Saturday, July 30, 2005

Long Day

At work, and in general. Although the latter part of the day was great because it involved me going, for free to the Steve Nash Charity All-Star game. I would recap what I did and saw there, but it's much easier just pasting what I posted on

I guess I was the only one sort-of disappointed by the game? (I know I shouldn't complain because a)I didn't exactly pay for the tickets and b)it was for charity, afterall). Here is what I experienced:

-I knew something was up when my buddy said the tickets were in Section 115, Row D. I heard of Row 13, Row 23, heck even Row 27, but not a Row D. Sure enough, I was three rows behind the net. It sure is good to have a best friend who works for Mercedes Benz whos employees apparently don't care about this game. I don't know how I always end up with kick-ass seats, but I won't question it
-I was briefly on camera on the big screen. I didn't know what to do. I just smiled, shook my head like a bobblehead, and felt like an idiot. That or Shawn Desmond.
-(Quasi?)-Celebrities I saw: Marlon Wayans. Okay, that's it. Well, there was also a Tracy Murray sighting, but I don't know if he counts as a celebrity. I know his cousin would certainly be popular if he was there. Does Jay Triano wearing clothes that made him look too old to be wearing clothes like that count?
-when I sat down at my seat (still buggin' because I couldn't believe how close I was), I saw Mark Strong and Gemini from Flow 93.5's morning rush. I yelled "GEM!" and got a wave hello and a smile. I then yelled "STRIZZY!" and got a peace sign from him. Nice people. Is it weird that I know what [i]radio[/i] personalities look like in real life? (Oh, and Gem has some crazy cellulite on her arms, like she lost a good fiddy pounds or something. No wonder she's on radio?)
-player introductions. No Allen Iverson and Ricky Davis, but not to worry as Mateen Cleaves and Janero Pargo are in. It's giving me flashbacks of the whole Derrick Dial/Ira Newble "all-star" appearances in VC's last game.
-on an aside, how do you think Mateen feels? Knowing he was only invited because they desperately needed someone to be the fifth player, and that he was only asked through MoPete's connection? My goodness, everytime he shot or tried to do something, I reminded my buddy, "And that's why he's not in the NBA." I've never seen seen something so, well, so awful. And remember, I saw Acie Earl play
-errr, yeah. Five players on on the West Team. Four quarters of play. I'm sure Nash, Johnson, Marion, and Gooden's coachs must be thrilled to see their players play a whole game that is not during the season. Couldn't they have gotten more Mateen-like players? Perhaps a Chris Jeffries here or a Rick Brunson there?
-on the East Team were Bosh, Rose (who was late for his introduction and didn't really play much throughout the game), Iggy, Charlie V, LessPete, Pargo, and the main attraction, Matt Bonner. Seriously, Bonner is that goofy white kid that loves the attention he gets (whether sarcastic or not) that wants to be everyone's friend who tries to make jokes that turn out more awkward than funny. Like when he tried to do his And 1 dribbling exhibition. Okay, that one [i]was[/i] funny. I love the guy, as long as he doesn't get overpaid.
-National Anthems: singing Oh Canada was a 13 year old Flow 93.5 talent search contest winner that reminded me of JoJo. I really, really feel old. Oh and the U.S. Anthem? None other than Divine "Overplayed Old School Love" Brown, who somehow managed to screw up the lyrics (said "Gallantly Displayed" twice). I wonder if she actually thought of practicing the song before she performed it. Heck, she could've even looked at the scoreboard at the lyrics and pretended it was karoke.
-speaking of practicing, the lady who introduced certain people, like Mark Strong and Gem and winners of promotions, could have at least practiced instead of looking at a piece of paper and screwing up her words. Looking at it reminded me of a horrible high school recital
-hey, speaking of high school recitals, the half-time shows? Yeah, it reminded me of that too.
-there were two NBA refs, wearing shorts. And Black Shoes and White Socks. If only you could see the visuals.
-oh right, the actual game: right from the start I knew it would be a game highlighting something else either than dunking (as VC has left the building). Nothing more exciting than watching assists be the highlights throughout the game! I think Joe Johnson is going to be a really good ball player
-as the guy said before, Iggy and CV missed a lot of dunks. I couldn't help but think that this was the Raps overall first pick. Yes, I know, it's just an exhibition game. I just can't wait for the season to start
-also as aforementioned (amazing alliteration!), Pargo had quite the dribbling exhibition. I also couldn't help but think Babcock is watching this game somewhere thinking Pargo is the answer to all the Raps PG woahs. I also couldn't help but think that there are going to be a lot of fans thinking Babcock should sign this guy right away, as they were up-in-arms last year as he let Shammond Williams go after a similar display.
-Nash did his whole soccer bit during the game, and everyone loved him. I mean, it was nice he put on this event and all, but damn, the amount of "Thank You Steve" and "We Love You Steve" moments throughout the game made me think Leo Rautins wrote the script to this long, drawn-out affair
-speaking of people kissing Nash's hoohoo, Cabbie was the worst (followed by Herbie, a close second). Can someone tell him that his "a-ha-a-ha I'm gonna pretend to act like a geeky loser even though y'all know I'm cool like dat" schtick isn't funny? Like when he pulled out a wig that was similar to Nash's hair and put it on his head. Too bad the joke was doomed for failure because Nash dissed him prior to for wearing a Boston Celtics hat
-saw Nash's wife and his twin girls and the faces Nash was making to them. (I know, all the guys want to know, "is she hot?" My answer is, "She's hot in a Major League Baseball Player's wife kind of way."
-oh yeah, we sat two rows ahead of Kardinal Official, who didn't clap when K-Os performed. I was gonna spread a rumour of beef Tupac-Biggie style, but who's gonna care? 16 people, including the artists themselves?
-okay, I know I sound bitter or something, but it wasn't all bad. Ways to make it better would've included of course adding more players (although it seems that NBA players have proven to be the most unreliable people around), having Jamal Magloire attend, heck having Vince Carter attend, having the JYD attend, having at least one sub for the West Team, having the Raptor attend, making it two halves instead of four quarters, having a host/narrator during the game, and inviting Shawn Marion strictly for dancing.

