Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner"

Never before has a statement made a crowd of people go wild (I, ummm...may have been one of them).

Went to watch Dirty Dancing with my Baby, and it was good (although "Baby" tended to talk like a slow person.  It was quite annoying to me).  It made me want to be a better dancer as well (oh, and 16 again)

*  *  *

Friend at work lost another baby at 3 months.  Feel so terrible for her, especially since it's the second time it happened and she's been wanting one for a while.  It's especially tough because she's over 40 years old.  Such is life sometimes?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Championship Game!

...and I'm on the bench.  But hell, I'm not complaining.  Without a doubt all the guys on my team are much better.  I didn't want to screw up.

Unfortunately we lost, but it was a fun (second half) of the season.  If I didn't get traded to this team, I certainly wouldn't have joined the second session coming up at the end of April.

*  *  *

Went to Grazie for my birthday lunch with Rowie and Jenny after salsa class.  Man, this has got to be the best birthday week ever!  The optics surely make it look like I'm milking my birthday for all it's worth, but seriously, I didn't mean for it to be that way.  Whatever the case:  score!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Deep Fried/RW Gluttony

Dang, two straight days of eating deep fried Chinese food (yesterday at the New Ho King with Clavo after watching the free Raps game and then today at the Bubble Tea place with Arvin).  But, really, whateves...I just won't think about it.  At least until I notice a third chin or something.

Although, I guess I do have a reason to celebrate:  my BMI is now at a "normal" level of 25 according to my Doctor's appointment from yesterday!  Yee-uh.  I'm just hoping it's not 26 now.

And really, what better way to celebrate the third day after my birthday?  That's right...MORE CLOTHING from RW!  (I seriously have a problem)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thank Goodness It's Not My Birthday Every Week

So RW & Co. sent me an e-mail that allows me to make any purchases for myself and take an additional 25%.
Guess what happened?
Kiri and I went during lunch and I had this feeling I was going to drop $100 again. And I did, but...I got 25% off! So really, I only spent $80-ish (it's all about the money you save, not the money you spend. And this is why there is a recession)
I really have to do laundry and iron my clothes so I can take stock as to what I have and what I don't need and what is from RW (make that about 80% of the clothing in my non-stop-growing-like-it's-super-obese closet)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Must Be Pregnant...

...cause I've been craving Bubble Tea recently like my eggs are fertilized (yes, bad mental picture)

Holy Crap One More Year Till I'm Dirty?

Dang, where has the time gone

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's A Landscaping Time

Ahhhh...spring...the time for fresh starts, new construction/renovation and emptying out our wallets.

First on tap:  find a landscaper to do our driveway/front entrance.  First company came today, and the guy seemed a bit...odd.  But his work and portfolio was really nice; can't wait to see what he comes up with.  Second and third companies are coming by tomorrow and Thursday.

Dang, I have a feeling it's going to be as hard as when we were looking for someone to replace our windows and do our bathroom.  Yikes

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dammit, Gotta Get Better

In basketball, anyway.  A day after sucking it up like no one's business, I'm still pissed with myself.

I fell off the wagon when it comes to the diet; I have to get focussed again.  I fell off the wagon when it comes to cardio; I have to get focussed again.  I fell off the wagon when it comes to being, well, focussed; I have to get focussed again.

And thus, I am going to kill myself this week playing basketball and working it all out in my head.

*  *  *

Saw Rozzymaboo again today as I conveniently "forgot" to give back her bag of food.  Jen and Mike cleaned her up nicely.  And I think I'm even a bit flattered, as she piddled when she saw me

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Felt A Little Choked Up...

...packing up Rozzymaboo's things today before Jen and Mike picked her up.  It was fun and despite her crazy overexcitednessities and her driving Sharon crazy, I think I'm going to miss her.

And then I remember that I don't have to wake up at 6:00am tomorrow to let her pee and eat.  I think I'll be fine

Well That Was Painful

Never have I watched a Raps game in person that it hurt to watch it that much.  Keeping consistent with this disastrous season, they lost.

But hey, watching Janice spill water all over the two guys in front of her when she was opening up the bottle was quite a highlight.  Oh, and eating Tremendous afterwards.

Then we had to rush home in case Rozzymaboo got lonely (aka "having an accident on the floor").  It then sort of dawned on me that if we were to get a dog, honestly, my life would completely change.  I'd always have to rush home, worry constantly about the dog, wake up early every single day, etc.  Oh, the glamour and fun times of having a dog is a definite selling point, but as Sharon and I have said about us being very selfish with our time right now, it's prolly a no-go for now.

