Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Okay, So I May Be Overdoing It

Remember how I mentioned before the plethora of tailors there are in this country? Well, because of the surplus of tailors, therein creates a buyers market (as opposed to Canada, where there is such a derth of tailors it creates a sellers market). So what does this all mean?
I ordered myself a custom made suit.
In all fairness though, it was quite affordable, I got to pick the fabric, and it will be made to my exact specifications. On the bonus side, it will spell the end of my current black suit, which Sharon thinks more or less is past its prime. Plus, I can say I'm quite the luxurious man, what with custom made clothing and all.
I was going to get a navy blue pinstripe suit, but that might have resorted me to wearing it around the house, since really, I don't wear suits for everyday use.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Go-Ahd To Goa

So I'm here in Bangalore now after our jaunt to Goa. If there was one word that could describe it, it would be: damnhumidot. In other words, it was damn humid and damn hot.
But, the beaches were nice. As well:
-the wedding went good, and much good luck to Lawrence and Lavita. The ceremony was certainly different, and my duties as best man included putting Lawrence's suit jacket on him (ala Green Jacket at the Masters) and pulling a string that rained confetti on the couple. I'll never forget it, if only because I was swimming in my own sweat in my clothes
-mosquito bites galore
-meeting Sharon's Dad's side relatives, including her Uncles who is a very smart and well-travelled individual
-swimming in the ocean and in the awesome waves. I can't, though, ever get used to salt water
-taking 4-5 showers a day
-getting sick of Indian food, just as I predicted
We then flew out last night and arrived in Bangalore, where the weather is much more pleasant as they say here. Definitely. We are going to see a zoo today, where tigers await and hopefully I get to ride an elephant. Then I can definitely say that I went to India (although the fact I smell like it is definitely an indication).

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Well Of Course It Was Bound To Happen...

...I got sick and now have, shall we say, stomach cramps manifesting itself in semi-liquid form? Yes, obviously a sickening thought, but that's exactly how I feel.
It doesn't help that we're flying out to Goa in a couple of hours. Sigh.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Still Alive!

So I'm still having a good ol' time here in Mumbai:
-yesterday was a shopping bonanza, going to all sorts of stores. Went to the markets, where it was just as bad as the Philippines ("yes sir! You want this sir! Take a look at this sir!"). Could be an overwhelming experience, but I have good ignoring skills. I'm pretty much done all my shopping for people, so now I can really enjoy myself
-good food, but yesterday's lunch was truly an Indian treat: McDonald's. That's right, McDonald's. Nothing like a Chicken Maharajah Mac and delicious fries that says this is India. Seems every country I go I have to go to the Golden Arches
-almost done the jet lag
-more shopping and touring today, sans parents. I think that's a good idea to keep Sharon's sanity in check
-sweating like crazy. No, seriously, like crazy
-flying out to Goa tomorrow, then to Bangalore, then to Delhi, then back here then home. Yikes, it's going by so fast
Will check in sooner or later

Monday, November 20, 2006


So guess who's here in India! After a rather arduous flight (think 24 hours either on a plane or in an airport), we have arrived. First impression when I got here? It's an awful lot like Manila, with the exception of Indian people all over the place. I mean, there are squatters, people drive like maniacs (poor Sharon; she had to close her eyes when we were going to her Uncle's place), shantytowns and all-around pollution.
But, being the "veteran" traveller I am, I ignored all of the conditions and am actually finding the place and trip enjoyable thus far. Quickly:
-her Uncle's place is quite modern (they have an elevator that goes directly to their residence!) and has Internet access. In fact, it seems to be even faster than my connection at home
-the eating, and I mean eating has begun. Luckily, perhaps, the sweating has also begun
-so much for conservatism and modesty; they let Sharon and I share a bedroom
-went shopping today and got a bunch of stuff. Again with references to the Philippines, the shopping and haggling is quite similar. Oh yeah, it's also quite cheap and haggling over what would amount to $0.35 Can difference is quite the experience
-Oh yeah, I also got a custom-made dress shirt I'll pick up on Wednesday, since, you know, I'm all about the custom-made stuff
-took a motorbike transport to anf drom places. Again, quite like Philippines where it made me wonder if my travel insurance is up to par
-I am learing to master the Indian yes and no/bobblehead gestures. Almost there
-jet lagged? You can say that. I mean, waking up here at 330am and not faling back asleep will do that to you
All in all, a great experience so far. Next stop: Goa on Thursday
Tryin' to mesh wid Ganesh

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hors D'Ouvers!

Or is that Au Revoir? Well, whatever the case, I'm going to India with Sharon and the in-laws tomorrow. This means: 1. I have to do laundry. 2. I have to pack. 3. I am going to get nervous as I always do before I leave for long periods of time. BUT...I fully intend to have a grand ol' time, despite what seems like will be a 30 hour flight there. I hope this will be one of those flights where I don't get ill. It's very hit or miss with me.

