Sunday, January 31, 2010


Confirmed...I'll be in Mexico watching BeeJ make the best mistake of his life!


(Will Sharon be there? Does it matter?)

* * *

Just had lunch with Melodie. As always, it was quite amusing. I think I'm living somewhat vicariously through her

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Not To Do Before Playing Basketball:

Eat junk food all day and have three slices of pizza (and from Pizza Hut, nonetheless). That stuff will kill you while you're running.

Oh, and I'm finding that as I get closer to 30 years old, my knees are catching up to me with all the years of abuse I've been giving it. Mind you, it would prolly be much better if it didn't have to support so much upper-body weight. Okay, fine, and mid- and lower-body weight.

I have to lose weight again. Should I have a goal of dropping 5 lbs. by my birthday?

(screw that. I think I'm just going to give up and gain 5+ lbs. It's all downhill from now. Not that I'm being dramatic or anything)

Wasted My Life And Brain Cells

For one reason or another, I just spent two hours watching Jersey Shores.

wtf is wrong with me?!?

(it is funny though)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Orange You Going To Agree?

So I took this course at work today called "Personality Dimensions". Basically, it describes you in colour.

I'm an orange: resourceful, depends on the approval of others, thrives on spontaneity, doesn't like "to-do lists".

Sharon? I would think she's a gold. Gold? Think of orange...except the opposite

(good luck to us!)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Mom Is Funny (Birthday Edition)

Con's friend Sam, who works at Donato's, came over after our family dinner so he could give my mom a haircut.

He brought his equipment, hair dryer and all. While he was styling my mom's hair after the cut with the hair dryer, my mom said "don't make it too nice"


Needless to say, we were all confused. I told Sam, "I think she doesn't want you to give it your 100%. Only 70%." Either that or maybe my mom thought if he made it too nice he would charge her extra?

But really, she meant the styling combined with the hot air from the dryer was...making her sleepy.

That's my mother!

Happy Birthday Mother

And what better present is there than my mother being on Facebook? Because now her unintentional comedy (at least to me) is now available for everyone to see.
Here is what she wrote to some of her friends on the FB:
"hi finally we get in touch how's everything i thought you have a girl but anyway boys are good,see my grandson in the picture gilbert's son jason married too only conrad still with us in the house"
"what happen you didnt stop by my house for the holiday,so busy belated happy birthday too"
("screw that!" my mom didn't necessarily say about punctuion. And when she does use punctuation?)
"Thank you,your kuya and i took thursday and friday off work we are going to spend the weekend in Niagara Fall."
("screw that!" my mom didn't necessarily say about pluralism)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pillsbury Cinnabons?

Not so good, even when it's made fresh from the oven.

Bad aftertaste.

Even badder calories

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Lose Friends Playing Basketball

1. Play American with four other guys
2. Do nothing but shoot from the outside, not driving to score any baskets (with the exception of one basket)
3. Get to game point
4. Get pushed out to the half court line by an obnoxious defender (and eventual sore loser) and get left alone
5. Start hooting and hollering before you attempt a half-court shot
6. Attempt half-court shot...and hit it
7. Continue hooting and hollering (while singing "Pants on the Ground") while everyone is shocked and in disbelief
8. Leave immediately because you may be late for work and they don't have a chance to replay you
9. Blog about it and feel great for the rest of the day

Monday, January 25, 2010

Running And Running

So I'm going to play some basketball tonight. I think it officially ends my soccer career. As much fun as I had playing futbol, it's time to come back to my passion.

Granted it's not in a league and it's with a bunch of people that I'm better than (which means it's really, really bad competition), but it's good opportunity to do some running.

So I'll think of this song, which I like for some reason (my wife doesn't like it so much):

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Laid Plans...

...laid down and didn't get up.

I had these grand visions of studying today, but I reverted to high school/university form and went all procratinaty. To the point I didn't do anything at all. Crap.

This is why I don't think I could ever go back to school; there's too much good stuff on TV to watch!

Well, I was somewhat productive though; we went looking for appliances and ended up picking them out. Now we just have to order them, and get broke in the process

Babble Taboodelized

Good times today...met with Arfeli for our semi-regular (at least for Argay and I) Taiwanese junkfood gorging at Bubble Republik, followed by dinner and games with Kirly and Miknifer. Ate way too much, but it's the holiday season so it's okay, right? (wait, what? Well I'm sure there's some holiday out there).

