Tuesday, November 29, 2011


You know that moment when you think everything clicks in, and then, well...it doesn't?

I had a brief moment of that today.  As I have been talking (complaining?) about this fireplace reno I've been doing, I thought I had the chance to finish before my deadline of December 10.  I went to order my "accent piece" for the fireplace, and they said it would be available by next week.

Well womp womp...they called me back and told me that it wouldn't be ready for another 2 weeks.  What can I do?  I went to look at other places that could do the same work and...they cost roughly twice to four times the cost of the company I am going with.  A few days after December 10 is a small price to pay to save that much money.

Luckily, the majority of the other stuffs is done/going to be done:  installation of mantel (check), crown molding (check), first coat of paint for the crown molding (check).  Then our family room finally comes back all together again (with the exception of the accent wall).

I guess it looks okay.  More modern, if anything.  And once I finish it, I get to make the oft-told joke of, "okay, and now we move?"

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tired And Cracking Skin

Dang...it seems so close but yet so far away.  The fireplace, that is.  

I checked out a company that could make the last parts of the fireplace wall, and I might be just so pressed for time that I might just order it without doing my customary 4-5 company searches.

Admittedly, I am starting to get tired.  It also doesn't help that the skin on my hands are starting to crack (and bleed and hurt).  Plus, that damn full-time job continues to get in the way...lol

Aren't I a complainey-pants?  I have to remember that I chose to do this project and that I enjoy doing renovations.  Maybe I'm just upset because it didn't turn out as "professional looking" as I wanted it to turn out?  But then again, I've always been my own harshest critic.

I just have to suck it up and git it

*  *  *

Kiri is back in my office!  Nice to have the original lunch bud back...alas, some things have changed but it's nice to have my "bff" back.  I also wish her the best of luck in the next few days

*  *  *

That hernia thing I was worried about a few days ago?  Well, as I thought, it didn't turn out to be it.  At least, I still don't think it is.  Seems like it's just one of those weird bump/cyst-like/pimple(?) things that I get in my body occasionally.  Like the time I had the same kind of bump in my arm.  Weird

Here We Are Again...


Dang, this weekend went by fast.  I ate way too horribly, so I must go to the gym and at least sweat.  I hate this feeling of looking up as I'm at the bottom of the (health) barrel.

It doesn't help that we found a nice suit for Arfeli's wedding from Zara yesterday, and that it's a tailored fit.  So I have two months to try to get into half-decent shape and to avoid the tight-suit-debacle that occurred during Beevy's nups (as Nefeli reminded me indirectly yesterday.  I still feel really bad about ruining the pics...sorry Beevy!  I swear I'm usually a size "small", but J. Crew just fit differently from the clothing I usually get.  And plus, as Nefeli pointed out, it is after the holiday season where the eating will happen).


*  *  *

Hate it when things, like floors and walls, are not square.  Went to dry fit the quartz for the fireplace last night, and damn.  A few gaps here, tight fits there...time to think of a new solution again...

*  *  *

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Drunk...On Pork

So that was a fun reception last night.  I think (think? More like I know) I ate too much.  Of course I did not drink, but damn was the food ever good.  That porchetta station at the end of the night, which I was telling myself not to do because of the copious amounts of food I ate prior to that but couldn't resist, put me over the top.  I now have the hungover feeling (where I feel sluggish, body feels off, and for extra-goodness, a coating of grease on my throat and mouth).  I might not be regretting it right now, though...it was really, really good pig.

The party itself was good with good music (as to be expected as Mike is a talented musician and his musician friends were there too), good company (we were at a table with crazy white girls!  Oh, and Argay and I intertwined our fingers as we held hands.  Don't ask), good dancing (must be if my wife told me that I smelled like BO at the end of the night.  Thanks, wife)  and a brief reprieve from parenthood (not that I mind being a parent).

But of course, no matter how long or late we stayed up...we're still up at 5:30am because of the boy.

Today is going to be a long day too...swimming, then I'm going to Toronto to see what kind of tuxes/suits to get for Arfeli's nups, then back home to continue working on this fireplace.  I believe we've entered that busy part of the season...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Only Been One Day?

Yesterday was quite the busy.

