Tuesday, January 31, 2012

9 Days?

Yikes.  But a good yikes!  Vegas!

In the meantime, I gotta focus man.  Accomplish the tasks at hand.  And procrastination is not a task at hand.  Yargh

Monday, January 30, 2012

Who's Fancy Now?

So yesterday was quiet a day...
-woke up early to take the boy swimming. Was so tired
-went to My Big Fat Greek Buffet for the after-wedding party. Was so tired
-went to the midwives' party. Was so tired
-went grocery shopping. Was so tired

Basically, I was tired. And I ate so much at the buffet, it was literally my only meal of the day. But it was a good day.

Oh and did I mention I got this killer awesome gift from Arfeli? First post with my new PlayBook!  Yee-uh!  (just gotta get used to this one finger typing...)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

And Then There Were None

All the boys were successfully married off today.

The day was a long one, but of course definitely worth it.  Starting off with photos in the morning and early afternoon (including a limo ride to a crowded McD's, a ceremony in the afternoon (including having my awesome, cute son in the wedding processional.  Funny aside:  every time the church bells rang, my son would respond with a "huh"?  Of course it was dead quiet in the church and everyone could hear him), and the reception in the evening/night.

The food was great, the emcee was magnificant, my speech (despite the off-coloured, inappropriate  nature to it and the constant crickets I heard, a ton of people, friends and strangers alike, told me that it was a really good speech) was decent, dancing was awesome  and everything about the night sans the wretched DJ was stellar.

On top of that?  Arfeli gave me a gift that was way, way too generous.  It's like it was mywedding or something

*  *  *

Wowza, time to sleep  Another hectic day ahead:  swimming, buffeting, midwifi

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's A Start

First run of the 2012 year.  A paltry 3.7km, but better than nothing.  I've been feeling like crap lately and I haven't been exercising.  I gotta change this.  I have a suit to fit into in two days!

(Two days?  Holy crap)

Too bad I ruined the "workout" by eating red velvet cake afterwards...lol

*  *  *

What a day.  I am glad you are okay Bubs.  As much times as I should get used to this by now (ha). it still scares me a bit.

Feels like when we first came home with Eamon.  Except now Eamon is here and it's twice as hard.

At least the bathtub didn't leak.  Right?

This Is Happening In A Few Days, Huh?

Went to the wedding rehearsal this evening.  I think it's going to be a great ceremony.  The priest was kind enough to explain the significance of all of the processions in the ceremony.  I didn't know I had a job; I hope I don't drop those crowns!

Then we went to Argay's parents' place for the after where I promptly ate three plates of Tita Chit's awesome palabok.  Yeah, I'm not really sure if I'm going to fit into this suit on Saturday.

Can't believe it's just a few days until the last of us get married.  Yikes

*  *  *

Poor Bubba...threw out her back and then had to wait a tortuous three hours in the walk-in clinic waiting for a doctor.  Doesn't help that she has to carry my chubbalubbs around all day.  Hopefully she gets better soon

*  *  *

Well, I gone and did it.  Changed the mortgage.  I hope I made a good decision and don't end up paying more than is necessary.  Now we just have to put our heads down for the next few years and try to kill this amortization period

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Crazy.  With this post, I'll have done 2500 entries.


I babble and complain a lot.

I wonder how long this blog could keep going.

Oh right, only until December 21 of this year

Being A Wealthy Inspector

Sometimes I wish I was more "better" with money.  I mean, I think we do well enough saving and what not, but it's that whole "making your money work for you" crap that I wish I got.

Anywho, yesterday was one of those days that made me really focus on our money and ways we could save.

I'm thinking of changing up the mortgage as it is at "unprecedented lows" (or so the banks would have you believe), and I got more than an earful from a banker.  I wish there was an easy way to determine if this was the best route, but with the information at my fingertips (and the limited knowledge in my head), it looks like this is the way to go.  I just hated it when the banker told me that yesterday might have been the last day I could've gotten that rate.  I hope today it doesn't go up.  I hate pressure situations especially when it comes to our biggest liability, but if all things go according to plan, I should be saving us lots of $$$.  Then I'll feel like a winner.

(Right.  Because really, it's the banks who win in the end.)

