Derek, Jen E., Jen T., Greg, Mike and some of his friends, set up the tent, ate cold cuts for lunch, sat, read, relaxed, got tanned, made pasta for dinner, got complimented on my pasta, sat around a campfire briefly, took a shower, played a little poker, went to bed and then it was...
Sunday: had a fabulous sleep in my new sleeping bag, made pancakes and sausages for breakfast, read, relaxed, got tanned, cooked hash brown, ground beef and eggs for lunch, read, relaxed, got tanned, went for a walk with Sharon, read, relaxed, got tanned, made salisbury steak and hashbrowns for dinner, played some poker, sat around a campfire briefly, remineced (sp.?) with Sharon at how our first camping trip together as a couple was at the same place, took a shower, slept and then it was...
Today: had another fabulous sleep, woke up, packed everything up, went to breakfast at the Swiss Restaurant on site, had pickeral, eggs and hash browns and toast and one of Sharon's pancakes, left, went to Highway 9 to get to Caledon, pretended I was a rally car driver, got more stone chips on my car, went to Royal Ambassador Banquet Hall to show Sharon you know, dropped Sharon home, went to Mike's briefly to hear about his "exciting news", got home, unpacked, washed mine and my Dad's car, went inside, put my pillows in the wash, watched some TV, ate, and then WHEW. Here I am.
I seriously have to start feeling less obligated to do this blog that no one really reads. I'm yet to go back on a random date and say, "oh yeah! that's what happened!" But then what was once nothing but an experiment has turned out to be quite the interesting project. I just have this bad feeling that one day this website will just shut down and thus all the hours I have spent writing this. Oh well, nothing in life is permanent...

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Gone for the weekend with Sharon and classmates to Ahmic Lake. Should be fun, just hope I don't get bored. Guess I'll bring a book. Roughing it two whole days without the Internet? Yikes damn.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Getting Ready

For all sorts of things.
Work: finishing up for my trip.
This Weekend: bought a new sleeping bag today from MEC.
Philippines: got an e-mail from my aunt pretty much planning out part of my trip, and getting all my shopping out of the way. Excited am I? Getting there quite faster than I thought.
* * *
Went to Originals today for some good ol' fashioned wings. Now I remember why I stopped going there for a while. Heart attack anyone?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Not Quite Chipotles

As in the Mexican restaurant in Chicago, but I had Chorizo's today in Clarkson Village. The burrito and chips I had were good, but it wasn't as big as Chipotle's and the chips weren't as good. It was good, regardless and it satisfied my Mexican cravings.
Went to Clarkson Waste Water Treatment Plant today on a tour. Same sort of deal as my Dad works. I was imagining what it would be like to work at one of them. I would like to! Then again, everyone wants to be something they are not. I'm happy as a Public Health Inspector -- right now.
Can't believe I got into Gilmore Girls. All because I have a crush on Rory. Is this going to be another DVD purchase thing?'s too girly. I'd rather just watch reruns. For now. I did watch the season finale today, and despite all the talking talking talking (sorta reminds me of my girlfriend. wonder I like too then), it was pretty okay.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I'm A Mentor!

For the students that are in the office now. If that doesn't make you feel old, I don't know what will. It's alright though, as it was a rather lackidasical day.
Speaking of growing old, I had a rather mature talk with my girlfriend today. Rather, make that it was a mature topic, but I responded immaturely. No real surprise there, as supressing my emotions has always been hard for me. I better try harder.