So like I may have mentioned before:  the dog dreams are going to have to wait for now.  My admitting this undoubtedly has made Sharon quite pleased.

How about kids instead then?  LOL...right...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Of "Those" Couples

So as Sharon and I take Roz for her daily walks after dinner, the thought occurs to me:  we look like one of "those" couples.  You know, the happy family that is walking their dog looking like a complete family.  The only thing missing is a baby stroller.

And then I realized:  yeah, we're not ready for that yet

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And We Have Our First Dog Vomitus Incident

Don't worry Jen and Mike, I think she's just missing you guys that she went and barfed.  She seems fine otherwise, but the sight of that barf?  Might not have left a pleasant memory for Sharon.

Nothing a good meal and a walk won't cure (for Roz, that is.  Not sure about Sharon)

Monday, March 16, 2009


Ain't she the cutest?  I swear she's happy with us as Jen and Mike are on vakay.  Just don't base it on the following pic:

You can only guess who is more thrilled about this picture

Tototorodecacacaca Park-ing

Or whatever you call the leash-free dog park we took Rozzymaboo to (because saying "Roz" is difficult, apparently).

So what happened?  Well, first of all, we took her there because according to Sharon, Roz was looking depressed.  Then when we got there, it was a muddy mess, which I'm sure did not impress Sharon.  Then I was scared to take her off the leash, in case, you know, she didn't come back.  So we took her to the secluded area and let her run free (she was quite active, until she got bored of the tennis ball we brought for her to fetch, and then she seemed ambivalent)  Then we had to bring her back home in my car, muddy paws and face and all.  And then the wash down at home, which was also an adventure.

So the result?  After all that, you'd think it would be a problem.  I can see that for non-dog people, but honestly?  Good times!  Seeing as how responsible we are, we're ready for kids!  (YEAH RIGHT)

Oh yeah, we also took her to my parents yesterday to watch for an hour as we went to Square One.  So we let her go to the backyard and then made our get away.  When we got back, our parents said she was crying.  Hey, she likes us!  Either that, or she just couldn't take being passed to yet another handler.

*  *  *

Who Watches the Watchmen?  I did.  It was...okay

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adventures In Dogsitting

Well, nothing much so far.  We are now taking care of an older, more trained dog than the last.  Mind you, it's also much more of an energetic dog.  I'm not sure she's looking for her Mommy and Daddy yet, but I'm assuming she will soon (although I wouldn't put it past her if she thinks this week she's with us is just an extended play period)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Roz Cometh

We'll have the Superdog Roz tomorrow for the whole week.  Should be good times

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mississauga Ink

So I've been working some overtime lately, all because of this:


Reading the comments in the comment section made me crack up for some reason.  Maybe because there's a little truth in it?

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Career High

Oh yeah, I'm a ballah...scored a career high today in the basketball game.

4 points.

Well hell, at least it doubled my previous career high.  

And so seeing as how obviously great I am, I went ahead and signed up for the next session.  Just like I also signed up for salsa classes again.  Looks like I'll be busy on Sundays for the next little while

Doing That Old People Thing

That is, meeting up for dinner with another couple.  In this case, it was my workmate Kira and her husband Derek, who literally live 2 minutes away from us.

It's nice to just sit and talk every once in a while.  I did want to play Scrabble (yet another "old people thing" to do), but I guess that will have to wait till next time

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Reflecting (On A Newly Installed Mirror)

I think I'm at 92% complete now.

I can feel it...

"What Has Become Of My Career?"

That's what I was thinking today as I sat through another pointless and very, very frustrating meeting.  I enjoy my job for the most part, but sometimes I think the industry that I am in leaves me very...frustrated.

And I don't even think it's the work itself; as with most things in life, it's because of the people.  I still have my friends at work (friends, not "work friends"), but the others?  I could care less about them as they make my working life difficult.

In the end, with all the depressing news about the job market and whatnot, I try to keep positive because I'm one very lucky summamabich for having employment period.  Blah

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Oktoberfest Sausages, Saurkraut and Perogies...I haven't been this excited about a meal since...the last time I ate, actually.

Oh, and the whole immune system kicking in?  I may have jumped the gun.  Argh...I hate feeling crappy

Get (gr)Out Of Here!

So putting up tiles is somewhat of a hassle.  What's worse?


Much like taping/mudding, it's something I just don't really appreciate.  Mind you it may have something to do with the fact I was up till 1:00am grouting half of the bathroom, but that's besides the point.

On the bright side, grouting is usually a sign of almost being complete.  I knew I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, but this be karazy!  I'm almost done?  What am I going to do with my life/complain about once this is done?  Yikes