Friday, September 27, 2013

Uhtz Uhtz Dance

Well these Thursday nights have been...interesting.

Need to refocus again.

Seriously have to refocus.  Painting should have been done already

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Further And Further

Not sure where I'm at or if it's where I want to be...but it'll be okay.  Things happen for a reason, right?

One day the answer will be there.  One far off day

Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy (Sugar-Filled) Weekend this is what is meant as having no weekend due to it being all for the child and child's activities.  Smorgasports, swimming, Michael's bday, Cruz's wonder it was a tiring weekend.

Kiddo is going to be with me for the next 3 days as his mother is going to Ottawa to help Debbie after she has her foot operation.  I guess I should figure out what to cook and stuff.

By the way, this kid has a crazy vocabulary as I'm being told by multiple strangers.  Recent things he's said:
-"Daddy, it's bullDOZER.  Say it Daddy, say it" (after calling it "bow-zer" for a long time, he was always shying away from saying it because we always tried to correct him and saying "say it" afterwards.  Now he learned how to say it and is trying to teach me)
-"The am-balance is going to the hosPITal" (after calling it "hops-tible" for a long time as well).  That smartass.  Love that guy

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Have To Do This To Remember

Been slacking on jotting down my memories.  Coincidentally, my memory seems to be going wayward a lot and I forget to do this.

So my boy has started Montessori and the teacher there consistently heaps praise about him to his Mother and I.  They especially say how articulate he is.  That, for one, I will agree with.  It's crazy how big his vocabulary has gotten and his sense and rationalizing.  It's also crazy how responsible he has gotten in the sense wow....he's starting to go to the bathroom (sans #2) by himself.  The other day he did when I was downstairs cooking, and he didn't make a mess at all.  Also hilarious that he put both of his legs through one shorts leg hole and his underwear.  It was quite amusing.

I feel so damn lucky I have a good and smart kid.  I'm sure he's understanding that his parents aren't together anymore as we tell him nothing but the truth.  I see him listening and analyzing and in a way accepting.  I'm sure there are going to be many bumps along the way, but nothing I hope we can't handle.

Other developments?  Who knew I would be getting to be better friends with certain people I never thought I would be with?  Also, the house is coming along (new windows, doors, ceiling make for a nice fresher look) and I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel!  (sort of).  Oh, and I think that's it for the "money".  Time to really budgetize. Finally, the WNV season is coming to a close and thus I'll be back in my old work life soon.  I have a feeling next year I'll be a little sad

*  *  *

Still lost; still trying to figure stuff out.  Might take a lifetime; just trying to enjoy the ride in the meantime.  Still feeling anxiety, still feeling stress, still feeling...sad about many things.  But I remain optimistic that things will get better.  Just gotta keep pushing on and not staring back so much as just looking back every once in a while.

Panty lined!