Sunday, October 31, 2010

That's Got To Be It, Mother

So my Mother just gave me a phone call, presumably to make me feel guilty.  Here is our exchange:

Mom:  How come you didn't call me all week?  You know your Dad is in Las Vegas

Me:  Sorry Mom, I've been busy all week.  I was in training in Toronto all week

Mom:  Oh, well I was just wondering why you never called

Me:  Sorry Ma, like I said, I was just a little busy

Mom:  Are you stressed out?  Maybe it's because your cholesterol is high or you have high blood pressure

Me (trying to figure out exactly what she means by that and quickly giving up):  Okay, we'll try to pass by today for lunch

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Blame The Food (And Also Because I Suck)

Had my first ever 5km race this morning for the United Way.  When I run a 10km race, I average between 50-55 mins.

So, this being a shorter race, I figure I could at least half the time, and do a little better considering I should have a faster pace.


I ran it in about 28 mins.  Wow.

I'm just going to go ahead and blame it on the fact that I have been eating way too richly this past week.  Well, that and the fact I suck.  Yup.

Next year I plan to do better.  Perhaps

Friday, October 29, 2010

Well That Was A Jaunt

I found this work week...nice.  It was nice to take a break from the normal office duties and from the people there.  It was nice to meet new people.  It was a change being in the classroom again and being without a (full) computer (bluckburry ftw), but still, it was...nice.

It was especially nice having "free meals" and a "free stay" here in Toronto.  I'm a tourist!

Just one last class to go, then I'm going to stick around TO before I go to a free Raptors game tonight, then finally to home to see Bubs and Bubs.

I have an early wake-up tomorrow for work's 5km race (I'm screwed for that, btw).  Back to routine!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When I Knew I Had Emotional Problems

When I became way too distraught over having a pretty bad basketball game.  It's supposed to be for fun!

Being the league leader in scoring was fun while it lasted...

*  *  *

Still trying to figure out how to blog while using a blackberry.  Not.  Successful.

Oh well...I can see though why they call this a "crackberry"

How Goes The Toronto?

So far, not too bad.  The training is actually informative, the meals are above superb (for conference food), the hotel room is nice and free of bedbugs, and my cohort Julia is good company.

Oh, and the BlackBerry is making me look like a businessman/bigshot, what with my important look as I use it (when really, I'm just messaging someone or browsing  Poser what!

So I just spent 1.5 hrs driving home so I can prepare for my basketball game, and then I head back for my adventure.

I really like these opportunities for these conferences (which, sadly, I don't ever foresee doing again unless I change jobs or something)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Guess who upgraded in technological life?

I'm not sure exactly why I got a Crackberry, but I did.  Quite frankly, I think this is just feeding into my web-surfing addiction, and I think I'm way too connected as it is.  Now I just have to get used to the thing...

My Mother Never Ceases To Surprise Me

So it's been well-documented here that I find my Mother funny.  I just saw this posting on FB that she did to one of my cousins:

"Hey missing you a lot when are you going shopping with us again your tito teng misses his jokes to you thanks anyway for the chocolate you're sweet"

My Mother, who has an averse reaction to anything involving punctuation, manages to properly put the correct "you're/your" at the end?  Just kills me, I tell you

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hanging With Old White Folk

My neighbour, Murray, had a get together at his place (he turned 80 years old), and his daughter Judy invited us to come.  Murray has three daughters and a son, and 10 grandchildren.  And it was actually quite fun.  Go figure.

I think Sharon fell in love with Murray's eldest grandchild, a 25 year old typical white guy with the bed head hair, muscles, tall, good looking and an outgoing personality who does missionary work in Nepal in the summers.  Not that I'm feeling inferior or anything

Maybe This Was What I Needzzzzzzz?

Nothing like sleep to wash away the crappy, exhausted feelings?  9.5 hrs...haven't done that in a long time.

