Thursday, March 31, 2005

Random Pic

Because I don't really have anything to talk about, except that I'm still sick, I went to a retirement party for Jacques (one of my old City of Toronto PHIs), went home early, watched two episodes of CSI:Miami, and organized a Clarica thing for a couple of friends. Anywho, here is the pic:

First fish Jeps ever caught at BJ's cottage. Seriously, that is one gay pic, but the joy that was present was uncompromised.
So I figure I'll do random pics every once in a while, since I'm doing this whole picture thing on my blog now. Oh, and I'm starting to tell more people about my blog, so welcome to all those reading now. Remember, my life is boring though.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm Not Sick

I just crush a lot. Aw forget it, I am sick. I don't know where the hell it came from, and it hurts especially thinking about how "healthy" I was just yesterday.

Seriously, this is not a photoshop pic
I should have called into work sick, but I didn't thinking I was a trooper. So I pretty much stayed in the office, with the exception of inspecting a Filipino Grocery Store. (I always feel hesitant inspecting places with Filipino owners. I might, actually, am prejudice against Filipinos. I can't help it. ) I also ate a lunch of Tim Horton's chicken soup, because I thought that's what sick people are supposed to eat. I promptly, like a retard, burnt my tounge. One of the worst feelings in the world is having a sore nose due to all the blowing, a heavy head/sinus in addition to having a burnt tounge. And I had all of those. $!#%$@#^!!!
Then I went to the chiropractor. After going there for a couple of months, I think that it actually did help my back. My body feels more stable, and according to Dr. Koh my pelvic area is doing better (I can have a baby now! Yay!). I was honestly skeptical when I started, but am now pleasantly surprised it did work. I hope it works out for Sharon, who I met in the parking lot because she had an appointment too. I was trying to be romantic, caressing boyfriend, but she was laughing, what the heck you doing girlfriend. Sometimes just how opposite we are is really reflected. I guess it didn't help I was sick because it made me extra sensitive.
So what better way to get over your sickness and burnt tounge? Rest and liquids? Nah! Wings and nachos! Went to Coopers with BJ, Arv and Luis. It's no Originals, but it's cheap and does the trick.
I will start counting down the days every so often till my marathon, just as a reminder that I need to train hard. I don't know what it is right now though, so I won't.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Runner's High

So I finally experienced it today when I went for the longest run of my life. From my neighbourhood to Palgrave to Melville to Joan to Elm to Hurontario to Dundas to Mavis to Central Parkway to Grand Park to Webb back to my neighbourhood. All in about 50 minutes. And I didn't stop jogging! I don't think I could have done it without my MP3 player I finally took out. I downloaded some Whitney Houston songs. You should have seen me running while the (fitting) song "Run To You" was playing, or me running with my arms up during that one part of "One Moment In Time." Yes, gay, but it was good nonetheless.

The only way it would have been better is if I didn't have this stomach cramp/pain I've been having the whole day. Dammit, I don't know where I got it, but I can't wait for it to go away. I was gonna go #2 at work, but I couldn't, just couldn't. Argh.

My girlfriend also came by, for about 15 minutes. Then I became whiney bitch and complained that she doesn't spend enough time with me. I guess I'm a really needy boyfriend. That, or I like complaining and creating drama. But I don't think so, I just think I need to express how I feel sometimes. When I'm frustrated, I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated.
This, too, shall pass as Sharon always says. No doubt it will, until my next episode (hey, girls aren't the only one who are allowed to act like this). I hope she doesn't break up with me. No, seriously.

Ken then came over with this car:

Now I know what SDS feels like while driving (Small Dick Syndrome)
He didn't have his Smart Car and his manager told him he could take this $70,000 German Piece of Technology (he promptly told his manager that he loved him. Hilarity, for sure). So I took it for a test drive and promptly felt what a car that is roughly worth 4 times the amount my car is supposed to feel like. I even drove it with the top down, in the freezing cold, just because I had to. It was fun, but I still love my Vitz. Can't wait till he gets one of those boxy Sport Utes that Mercedes has, so I can even appreciate my car more. Oh, by the way, the car would totally kill my car...except in gas mileage. Yee-uh.

Monday, March 28, 2005


Day off's are always good. I always try to maximize it by waking up early and spending the day doing "quality" things, which in most cases is synonmous with "quantity." Hey, I like to feel like I didn't waste a day off.
So I started by waking up early and going to the gym. I found that I was very fatigued and my stomach was stomachey. Putting my Public Health expertise to use, I figure it was something I ate a couple days ago. Regardless, I slogged through my workout and still came home with plenty of morning left.
So with that in mind, I thoroughly cleaned my washroom. Sparkling clean!
I waited for patriciasabares (I say her full name fast) to call because we agreed to go to lunch because we haven't seen in each other for way over a year, possibly even two. We met at her old work, by my Dentist's office. It was funny because when I was parking, my Dentist was in a car and saw me and prolly thought I was there to see him. He was going out to lunch I assume, and he looked like he was freaking out because he thought I was there for another emergency. I tried my hardest to do the "no, don't worry" hand gesture, and I guess it worked because he didn't stop.
So anyway, we went to Hinote Japanese Restaurant. I always remembered patriciasabares as a hyper, talkative girl that always had something to say. Today, she seemed like a Ritalin induced subdued girl. She was mentioning how she wants to just grow up and be an adult. I pretended to agree with her, but really, what's the rush? Next thing you know you're 43 years old and having a midlife crisis. But anywho, this birfday thing has its perks as she treated me for lunch. I should have ordered the lobster then (that joke never seems to fail with me). I told her, "okay, next time I'll treat you." So I guess I'll treat her in 2 years? (truth admit time: I used to like her, thinking she was my dream girl in early high school. Until I got to know her. And until BJ stole her away from me, that's funny to BJ).
Got home, and realized I still had even more things to do (again, the "don't waste this day" syndrome I have on day offs). So I called up Jeps and told him we were gonna watch Bride and Prejudice with the tape Sharon let me borrow. BJ and Kathleen ended up showing up, and the movie was funny. I swear, I'm going to think everytime I see a lot of Indians that they are going to bust out in synchronized song and dance. The movie was funny, and while most people would think the lead in the movie, the girl who played Lalita, was the hot girl in the movie, I actually liked Lucky. She looked like this:

