Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's See How This Goes Version 31.0

Let's see how I did from last year's resolutions:

1. Be more patient with all the people around me (especially my wife)
(I forgot that this was a resolution perhaps a few weeks into 2010. Which explains why I feel I could work on this a lot, lot more.  In other words: fail)
2. Be more patient with all aspects of life
(See #1)
3. Be more healthier (not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well)
(Depends on how I'm going to define "healthier".  Physically, I don't think anything has changed.  Emotionally and mentally?  Yikes, maybe not so much)
4. Finish the renos! (kitchen this year)
(Finally...a success/score!  And to boot, an extra project that I finished that wasn't even on the radar was the closet organizer)  
5. Curb some of that conspicuous consumerism
(Aside from the 11th hoodie I bought, I think I'm doing okay with this.  I haven't been to RW or BR as much, nor have I had an inkling to purchase unnecessary items.  Wait, does purchasing a BlackBerry count?  uh-oh)
6. Stress less. About everything (okay, at this point I seem to be copying the same stuff from last year)
(Right.  Right.)
7. Be more confident
(Right.  Right.)
8. Recognize the things and people that truly make me happy in life
(Maybe?  Much like a lot of things in life, it constantly evolves)
9. Don't screw up (biggest one)
(I'm at the point now where I think perhaps the word "screw up" isn't all that bad.  I mean, you "screw upwards" a light bulb.  And when you have a bright idea, a light bulb over your head goes off.  And that light bulb wouldn't have gotten there if you didn't screw it up.  So if I did screw up anywhere, it's not a bad thing.  Rationalization for the win!)

Looking at the list, it seems yet again that I have not lived up to the resolutions. It's becoming so commonplace now, though, that perhaps maybe I may be reaching for those stars that are a bit out of reach.

This past year will be the last year that things are going to be "the same" (granted that, yes, it's like that every year, but next year will be totally different).  I have to step up my game.

The list for next year:
1.  Don't be so pessimistic; make a conscious effort to be happier
2.  Make those around me as happy as can be and support them as much as possible.  Understand that making people happy should lead me to be just as happy
3.  It's spelled "selfless", not "selfish".  Especially with a baby on the way
4.  Accept the storm in my mind.  Accept that my emotions are like the weather in Mississauga; it constantly fluctuates and that there is perhaps nothing wrong with that as long as it's not consistently a monsoon in there.  We all can't have Long Beach, California weather in our minds or for our emotions; I have to accept that I will never be one of those people
5.  Don't be so hard on yourself; accepting that making mistakes (new word for "screwing up"?) will occur, but to give an honest effort not to make the same mistake twice.  Sometimes what is viewed as a mistake is not a mistake anyway in retrospect
6.  Exercise.  Keep at it, especially since it may be harder to come by when April rolls around
7.  Try something new.  I'm thinking Yoga.  I'm going to try Yoga
8.  Dream less, live more (okay, I may be setting myself up for failure with this

Here's hoping I don't revisit this list only the same time next year (I didn't realize that this year is the year I have blogged the most since I started. wonder I didn't revisit the list from last year throughout the year?  Let's go with that.  I don't anticipate blogging as much this coming up 2011)

To those that have been reading my non-sensical ramblings and have taken an interest in reading about my bi-polarish life, I still question why.  I'm a very boring person and I complain way too much.  I am aware of some of you that do read this (mostly friends), and I don't know if there are others that I am unaware of (hi!), but regardless, I wish you and your loved ones (only the loved ones; not the hated ones, or even just the liked ones) a Very Merry New Years!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Redundant Post

Here I am, yet again, wondering/lamenting how the year went by so dang fast.  And here I am, yet again, complaining that I'm getting much too old too fast.

Hasn't registered yet that tomorrow is December 31, and hasn't registered yet that after that will be the year 2011.

What else hasn't registered?
-that I'll be working tomorrow
-that it'll be the last day I'm working at this building
-that in a few weeks I'll be moving to yet another new/old position
-that next week we'll be in Mexico


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1 of 4

So on the eighth floor of where I work, I suspect that there are about 100 or so people working there usually on a regular day.

Today was not a regular day.

I was one of four people on my floor working.  And by the time 4:00pm rolled around, I was the only one working there.

It was eerie but nice, and I couldn't help feel that I must've missed something.  Why is everyone else smart enough not to work and I am?