Monday, May 16, 2005

One Last Thing

The official results of the marathon are in. Click on the pic to find yours truly highlighted for your convenience:

Or you can squint really, really hard
52 minutes and 12 seconds. Is that as good as it will get? Nope...I am now aiming to break the 50 minute mark like Arvin did (he did it in 49 minutes. Will the competition between us never end?). The only problem is: when? Perhaps this fall, after my Philippines trip. We'll see. Regardless, this whole event has been quite the experience for me and fun. I never thought I could run that far that fast, but am happy I did. Now then, where's my bike?
Went for a one hour massage today, where she absolutely killed my legs (that's a good thing, apparently). I'm lucky to have benefits from work. Then I went home and had a bath. That's right, a bath. First time in a long, long time. Might as well go all the way with this health/pampering myself thing.
Last episode of Everybody Loves Raymond was on tonight. It will live on forever in syndication. It got me thinking though: if there were 209 episodes, why does it seem that all the reruns are the same 10 shown over and over? Then it occurred to me: I watch too much TV.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Officially Proved To Myself!

I am now devirginized when it comes to an officially sanctioned race. I felt like this guy, except it wasn't a marathon or a half-marathon, it was cold and raining, I am not white, and I didn't end off like this (but I certainly felt like it):

Then I did the VECTOR! cereal pose
I don't have my official time, but I think I finished in the 52-53 minutes mark. Of course now looking back on it I think I should've done better, but I did prove to myself that a)I can do this long distance running thing; and, b)that I could finish 10km in under an hour. I can't wait till the web results are posted.
Brief, chronological events of race day:
-woke up excited and nervous at the same time
-went to the YMCA to pick up our race kit which included the bib with my number (7611), shirt, timing chip. There was a running expo there, so I also got PowerBar PowerGel and a waist pocket holder thing, great for when I jog and when I go to the Philippines
-ate at Pita Factory for lunch
-went home to rest, watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I didn't realize that the Indy movies were funny, but then again I haven't watched them since I was 5
-couldn't take a nap because I was too nervous
-Sharon and Anne came over to pick us up
-went to starting line. The rain was coming down pretty hard. I was happy because it wasn't hot and humid
-Arvin and I started somewhere in the middle. The start of the race takes a lot of energy because I had to dodge a couple of people. Within 2 minutes, Arvin and I are split up, and I won't see him till we're at the end of the race
-took part in getting water from spectators. Choked on water. Threw cup on ground like I was a real runner
-at about Kilometer 8, an old couple were screaming names. They screamed mine when I pointed to my bib and I raised my hands victoriously. I soon realized that I was getting tired after that
-approaching finish line, I couldn't find Sharon and Anne so Sharon could take my picture. Ah well, so I sprinted to the finish mat
-got a medal, disposable blanket because I was drenched and shivering. Had some Gatorade, a banana and bagel. Found out, to no surprise, that Arvin beat me. Good for him
-went to the Bell Mobility tent and used the courtesy phone to call Sharon. Turns out she wasn't at the finish line when we got there she wasn't there yet. Something about me giving her wrong directions to get to the shuttle bus (oops!)
-went home and took a hot shower. Went to Turtle Jacks with Arvin, Sharon, Anne, Ian and Monley and gorged on Ribs and Wings for my "celebration dinner"
-went to Dr. Sy's and hung out a bit
-got home, my contacts are as dry as heck, I have to use the washroom, but still happy and content to end off my day like this
There's always next year to beat my time this year. We'll see. We'll see.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

And Today's The Day

What I've been looking forward to/am nervous about/have been training for for the past couple months. The Mississauga Marathon 10km run. I am confident I can do it, but it just seems very nerve wracking. I'm getting deflowered into the world of "competitive racing." Yikes.

That's me, the 15th one to the left in the 34th row
Here goes nothing. Here goes everything.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Kalbo Agen

For the race in two days. But then it's supposed to be cold and raining, so really I didn't have to do it. But whatever, my head is gonna be cool this summer.
Getting nervous for some reason about this race. Hope my heart pumps as well as it's pumping now.
I don't really like my Doctor for some reason. I'll think about changing her perhaps.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Great Thing Happened

I lost all the money I won last night! That is, I lost it at Fallsview Casino. Why does that statement sound insane? Well, here's the thing: it left me with such a crappy feeling, that my "cravings" to go to the Casino are no more. It's easy to win money you never had just as it's easy to lose money you never had. Heck, it's even easier to lose money you do have. So, with that said, I have finally come to my senses and am now off this kick of wanting to do something I wouldn't normally do. I hope. The quesy feeling is still with me, though, and I prolly won't forget it.
I had a pretty good 52 minute 10km run today. Looks like I'll be set for Saturday. I hope. I really, really hope. The runner's high afterwards made losing that money feel like I spent it for that high. Except I can get it for free. Okay, so looks like I won't be going to the Casino for a long time then!