This movie makes me want to date an Indian girl. Oh wait...
Sure the movie does not depict Indians accurately and it's highly unlikely that girls that hot would have a hard time finding a guy (except for the youngest girl in the movie. lol...she was the ugly, fat daughter who didn't go with the girls to London and Los Angeles because maybe she was ugly and fat. Well, in relative comparison to the other girls. Listen, you gotta watch this movie to understand what I'm saying here). But the movie did accurately describe a few things Indian: that sometimes when you eat Indian food you can get "Delhi Belly"; that dancing can be considering screwing in the light bulb and petting the dog; and, that I should touch Sharon's Mom's feet before I say hi to her next time. Okay, maybe not the last part, but it should prove to be interesting if I do actually attempt to do it. Plus, it would make Sharon question her choice of significant other. Not like she doesn't, anyway. But I'm the luckiest guy in the world because she has a short memory and then she forgets what she was questioning in the first place. And then we hug.
(This is the point where a bunch of people are supposed to bust out singing and dancing and a lot of flower petals are being thrown)
After the movie, we played some Hold 'Em. I couldn't really play because aside from my upset stomach and wanting to go home, this was the fourth time in five days I've played. I mean, I love the game and all, but it's just getting ridiculous. A major case of pokeroverload is what I had.
So thus concluded my day off. I hope my stomach (aka tummy) is better tomorrow, but if not, looks like my first sick day is going to be used. Nah, I think I'll just tough it out.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

Busy day today. Gonna run it down, cause I haven't done that for a while:
-woke up early and went to Church, riddled with C n' E Catholics. Good music though
-went to Sharon's house for Easter lunch. Her parties are much, much different from my family parties, in that it's very quiet and talking is kept to a minimum, whereas my family parties are filled with a bunch of loud Filipinos. I brought the cheesecake I made for her, and she said that is was a bit "dry." I don't blame her. On some good notes though, her Mom made the Sheppard's Pie I really, really like, and her Grandfather seems to like me.
-went to visit Lola, which I haven't done in a while. I miss her Easter egg hunts. Remember, she still had them up to when I was 22 years old, and it never got old.
-went to my cousin Che's (future) house for Cheyanne's and Jade's First Communion party, and as I found out, my cousin Reccie's surprise birthday party. (I found out Reccie's real name is Easter Resurrection, because she was born on Easter. Good thing she wasn't born on Good Friday? Friday Death Redublo Angeles doesn't sound that unique). Gave Jade $10, and promised Cheyanne I'd buy her shoes for her birthday/communion gift. Great. Good thing I only have one niece I can spoil. Sharon agreed that my family parties are much, much different than hers, especially when my cousin Daisy, Con and myself tried to get her to do a "kata" in front of everybody, much to the dismay of her reddened and embarassed face
-visited Ken, and saw his newly (and unecessarily) polished and waxed car. I'd like to do it to mine, but man am I lazy about that
-went home, and was gonna watch "Bride and Prejudice" with Nina and Melodie, but ended up helping Melodie clean out her closet. I felt like I was one of those hosts on HGTV that declutter and organize a closet. I convinced her to throw away a lot of the stuff that she didn't use. I mean, a Halloween costume from Grade 4? Do you really need that?
-ended up not watching "Bride and Prejudice" (as my Mom wanted to watch it so I dropped it home) but watching "Motorcycle Diaries" with Nina, Melodie and Ita. I thought the movie was about a guy and girl who rode a motorcycle across the USA and told their story. I found out at the beginning that it was about two guys who rode a motorcycle across South America. I found out half way that it wasn't even really about the motorcycle -- it was really the story of Che Gueverra. Overcoming my shock, I found the movie to be okay, not that great though, with a lot of forced drama. I also know two things after watching the movie: I want a motorcycle (or even moped) to cruise in; and, Chippi Chippi! Hiya! (too bad I forgot the melodie to it already).
-went home with an upset stomach. Did things to make it feel better. Read a lot while doing it.
And tomorrow I feel insane enough to wake up early and go to the gym, even though it's my day off. Maybe, just maybe I'll take this training thing seriously. Hmmmm...

