Sunday, May 03, 2015


Sweet!!! Quite happy I broke 50 mins (and with minimal training as well) in this, my 11th year in a row doing the Mississauga Marathon 10k race.  I honestly never thought I would break 50 minutes again in my life, but sometimes I get lucky.

So I guess this will be my blueprint for next year, based on what I did his year:
-only run a maximum of 5km at a time after running 10km from the Oakville Race
-run only, like, 8 times since the last 10km race
-drink vitamix smoothies on the Thursday, and eat fish and chips on the same Thursday
-go salsa dancing on Friday evening, and eat shawarma on rice and bits and bites late night on the same Friday
-take child skating on Saturday morning. Eat chicken pot pie for lunch, take a nap with a child that doesn't want to sleep.  Watch some videos on iPad while cleaning when woken up, drink a protein shake, eat a powerbar. Get to GO station 30 minutes before race. Run to start line to make sure I can check my bag (with three minutes to spare!). Drink powergel with plenty of caffeine in it. Wear new shoes I never wore before (thanks Bioped!). 
-run like crazy to ensure the coworkers you invited to the race running for the first time don't beat you, ignore the pain, make sure you give high fives to everyone watching even if they aren't offering you a high five, take a second or two to stop and drink water along the race, scream a couple of times to hype yourself up, spit when you inadvertently have a bug fly in your mouth, apologize to the people behind you
-run as fast as you possibly can near the end, take a moment to tickle Micky Sipin while you beat him by ten steps (!)
-gorge on wings afterwards. Of course. 

Good times! Definitely got he runners high right now 😁