*  *  *

Really feeling "The Waterboys" lately.  I like it when I newly discover an old band and their music.  Here is one of their songs that is good to listen to in the background:

Friday, October 22, 2010

And My Happiness Drops

I really hate days at work like today.  Just a lot of BS happening, and some self-admitted bad judegements by me.  I hate having to have to suck up to my boss so I don't get in the "bad books".  I hate "playing the game".  I am just so...frustrated.

Mind you, I thnk to myself:  what were you expecting?  Anything different?

I gotta learn to just go with the flow and take things as they come.  Try not to get so discouraged and remind myself it's just work.  Too bad I need it in order to live and provide for my family.

Meh.  It'll pass, I hope.

Speaking of work, today marks the last day I am going to be at the buildling at 44 PCD.  Almost 7 years's not that I'm getting so sentimental about it, but you know what, this was really the only workplace I've known.  Lots of good memories there, some bad ones.  Met some of my bestest friends there.  Just gonna be weird driving to a new place after going to the gym in the mornings.  Mind you, I'm not going to complain so much when it cuts 15 minutes off my commute time going home

*  *  *

Been feeling this song lately thanks to CBC Radio 2 in the morning (great station to listen to while driving in the morning):

Like the guy said on the station, I hope to see the Whole of the Moon one of these days, when I have those (increasingly rare) moments when things actually make sense, even for a second

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Could Sitting Make Me So Tired?

7 hours of meetings today.  A whole lot of sitting.  30 minutes break.  In meetings that made me question why I accepted this position with people that annoy me to no end.

Oh yeah...that's why I'm tired.

Only one month left though, and then will I have this feeling I'll miss it?  We'll see.

Something I won't miss though?  This drama happening at work right now.  Wonder what is going to happen tomorrow

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So, Anyone Make Any Confirmations Today?

I did:  Nutella on Naan is awesome.  Yummy in my tummy

*  *  *

No surprise, no show today.  Let's see what happens tomorrow again!

Wake Up Man

I used to be able to just wake up no problem, get by on 5 hours of sleep.  Lately, though, I've been feeling the "drowzies", despite sleeping 6 hours.  Plus, I haven't been finding the same motivation to go to the gym.   Oh man, this can't be good.  What happened to me?  I thought I was the same ol' G?

Wasn't I supposed to be okay with no sleep if and when we eventually have children?

I are worried.

Actually, wait, I think it may have something to do with the fact that I'm eating such horrible junk food lately and that I don't want to go to work

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who Is This Guy?

So is this what it feels like to win in basketball?  Our team won again today in a little bit of a blowout.  In fact, I got into the double digits again (11 pts.), which got me wondering:  who the hell do I think I am?  LOL...if my teammates only knew that I'm getting quite lucky with my shots.

But I guess they think I'm good because in the second half, I didn't play the last 12 minutes.  Well whatever, I'll get my basketball on tomorrow morning and I'll go with the thoughts of "well the other guys are playing garbage time because I'm part of the first string team".

Ego much?

It'll prolly all deflate next week anyway.  Here's to keeping it real

*  *  *

Well that was a little bit of a let down this morning.  The somewhat predictable happened. we go again

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tomorrow's The Big Conclusion...

...all those extra hours of work the past few months comes down to this.  Assuming someone shows up.

Anywho, it's time to be a "Supervisor" and do the things that are not pleasant but have to be done.  Why am I so nervous?

I'll go play basketball with some old Chinese men to get my mind off of things...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Can't Be The Only One...

...who hates being indoors when the weather is nice outside, right?

I feel like it's such a waste, especially with the cold weather coming.

And yet, ironically, I'm on the computer instead of being the aforementioned outside...

*  *  *

The first baby in our group of friends has arrived.  Congrats to Drs. Mistie on having Macsen Jaesung Sy!  Can't wait to miss him, especially since he was named after me

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Does This Mean I Get To Get One Too?

So Sharon ended up getting a blackberry.  Do I get to get one too?

We did cancel our home phone line.  We just weren't using it and paying what we were paying wasn't worth it.  So two blackberries would be?  Let's go with "maybe".