Poker Overload

I just played Hold 'Em three days in a row. Today with my cousin and family, and I lost another $5. Man, it's just not fun after awhile. Of course if I won, I bet I would be saying differently.
I love Sharon. She's the best.
Went for a jog today. It was sunny, so I thought that jogging with just two t-shirts would be suffice. Well, I prolly should have jogged with a long sleeve shirt too, for it was frikin' cold. I really hope I don't get sick.
Easter Mass tomorrow morning, gotta wake up early and fight the C n' E Catholics. At the rate I'm going lately, though, I might be one. Yikes. There is also Cheyanne's and Jade's First Communion Mass tomorrow, although I don't think I'll be going to that one. We'll see.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good Friday, Bad Jason

At least that's how I feel. But I was supposed to be a day of reflection where I did nothing and was supposed to go to Church. Well, I didn't go to Church, and I went to Jeff's house with the boys to play Hold 'Em. I even watched porn. Right now I am unsure of where my faith is, where it stand, or where it stands to go. All I know is that I'm in a funk, and I hope I get through it.
" was then that I carried you." I hope, at least I think I do.
So the cake count this year wrapped up at 3. I also have a Golden Chocolate Easter Bunny with it's head missing. That's what happens when you have a whole day off and you stay inside the house (until night time).
I also got a call from Rizalyn in NYC. I'm jealous, I wish I could go there and do the tourist thing. One of these days I hope.

Friday, March 25, 2005

And The Birfday Celebrations Begins

Really, it's great to have people celebrate your birthday, but I think in actuality you should be congratulating my Mom. Hey, she survived the whole ordeal. But at the same time, it's nice (even though I don't really celebrate my birthday unless someone plans something for me).
Things I did and received for my day before my birthday:
-got into the office and found my desk decorated with balloons by Ruby
-received a Golden Chocolate Easter Bunny and Monkey Post-It Notes from Kiri
-received a homemade cake from Alexia that I promptly shared with my entire office because...
-...I got another cake from Kathie, which I ate after lunch
-went to Tee Jay's Chicago's with Tony, Kathie, Ruby and Mikey. I had a New York Butter Chicken Breast Sandwich with Roasted Potatoes. Prolly the best sandwich I've had in a long while
(I had some pictures but I left them on my computer at work...I'll download them sooner or later)
-went home and smiled at the fact that I have the next four days off. Score!
-Kim and my Godson Michael came over with a fortune cookie maker, CSI board game booster pack and Raptors Tickets. Talk about a gift! (My Godson doesn't cry anymore when he sees me. I would've never thought I'd see the day...)
-went to Cooper's Pub with Ken, Sharon, Nina, Arvin, Ivy, BJ and Ian. Had fajitas and nachos. Cooper's is not too bad, and they have $0.25 wings nights on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I was gonna pay for the entire meal for everyone, but they all stopped me and payed for me. Maybe this Birthday thing does have it's perks
-went to Jeff's house with Arv, Ian and Ken and played Hold 'Em. Yep, I won
-found out something from Ken, which I promptly laughed and called him an "asshole." Trust me, it's funny
And thus concluded the festivities of the Day Before My Birthday Day. Couldn't have a better day, especially because:
(now that's what turning 25 is all about. yee-uh!)
And now tomorrow, a solemn day where I think about my faith, my insecurities, my selfishness, my emotions. I hope it won't be too bad. I scared about these things sometimes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

And Now The Picture Age Begins...

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. I have now added pics to my blogs (hell, I've been posting almost everyday, I guess I may as well try a little bit above half-assed). So what better way to start posting pics than of Hobbes? Except, I'm not sure what happened to her in that pic. That's Marie's hand there petting Hobbes' head, so I think she's closing her eyes. Regardless, my doggy is cute. She's an old dog, a big bitch, but she's my baby.

Chinky Eyes Hobbes?
(insert segue to next picture)

Yeah, that lock I have on her... at least I don't think she's trying to run away
Hey, good segue. So here is a pic of my ever so lovely girlfriend Sharon and I (she is soooo self-absorbed {note the sarcasm} that she thinks she shouldn't read my blog anymore because she thinks I'm catering it to herself and not writing what's in my head. Don't worry girlfren -- I di int cheng no nuthin'). The pic is from Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant I went to today with my family for some good ol'...
It takes a certain kind of person to be this excited about specially prepared poultry
I've only been thinking and drooling about this dish for months. The crispy skin, the awesome rice wrapper, the chopped meat with lettuce jackets... I think this took care of my mouth-watering craving for the time being.
It must be my birfday soon because even Sharon, the notoriously picky-eater, had some. I love how she faked liking it for me (but then eventually confessed that she didn't, where I promptly became retarded about it. I just want her to have the same gastronomical pleasures I have in certain foods, but hey, you can't have your cake and eat it too. I don't know how that last statement relates to anything, but it's juxtaposed to food words. That's right: juxtaposed). Anywho, another great family outing as always.
So yeah, after much deliberation, it looks like I will be posting pictures now. Note the picture beside my profile: that's the statue of a praying Buddhist person I got for Sharon in Chicago. It had the requisite "what the hell am I going to do with this?!?" reaction from her, so I knew it was a good gift. I love the way it looks though, even though I am not sure if there is any significance to it. I love even more the cow statue I got for her, but I'll find that picture another day. I am not going to post pictures everyday, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to jazz up the page a bit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

First Jog Of The Season...