So I went to Casinorama today with Ken, Anne and her Mom. I won! Tripled my money, in fact playing Blackjack. I was even "honest guy" when the dealer paid me too much because he was new and rather nervous and an idiot. Now then, let's not repeat what happened last time and lose all the money (especially considering I'm going to Niagara tomorrow with Ken). Hey, it's just a hobby for now. Like all my phases, this too shall pass.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Orlando Bloom As Aragorn?

So I watched Kingdom of Heaven with Sharon (yeah, I know, Sharon out on a Monday night! Score!). It was actually a not bad movie, some pretty good action scenes. Some thoughts:
-Orlando Bloom, who was Legolas, looked like Aragorn. I kept waiting for him to say, "For Frodo!" It didn't happen
-when the King of Jerusalem's iron mask was uncovered, I thought Leonardo DiCaprio would pop out
-my favorite line of the movie, courtesy of the shaggly beard man: "I am what I am because someone needs to be"
-I didn't realize (Sir) Ian McKellen was in the movie till I saw the credits. Then again, I did notice that he was a rather gay character/priest in the movie before I actually knew it was him
-ditto Jeremy Irons. Had I known, I would've expected him to be having sex with some young girl
-Queen Amadala had a breakdown at the end of the movie. She looked like G.I. Jane
-everytime I watch a movie of historical significance, I want to learn more about that era. But then when I leave the theatre, so does the desire. I'll just wait for Sharon to give me the Coles Notes version of it
So I wanted to sleep early today because I felt so sleepy all day. But then I come home and the Phoenix Suns/Dallas Mavs game is on. Great. Looks like I'll be tired tomorrow again.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Crappy, Crappy, Crappy, Crappy, Crappy Run

With less than a week before my race, something horrific (to me, anyway) happened: I couldn't finish the route. I was devoid of energy, my feet felt like mush, and my mental strength was somewhere else. Damn. Damn. This can't happen now. I blame it on not feeling too well, eating a lot the past couple of days, not sleeping/resting enough, and working and lifting a lot of garbage from the side of the house. Whatever the case, hopefully this gives me motivation the next time I go running; this crappy feeling I'm having right now. That and seeing Arvin whizzing by me while running.
* * *
Well, with that off my chest, it was a good family day today. Happy Mama's Day to my Mom; I gave her Grubin and Booble CDs which she liked. Also a Happy 29th Anniversary to my folks; me and my brothers got them a DVD/VCR player. We ate at a Korean BBQ place, which wasn't the best but I of course ended up eating too much. Which might partly explain the above. Damn.

Busy Saturday As Usual

-Went to Square One with Riz. Got Anniversary and Mother's Day gifts.
-Actually went to Church. Didn't really pay attention, as usual. Sigh.
-Went to Sharon's for her family party. Watched "The Bourne Identity" and "The Bourne Supremacy" and ate way too much.
-Went to AMC theatres to wait for Mike, Arvin and Jeff to get out because it's Mike's (and BJ's) birthday. Ended up sitting there, waiting for the call they said they were gonna give me, didn't get it, and when I finally got a hold of them, they were already going to Sizzling Jacks and I don't think they though. Nice. Now I feel like I'm in grade 9 again, like I'm being ditched. So fittingly, I responded by saying tersely, "I'm going home." Bleh, whatever. I think I'm just tired.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Would've Been A Nice Day For A Bike Ride