Somewhere in-between there I also went to one of my neighbour's open houses with Arfeli, pretending they were interested in buying the place. I think our house is much better, but of course I'm being biased

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It Took CoCo To Remind Me

So it was Conan O'Brien's last show for The Tonight Show today. I've always been a Conan fan...his humour is my kind of humour (not Sharon's kind of humour, of course).

He actually said something that I found great: "I hate cynicism — for the record it's my least favorite quality and it doesn't lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen" (I realized this long ago, I just forget sometimes)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Always So Good For So Little...At Jay Chalet

Day-off today...yee-uh! So I spent lots of extra time playing basketball this morning. Since I dominated this morning (I actually won a lot of the games), how else to celebrate?

Winner-winner-chicken-dinner! Well, winner-winner-chicken-lunch, anyway.

So how do you make frozen chicken nuggets and fresh cut fries fancy? Sauce that thing up with some packaged Swiss Chalet sauce. That stuff is addicting; I've been known to drink it up. And I did.

I'm feeling fat but happy right now.

Gonna go to Aldo's farewell party tonight as well. Gonna be weird not working with him...he was a great manager. I wonder who's going to take his place

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lookin' Like A Fool

Heard this on a remix on the way home from work:

It'll get old really soon, but in the meantime I'm gonna enjoy it

* * *

Never had one of these in a long time: a burn. Went to the in-laws to fix some stuff around their house, and my MIL asked me to change the oven light. I didn't realize that it was on previously, and when I put my thumb on it, I felt that not-so-familiar pain. Hope it doesn't blister too much

* * *

First day off tomorrow of the new year! Yee-uh!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Five Years Down...

...starting year six. Technically it starts on January 29, but I just had my annual performance apparaisal. Good news? I'm not fired! (yet?)
* * *
Something someone sent me:
You and I have spoken all these words but for the way we have to go, words are no preparation. I have one small drop of knowing in my soul. Let it dissolve in your ocean.
-Rumi (in my Tumi. h8u4vrsm)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sometimes It's Time

It's time

(and don't be so damn stubborn, you stupid donkey)

Monday, January 18, 2010


Because that's just what I like:

And this horrible song, but that's okay because Daddy's Home:

Barfrrhea Explosion

So a few weeks ago, the contents of my green bin exploded in the container and froze. It had been frozen in there with no way out. It started to thaw and when I was taking out the trash today, I figured I should clean it out.

Let me tell you something: weeks-old green bin contents makes for quite the sights and smells. As the title of my post indicates, it was what I imagine to be barfrrhea.

And now, I am going to make some catfish for dinner. Or, as Kiri calls it, "ewwww...the fish that eats all the poo of the other fish." Yum

Sunday, January 17, 2010

When Relaxing Weekends Aren't Good For Your Health

So I pretty much hibernated this weekend and stayed in (with the exception of looking at some appliances briefly yesterday). Today? I didn't even change out of my

And therein lies a problem: these relaxing weekends aren't good for my health. Why so? Because I find that staying inside and couch-potatoing (about 7 episodes of CSI:NY alone today) leads to me just eating junk food. That trip to Bulk Barn the other day is going to do me in. Not to mention all the slouching and making a butt-crease in the couch, it leads to a lazy-time all around.

Must get motivated again and be more productive (especially with a lot of studying I have to do for some things coming up).

Tomorrow is another day...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slothy Saturday

We're onto CSI:NY. I think we have watched 5 episodes, and more to come. Just like last year, it makes me want to go to NY again...something about that city makes me know what Alicia Keys is singing about.

Also went to Caplan's Appliances to look at appliances. Decisions to come fairly soon, I think. Sure we may not have money for food, but the equipment to make them will be fancy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

This Kitchen Is Going To Be Boo-Gee

So the kitchen reno has officially started. Well, in the sense that I bought the first item for it: a fancy-schmancy faucet.

Here's my rationalizing (don't I do that with everything?) product description, as best told as possible in an info-mercial kind of way:
The Delta Pilar Kitchen Faucet is the latest innovation from Delta Faucets, a reliable yet somewhat economical company. What makes it so innovative?
Well, have you ever done any food prep where your hands became really dirty (let's say, working with raw meats)? You have to wash them, but oh-oh, you have to touch the faucet handle! You don't want to contaminate that sucker. I mean, sure, you can just clean and sanitize it afterwards, but why do that when you can avoid it? How, you say? Well, what if there was a product out there where you just have to touch any part of the faucet with your clean forearm and it turns on, to the water temperature you had set beforehand?
Wouldn't you want to get it?
Well, we did!