...and I forget to blog about it? Damn. That must've been one tiring jog.
Anywho, so yeah, I jogged for the first time this season yesterday. I had the usual "this isn't so bad, I bet I can do my route twice" feeling when I started, followed by the "I'm really starting to feel the burn" feeling one quarter of the way there, followed by the "okay, now I'm really starting to feel it" feeling half way, followed by the "screaming like a mad man and scaring the old men and women and children" act three quarters of the way, promptly followed by the "so this is what it feels like to have a heart attack" feeling at the end. I always wanted to know how long the route I took was, so later on at night I drove the route and measured using my car's odometer. 4.2km. Check that: 4.2 friggin kilometers. I have to run 10km on May 14th.
"I can do it" is all I have to tell myself. Right.
* * *
Then I decided to workout this morning. With my thighs killing me. I swear I must be a saddist.
Also had a long day at work. All I kept thinking was that I could clean my car when I got home. I am now home. I am not cleaning my car. Figures.
I called Toyota today about this recall, and they told me to wait for my letter before I make an appointment. Man...who would of thought Toyota would have a recall? What are they, an American company? Well, hopefully this does mean my body will last longer and not rust out. We'll see.
I suppose I'll try to clean my car now.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Grumbly, Bloated, Wretched Stomach Feeling

I hate the feeling. I just had some Chinese antacid, I hope it works. I think I got it from my cousin's house when I ate some good ol' chocolate soup (din-ee-goo-ann). If I end up barfing, I hope I don't have a taste aversion to it, like I do with Indian food the last time I got sick. Played some good ol' poker there with new people; I came in second place out of 7 people, but I wasn't playing "for real." No, seriously. For some reason, I think I'm good now.
I think I'm gonna make myself barf. I hope it works.

Another Good Day

So I ended up going to Dixie Mall with Nina. Had a Donair and rice. Had an incident with a fork (where I tried to curl it up in the rice container, and when I thought it was secure, I stopped holding it. Unfortunately, the fork sprung up, flew about 10 ft. up in the air with rice grains flying everywhere (including Nina's hair). The place was busy. Needeless to say, I was quite embarassed when everyone was staring at me and it was not one of those times where you could pretend nothing happened, like when you are naked and embarassed (nevermind). I was gonna blame it on Nina, but I couldn't. Damn.
But I did find my brown dress shoes at Winners! "Unlisted" is the brand and it's nice and simple.
Then Nina decided to buy some pepperettes, and then further decided that she did not like them. She was trying to give it all to me to give to my dog, but I was telling her to keep it and to give it to her brother. It was weird: it was like me saying, "no! It's not good enough for my dog to eat, but it is good enough for your brother."
Went home and went to one of the longest Masses I've been to. First of all, the Mass usually starts at 5:15PM, but they changed it for Palm Sunday to 6:00PM. So I sat there and semi-napped for 45 minutes. Then they had the Passion and my Priest decides to proceed with a really long homily (and all I got out of it was that humans are donkeys. I dunno either). So finally we got out by 7:20pm, went to Tita Aurea's store, went back home, picked up Sharon, went with Mike and Marcy to D. Martini's for Andreas party.
The party was fun, and I absolutely love going to clubs/anywhere there is a dance floor and dance with my girlfriend. I've always been one of those guys at a club where I'm staring at people holding and dancing with their girlfriends and though, "man, I wish I was one of those guys." Now I am, and I never wanna go back! Plus, she's the greatest girlfriend ever. She let me touch Andrea's boobs, and she wasn't even thinking threesome! That last sentence sounded weird.
As per usual, ended up in Tremendous. The white gals ordered what else: chicken balls. Very stereotypical. I had some Cantonese Chow Mein. I shouldn't have prolly ate, but I did and now I'm really tired. Okay, off to bed I go, to wake up and go to TJ's 17th birfday party. Does this mean I have to give him money?

Saturday, March 19, 2005

How Do I Live Without Meat?

Man, one day without meat and it's such a struggle. I wonder vegetarians do it.
Friday was not a good day for work; I felt tres lazy. But that's okay, I still did some stuff.
Ate out at Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant with my parents. Deep Fried Squid you are a saviour.
Met Sharon at the mall...with my Mommy. It was interesting watching the two women who mean most to me have bonding time. Especially when Sharon looked uncomfortable (no matter what she says, she looked uncomfortable). My Mom noticed that Sharon was very picky about the clothes/shoes she wanted, just like her. So I told my Mom that if she ever doesn't like Sharon, she doesn't like herself (because they are very similar). Luckily, my Mom loves Sharon.
Went to Anne's house with Sharon, BJ, Liz and Nina. Played a little poker and (as always) re-lived old times. I never realized that Lizanor is a really funny person when telling her stories. Funnier still when it is an embarassing story about Nina. Good times, good times.
* * *
My parents just came home from the Panasonic Warehouse sale. They bought one 3.2 Megapickle digicam and one 5.0 Megapickle digicam. I don't know why. I think it's just because it was a "good deal." Not because we need it or anything, but just because it's a good deal. Good thing I didn't go, otherwise I prolly would've ended up with a Portable DVD player. I think it's funny that my parents say, "don't buy just to buy" yet they do it. Now I know where I got it from.
Got the afternoon to lounge, then I suppose I'm going to D. Martini's tonight for Andrea's birfday. I don't really want to go, but I ditched them for so long that I guess I should. Plus, it's a chance for me to show off my gyrlprend. Yay!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Cord Man