We then went to the Living Arts Centre to listen to the author of "The Wealthy Barber".  I knew nothing going into the presentation, thinking I was going to be bored to death.  I hadn't even read the book, because like most people I try to avoid learning more in-depth about personal finances.

Luckily, Sharon enrolled us in this free presentation, and I was more than pleasantly surprised.  The speaker, David Chilton, did an awesome job.  He was engaging, hilarious, and spoke at a level that wasn't intimidating.  He gave a few good tips, and was really inspiring with the messages he had not related to finance (ie. life is good, stop complaining).  We even got free copies of his book, saving us $20 each what.

All in all, good day for saving and learning about money.  Only part about the day not good?  I got in trouble with a really, really b*tchy usher at the living arts centre for not knowing that we were not allowed to eat in the auditorium.  She embarrassed Sharon and I by taking away our free cookies we got with the book.  I wanted to choke her.   lol

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last Best Man Speech I Have To Write

I should prolly make it a somewhat presentable one.  With that said, however, I'm pretty confident:

a) no one will laugh at my jokes (mind you I don't care because I think it's funny to me.  As is pretty much all my jokes)
b) it is going to get awkward at times
c) I'm prolly going to get emotional, but not in that crying sort of way

I was going to write it on Friday or even Saturday, but look at me trying to be responsible and starting my first draft today.  I just really hope no one is expecting it to be any good or anything (especially you, Arvin...lol).

After being a best man for five weddings, I can confidently say that I'm no better man than anyone else.  I am honoured that people think well enough of me to be part of their wedding let alone a best man.  I'm especially blessed to be the best man for these last two weddings.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  one of the biggest regrets in life I have is not having who I should've had as my best man be my best man and who I should've had as the groomsman to be my groomsman.  Writing these speeches just further accentuates that.  What can I do now?  Sucks.  But I think, at least I hope, that those guys, my boys, know that much.

I guess I should sleep or something and stop thinking

Monday, January 23, 2012



Here we go...

*  *  *

Transitioning the boy from two naps a day to one nap a day.  If all it takes is a little rolling on the bed for him, I'm going to make sure he keeps rolling until he gets dizzy

*  *  *

So sometimes I take small slivers of soap and try to graft it onto the new soap.  I did last night.  Now my hands are ultra-dry.

(If that's not a random thought, I don't know what is.  Oh wait, here's one:  titty sprinkles.)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How About The Baby Just Stay Home?

Had the hardest time installing a baby seat in my in-laws car.  I still don't know if I installed it right.

Almost makes me want to keep Eamon at home instead of sending them out with the inlaws...lol

*  *  *

Bad weekend/month of eating.  Better step up the working out again

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rollin' With The Bed

Busy day today again.

Got the new suit fitted for adjustments, then went to Arfeli's for their Greek Pre-Wedding Traditions.  Apparently one of their traditions is stuffing their faces with food.  Oh wait, that's my tradition.  Again!

But their traditions included sewing on crosses on a duvet, having the parents of the bride and groom carrying around stuff on their shoulders and heads, pouring rosewater on hands, smelling incense, and the best one (or most related to us): having a baby roll on the bed for "good fertility wishes" for the couple.

I was so proud of our baby for not crying while they rolled him on the bed.  It was also hilarious looking at his face, which had the "okaaaaaaaaaay" and "wtf?!?" look on it.  Oh, so this is what parents mean when they say that when you're proud of your kids it makes you extremely happy.  Granted, yes, I really am setting the bar low here, but still...lol

We then went to a famjam as Corinna is in town from Seattle.  We stayed for, oh 40 minutes.  Good times.

And now we just finished watching Ip Man (Arfeli got a subscription to Netflix again, and seeing as how we're mooches, we have access to free movies again what).  Good movie.

Tomorrow we gots swimming, and then next thing you know I'm going to be complaining that the weekend is over.  Time, amirite?

Suit Up

Last night Argay and I had to find a suit to avert the latest crisis for the wedding.  It was all about finding the same (out-of-season-impossible-to-find) suit or a similar looking one.  Luckily we did find one at Zara; unluckily Argay was out $$$ because we couldn't find the same suit that was on clearance, was only able to return the other one he bought at regular price at sale price, and the suit I got was on regular price.  Got that?  I know, all these thoughts about suits, and I literally just woke up from a dream that I was with Barney Stinson who was telling me to "suit up".  Yikes.