I left the game feeling good I didn't pay for the tickets, but bad thinking this charity game shouldn't be held next year without better player support and less "Steve Nash is God" support.
The best part of the night? The Korean Barbeque after the game. Sorry, I'm just being honest

And yep, went for Korean BBQ with Ken and Walt and Nit. I really hope the policy works on them. I'm tired and I have to wake up early tomorrow and go with Sharon to Markham to talk about our future again. Yay!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I Think I Have Too Many Hobbies/Things To Buy

-shoe collecting
-things for my car
-(new) bike
I would like to cut down on something, but I don't think I can. There's too much to do in life. In the future (maybe; most of these may just be a dream):
-Ping Pong Table
-sunroof for my car
-wedding (not a dream, I really, really, really hope)
-more shoes
-big screen TV and surround sound
-more camping
-run with the bulls
-Tobacco Indian Statue
Too bad I'm not a millionaire. Heck, I would even settle for a hundred-thousandaire. Oh, and I wouldn't work long hours.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I Knew It! Erg!

I knew when I went to the Philippines I should've bought more of them. I am now attempting to make my new "loafing shoe style" Converse All-Stars. It may be hard with just one pair though. And gosh knows I'm not gonna buy it here because it's almost half price in the Philippines. I better contact one of my cousins.

chucka chucka chucka chucka chucka chucka chucka...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Bent on Burley

I love my new bike, BB II. I was bored today, and then I thought: hey, let's go for a bike ride. So I took it for it's first "long ride" to Sharon's.
My knees are like jello, but who cares! I got the good sweat going.
Now if only everyone would stop staring at me and my bike. I think it's jealousy though. Yeah, that's gotta be it.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lean Back

Who knew that idiotic song by Fat Joe would be my bike anthem?