Sure! Unsure! Sure! (that joke would've rocked back in 1998)
So tonight will be the dis-baa-dee-da at the Beaver and Bulldog. I think I need to eat wings because I need them for my flight (ha?). That, plus the fact I'll prolly really miss this kind of food while I'm there. What am I talking about? It's just as fatty food over there! I'll love it!
* * *
Because Blogspot has been giving me problems lately (although it could be my slow internet connection), I haven't been able to post the minutae of my life. Like yesterday, I went to a sushi dinner with Lizanor and got to actually know and converse with a person I've known since the early days of elementary. A rather interesting person she is, I regret treating her like trash back then. So as I've said it umpteen times, I apologize and hope we can continue to be friends into the future. With that said, I can't believe I got her, of the rather highly discerning taste buds, to try a piece of raw salmon. I hope that's not the reason she's feeling ill today...haha.
* * *
I don't know what kind of internet access I'm going to have in India, but if I do have the chance, I'll update as much as possible. Then again, I really don't even know if anyone even reads my blog or cares about my ramblings, so really, it's like I'm only talking to myself here.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Got To Go

So I'm really feeling it now: the don't-have-the-mental/emotional-energy-to-work mood. I was called "threatening" and "not doing my job properly" today on my voicemail from this trashy lady who I've been trying to get something to be done (well I did give her a final warning on a letter that if she doesn't produce a document she will get fined. I feel I've given her enough chances, and for her to tell me I'm not doing my job correctly, well...screw her). It's moments like these that define a PHI; the whole "I'm not going to let her get away with this so I will, in fact, charge her" moments.
But then...I just didn't care. If anything it made me despise my job. Other PHIs always say, "don't let it get to you personally." Well I've always been somewhat of a...softie? I dunno, I've always found it hard not to take things personal, no matter how small the slight. I think I've said that I'm not able to do the enforcement side of the job so many times I'm actually starting to believe it. I suppose I've always, and perhaps always will be a shakey, nervous, don't-offend-anyone kind of person. Career change? (Wow...I'm not overdramaticizing at all). If all goes to plan, I should be into the educational aspect of it and I won't have to face these self-inflicted stresses. Jeez, I hope.
I guess the weather (grey, dreary) doesn't help much either. In the end, I think I'm just excited to leave for India on Friday. In fact, I got my head shaved in anticipation for it. There are those worries/doubts I have, of course (like perhaps a terrorist scare, Visa problem, getting locked away in a jail for 7 years and everyone forgetting about me, etc), but all-in-all, I can't wait.
* * *
Gonna watch Wicked tonight with my baby. Maybe that'll cheer me up from this somewhat glum mood. Most likely it will, because I get to see Sharon on a Tuesday!
"Can you keep a secret? I farted"

Monday, November 13, 2006


I remember watching this Chinese (or is it Japanese?) film called Tampopo, which was the quest to make the most perfect bowl of beef noodles. It always made me want to eat beef noodles. While I was always able to find a place that had tender beef and good soup stock, I was never able to find a place that made fresh noodles.
If Spiderman was a chef. And Chinese.
So today I found myself at Pacific Mall with Arvin (or as he says, "Spucipic Mull"). We were looking at the part of the mall I never go to (the upstairs level), and came upon this place where this guy was making fresh noodles, like the picture above. So of course, you know what I had to do.
It was pretty good, although better if it was hotter (I got it in a takeout container). Put "making fresh noodles" on the supposed list of things to do when I move into my own house (along with pasta, bread, tortilla, ketchup, and mayonaise).

Sunday, November 12, 2006

You Know What Sucks?

I'll tell you what sucks: when you wear a brand new piece of clothing for the first time, and the inevitable happens. It gets stained.
My family, Sharon and her parents, and Marie and her parents all go to Ellen's Place, a Filipino restaurant, for my Dad's birthday. Somewhere along the way, I get some oil stains on my new, fancy pants. DAMMIT. This reminds me of the time I wore my brand new Polo Chaps golf shirt at work, and bleach got on it. Maybe I'm not meant to wear new clothing. This is why I don't buy expensive clothing.
Sometimes I wish I was a nudist. But that wouldn't be good for anybody.