Anywho, a week left till the wedding.  Crazy

*  *  *

Went for some ramen (I seriously love noodles) last night with Ian, Maunley and Grayson after meeting up with them to do a suit exchange and to give Grayson his tux.  Grayson is 18 months old and is running free and wild.  I can't imagine when or if Eamon is going to be like that.  I figure I'll just buy a leash and a muzzle for him...lol

*  *  * 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Like A New Homeowner

Except I'm not.  My in-laws wanted me to accompany them on their home inspection for their new home in a new development.

The house is quite nice, and I met the builder's daughter.  The builder is Kaneff.  So essentially, I met a KaJillionaire.

I'd like to live in a bungalow, except by the lake.  Oh how I can dream

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some Decisions To Make (Wife Edition)

Some big time decisions to make here.

Whatever you choose Bubba, you know I support you

*  *  *

Answer:  I'm blaming my cheapness and the coupons provided.  Plus I drank the gravy.  It was so, so so good.

Question:  Why exactly did you eat KFC for lunch?

*  *  *

Time is going by so fast.  By next week Argay is going to be married.  He's getting married and yet I feel so unprepared or something.

And then a few short weeks after that we'll be going to Vegas.

But before that, I have that thing I have to do.

Focus man, you gotta focus man

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Is It Over Yet (Car Edition)?

Okay, so the Camry seems to be fixed now.  Seems to be a rash of problems with the cars lately; hope this is it.

Oh wait, I just realized that my "door ajar" light in my car is malfunctioning and staying on.  Dammit!

*  *  *

Good luck tomorrow Bubba...go keeya it

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Way To Be An Auto Mechanic: Drive It?

So the Camry is still giving all sorts of problems.  The idling is too low.  One of the fixes suggested on Google?  Drive it for about 40 kms and the computer should reset itself.

Okay, easy enough.  So I did that and...of course it didn't quite work.

So now, I have to drive it to my Dad's place tomorrow morning so that he can drive it over to his friend's to get it fixed.  I will drive the van for work tomorrow.

Frustrating, both for the wallet and for the cars.  Oh well, what can you do

*  *  *

How is it not even my wedding, but I feel like I'm getting stressed?

Feel bad/sad for Arfeli.  Things will work out with the revised plan...there's no way it's not going to

Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Car Battery Also Means...

...battery to your patience.

Bought a new battery from Costco for Sharon's Camry.  Working fine.  Sharon goes to Bulk Barn.  Stall.  CAA luckily tows it back home.  Return car battery.  Buy new battery from Walmart.  Realize it's essentially the same battery (in terms of power, current).  Get advice from my Dad that there might be something wrong with the alternator (which I originally suspected but didn't have faith in my own judgement because of my past history of trying to be an auto mechanic).  Install new battery, see that the headlights flicker.  Yup, something wrong with the alternator.  All in the freezing cold.

I've said it countless times, thank goodness for Google because I just learned more about batteries than I would've imagined if I was to try to figure it out 15 years ago.

Not a thank goodness?  That our cars, reaching 9 and 10 years old respectively, are starting to show its age.  Sucks.  But it's expected; cars are esssssspensive.

Luckily my Dad is retired now and has time to come over tomorrow, test it out and maybe have it towed to the mechanic who will fix it for us

*  *  *

Wow, 2012 is really bringing some surprises.  For instance, I read two 400 page books within the last few days.

Hey, when I do something, I do it obsessively.

They are pretty good books, these Hunger Games books.  One last book to go in this trilogy, then I'll prolly be sad that it is over and I won't read again for, what, 4 years?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Overeat #2


Here I go again.

Was craving deep fried squid, Chinese style.  Went to the Chinese Centre to get Eamon's suit (fail...apparently it was way too small for him.  Estimating fail as well).

Oh, did I mention that it was freezing today and the Camry wouldn't start?  Good thing Ian was there and gave us a boost.