Faucet will make skin whiter and will make cookies. I think
That's right, this kitchen of ours is going to be, using one of my favourite terms, "Bourgeos". We're moving on up, baby!
Lest you think I all of a sudden didn't become cheap (let's face it, I am. There's a reason my house is so cold you could see your breath while talking during the winter), here's the story of how I gots it (in bullet form):
-Home Depot, $399.99
-Lowe's, $318.40
-Home Depot matches and beats by 10% = $286.56
But it's fancy! And I already rationalized it. I sort of dread to think about how much we're gonna spend for the sink and countertops. Considering how upper-crust my tastes are getting...Sharon, my love? You better start making more monies, your trophy wife is going shoppin'!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

When Do Coupons Not Save You Money?

When you spend way too much just to get to the minimum amount needed on the coupon to save money.

Case in point: Sharon had these Bulk Barn coupons where if you spend at least $12, you get $4 off. Since she had two coupons and we were in "dire need" of snacks, we decided to make separate purchases. So even with the coupons, we ended up spending $27. On snacks. That is just going to make us fatter. Which we don't want.

But we saved money!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How My Mother Reacted To Babies Having Babies

So my ever-amusing parents are funny to me (I covered this before). I called them up earlier today to let them know about my niece. My Mom wasn't home at the time, but my Dad was. I told him, and he said that he would tell my Mom when she got home.

So my Mom just called, and this is how our conversation went:

(Mom): "Soooooo...what's the good news?!?"

(Me): "Well I don't know if it's good news for [my cousin], but she's going to be a Lola"

"Wow! I'm so happy!"


"That's so good!"

"Mom, it's not Sharon"

"I'm so happy!"

"MOM, it's NOT Sharon"

"What? Who then?"

"It's [my niece]"

(even funnier when you consider it's an old Filipino woman saying that unexpectedly in a serious tone a split-second after a happy tone)

"Ummm, I think Dad tricked you"

"Yeah, your Dad tricked me. He told me that Jason and Sharon had good news about pregnancy" (you wonder where I get my tricked-you!-sense of humour?)

Anywho, so my Mom went on to say, "I knew it! When I saw her two weeks ago, I knew something was different"

"Sure Mom"

"No, I knew it! I just didn't say anything!" (and you wonder where I get my I-already-knew-that-so-you-didn't-really-surprise-me-even-though-I-might really-be-surprised thing that I do?)

"Sure Mom"

"Okay, so are you sure you guys are not pregnant?"

"Bye Mom"

When Babies Have Babies

So I just found out that my 18 year old niece, the same one I brought with me to the "Take Your Kids To Work Day" a few years ago, the same one whose debut I emceed, the one that I've known since she was a baby herself, is having her own baby.

What the bloodclot!

How did I find out about it? How else? She put up an ultrasound image on her FB profile.

To be selfish: I can't believe she beat us! (lol)

But really, here's some things that make it especially interesting (at least to me):
-my cousin is 40 years old. Her husband (my niece's step-father) is 37. And they are going to be grandparents!
-I told my cousin a few months ago, as a joke, "I bet you you're going to be a Lola soon, as what you did to your Mom she's going to do to you". Sure enough...
-my niece having a baby? Her youngest sister? She's 1 years old


Well There Goes That Secret Plan

So I always got by on 5-6 hrs. of sleep. I think secretly I've had this plan to sleep a little bit more (secret to me, even, because I was unaware).

Last night I went to bed early. This morning? Woke up at 4am. Prolly because I already slept my allotted 6 hrs of sleep.

The worst part? My tossing and turning woke up wifey, who as a result is prolly gonna be cranky and tired today. Since it's easier to just blame someone else, I sort of wish that she was a more heavier sleeper. Because, you know, it's not as a result of my fidgeting in bed or anything. Sorry Bubba!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So I've Decided...

...I don't like that new commercial campaign espousing the virtues of broccoli. Something about it annoys me, and I usually like stupid commercials.

< /random rant >

There's A Reason They Call It Stuffing

So stuffing has always been a holiday treat for me. But since I bought the Stove Top box? It's a holiday anytime I want!

Like last night, for example. I had Stove Top Stuffing. And stuffing it was. I felt quite bloated with my excess intake of carbs. But that stuff is like crack!