Visited a day care in the morning (not that good), went to do some Christmas shopping (I absolutely hate that toy warehouse factory that Sharon likes going to), rushed to Jool's clinic for my new orthotic measurements, rushed back to another daycare appointment (we did like this place, but of course it's a bit more $$$), came home and finished hanging up the crown moulding.

This morning I went to pick up the mantel and other quartz pieces (early finish by the company ftw!), then just came back from the Nadal's nuptials.  Now we're going to the reception.

Yikes...no wonder I might be feeling a bit tired.  And of course tomorrow...we're still going to wake up early because of the boy.  Life!  Amirite?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hernia? I Hope More Like Herni-Nahhhhh

I hope that thing isn't a hernia.  All these years of joking about it...so I decided to take a look online as to what a hernia looks like -- big mistake.  Not for the fact that what I have looks like it (again, I really hope not), but because some of the pics are just disgusting.  I honestly thought I was going to heave.  Anywho, I'll just wait it out a few days

*  *  *

I love it when I stumble upon a deal, and that deal just so happens to also go hand-in-hand with good luck.  I might even love it more than the actual product I was shopping for...lol.

So for the past week I have been looking for the materials for the fireplace as my original idea of using the same company as the kitchen counters went up in, well...went up in price as to what I originally thought I would be paying.

I searched for a comparable material that deemed most economical but still look good (Caesarstone Quartz as opposed to Cambria Quartz).  Found the style we wanted, but not at the price.  I got various pricepoints, and was going to go for the last quote I found when I decided to search one last time for an Asian dealer (not to get so stereotypical, but they usually give the best prices).

Found one and when I got there, it was indeed cheaper.  BUT, it was dependent if they had the actual material in inventory (if they had to order a "slab" of it from the ditributor, it would have driven up the price by hundreds of dollars).  Turns out the one I wanted was, of course, not in stock.

Thinking I had no other choice, I was going to just give up and get the cheapest one, but then I noticed that the place I did look at had a next door neighbour that was also a natural stone supplier/installer.

Enter Galaxy Granite & Marble, a nice Vietnamese company with equally nice salespeople who actually understood what I was looking for.  I gave them all my measurements for what I wanted, and they gave me a quote I absolutely loved (not to mention they are all about the "cash deal" as well...scamming the government for the win!).  I even got a lower price if I just picked up the materials myself and installed it myself (how hard could it be?  I hope I didn't just jinx myself there).  And just my luck, they had once piece of a slab leftover that just fit all the dimensions I gave.

So I told them I would take one last measurement to ensure that it would fit.  I came back today, and yikes, I found out I'd have to order even more material as the walls weren't straight (dammit, whomever built it must've sucked!  Nevermind the fact that it was me who built it).  And wouldn't you know it?  They originally underestimated how much material they had in stock and along with my new measurements, everything again just fit.  I even inspected the slab myself.  And the new price turned out to be not that much more.

Seriously, I got really lucky.  I just love it when things fall into place.

Now then, I just have to not screw it up when installing it.  I even bought some suction cups at the Unique World of Princess Auto to help me put it in place (and with my string of luck, it was on sale!!! Man, I hope I win the lottery soon).

This fireplace is almost done.  I hope Sharon doesn't get too excited now...lol

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sorry I've Been Avoiding You, Jim

I've just been so dang tired and busy and wrapped up with this fireplace reno.

I will return...my fatso body demands it

*  *  *

On-call schedule is set for next year from May 17-31.  Surely on May 17 I will be contemplating why in the hell I took it...lol

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crown Mouldy

Dang, what day is it?

As always, I never thought this fireplace reno would take this long.  Actually, maybe I just never thought exactly how long it would take.  But as I always think to myself:  if I want something done correctly, then I shouldn't rush.

Yesterday, I (think, hope, pray) started on the home stretch of things including painting the first coat and putting up crown molding.  Ah yes, the crown molding...I got a size too small (looked funny in comparison with the taller baseboards we have on the main level).  So back to Rona I went, returned and got bigger sized crown moldings.

And cutting it at the proper miters was of course time consuming.  I hope once I fill it all in with the wood filler, caulk the edges and paint it, it will look decent.  Seriously, we better move after I'm done with this to maximize on any profits we might have (yeah, right).