So I'm very flattered that my cousin Che and her fiance Brian asked me to be the Cord Bearer at their wedding in May. I never knew they saw me as worthy of doing it; hey, it feels great!
I also bought my luggage today, at a very good deal. What would have cost $414 only cost me $150. Samsonite Monte Carlo baby! I'm started to get really excited about going to the Philippines...yee-uh!
Went to Kim's house to pick up the invitation to the warehouse sale tickets, and had a surprise: my Godson, who previously hated me with such fervor, started to play with me and didn't cry or get scared of me at all. Who would have thought that all it took was about 2.5 years? Speaking of the warehouse sale, there is gonna be a lot of stuff, but there is also gonna be massive lineups. Good thing I don't want anything badly, otherwise I would be waiting in line. I have come to realize that I hate waiting in line with massive crowds. I'm such a snob.
Had a cheeseburger party at work today with all the workmates. Even though it is giving me indigestion right now, the company was great.
All in all, an A+ day. I hope for more of these days...oh wait, tomorrow is gonna be one! I get to see Sharon! SCORE! (no, I didn't just write that statement because Sharon reads my blog now. Please believe me)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Samsonite Monte Carlo

You shall be mine (hopefully). The luggage I will buy to motivate me further to go to the Philippines and go travelling. I figure I'll buy some good quality ones so it will last me for years. Thus explains my rationale for buying a snorkel gear bag that is good quality; I can use it for years to come. I have decided to bring my snorkel gear to the Philippines, even though there is a good chance I won't use it. I must justify.
Went to Dr. Back Crack A Lacka and got adjusted. Had major crackage. On a related note, my condolences go out to Ivy, Ivan and her family for her Grandmother passed away. I know how that feels; I still miss my Lola, but I know she's in a much better place now.
Went to Square One with Neeners today, and a salesman thought we were a newlywed couple. Just because Nina was looking at appliances and I was drooling over a TV? Come on now. It's not like he saw us making out in front of him...JOKING. I love Sharon!
My day started off crappy because I made a pasta lunch for me, but forgot it at home. Friggin hell #1. Then I called home and told my Dad to put it in the fridge, because I left it outside on the counter. He couldn't find it. Friggin hell #2. Then I relaized that Gil prolly thought it was his lunch and he took it. Friggen hell #3. So I was upset for the rest of the day, but then I thought that at least Gil had a lunch. Then I found out that he didn't finish half of it because he didn't like the sauce I made. Well friggin hell #4. Ah well, my cooking is not for everyone, obviously. So I ended up buying a Greek Salad from A & P and used gift certificates to Tim Horton's to buy a Chicken and Roasted Red Peppers sandwich. Neither was particularily tasty or good. I was thinking that I was so pumped to eat pasta, that it ruined the taste.
Anywho, I rushed home after the chiro and ate the pasta. It was some good pasta.
Side effects of Crestor include muscle soreness. So that explains my "angina." Wow, who would of thought that being "healthy" would hurt so much?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Lick My Lollipop At My Candy Shop

Damn that song is in my head. I sang it to my girlfriend's voicemail and she seemed to be amused. Thus, my lollipop is now available for her for the licking. I just have to buy one first. Man you guys are dirty.
I seem to think that I have gained supernatural abilities in artery declogging since I started Crestor. I better smarten up and start training seriously and naturally. Come on man; remember the motto: Don't want to be a fat guy...chubbery rubbery flubbery fat guy...look at me, I'm a pear!
I hate it when I get stool and urine kits from people and they do not know how to shut it properly. Then the urine goes all over the place. SERIOUSLY a piss off (pun-ishing, I know).
Just cooked pasta for my lunch tomorrow. This is something I should be seriously looking into again: bringing lunch. Ate Pad Thai today, and while fantastic, I have to start tightening up my belt (literally and figuratively...which is actually the same. Wow, I'm on a pun roll).
Perturbed that Clarica seems to have screwed up my RRSP contributions again. DAMMIT. Now I really overpaid.
Gonna gym tomorrow again and I have a feeling I'm gonna get schooled by a 14 year old kid again. Damn.

Monday, March 14, 2005

If I Had A Crush On A Brand Of Shoes, It's Name Would Be Clark's

Found the pair I want. Only problem: $160. Second problem: just realized I need to buy luggage for the Philippines. Third problem: I don't seem to have the money to buy these things (mind you though, I'm cheap).
I didn't post last night because I was getting over the "drama." I am sorry, I just can't help it sometimes.
Sign you're getting really old and out of shape: when you play basketball against a kid who looked to be 14 years old and he kills you. I can make the excuse that I was only going on about 4 hours of sleep, I didn't have the proper shoes, and we used a rubber ball, but I won't. I'm just saying that if I had more sleep, the proper shoes and we used my leather ball, it might have been different.
Contemplating whether or not I should go the gym tomorrow or just sleep...looks like I'm leaning towards sleep. Yikes...what a good way to train for the marathon.
I seem to enjoy being an attention whore: got my hair shaved pretty short last night, and today everyone did the "oh hey! you cut your hair!"
So I met this Health Promotion Officer named Tara in the office today who asked me, "you go to Original's on Thursday a couple weeks ago?" While being flattered that she noticed me, I am painfully aware that I've been there too much and that I should cut back. I told her that I would not be going there as much. She asked why. I said I don't want to die.
Just finished watching the Columbine massacre docu on History TV. Man, those kids are all sorts of messed up -- yet...I sort of understand. Hatred is a horrible thing and when left unkempt, it can run your life when you don't believe. Maybe this is getting me motivated to go back to Church; I can only hope. Gotta get outta this funk.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Paris Shot The Arrow And...