Also had the final game of soccer for the season (career?). Playoffs, winner goes on to finals. We were up by one with seconds to go. What happens? Of course they score the equalizer, and of course they win in the shoot-out. Is it bad I was secretly happy because I didn't want to play another game? (really, really hope none of my teammates reads this

Monday, January 11, 2010


You know what's awesome?

Oreo Cakesters. That's what's awesome.


That's So 2008

Four hours of ironing, that is. I really have to iron more often and not keep piling it up.

Soccer tonight, likely my last game. Should be interesting especially since I'll be playing the whole game (all the other guys are away)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Lazy Day


Found this song randomly on YouTube, and found it great:

If only she cleaned up her (drug)life. She would be an absolutely ridiculous talent

Runnin' And Runnin'

So after a highly unproductive day (mostly interneting and tving), I went to go play basketball with Con and his friends. Thanks to a better pair of orthotics (still gave me a big toe blister, though), I wasn't too bad. Feels good to run and jump and not kill my ankle.

Although I was unaware that my soccer team was in the playoffs and I still have a game to play on Monday. Let's see how my ankle is after that

Friday, January 08, 2010

Lazy Man's Way To Carry A Baby

So we spent some time at Xavier's this evening with the entire family (can't believe he's already 2 months old!). Had some great QT with the boy and some good Chinese food courtesy of the grandparents.

They also have a baby product that I figure when we have one is an absolute essential: that Baby Bjorn or Snuggli thing. It's awesome! It gives you two free hands and best of all, it gives you a chance to dance with the baby

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Oh, That Was Last Year's Resolution

So for 2009, I resoluted not to work too much.
Not so much for 2010 so far. wtf am I still doing in the office past 6pm for the past three days? Oh, right, doing work that could have been assigned to me weeks ago but instead was assigned to me a few days ago and due tomorrow. You know, it really, really doesn't help that I dick around too much during the day.
Focus man, you gotta focus man

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

When Do Hot Girls = Fat Guys?

A few days ago I boldly predicted that the gym was going to be busy with a bunch of new year resolutioners. Sure enough, the gym has been pretty busy this past week.

I also said I hoped the resolutioners were going to be hot girls.

Yup...a bunch of old, fat guys

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

This Goodbye Socks

So I'm about to make Sharon happy: I'm getting rid of these socks I've had for 16 years.

Background on the socks: my cousin Dennis, the first male I've known who was really into fashion, always gave my brothers and I his old clothing (as he liked to always change his wardrobe every season). He gave me these thick turquoise socks, that were prolly in style back in the '80s. The first time I wore them, it was warm, soft, and made my feet sweat.

So I started wearing them during the winters (indoors only) to keep my feet warm; almost like a pair of fuzzy slippers.

Fast forward 16 years later, and after countless washes, the socks have started disintegrating and have developed holes on the soles. Cue dramatic lines: I think it's time I say goodbye to them. It's time. I better move on.

So why would it make Sharon happy? Because for one reason or another, she doesn't appreciate the clothing I have that she considers "ratty-tatty".

These socks are one thing, but what would make her truly ecstatic? If I got rid of my 18 year old jogging pants-turned-sleeping shorts (complete with sewn on patches). Might I add that they are perhaps the most comfortable article of clothing I have? Something that survives well over 100 washes must be good (oh, and the fact it bothers her prolly factors into the reason I keep

Monday, January 04, 2010

Hello Resoluter's

It's around this time of year that when I go to the gym a whole new batch of people appear. You know, the New Year's Resoluter's?

Now, I'm not hating or anything because I was/still am one of those people. I'm just hoping that this year, the girls will be hot. Not that that matters or anything

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Partying Like It's 2009

So we went to Chunky Chunky Cholee's 1st Birthday party last night. Always fun times, especially with Xavier in the mix now, looking all handsome and cute in his outfit. I swear, starting now I'll stop eating like a fat bastard (new year, same complaints from me. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm quite obsessed with this).

We also met up with BeeJ afterwards cause he's going back to the West Coast today. I'm feeling quite honoured that he asked me to be his Best Man at his wedding. We've come a long way from him hating me and thinking I'm full of shhhhh. All it took was 15 years! Time to get the speech ready (if I do have to say one; it not, I'll still say one even if no one is listening)

Friday, January 01, 2010

20 - Ten!

Where the heck did a decade go?

Sharon and I spent a perfect night together last night: CSI marathon, pigging out on junk food, watching a few minutes of the countdown, watching more CSI, then snoozing.

What better way to start off the new years than with sleeping for 9 hours?