We also ended up going for a nice car drive up to Caledon and to Terra Cotta Conservation Area.  It would've been nice to see the nice Fall colours of yellow, orange and gold.  Unfortunately, we only saw yellow and a bunch of naked trees.  Wowza, I guess it means its time then...the cold be coming.

And finally to celebrate our anniversary, we went to East Side Mario's (don't know why we can't get enough of that horrible place).  I think I consumed something like 7245 calories.  I'm dying here, and have some terrible itis

(that's itis, not tits.  Well, I do have some nasty man boobs, but that's besides the point)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Gut Punch

Had no energy today at the gym, and usually on a day off (what), I'd play ball for hours.  Might have had something to do with the fact I didn't eat breakfast?

So I did what any logical person would do: go grocery shopping, and, well...not eat.  I think I was trying to do a test for myself:  not to overbuy while doing groceries while hungry.  I think I was successful, but I did end up buying some naan and a seekh kabab afterwards.  But I think I was overtired and overhungry at that point anyway.

And really, I couldn't concentrate and enjoy lunch anyway as things were happening concurrently.

I should be more productive.  I think I'll clean my car and take advantage of this weather

*  *  *

I wonder what it's like to be music star and do music videos like this:

How do they not get aroused?  Or do they and the girl just doesn't mind?  I think I should learn how to sing.  And workout.  And look more pretty.

Okay, forget it

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fargin Elbow

Played basketball this morning with my cool goggles.  Also got elbowed by someone on a tender spot on my forearm.

Yeah.  Ouch...was stinging and sore then, is stinging and sore now.  There goes my MVP

*  *  *

All the extra work at work paying off?  I hope!  Looks like things be on the way...

*  *  *

Emotions, when not harnessed, suck

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy As Can Be 3rd Bubs

It may not be perfect, but it's ours.

I love you Bubba.  Thank you for putting up with all my crap.

This year (and beyond), more than ever, I will try to be the husband you want me to be and that man you wanted to marry three years ago.

(But really, what were you thinking three years ago?!?)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Of Those Days Where You Go Huh

Ever have one of those days where you just go "huh"?  And not huhboy...just huh.

I had one of those days today.

Been working at the region for 6+ years.  When I started, I knew nothing, I had no girlfriend, I was broke, etc.

Fast forward to today:  I know some things (not nearly half as much as I should), I have a wife, I'm still broke (no surprise there...I'm certainly not going to get rich in this job), and lo and wife started work today at the same place that I work.


New chapter in my life?  New chapter in my life

*  *  *

Ended off the day today with a late basketball game, which we won.  Yee-uh!  We're doing much, much better than I ever thought we would

8 points today with two threes.  Could've had more, but I had no legs under me.  Even worse, I think I strained a hammy.  But whatever, we won and I already knew I plateaued last week

Monday, October 11, 2010

Where Thanksgiving = Swiss Chalet

Went to the in-laws for lunch.  Swiss Chalet.

Went to my parents for dinner.  Swiss Chalet.

Always so good for so little.  Except I'm going to have a lot...of pounds around my waist.

Short work week coming up...yee-uh!

Love Thanksgiving Monday

Or should I say, "not going to work Monday?"

Well whatever the case, finally we get to tell some news so it doesn't have to always be a secret

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Okay, So You Have Time Off Now...

...why aren't you captilizing on it?

Things just seem so foggy right now.  Gotta snap out of it and get back to living life

Saturday, October 09, 2010

What Kind Of An Idea Was That?!?

For some reason, I went for a run this morning.

I am currently hurting right now as a result.

Gotta cook for a small dinner tonight.  Thanksgiving is always a great time to overeat.

Oh right, that's why I have to run...

Friday, October 08, 2010


Long week of work.  Glad it's over.  Until next week, when it's long all over again.  Oh well.

We decided to try Panago pizza.  Result?  It's okay.  I'll have to try it again before I decide if I like it.