Now to figure out what to do with the mantel...

Anywho, time to gogogogogogogogogo

Sunday, November 20, 2011

And It Don't Stop

So the evening with JuDexDang was fun, and the dinner was filling and yummy.  Good times hanging out with like-minded people.

And the weekend just don't stop...swimming, Sameer's 1st Birthday Party, Xavier's 2nd Birthday Party...man, I also have to do this fireplace thing.

Not that I'm complaining or anything

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Nap? A Nap!

So I guess I've been running myself tired these past few weeks, and it caught up to me this morning.  Took a nice long nap in the morning.  I just couldn't get up and going...but it felt nice for my body to get some rest.  Thanks Bub!

We then went to my Dad's birthday lunch at Wasabi Buffet.  Why must I always insist on overeating?  Ridonkulous.  And we'll be going to the Ang's in just a short while and will prolly eat like crazy there too.

And when was the last time I went for a jog?  So sad, I tell you

*  *  *

Found a great, random song:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wCgVu8mUf4

Friday, November 18, 2011

Playbook? Or Stop The Play(book)?

So upon researching GPS devices for my Dad's BDay present, I happened upon the news that the Blackberry Playbook has dropped dramatically in price (from 5 bills to 2).  Naturally, my "oh! There's a deal to be had!" radar went off crazily.

Am I ready to enter the tablet-age?  Do I listen to my wife who says that I already have an internet addiction and that this won't help at all?  And the almighty question:  do I need one?  (already know the answer to the last question:  no, absolutely not.  I do know what would be considered a need vs. a want.  This, I think I want).

I always eschewed the iPad for whatever reason, always thinking that if I were to get a tablet it would be the BlackBerry one.  And now with this price-point...uh-oh.  Looks like I'm having one of those altogether unnecessary only-in-my-society-while-other-societies-struggle-to-eat dilemmas.  Sad, but the conspicuous consumerism is still strong in my psyche

*  *  *

I really should be sleeping more.  Been running ragged all week, being on-call, working late on the fireplace, waking up early because of the boy...but I won in basketball this morning.  A non-sequitur, but it does make me happy 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Can Choose...

...to be sad at work, feel like a victim, be bitter, or...

...the complete opposite.

Just like everything in life, you get out what you put in.  Sometimes, you don't get out, no matter how much you put in -- that's just the luck of the draw sometimes.  And sometimes, you only get to where you are if you have opportunities placed in front of you.

Not to wax too much philosophical thoughts and feelings, but I'm accepting of this.  Right now.  Let's see what happens in the future.

Tomorrow is always another day

*  *  *

Went to my parents place for dinner with Eamon.  Sometimes my Mother being confused amuses me.  For instance, today she had her phone to her ear.  That alone is not amusing.  The fact it was on speakerphone and everyone could clearly hear the voicemail she was listening to?  A little

How Did I Forget The Power Of Double?

Why do I always miscalculated/underestimate my abilities?  I swear I'm so delusional and I have amnesia when it comes to things like this.

So I was plastering the fireplace last night (I've said it before and I'll say it again: drywalling is so not fun).  I figured it would take maybe 2 hours.  And...of course it took 4 hours.

Hoping for that day when the power of double maybe turns into the power of one-point-five then the power of one.  (Keep on wishing there buddy)

*  *  *

Last night of on-call what!  Luckily no calls last night.  I really, really hope there is budget for overtime pay, otherwise I'll have to take time-in-lieu.  And I'd be quiet sad if that were the case; I forgot who told me this, but I've always abided by the "take the money as opposed to the time" mantra

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is It Thursday Yet?

So it's been a busy on-call week.  I think I used up all my luck last week when I didn't get called at all.

I was speaking to Jenny yesterday and asked her if she did on-call, and she said she hasn't since she had kids.  I can totally see why.  We'll see how I cope with it next year and then figure out what to do in the future.

*  *  *

I haven't been to the gym in a while and I feel so damn fat.  Where did my motivation go?  When did complacency take place?