And It's Back

So after some time, Blogspot seems to be back and (sofar) working fine. I wasn't able to post there for a while; not that anything exciting happened in my life. Quick run down:

Friday -played a spirited game of basketball with Alan and another dude. My arm feels like it's gonna fall off and my legs feel like jello and I realize as I get older, my body gets sorer; and I love it
-went to the Mississauga Convention Centre for the taste testing party. So much food! Javier, the guy who booked us, actually remembered us which was nice. We didn't win the grand prize of a honeymoon in the Mayan Riveria, but that's okay. I think we set our menu for our wedding day. Oh yeah, we also saw Mary Tulluto and her fiance Antonio there; very nice people. Also a bunch of people from the wedding preparation class (figures as we are getting married in a Portugese Church and the MCC is Portugese owned)
Saturday -went to Nicole's wedding in Hamilton. Got there a bit late, ended up sitting on the Groom's side. Karen said, "We are? How can you tell?" Well, aside from the fact that Karen, a tall black girl, Sharon, Walter and I were sitting amongst white people, I would have no idea. Oh yeah, the Priest was kinda bad in the sense he couldn't speak properly. When he tried to say, "I wish you the best" it came out as "I wish you the breast." And when he tried to say, "fortification" it came out as "fornification." Seriously
-went to Limeridge Mall, where I had a sweet donair (miss those), bought a tie and Sharon found her jacket. We were also wildly overdressed. Fun times. About three speeches in the slew of speeches during the night alluded to Limeridge Mall, which, apparently, is the only place to go there (I'm thinking it's a Hamiltonian thing)
-wore my custom fitted shirt and Arvin's tie/cuff links and my beige suit. Kinda felt like I was a guy who couldn't let summer go. Oh, and the collar was so stiff on the shirt that it started to chafe my neck. Sucks, but I figure it will get better
-had a fun time dancing and and taking notes for our own wedding. Almost can't wait
-ate, as usual, way too much. I really, really gotta stop this
On Friday we'll be heading to India. Kinda getting much to do still before I go

Friday, November 10, 2006

Body Sore

Two straight days of playing basketball, and my body feels creeky. Got the wedding pick-you-food-you're-gonna-eat-that-night dinner tonight. Blogspot has been screwy lately, can't even format my fonts.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Surprises At The Y

First, plesant surprise: was coming out of the Y this morning when a "regular", this older black woman who is absolutely insane when she works out, said, "so Jason, when are you leaving for your vacation?" Why is this a surprise? Well, aside from saying a quick hi to one another when we see each other and a brief conversation we had months ago, we hardly know each other. In fact, I forgot her name (and feel bad about it). Like I was saying though, I was plesantly surprised that: a)she remembered my name and b)she remembered I was going somewhere. That seriously made my morning brighter, and the fact that this was not a woman I wanted to sleep with or had a crush on makes it a surprise indeed. I know, pathetic.
Second, funny surprise: one of my old students I mentored this past summer, Alan, is working with us as a Contract, Non-Certified PHI. He'll be with us until at least December, although I would imagine he'll have a job ready for him if things work out for him. So anyway, I was telling him he should get a Y pass so we can play basketball in the morning. He's been wanting to, and today he finally did. He told me he got a Membership Plus, like the one I got him. That's when I informed him he is going to see me and a bunch of old men naked in the changeroom in the mornings. See, Alan is a pretty shy guy and unaware that's what goes on in the changerooms in the morning; needless to say, he said, "oh #$@%!!! What the hell? I didn't know! I'm gonna have to learn to just change quickly and keep my head down." Mental note: stay away from the guy who's going to stink because he refuses to take a shower after going to the gym for fear of seeing naked guys.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Something Better Than The Geek Squad:

The Geek Fob Squad! So my computer was on the fritz again for one reason or another (that actually being my motherboard being fried). So I took it to good ol' Alben to fix. Him being the guy who sold me the computer in the first place is besides the point. Anyway, he replaced my entire motherboard for free. If he didn't, I wouldn't know what to do to get it fixed. Thus, my list of "important people to know in that they won't rip you off" goes like this now:
1. Car Mechanic (still go to Toyota for this one)
2. Computer Repairman (check)
3. Haircutter (check)
4. Renovator (check, at least for flooring)
5. Travel Agent (check)
6. eBay contact in USA so that items shipped won't cost as much if shipped here (check)
7. Financial Advisor (if you count Sharon and myself, check; but, shouldn't this be like #1? damn)
8. Optician (check)
9. Real Estate Agent (I'm not sure yet what with us going with my Uncle...I hope, really hope, check)
* * *
Sucks being sick

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Wedding Regist-argh-y

Looking at stuff for our HBC registry is pretty tough. Sharon and I have differing opinions (such as style, colour, and actually what to get). And it's also hard choosing what to get for a house we don't even have yet. And it's tripley hard to decide what to get when I have this thing for matching brands. I'm neurotic like that, don't ask me why.
All of a sudden, that "monetary gifts preferred" statement on our invitations doesn't sound so bad. Actually, it does, but dammit, we are so determined not to have an elaborate registry (the perk of buying it at a reduced price if no one gets it for us is, however, quite tempting). We'll see...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I LIke Girls Who Wear Abercrombie & Fitch