...landed right in Jeff's Achilles' Tendon. Looks like Jeff is gonna be on crutches for the next two months or so because he had an accident while playing volleyball. Crazy yo. Hope I never get an injury like that; I mean, I do have a 10K run to attend to in a couple of months. Speaking of which, I prolly really should start training seriously. Just waiting for that haircut from Arvin tomorrow. Yep, rationality hits again.
Went to Best Buy and was drooling over a Bose home entertainment system and a Sony Computer with an LCD/TV/Computer all built in one. I would love to get one of those babies when I move into my house.
* * *
What's in a name? Apparently to some, like yours truly, it means a lot. I never realized this until Sharon and I had a discussion about when we got married, if she would take my last name. You see, I was always under the impression that she was going to legally change it to "Lobo-Marquez." At first, I was opposed to that because I always wanted her to take the last name "Marquez" when we got married. I started warming up to the idea of her hyphenating her name, but then she dropped the bombshell on me today while at Bubble Tea (with Anne, Nina and Arvin) that she is not going to change her name legally at all and just keep it at "Lobo."
She told me that she would assume the last name "Lobo-Marquez" during her daily course of life (like office documents, credit cards, etc.), but she would not legally change her name. She also added in that our children would have the last name "Marquez." I asked her if she would legally change her last name to "Lobo-Marquez" and assume the last name "Lobo" during her daily course of life, as long as she legally changed her last name. She refuted.
So where does this leave me? A bit confused and speechless. The thing is, I don't even know why I'm so hurt by this. Sharon thinks I'm mad about this; I'm not. I'm saddened.
I start to think about why this is so important to me. Tradition. Security. Just because it's the way it's supposed to be (in my head).
Her arguments: she is very attached to her last name. She is the last of the line of Lobos, as her Dad has no sons to pass on the family name and she has no male cousin's on her father's side. I understand, I really do.
As you can see, I feel like I'm genuinely conflicted. I would do anything for this girl (except move to Australia), and now it seems I added accepting the fact that she will not change her last name.
Maybe it's because I feel offended that if she doesn't change her last name, she does not want to be part of my family. Is she ashamed? Does she not want to be part of my family? Is it because it's just too inconvenient for her to change all her documentation? (She answered "no" to all the those questions, by the way)
Then why do I feel so sad by the whole thing? Why do I feel so insecure? I want her to know that I don't think that changing her last name means taking her away from her family or that she would lose her identity as a "Lobo." This is just something that I really want, and if I were to not ask her for anything else, this would be it. (Perhaps she knows now because she now has access to my blog). There are a lot of things I find trivial in the course of life, or can compromise on, but this one hurts right in the centre of my heart.
So here I sit, thinking: are you going to let something like this ruin the best thing that happened in your life? It's just a name, it's not like she's leaving you or she's doing this to offend you, you self-centred, egotistical prick. Would you rather her lose this thing she finds really important to her, or would you rather her lose you? Why is this so important to you? What is important to you? Why are you being so selfish?
Off to bed I go, worried and confused, knowing things are not right before I sleep. We always agreed not to go to bed mad or angry at each other; but like a lot of things, things change. Sigh.
I love you with all my heart Sharon, no matter what your last name is.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Acquiring Upmarket Impact Real Estate

Whatever that means. I switched my desk at work to the desk directly beside me, formally that of Dennis Alleyne. Why? Well, it's a corner desk and more cozy. Plus the original reason I stayed at my desk before was it was beside the computer, but, now that we are getting our own tablets, they are taking it out. SO, I might as well take advantage of the fact that a desk in a corner is available before new people come in. Plus, moving is always fun.
And that was just one part in the middle of the day! A recap of a rather busy day:
-went swimming in the morning. I can't do the front stroke swim. I take two strokes and gasp for air. I suppose it take practice, but screw that; I'd rather do the backfloat. It's every lazy man's type of swimming
-went to work and proceeded to move desks, as aforementioned
-Sharon came to my office to meet me for lunch. I showed her around the office as she's never seen it before. She was surprised because the office is cramped for space and "not like industry." I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. Anywho, I introduced her to all the PHIs she didn't meet at Ruby's wedding and Doriana. She still missed Kiran though, as Kiran wasn't in the office today. I guess Kiran will always be Pokearoo to Sharon
-Sharon, Tony, Mel and I went to Heritage Fish and Chips for lunch. Mel came over too for the first time on coincidence. Mike brought Marci to the office two days ago. People at work must think it's "Take Your Significant Other's To Work Week." The fish was yummy
-stayed in the office for the rest of the day getting acquainted with my new digs. I have to slow down my inspections anyway as my compliance rate is high
-got home and found out Con got his plane ticket to Miami from Jetsgo, the airline that abruptly claimed bankruptcy without any warning. Sucks for him. I hope that he gets a refund
-went to Square One with Sharon, and found these Clark's Brown Dressy/Casual Shoes in the
Bay for sale. I'm all about the Clark's now...I'm deciding whether or not to buy it. I'll know by tomorrow
-went to Hamilton with Sharon to pick up Debbie. I told Debbie multiple times that Arvin is interested in Melanie. I'm a shit disturber
-went home and found out my Mom is very dizzy. I'm thinking vertigo. Regardless, I always seem to get hyper-worried when she gets sick. I hope she's better by tomorrow
-finding Sharon very tired (as usual), she took me home while I made plans to go to Marcin Bekas' house to play hold 'em with Ken, Marcin, Walter, Nit, Paul Podobnik (sp.?) and a guy named Adrain Pelenik (sp.?). I went and played, but didn't particularily cared for the company with the exception of a few guys
-got home and wrote this. I'm tired now myself; I shall go to my slumber and amiss myself in a dream. riiiiiight