I'd smh at myself, but just the physical movement seems to be too much for me.  Argh

*  *  *

Random song I found on the YouTube that I think Eamon likes (right...Eamon):   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fy4cqWMhyI

Monday, November 14, 2011

This Would Be One Of THOSE Days

Busy in the morning, no let up in the afternoon, possibility of going out again in the evening...on top of that a sick baby and feeling sick myself.  Oh yeah, I be complainin'

Sicky Child


Our baby is sick again and not sleeping.  That means we're not sleeping (especially Sharon).  Also didn't help that I got called out after midnight last night and I have to go back there early this morning, followed by a whole day of work.

Dammit me and my jinxing this on-call thing.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Time, I Knew Exactly How Long It Would Take

Drywalling the last parts of the fireplaces, I estimated it would take all day.  Correctomundo.

But I do have valid excuses:  swimming the boy in the morning, hours of raking filling 6.5 bags (the one time of the year I might not appreciate having big trees), cooking dinner.

Still a lot more to go.  Sigh.  I need more hours in a day.

Oh, and I also need to not be on-call.  I got one call today, but it did not require me to leave the house.  Cha-ching!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Been Waiting For You, Jinx

So I've been touting this past week and some days that I haven't been getting called out for any on-call work.  Well wouldn't you know it...I got called twice today.

First one in the morning for a fire.  Good thing we were all awake, Eamon just finished eating, and my in-laws were okay to babysit (Sharon went to go get new snowtires for the Camry).

Then when I was coming back from that call, I got called again.  This time it was a water quality issue.  I mean, yeah, it was in Peel...but it was all the way at the far reaches of Peel up in Caledon.  I actually used to inspect the site years ago I had to go all the way to (Peace Ranch).  The administrator even remembered me, as did the owner of the bakery I went to for a quick snack (weird thing to be flattered about).

All-in-all, 7.5 hrs of work and 150 kms driven.  Looks like Eamon will be getting a Christmas gift after all!

Hoping for a quiet day tomorrow.  But if I get called, that's double-time.  Okay, maybe one call wouldn't be bad?

*  *  *

My Mother's Facebook status:

"to all november birthday honoree's happy birthday to all including my husband teng happy birthday hubby you make me happy on our trip lol"

That's my Mother.  Punctuation still be damned!  And would you look at that..."lol"

That literally made me lol

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fatherly Advice That Only My Father Could Give

After getting home from a rather long work week, my parents came over to babysit Eamon while Sharon and I went out for dinner at East Side Mario's (followed by a very exciting Winners and Walmart after-dinner date).

A lot of leaves had fallen since the last time we raked, and a lot of it accumulated on the driveway.  I didn't park in the garage like I normally would because I knew we were going out right away.

Dad:  "Where did you park?  Did you park on top of the leaves?  Why don't you clean off the leaves from your driveway?!?"  (he seemed quite upset)

Me:  "Huh?  Why?"

Dad:  "The catalytic converter.  Those leaves could catch on fire."

Me:  "Okay (?)"

But of course they can.  My Dad never stops giving me these life lessons the only way he knows how.  I can't wait to teach Eamon similar, very important life lessons.

Oh, and this after Sharon told me that when they came over, my Dad was taking off his jacket and Sharon was going to get the jacket from my Dad.  But instead, my Dad went in for a handshake, apparently thinking that Sharon was going for a handshake instead of the jacket.  A handshake?  Yup

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hey, I Have An Idea, Let's Go To Court

Gawd.  Sometimes the operators I work with can be so...just so frustrating.

They know I'm coming.  They know that if I see the infractions, I will have to take legal action.  They know all this, yet...still they make the same mistakes over and over.

Apparently they just want to give their monies to the courts.


So why am I frustrated about this?  Because that means way more work for me.  I already am feeling the pinch for some reason

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Unintentional Comedy Is Ridiculous

Saw a website and video of an old classmate flogging his business venture.

It's really difficult to stay quiet when you having the haterade like the way I do.

My goodness.


(Friends from high school know what I'm talking about.  Well, the haters, anyway.  Argay, BeeGay and even you Bubs...I'm looking at you guys...lol)


Now I'm really beginning to worry.  I haven't been called once since I've been on-call, and my first week ends tomorrow morning.  I'm still on-call for another week, and I'm seriously tempting the fates here, but if my luck holds out I will have accumulated some o/t without doing anything.