I can't help but think of that line from that one-hit wonder song whenever I pass by the store. I would imagine girls say the same thing about guys who wear A & F, but what if the guy wasn't wearing, well, anything? Sharon and I went to the A & F at Sherway Mall today. Before entering the store (which neither of us would ever buy anything from, but that did not deter us from going in nonetheless), there was this big picture of a buff, six-pack guy wearing nothing but a parka. Pretty standard kind of advertisement for the tres-superficial store. But there was an added touch; an actual dude, he of the same buffness, wearing no shirt but had a parka on. It was a little weird, and when he greeted us, I couldn't even look at him while I responded hello. Nope, no inferiority complex here.

Sharon wondered aloud what the hiring process might've been like for the guy; "please take off your shirt?" I was contemplating taking off my shirt and standing next to him. I wonder if anyone would've thought we were twins, but maybe not as I'm sure his six-pack is no competition to my keg. In the end, I felt bad for the dude because he was being treated like a piece of meat (him of the lean cut, whereas I would perhaps be more of the brisket cut). But what I really want to know is, why can't La Senza do the same thing and have an employee just in her bra next to a big picture of a model just in her bra?
* * *
Thom Hamilton today (I may have overreacted from previous posts; he actually e-mailed me back within 10 minutes of my posting about how no one wants to take photos for our wedding). He was a very personable guy, and we felt pretty confident with him, so we signed him up. Thanks goes out to Jen for recommending us to him; we even saw her engagement photos he took of them and they looked great. Funny if not awkward incident when we were speaking to him though: we were slagging the photographer that flaked out on us the first time, only to find out Thom uses him as his backup in case he would not be able to make the wedding. Now that would make for a rather amusing situation. But Thom said he would use his other backup in case anything ever happened to him. Thom even said he heard some suspect things about our original photographer, so he wouldn't ever put us back in that situation. Whew!
Oh yeah, we also set up our gift registry at The Bay and somewhat agreed on two items. Sharon and I making decisions about stuff to put in our future house which we don't have yet? Yeah...if we survive this, we know we'll be a-okay.
* * *
One last thing: we have successfully completed our wedding courses and even received a certificate for it. A pretty good course, albeit a little stretched out. But we're both glad it's done. Now to pick out readings and songs...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Quiet Man

So I have officially stated my intention to switch positions within my workplace. This would involve me formally applying, and beating out any other applicants (assuming there are others who would go for it). So in the meantime, I feel perhaps I shouldn't tell anyone else in case I don't get the position. How embarassing would that be? I mean, a lot of people would know I wanted the position, but didn't get it. So as always, a big challenge for me would to stay pretty quiet and not tell other people (except the ones I know doesn't want it).
It's pretty black and white quiet
Of course it would be pretty silly if people who wanted the same job read this post. But I doubt it.
* * *
Last wedding class tonight. And then I'll be ready for the rest of my life. Righttttttttt...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Picture This:

No one wants to take our wedding pictures, unless of course we pay an exorbitant amount of money. The new photographer we tried contacting seemed good at first and contacted us promptly; but we haven't heard from him since Monday after trying to set up an appointment from him. Dammit! Maybe we weren't meant to have pictures?I guess our wedding photos will just be memories in our head? Are we that ugly? Argh.
* * *
Second last day of wedding classes today. Last night's class was a disaster, at least in the sense there are a lot of loser couples that are attending. There is the table we are sitting at, with six people with a combined IQ approaching just triple digits (I'm not trying to be mean here, but I don't think I'm exaggerating). They complain about everything single thing and make fun of the presenters. They were looking for the fourth couple that constituted their original table, as if Sharon and I were uninvited guests. Whatever...we sat there for the view, not to be with you retards.
Then there's the guy who complained at the end of the class (it was about sex and intimacy) and said to the presenter, "I've been sitting here for an hour and a half, and I don't agree with anything you say! It's like the Jerry Springer Show or something!" No, seriously. The girl is really lucky? He apparently didn't agree with the fact that most guys, when they have sex, think only about themselves and don't make the woman feel involved or loved.
It's so frustrating...if these frikin' ingrates don't want to be in these classes, why the heck do they want to get married in the Church? Yes I'm annoyed. Luckily tomorrow is the last class.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Took My Kid To Work...Again

So this year, I took the person I took last year's (Cheyanne's) brother Joshua. I actually fooled one person into believing he was my son. Needless to say, that may have been the shining moment of the day? It was fun though. I also perhaps set the wheels in motion for a transfer within the division...we'll see what happens.
* * *
Raps season opener tonight! Wedding class tonight! Ummm