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Worry Spots?

Not sure what the hell it is, but I noticed that I've been getting these moles on my face. They could be attributed to stress is my best guess, so I suppose they could be called "worry spots." Regardless, I hate them. I remember my Mom had something similar to it a couple of years ago, and the Doctor said that it was because she was allergic to the sun (don't ask me how that works). All I'm imagining now is that karma is biting me back in the ass for all those times I made fun of people with moles on their faces, and that pretty soon my face is just gonna be one big mole. Yikes.
Had a meeting today at work, and Bickram brought in channa and roti. Dear goodness, I ate so much of it, but I couldn't help it. Actually, I could, but the roti was just screaming my name. I also cleaned out Dennis' desk, and I'll ask Boss if I could move into it. It's just the desk right beside mine, but I would like a corner desk. Knowing that idiot though, he'd find a reason why I couldn't move them. No wonder these worry spots are popping up.
Yay, Sharon is coming for lunch tomorrow! What what

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Yehey Sapatos!

So I finally got "Clarks" shoes, to give myself that feeling that I bought some good quality shoes. They are damn, damn comfortable. It's a tad on the casual side (as opposed to the business side), but I imagine they should be fine for work. Hell, I walk enough, I should have comfortable shoes. And thus the rationalization continues.
Also went to Sil' Vous Play, and saw the Lebron's for $99.99. So close to buying it, but cooler (cheaper?) heads prevailed. I am, afterall, waiting for the Nike Shox VC4 to go on sale to complete my collection. Plus, my birfday is coming, and I may get a surprise, although I never expect it.
Speaking of my birfday, it's gonna be a Peking Duck celebration! YA! drool drool drool I've been thinking about it for a long while. So to start it off, I went to a cheap Chinese buffet for lunch today for some good ol' chicken balls. Love them chicken balls.
Maria Le, a PHI in Mississauga got engaged this past weekend. Her wedding is in May; of THIS year. wtf? Funniest line came from Beata: "it's gonna take me longer to train for a marathon in May, and she is getting married in a shorter amount of time." Apparently though, Maria has been planning it for a while (she is 30), and just waiting for the ring. Congrats to her.
My eye is still twitching. Hope work isn't getting too much to me.
Sharon's last day at Eli Lilly today, and starts Altana on Monday. You go girl!
Please Jason, start training seriously for your 10K. Great, resort to talking to yourself on a blog. Yikes.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

As A Piano Player...

...I make a good plumber. I tried it out today by myself for the first time in a while. Oh boy; I have a lot of learning to do. I hope Melodie can teach me well.
So my first day on Crestor, and Sharon sends me this link: Thanks. I hope I don't die! Damn these Asian genetics: first it gives me chinky eyes, then it gives me the short height gene, then it gives me a small...hey, I live with what God gives me.
Also had a blood test for liver activity. I feel like such an expert at these blood tests that I might as well start taking heroin, what with my track marks and everything.
Long day at work today. Somedays I feel like I work a lot; that way I don't feel so bad when I don't. I'm just remembering how I told my Doctor yesterday that I seem to have an eye twitch that won't go away. She said it could be attributed to stress, and asked me if I was stressed out. I replied: "no." She said, "no stress at work?" Then my eye started to twitch.
Picked up some contact lenses today. I asked for a free sample of solution, she gave me two. Score! If cheapness is an art, then I'm a Garfunkel