Seriously, I'm just wanting to really jinx myself here or something

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Happy Birthday X

I can't believe Xavier is already 2 years old.  He's such a nice, happy child.  I hope Eamon grows to be like him in that respect.

We went to their place, and Xavier's other half-Indian cousin Aiden was there as well.  Crazy to think in 2 years there are 4 babies.

Life goes by quickly

This Is Why Going To School May Be A Problem

I had an all-day training course today.  Needless to say, my focus and ability to pay attention has greatly, greatly diminished since I was in school last (and that's saying something because when I was in school, it was already horrible).

Maybe I just have to be truly interested/passionate with the subject at hand?

*  *  *

Suckatash.  The quote for the quartz for the fireplace mantle came in way over what I thought it would cost.  Have to think about plan B now...whatever that is

Monday, November 07, 2011

Where I Prefer Manufactured Over Fresh

So I had a craving for ras malai.  I bought some from an Indian grocery store a few weeks ago, and I enjoyed it.  Today, I bought some freshly made one from a restaurant.

Go figure...this is one of the rare times when I prefer a not-fresh food item

*  *  *

Rolando came today.  My body is apparently broken.  He taped me up and I look a little like a Mummy (not that bad, but sometimes I exaggerate).

Growing older sucks sometimes

*  *  *

All day learning class tomorrow.  Really hoping I don't fall asleep there or anything

Thank You God Of Daylight Savings

It's always great to have an "extra" hour of sleep.  Even if your child wakes up at the time he usually wakes up at.  I still like to believe that I got that extra hour.

Great weekend to be on-call:  no calls what!

Got a lot done yesterday:  put up Christmas lights, cleaned bathrooms, folded clothes...now then, I just have to remember that the dang fireplace needs to be finished.


Saturday, November 05, 2011

Clean Cars

So I tried to take advantage of perhaps one of the (relatively) nice days left this year by cleaning the cars.  I love when the cars are nice and shiny.

Also went to Gil's place this morning for breakfast because Mark and Meng were over.  Good times.

I ate too much today.

Arfeli came over as well for dinner and I got a haircut.

Overall, this random, jumpy post indicates the day was not-too-shabby.  And so far (although I might jinx it right now), I haven't been called for on-call.  Awesome.

Friday, November 04, 2011

My Wife Is Funny (November 4 Edition)

Looks like the house that's being sold in front of us might be occupied soon as a family and what looks to be a home inspector was there.

Sharon goes to me, "oh crap, looks like they might be white trash.  I tried to make them see me so they would say, 'oh no, there are Indian neighbours!' but I'm not sure if they saw me"

Thursday, November 03, 2011

When Is A Day Off Not Really A Day Off?

When you're on-call.

I have tomorrow (during the day) off, which is great.  But after 4:30pm...I'm working the entire weekend.

I'm hoping for a dyslexic's on-call this weekend.  Get my joke?  "no-call"?

Oh screw you.  I found it funny

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Walk Time With The Boy

So when I got home, I had this bright idea of asking Sharon to drop Eamon and me to Metro and we would walk home (Sharon goes to karate on Wednesday night).  It's one of those days where I'm not sure if it's warm or cold.  But anywho, I went to the bank, went to Quizno's for a ham and turkey sub, went to Metro to buy produce, potato wedges and avocados.

Then we took the 3 km trek home.

Now, Eamon doesn't usually sleep in the Baby Bjorn, but for some reason he did today.  Well, whatever the case, it was good times with my baby boy.

Then I got home and fed him, showered him, changed him, and got him to go to bed (thank goodness; I was scared that nap in the Baby Bjorn may have gotten him more awake).  And now I have to clean up the kitchen and do some laundry.

Quite frankly, it's days like today that make me really appreciate how hard Sharon works during the day (she even gets dinner prepared when I come home).  Thanks Bubba...Eamon is really lucky to have you as a mother

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

When It Feels Like You Only Have Two Hours

After what feels like a long day at work, going home to help out while the kiddo is still up and doing the cleaning after dinner, it feels like it's only two hours I have to do anything "productive".

So naturally, tonight...I watch TV.

I swear this fulltime job thing is getting way too much in the way of life

*  *  *

Why do I watch Glee?  It's getting so annoying.  Luckily New Girl is on afterwards