But then I heard the heartbreaking news that my bike will not be ready for another two months. July 15th, that is. I guess it's a good thing that I won't be here for much of June, so the anticipation will be lessened.
Had lunch at O Tabico's. O fabulous as usual.
Washed and vacuumed my car today. I forgot what it looks like when it's cleaned. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I guess she's staying in the garage. Would've been nice if I had a bike to ride around in the meantime...yeesh. Ah well.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Even If I Don't Finish The Actual One

At least I finished the course in under one hour today, thereby knowing I can actually finish the course. I am talking about my 10km run, of course. Arvin beat me, but I have an excuse of not a lot of sleep/working out this morning. I love the runner's high. It makes me horny. Okay, more than you needed to know, but still, the hormones are a pumpin' when my heart goes a jumpin'.
This week at work has been long and drawn out. I have to find things to do, as my list is almost complete. At least I was able to buy my self-inflating air mattress today for my camping trip in a couple of weeks. It's all about technology baby! Now then, I just have to get new sleeping bag, and I'm all set for this year's camping trips.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's Official!

I am not going to be a Burley man. Just imagine the bike below except in black:

Sand Point!
I just ordered it and it should be in in about a week. My girlfriend thinks I'm not going to use it a lot. Oh, how I am wanting to prove her wrong. Sorry baby, I am going to won. Be on the lookout for my own pics.
Also went to the massage therapist today, and she is prolly the best one I've been too. Aside from the fact that I am really sore, she did the kind of massage I like. No, not that kind of massage, but a nice deep massage. No, not that kind of deep. Yeesh. I'm really gonna need that massage after my race which is in...two weekends? Ohoh, I might be in trouble. But whatever, I got my Burley!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Nother Long Day

Partly because I don't have much to do right now at work. I shouldn't complain because damn if I want a lot of work.
Got my tax return; I was excited until I realized that it was the wrong one (that is, my Uncle screwed up and had to adjust my return thus affecting my actual income tax credit. Damn. I think my Uncle is getting old; I better find a new one or do it myself. We'll see next year). Looks like the recumbent has to wait a bit longer.
The marathon is soon, and what do I do instead of run? Workout. I'm frikin' sore and I'm obviously going about this whole marathon thing wrong. You can do it Yayson, you can do it (what a pathetic self-motivational chant).

Monday, May 02, 2005

And Back To It

The gym, that is. I don't know how long it's been, but it feels pretty good to go back. I'm gonna be soreasaurus tomorrow.
I really have to be more efficient at work. I've become one of "those." Ohoh.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Good Times, Good Times

Last night at Nina's and Anne's party at D. Martini's. People always think I'm missing out when I don't drink alcohol, but really, I don't. I like watching my friends get all drunk and besides, my clubbing experience is like 54267 times better now that I go there with my (sexy) girlfriend. Some highlights:
-Nina getting crazy mad over the album Sharon made her. It wouldn't have been as good a gift if she wasn't mad
-Mike grabbing the boobs of our waitress
-Arvin picking up guys
-the waitress spilling three drinks on BJ
-watching Mike, Arvin and BJ getting really shitfaced
-watching Jeff make a grand entrance with his broken leg and dancing and macking on Allison
-giving the fingers to Mike to do it to Anne's manicurist
-dancing with my girl (despite her objections)
-making fun of Jeff being jealous that Mike grinded with Allison
All in all, a good night with the exception of it being really hot and steamy (and not the good hot and steamy).
* * *
Then today a still-drunk Mike calls at 945am (after going to bed at 430am). He said "let's go to Kelsey's for lunch." So him, myself, Nina, Liz, Anne, Jeff and Arvin went (Mike even called BJ although BJ was prolly still hungover and plus he was working night shift tonight. Everyone totally imagined a cranky BJ. And he wonders why people think he's
So there was a method to Mikes madness as he ended up treating everyone for his birthday. Score! Holee Carlsburg Years.
Then we went to Square One. I bought two books on Poker and How to Win at the Casino (seriously, I'm not addicted). Oh, and two words are now in the vocabulary amongst my friends: October 2007.