(in all honesty, I really don't mind.  Especially since next week we're off to Mexico.  I will miss this team [not team members; at least not all of them] and this building, though)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cheesy Fries

Nothing reminds me more of the downfall of society (and it's views on "nutritious foods") than cheesy fries.  It's so horrible and disgusting looking, everything deep fried and chemical.  I don't know how anyone can digest that stuff, let alone eat it.

On another note, I had cheesy fries for dinner today.

I feel like I'm gonna die.  Now I'm gonna have to kill myself in the gym even more tomorrow.  Idjot.

Otherwise, it was a pretty busy day today:
-got up early to cook chili
-went to gym
-came home and families from both sides came over for lunch
-went to Vaughn Mills.  Lived out my Grade 7 dreams and bought myself a pair of fancy Air Jordans (super cheap what!  Regular price? $210 plus tax.  Price I bought them for after all the discounts were said and done?  $60 plus tax!  And the last pair at that.  Now if only I can buy, you know, basketball skills, it may actually be worth the money)

See-through for the Peeping Tom in you

-thanks to Tito Cesar and Tita Seng, got a $50 gift certificate to Square One/Yorkdale/Scarborough Town Centre.  Went to Yorkdale.  Ate aforementioned cheesy fries

And would you look at that, it's now 9:00pm.  Sleep time!  (seriously, I have got to get ahold of all this sleeping I seem to be doing)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweet Cornbread

Made some today in the breadmaker for tomorrow's family lunch.  Tastes great and I think it will go good with the chili.

Also makes for some good comfort eating.

Cracking just a bit, gotta find some glue

Better Not Get Used To This

Slept again for 9 hours.  I think I may be getting a little too comfortable with all this sleeping.

But I figure once I get back to work in B-Town, I should be fully rested.  Physically.  (I don't know about if my mind will be rested though...)

Only a week and a bit left till Mexico...yee-uh.  Looking to get away for just a bit

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Celebrate Me Home

Heard this song in the grocery store this morning, and good ol' Youtube found it for me:

I thought it was a soulful black woman who sang it, not, you know...the complete opposite.  But whatever, good song.

Ruben Studdard also covered it:

And as a bonus?  A duet with the both of them (my favourite):

*  *  *

Focus man, focus

It's Another Boxing Day Miracle!

You know, that I didn't kill anyone.

Got up quite early this morning with the insistence of my wife, who thought there were deals to be had.  Went to:
-Michael's (50% off baskets for the baby's room)
-Superstore (groceries?  At regular price, nonetheless)
-Sears (nada)
-Old Navy (I did get two long-sleeved undershirts and an orange hoodie for $10...score!  And my 11th hoodie at that -- I think I may have an obsession with them)
-the rest of Erin Mills Town centre (nada)

Then I went for a much-needed basketball run at the Police Station with Ron and his friends (my feet are killing me.  I have to find a solution here).

Then, for some reason, I did something stupid.

It was 3:30pm.  I thought that the malls might've been less packed (thinking that people only went in the morning and lunch because all the "good stuff" would've been gone by then).  Having a gift certificate (thanks Neens), I decided that Square One would've been good to go to.

I didn't buy much, only ended up buying stuff at the Dollarama.  There were still so many bloody people there, and I obviously wasn't in any mood for line-ups.  I parked so far, I may as have well walked from my parents' house.

I dislike people

Now it's off to one of Sharon's family friend's party.  I hope I don't eat too much again (good luck with that)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cheery Christmas!

Slept in good today...last Christmas I think we'll ever be able to do that (lol...I'm so drama).

Spent the day sitting and internetting (watched Sinbad's "Where U Been?" show.  Always been one of my favourite Comedians).  Then I finally finished the closet organizer project.

Now we're going to go to my in-laws, and their version of Christmas dinner:  Afghan food.  I think it's great living in a multi-cultural society (seriously).

*  *  *

Heard this song on Vinyl 95.3, and enjoy it some:

Friday, December 24, 2010

What Says Christmas Dinner Better Than...

Swiss Chalet chicken and ribs and fries and...sushi?

My parents always have the best combos when they don't want to cook

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Say This Every Year... is it Christmas time already?  And how did the year fly by so fast?

I'm getting old.  I think I'm depressed.  On the brightside, in a few weeks we'll be in Mexico!

Just realized that this is the last Christmas holidays I'll ever have that is like how I've always known it.  Next year will be quite different...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 Steps To Plaque In The Arteries

Went to Chung King Restaurant (beside Spucipic Mull) with Bubs, Row, Naga, Clavo and Kiri for our 2nd annual "Workmates' Christmas Holiday Eat Peking Duck For No Real Reason Either Than We Like To Eat Lots Of Fat And Oil" Celebration.  Lots of food.  Maybe too much food.