Anywho, I will be better tomorrow.  I hope

*  *  *

So I have been reading lately.  Books.  Reading.  Wtf?

Anywho, been reading these books Sharon got called "The Hunger Games".  It's a good read.

Best part of today?  Reading my book beside Eamon as he flipped the pages of his book.  He makes me laugh.  He's getting quite interactive now.  Can't wait until March!

*  *  *

Car...booked!  Now just have to figure out what to do there

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Mother's Story To My Son

My Mother, God bless her heart, loves her grandson enough to read a book to him before he goes to bed.  Eamon always has "5 Little Monkeys" read to him before he goes to bed.

My Mother's version of the first verse:

"5 Little Monkey jumping on bed,
fell down and bump the head,
Mama call Doctor,
No more monkey on the bed!"

I won't recite the rest of the verses, but you can just imagine how the story might have disintegrated.

I'm almost positive Eamon is going to grow up as confused as I was without knowing it thanks to my parents.  But this is not a bad thing...I'm hoping it makes him as amused as I get

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Retirement...Unhappy Arteries

Yeah, I don't know why I do this sometimes.

Today was Rose's retirement party at Solstice Restaurant.  The food was really good and I was hungry.

Not a good combination.

And the first overeating binge of 2012 had just occurred.  Urf.

Good party though.  Can't believe she was just a few months shy of being at Peel for 30 years.  30 years!!!  That's crazinsane!

If I'll have been there for 30 years, then that means I'll have been working at the same place for over half my life.  Yikes.

But of course that begs the question:  what am I going to do with my life?

This is why I shouldn't overeat.  I overthink as well

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It Cost How Much?!?

So sometimes I take modern technology for granted.  For example, to get somewhere physically thousands of kilometres away in a matter of hours is pretty ridiculous considering just 100 years ago it was not possible.  So how much would that be worth to the normal person that had nothing to do with the development of that specific technology?

What I'm getting at is damn, it is quite expensive to fly to Las Vegas at this time of year.  But all things considering, it's pretty cheap.  Plus, I used our Petro Points to get a substantial discount.  Plus we got good flight times and it's direct flight.  Can't top that.  Well you can, but then I would just be getting greedy.

So the first big thing checked off the list.  Now onto the others...

*  *  *

Speaking of expensive, I'm scared to think about how much it is going to cost me to fix the fan in my car properly.  Argh

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"I'll Never Feel Better"

Why is it in the midst of being sick (like Eamon is and like I am), it feels like we'll never get better?

I've had this nagging cough that makes me hack until I have a headache.  Eamon has pink eye that makes his eye red and pus.

I can't wait until I don't notice that we're not sick anymore

*  *  *

Vegas!  I better get stepping on the planning...

Monday, January 09, 2012

Monday Gogogogogogo Time

I have to get over this sickness.  The cough and phlegm is killing me.  So is the lethargy.

Time to do gogogogogogo

Sunday, January 08, 2012

My Boy's A Balla

So I just got unnecessarily happy I think.

I was playing with Eamon in the basement with all his toys.  He has a mini-basketball set.  Without prompting, he picked up the basketball and put it through the hoop.

I then became one of those embarrassing, overbearing, too-happy fathers.  Yikes.

Mind you for about 10 minutes prior, he was just tipping over the basketball net to the floor.  Not that he knew what he was doing.  I think

Saturday, January 07, 2012

I'm Not A Fan

Dangit.  Looks like my car's age might be starting to show.

The fan in the car isn't really working well.  And I guess I might need heat during the winter.

So I took it to Haines Auto, and they worked on it and it works.  Somewhat.

This car is supposed to last me at least another 5 years...kamonletsgostayalive

*  *  *

Family just came by for dinner.  The boys are already growing up fast...yikes.

If we have another one, then it's going to be utter chaos!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Hate It When Sad Things Happen To Happy People

Some sad news coming from the Ang camp.  Hope things go well for them.

I'm gonna go hold my kid a little bit longer

*  *  *

Weird sickness I have going on.  I'm coughing like crazy, and the throat is tickly, but other than that I am not feeling feverish or sick.  Hope it goes away soon

Thursday, January 05, 2012

You Know How Asparagus Makes Your Pee Smell?