This day has been all about bad eating.  Noodles for breakfast, Veal Sandwich and gelato for lunch, pizza and nutella on a spoon for dinner.  Good thing I'm not going to eat bad this weekend.  Not like it's Thanksgiving or anything...

(my fat jumps for joy, my heart just dies a little)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Two Random Things I Like From Youtube


That would be a combination of tired and irritated.

I really shouldn't take work to heart.  It's just work after all.

I feel like dancing disco, and learn a routine

Ai Pinakbet

After yesterday's Filipino dinner, I found this pretty funny (if only for the fact that it goes to prove that Filipino's are quite...unique):

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Mother Is Funny Pt. 87

Went to my parents house today for dinner (lazy to cook, sinigang, Sharon at karate, had to pick up pants from Sam Dry Cleaner...perfect opportunity).

And of course my Mother's observations.

I was talking to her about how I thought when Lizanor went on her honeymoon with Nikko to Hawaii, that they were by themselves.  Turns out Lizanor's whole family went (because of a wedding there).  I said to my Mom I was surprised that the whole family went, but not really (if you know Lizanor, you know she's close with her parents, so really, it's not that much of a surprise).

My Mom's response: "well, you know, they can do their business in the bedroom and then they can spend the rest of the trip with their family".  The part that kills me, aside from her accent, was the fact she said it nonchalantly and just continued on with her conversation.

Now when I see Lizanor, I'm just going to think that her and Nikko did their business.  Wow

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Pinnacle Of My Career

So I've been having some really horrible past few days at work.  Lots of crap to deal with.

Apparently all it takes for me to feel better?  Play in my basketball league against one of the worst teams who have no substitutes (in other words they were quite tired the halfway point of the first half).

We won something like 55-28, and I think I was high scorer for our team.

16 points (courtesy of a lot of wide-open looks and no defence from the aforementioned tired team)!  I've reached the top.  Ain't no way I'm gonna score even half that much for the remaining games.

It's all downhill from here.

Oh crap, I have to go back to work tomorrow, don't I?

Monday, October 04, 2010

Marching On

Now for a little inspiration from the folks that told me it's too late to apologize:!

Now Is It Real?

To me it is

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Here Comes The Wine

I'm talking about the Pinot Don't Want To Work

Lots of stuff to do at work, but don't want to do it.  Where's the motivation?  I'm not even scared of failing...I just want to spend time in my garage and clean it out like I did today (put up a bike holder).

And Captain Complainy is done.

For now

Saturday, October 02, 2010


So we found ourselves in Buffalo (leaving at 2:15pm, nonetheless).  We went to find Sharon some boots, and the inevitable happened:  I ended up buying everything.

Started the purchases at Mighty Taco (always wanted to try it ever since I was young and saw the commercials on TV).  Result of that culinary experience?  Meh.

Then got myself a nice pair of cheap-ish shoes, a hat and scarf set from Forever 21 for pretty cheap (just realized how gay I sound by stating the preceding part), a few plates to replace the one I broke a few days ago and what I always end up getting whenever I go to Tar-jey:  Fruit of the Loom underwear (21 pairs for cheap!) and Chex Mix.  I don't think I'll ever run out of underwear.

I also thought the same thing I always think of when we're there:  how the hell do people live here?!?

We then went to Johnny Rockets at Fallsview Casino because I had a $15 certificate that I paid $7 for from Groupon.  Unfortunately, that $8 we saved went towards the $10 parking.  Luckily Johnny Rockets is one of my favourite hamburger joints ever.

I think I have to start exercising more again.  But I'm so dang tired...I think getting sick knocked my system out for a bit

Friday, October 01, 2010

Still So Fargin-Hargin Cute

Love that Xavier boy...he's so damn cute.

Poor Bubs though; she's still sick so she wore a mask when she went to see him.  Their family is going on a trip to Cuba.  Jealous because I really want to go on a vacation.

Prolly because work has been especially stressful these past few weeks (coincides with the sickies? Maybe).  But I wanted this, right?

This is what I have to tell myself everyday