But it's the holidays, right?  Right.

I want to hit the gym tomorrow, but I'm so bloody tired...

*  *  *

Snuggie update:  Zellers for the win!  Okay, so apparently there are two versions of this ridiculousness:  regular and deluxe.  I'm not sure what constitutes a deluxe Snuggie (extra soft?  How come it's not that soft in the first place?), either than perhaps the price.  I wasn't gonna be suckered into paying an extra $10.  I win!  (But I'm also I'm afraid I's a Snuggie I'm buying)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snuggie Frustrations

So I finally figured out what to get my parents for Christmas:  Snuggies!

And so we did the insane thing of going to Square One this past evening.  What did we find out?  It's sold out all over the place.  Seriously?!?  I had no idea that other people were as cheesy/desperate as I am.  Yikes

Monday, December 20, 2010

What Is That? Oh

So I went to the gym this morning for the first time in a long while.  20 minutes into the elliptical machine, I start to wonder what the hell that thing was coming from my forehead.

Oh right, it was sweat.

Haven't felt that in a long while.

I also watched an episode of Kenny vs. Spenny...hilarious show, especially the challenge that was on

*  *  *

I don't expect perfection at work.  I really don't.

But is competence too much to ask for?  Especially coming from management?

It's Gotta Be The Reason

So I think I know the reason why I've been going through this spell of wanting-to-sleep lately:  it's because I'm following the advice of all parents who say "get as much sleep now as possible before the baby comes."

Has to be, right?  I mean, it's what I'm consistently thinking whenever I push the snooze button.  I used to be able to look forward to waking up; now I'm almost dreading it.  It doesn't help that it's winter (the bed is nice and warm and comfortable), I've been eating like crazy (lots of oil makes me lethargic and all the simple sugars I've been eating is making me crash), I haven't exercised in over 10 days (I hope I don't have a heart attack this morning; also, wasn't I supposed to keep up the working out because I'll be on a beach in a few weeks from now?  %@$#^@$), and my sleeping times have been all wonky (up for 22 hours straight the day before, waking up at noon yesterday, now only sleeping 5 hours)

I also hope I'm not depressed or something and just looking to escape reality by living in a dream world.

Wow.  Over-analyze much lately?  (Seriously, can't I just be tired?!?)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Well That Was...Interesting

Interesting in the sense that I'm still not entirely sure what just happened.

Went to watch The Black Swan with Carlo and Kalina, and it was quite the movie.  A whole lot of crotch grabbing (enough to make Michael Jackson proud), a whole lot of skewed realities (enough to make me proud), and a whole lot of what seemed to be Jean-Claude Van Damme's ballet-dancing brother (enough to make any Universal Soldier proud).

First thing I said to everyone when the movie was over?

"Seriously, we couldn't have just watched Tron?"

Bah HumComplain

17 lbs turkey.

That's the monster bird I made yesterday for all the high school friends/peeps that passed by last night (good times).  Perhaps the last time we'll do this for a while though because of the kiddo next year.  

After sleeping at like 3:00am, we woke up at 11:50am.  Yeah, my sleeping pattern is truly screwed up.  I know when I'm getting older when I can't handle the late nights so well anymore. 

Tonight we're meeting Carlo and Kalina for a movie and dinner.  The holiday eating just don't stop (while the exercising unfortunately did).

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I think for Christmas I'm going to ask Sharon for some liposuction

Friday, December 17, 2010

Perfect Timing...

...I don't have.

About 85% done the "hard closet" and 97% done the "easy closet" (don't ask me how I come up with percentages).  I've been working almost non-stop...and it actually makes me feel good and hyped up (I'm retarded).

Gonna have peeps over tomorrow, and I have a lot of stuff to do (namely:  groceries).  Here I bed for a few hours

I Really Enjoy Kevin Harlan!

Hilarious.  Definitely one of my favourite announcers

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Should've Shelved This Idea

So for my days off, I decided to put some shelves up in our closets on the main floor.  By this point I was hoping to be done.

Yeah.  Fail.

I have two closets to do:  the "easy one" with minimal shelving; and, the "hard one" with cubby holes and what not.

I'm about 90% done the "easy one".  Mind you I had to be all fancy and make it look built-in and what not with the trim work.  Thus, if anyone ever comes to our house, I'll be sure to show the closets

(And this is reason 5624 I can't be a professional contractor)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Helicopter Pilot

So we had our work party today where there was a gift exchange.