Well, if you don't pee before you play basketball and you sweat like crazy, it makes your sweat smell.  Which in turns makes you smell.  Bluk.

Mind you, I don't feel sorry for me necessarily; I feel more sorry for the poor schlubs I had to play with...I know the atrocities that they smell

If I Just Keep Ignoring It...

...then this feeling of a cold/sickness will go away, right?

I'm not sure it works that way, but I'll try it.  I feel like I'm on the brink of getting sick.

No time for that though.  Gogogogogogogo

*  *  *

Random song recommended to me from Kiri:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjVuMX7GSSk

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Trash Talking That Is More Like Garbage-Trash

I enjoy playing basketball with the same guys in the morning.  We occasionally partake in the time-honoured tradition of talking the trash.

Sometimes it goes awry, which makes me laugh.

To wit:  I texted Kelvin to see if he was going to play tomorrow morning and evening.  He said he would.  I replied "is your confidence going to be okay getting beaten twice?"

He replied "With all this smack talk, ur pissing in the wind.  And tomorrow is gonna be a windy day."

Yeah, what?  LOL

*  *  *

Flashmobs are so 2009.  And yet, here I am enjoying this show Mobbed.  I've always wanted to be in a flashmob.  I wouldn't know what to do though if a flashmob happened and it was directed towards me.  Yes, I know, weird for an "attention-whore"

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Random Jealous Thought

I've always been jealous of people who instinctively know their lefts and rights.  I always have to think about which is left and which is right.  It's gotten better the past few years, but in some circumstances (like when calling picks in basketball) I have to really think about it.  Embarrassing.

And how do I know which is my left and right?  Make a gun with my thumb and index fingers.  If it forms an "L", then it's left.  If it forms a "J", then it's right.  As in, "J is always right"

*  *  *

First day back!  And funny:  I haven't used my alarm clock in a long time.  How do I know?  Because when it was vibrating, I had no idea what the movement was.


Monday, January 02, 2012

Good Bye Christmas Break 2011

It was great while you were around.  I didn't get as much stuff done as I wanted to, but that's okay.  I also enjoyed my first Christmas with my baby boy.  I especially liked watching him today "crawl" (which really is just him rolling his entire body.  It's frickin' hilarious)

*  *  *

Time to start thinking about going on a vacation in February.  Vegas?  Yukon?  Vancouver?  Anywhere?  Let's hope

*  *  *

Welcome back Buh!  Just keep going at it.  Even if it's only a few words.  Even if it's only one word.  I have to believe it will help, otherwise I posted 2474 or something times which was a big waste of my time (it wasn't.  At least, not to me)

*  *  *

Arfeli is getting nuped up in less than a month.  Dang...so quick.  Tingly biyag yet?

*  *  *


Now It's Officially Done...Just A Year Late

The fireplace!  All caulked up!  Completed to it's entirety!  Finally!

Why so many "!'s"?  Because it's past 2:30am and I spent almost 4 hours caulking!  (I shouldn't be surprised...caulking is one of the bane of my renovation existence).

(And yes, I am somewhat happy with the end result.  Maybe I'll actually post a photoalbum of it on FB.  You know, before I post a photoalbum of my babyboy...lol)

Anywho, I was somewhat productive as well by patching up a hole in the ceiling in the basement.  And all it took was 2 years!  2012 is looking up!

Although I do seem to already be breaking that resolution of sleeping more.  But whatever...I've been taking naps in the middle of the day for the past three days.  Crazy!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

First Music Post Of The Year

I'm appreciating G98.7fm.  Letting me hear some nice music


As predicted, we were fast asleep during the "New Years Celebration".  Party aminals what.

The Doctor's Kim-Sy did pass by last night before they head back out to Calgary today, along with Arfeli and a googs chat with Beevy.  It was nice and quiet and always great to be reminded who the friends who are really family are.

Here's to 2012, hoping it's better than 2011

*  *  *

My parents last great moment of 2011:

Mom (talking to Sharon):  "Your Tay thinks that Eamon is going to beat Bieber"

Sharon:  "What?"

Mom:  "He will beat Bieber.  Because he sings already"

Sharon:  "?"