Monday, March 07, 2005

I Really Am An Old Man

Cholesterol Pills already?!? Yep, that's me. Got my blood test last week, went to the Doctor's today, found out it actually went up from the last time I was there. Then again, I'm not really that surprised because I've been eating like shit throughout the holiday season and past. I told you wings would get the best of me.
Other than that, I had a day off today and:
-played basketball in the morning. Got demolished against a 19 year old kid. I was huffing and puffing like crazy. People say you're only as old as you feel. Unfortunately, I feel old.
-worked out. Stayed at the YMCA for 2.5 hours...haven't done that in a long time.
-went to visit Lola
-went to buy a veal sangwich at the bakery near Little Caesar's on Bloor St., but it was closed. So I bought a $5 pizza from Little Caesar's. Then I went to San Francesco Foods and bought a veal sangwich anyway (which was frikin' awesome). And I wonder why my cholesterol is high. (I've been on a veal sangwich kick lately; kinda like how I go on Pad Thai and chicken wings kicks. I gotta kick the kick habit)
-did some laundry
-went to Dixie Park to order new contact lens. The owner there is convinced that Sharon works at Bell Mobility (Sharon went there recently for contact lens). He is a misundisconfused person, obviously
-went to the Doctor's office
-came home and replaced the air filter in my car, getting the new air filter dirty while replacing it. I am so ready to be an automobile mechanic
-surfed the net
Which brings me up to this point, and it's only 6PM! I guess I'll just fold, iron, and dream about the things I want in the near future, noteably:
-4 piece drum set
-ping pong table
-Bose home theatre system
-big screen LCD TV (either Sony or Panasonic)
-Cubed Computer with LCD monitor (just cause)
-basketball net
-house to put all this stuff in
One day, one day. If only I had a lot of money.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

"Try Something Different Day"

That's what I had today.
Started by going to while it's not that different, it's been roughly 3-4 weeks since I last went. It was a relatively long Mass at 1 hour and 15 minutes. I was annoyed and was wondering if I'm ready to go to Church again. I hope I have this faith crisis thing solved sooner or later.
Then I went to Kim's house to visit, which I haven't done in a long time. Michael, my Godson, didn't actually cry. It may be because I brought donuts though. Plus he did ignore me. But whatever.
Then the biggest something different: I went to Square One. With Lizanor (of GirlzTV fame. Oh, and I've known her for quite some time). I had a fun time with her, actually. I watched her buy comics; one of the few people I know actually into it. Then we ran into Nina, who I swear is jealous that I was hanging out with Liz (either because she is jealous Liz and I are friends and hanging out, or she is jealous I was not with her. Wow, my humour never ceases to amaze me). Bought me some Marche chips and socks (6 pairs of Nike socks). And my insistance on buying new "essentials" continues.
And thus concluded my "try something different day." Stay tuned for the next time I have a day like this.

I want an MP3 player. I think that it would help me train for the marathon better. Then again, I just want to spend money, it would seem.
Day off tomorrow. Yay!

Korean B-B-Yum

Went to Korean BBQ all the way in Scarborough with Nit, Walter and Julius (aka J-Dog). Good stuff except they brought all the meat raw and... (okay, I better not even attempt to make a joke here). Then we went to Spucipic Mull where I attempted to buy candy that only had Chinese characters on it. I thought it should be good because: a)it's written only in chinese; b)it's sold at a Chinese candy store; c)it's in a blue container; and, d)it was imported from China. (well, "e" would have also been the fact that it was only $1.14. Oh, and the cashier told that to me in Chinese. I guess I still look Chinese to some people). Anywho, I ate a couple, and then that's when I realized: this is antacid tablets. Eno-da-da-d'oh!
Then we went to Heartland where Ken picked me up in his Mercedes, and we went to Canadian Tire. I bought one of those halogen lights that are crazy bright. It was on sale for 50% off at $7.49 plus tax. I always wanted one, thinking it would be good for working out in the garage at night, or at camping.
Then Ken dropped me off at Sharon's house, where she drove me home and then we went to Anne's house. Yay 3 person poker. But as I won the game easily, I thought it would be a good time to explain to Sharon the intricacies of taxes, investing, RRSPs, buying a house, etc. to the best of my ability. I hope she realizes now why it's so damn hard to buy a $400 000 house right away; unless, of course, she works at a job that pays her like $250 000 a year. Dayum. Not to mention that she really wants to get married in two years. That's not so far away! Better start saving even more.
All-in-all, a long day away from my house. I don't know why I feel guilty not being inside my house on a weekday. Or perhaps it's the fact I only saw my parents for approximately 13 minutes the past 3 days. It certainly is gonna be less when I move out. I better start growing up and letting go.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Mercedes Benz Goes Zoom

Driving Ken's compressor makes my car feel like it has the power of an air compressor. Oh well, I still love my car and am glad I don't pay crazy amounts in gas.
Played poker with Nit, Marcin, Walter, Ken and Anne. I better stop playing the "don't look at your pocket cards" method.
Sharon, Sharon, Sharon is so great.
Had a ponzo and beejongas today with the boys at work. I am now ready for my heartattack.
Ate tuna at Pita Factory, though. Wasn't that bad.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Drum Urgings

Again. I wanna get a nice small, 4 piece set. Nothing crazy, just a nice small one for my house.
Clarica is screwing up my investments. Wondering if I made a mistake...
Long day of work tomorrow again with the overtime shift. I still think my Boss is a complete and utter moronic idiot. I really think he is vastly underqualified for his job, and that he should be fired. (no, i don't have harsh feelings at all)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Jerk Chow Mein

Pretty good stuff. Made me full for the whole day.
I had potato balls that tasted like fish. I was about to feel sick, but then it turned out okay.
Worked fast like crazy this morning, then went to duty desk and only had about 4 call in a span of 4.5 hours. Wow! How fun!
Snowing like crazy...I'm going to think that this is the last snowfall for the year though. I have to start going outside and running for the 10km run. Good thing I got Arvin (tricked him into it?) to join too. Training day is coming