What did I get?  An r/c helicopter!

And...I'm bored of it already.  Especially since it's a cheap Chinese-made one, but whatever.

This is why I can't have

Every Hump Day Should Be Like Today

Where Wednesday is the only workday for the workweek.

On the flipside, why the hell would I go to work for only one day instead of taking the whole week off?  Loooooser!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Right Back To This Song

Fitting, as I embark on going back to my (work) roots.  Starting next year I'll be an inspector again!

As always, mixed feelings on this one.  But a change is needed regardless...

Now This Is What Vacation Is Talking About

Slept in on a Tuesday.  Yee-uh!

Too bad I feel bad skipping out on the gym/playing ball.  And too bad I have work tomorrow.  Ah well.

As for today, I gots shelves to build

Monday, December 13, 2010

Takes Only One Thing

You wanna know one thing I hate about myself?

Every time I think I'm at a calm with my mind and my thoughts, it takes just one thing for me to snap or go into a funk.

It'll stop soon, right?  (*cricket chirp*)

(also, who exactly am I talking to out there?  *cricket chirp*)

I swear I'm not bi-polar or depressed (I think).  Just frustrated.  Must be the weather.  Let's go with that.

How do I let go of these thoughts and feelings?  Just wait for next lifetime?

It's Like Watching Paint Dry

Actually, it is watching paint dry.

I'm working on making closet organizers for our downstairs closets during my semi-week off (doing in to work on Wednesday; who does that?!?).  I would like to work faster, but I am limited when the paint has to dry.

But whatever, sure beats working right about now!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Camel T-Owwww

Now this is a Mass I would've loved to have been in:

If only he could've gotten over the hump (groan)

Oh La La(vash)

So I discovered something that just can't be good (for my health).

Lavash bread, like a very thing pita or a very large tortilla, with Nutella.  It's like eating a Nutella burrito!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

UppaBaby (That's Esssspensive)

Stroller?  Check.

Having babies are supposed to be expensive, right?  Because wow that stroller is.

We just have to remember that the more money you spend on your child doesn't mean you love your kid more...


Had quiet an (un)eventful workday.  But I had quiet a day otherwise:

-ate noodles for breakfast
-played ball in the morning
-ate a cold slice of pizza, half a bagel with cream cheese and a cup of coke
-met with JulesBuh and DeAng for lunch at a Caribbean buffet.  Awesome times with two very fascinating, easy-going people.  Learned about three streams.  Agreed that stream three is perhaps the most intriguing, if not wrong thing if you believe in monogamy.  But still, stream three...yeah
-went with the work boys (Tabico, Mikey, Dre, Clavo and TPH funnyman Andy) to the "Guys Night Out" Raptors game.  Ate at Old Spaghetti Factory (meh), got a free beer (.5 of a real sip), a rally towel, free shirt, a free voucher for a 6-pack of MGD beer (surely the guests will like it), pulled-pork sangwich, and a free slice of pizza for tomorrow.  Except for the Craptors losing, fun times!

My stomach needs a pump

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ralph Lauren Loves My Lips

Because they are the epitome of Chap(ped).

I hate it...I can't smile because the skin is cracked, and it hurts to eat.  I'm putting on chapstick like every five minutes, but it's only helping somewhat.

I'm blaming it on my runny nose.  Gotta be it.  Every time I blow my nose, it scrapes my lips (let's not even talk about the disaster that is the skin on my nose and just below it).  I need to find me some 7-ply tissue...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Get Over This Already

Damn runny nose.  It's drying up my system.

Had a half-day of work today, and ended up sleeping for two hours in the afternoon.  Yeah, I don't see this ending well tonight when I try to sleep

*  *  *

So wanted to go to Philadelphia.  And now "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" just came on the TV.  I have to get there sooner or later.  The cheesesteak is calling for me

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

This Nose Is A Runnin'

And it's making me blow the nose and wipe it so much that it's getting all scratched and dried out.  Blah.

I know what will make it better:  play basketball!  Right.  Last game of the season tonight for 3rd place.  I don't know if I have the intensity tonight

*  *  *

Some sad/funny stuff happening at work.  Not surprised it would come down to this.  Just shows how pathetic some people are.  I hope him and the rest of his clown posse get scrutinized...

Monday, December 06, 2010

Ka-Boom Ka-Boom

Welp, this song is stuck in the rotation in my head now:

*  *  *

Decisions to make again, and in a relatively short time frame.  Hmmm...

Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Grown-Up Party

Went to Arfeli's place last night for Feli's birthday.  Lots of her friends were there; just sat, talked, ate, did nothing.

Patrick (four years younger) was there with his girlfriend Angela and said to us outloud, "is this what a grown-up party is like?  When we have parties, we're all getting trashed or playing video games."

And then we left earlier than everyone else because Sharon is pregnant.

lol...I guess we're grown-ups?

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Welcome The Crib To The Crib

Crib?  Check.

And for a great price as well.  Good job Bubba

*  *  *

"What was it in your light that opened me and consumed me so quickly?  Please, stay with me, my friend, my love.  The shape of our love is not something we formed or created, but rather, its beauty created us.  There was a moment I remember, that first time I felt something from your soul in mine, and I began to grow and drink from your soul's spring, and let your current take me in.  I will not grieve, for everything I have lost will come around again in a different form.  A thousand lifetimes will be but a moment's time for the joy of finding you again will be more than worth the wait.  My love for you cannot be explained - only felt."

Let It B (-List Stars)

Good message in there though

Friday, December 03, 2010

What You Thought?

Unfortunately, yes.

Nutella here I come

*  *  *

First week of work back to the regular.


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tis' Th' Overeatin' Seas'n

And so it begins, even before the first snowfall.

Kelsey's for lunch with Lisa (half-price wings what), then Tony's for dinner for a get-together with our team and other Supervisors (Chloe is very cute).

Where's my stomach pump?

*  *  *

This LeBron-back-to-Cleveland game  would be so much better if there was a, like, you know, fight

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Shish That Was Good

Went to a work's baby shower party today at Astoria Shish Kabob House.  I was pleasantly impressed and it's a place I'm definitely going to go again with Sharon

*  *  *

Well that wasn't planned.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Excuses? I've Got 'Em

But it won't do anything to absorb the pain of losing.

This is what happens when my basketball team in the rec league goes to playoffs in a "do or die" situation.  My emotions, already out of whack, goes haywire.

We lost by nine or 10 points.  I scored nine, but only in the first half (my shooting went cold in the second half.  Excuse #1: I played about 38 of the 40 minutes because of Excuse #2:  we were missing three guys).

Okay, well, whatever.  We lost.  But still, it would've been nice to have win.

I hope we play next season again (or maybe not, due to the heart attack I'm surely going to

*  *  *

Ricky-Bobby hotter than wasabi.  Went to the Wasabi Buffet for lunch for our "Manager-Supervisor meeting" and as a farewell to my Supervisoryship (free lunch what!).  I was actually impressed with the place.  It happened to be my only real meal of the day.  Ugh

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Like A New Job!

First day back as a non-supervisor, and already I feel the difference.  That is, like a weight has been lifted off of me.

Again though, I'm not sure how I'll feel in a few days when I realize I'm back at my position.  I'll just try not to think about it, I guess.

Instead, I'll think about other that mountain of clothes in the basement just waiting to be ironed

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advice Only My Mother Could Give Pt. 2

(At Cheyenne's baby Ayden's Baptism Party at the Mandarin, talking to Sharon after seeing a plate full of half-eaten desserts that Sharon didn't finish)

Mom:  Wow, did you eat all of that?

Sharon:  Yeah, but I didn't like any of them.  That's why there is a lot left over

Mom:  Good, you don't want to eat a lot of sweets or you're going to end up having a cesarian

Sharon:  Oh, umm...okay?

Ever Fry Bologna Before?

That's what I liken this Chicken-Bacon to.

I'm not sure I like it.  For what it is, it's okay.  But if I compare it to the real porky goodness bacon?  No match.

I'll tell you what is good though:  this Creme Brule French Toast Ms. Trannifer made.  Prolly because it's ridiculously bad for my health (pound of butter, pound of sugar, litre of cream.  Or so it seems)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

As Right As Everything Is...

...why is there always something a little wrong?

I've got to stop thinking this way.  Seriously.

(Man, I am really coming off as bipolar and paranoid and all sorts of mentally damaged these past few's really not as bad as I'm making it sound.  Right.  I'm just overly OA, which is quite the over)

Simply Forget

Forgot how much I like Simply Red and that white soulful singer:

I'm Messed Up

Hope to undemessify sooner or later.

Don't understand a lot of things in life.  Why I feel the way I feel, why I act the way I act, why things are the way things are.  Why being a double-standarded hypocridiot is my way of life.

Scared little boy, what is it with you?  Why do you think too much?  Or rather, why don't you think more often?

Why can't you let these things go?

(The preceding paragraph brought to you by cryptic drama incorporated)