Oh yes, as cool as it looks...
* * *
Camping '05 with the friends (Sharon, Mike, BJ, Arv, Jeff, Ian, Ivy and Monley) was fun as is every year. It's quite the different camping experience with them: a lot of the trip is empahsized on food. When I go camping with Sharon and her friends, it's more emphasized on just "chilling." Regardless, it as fun. Quick points:
-6.5. I have to remember that number
-went to Owen Sound and Sauble Beach on Friday. Nice Ontarian getaway sort of day
-Cape Croker is a nice place with trails and stuff, but the campsites are way too close to the other campsites. It felt like we were camping with a lot of other people
-the beach we went to (suitably named "Sandy Beach") was the cleanest beach in Ontario I've been too
-peeing in the firepit. The smell of boiling jingelle
-drank wine. Still tastes like shit to me
-first attempt ever at making jiffy-pop. Complete failure
-got home and did a nice thorough cleaning of inside my car
-cleaned my bathroom. But now I have to clean my room. Argh, the cleaning never stops
Just saw a quick segment on TLC about "free running." Crazy stuff, that of course I want to do. If only I was fit. That's it, back to the gym tomorrow.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Why Are You Upset With Something That Doesn't Really Matter?

That's what I have been telling myself today. Reason why I'm upset: the student I'm mentoring at work.
Reasons why I shouldn't be (and just the reasons for today):
-she's just a student and doesn't know any better
-she's a complete and utter moron and you shouldn't really care about that
-you are not going to get fired
-you saw Sharon's work when you picked her up
-you went dancing with your girlfriend. Yay dancing!
-you got your bike today, and it's still badass
-you are going camping tomorrow
-you are an adult (okay, that's still debatable)
-your girlfriend loves you
And the "maturing" of Jason continues...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Byebye BB II...See You When You're Better

So the folks at MBS Tandems, where I bought my bike (aka. BB II), took her back today to fix her up. I hope she gets better. I miss her already.
* * *
Only in the Philippines do the concrete/marble vaults in a cemetary have spoilers on it, like it's a sports car. Well it's really for people to pray, but it looks like a spoiler:

You should see the side skirts

Monday, July 18, 2005

How Did I Know This Was Going To Happen?

Lovely bike, riding it, life's great. Got home, bike broken. Of course.

Will contact MBS Tandems tomorrow (I wonder if MBS stands for Making Bull Shit. Sorry, too upset right now to think of something more wittyer). Sent picture already:


(otherwise a lovely bike)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

It's In!

Before I get to the exciting news, a picture of my nieces Eumi and Ara:

The scene right before I did a cannonball
* * *
So I got the e-mail: the recumbent is ready for pickup! After just two months of waiting. I will now watch my bank account diminish, but no matter, I've been waiting for this moment. I just hope nothing happens to it on the first day. If I can get past the first day, it will be alllllllllllright.
Also had a "picnic" with Kim, Madeline, the Triplets, Ken, Janice, one of the Triplets' boyfriend, Walter, Nit and of course my girlfriend. Went to Erindale Park, but it was pouring, so it was moved to Kim's house. Good food, but then the sun came out and we had a "water fight." Walter and Sharon started getting into it, but then I tried to take Walter down into the kiddy pool because Sharon was on the floor. Man, I hated being violent. And especially against the idiot Walter. Anywho, I said sorry, and I vow I shall try my hardest never to get angry or physical like that again.
As long as no one hurts my girlfriend. I love her more than me.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Emergency Overtime

At Gage Park in Brampton for "Classic Cars and Legendary Stars." Oh those Bramptonites sure know how to get down. I gave the students a heads-up-lecture on their status as student PHIs. They were not happy, especially my student who apparently feels like she knows everything. Bleh, whatever, she's a skankface. Went to Jen Tran and Mike's housewarming party with Sharon. Can't wait till I get a house.
Still missing this girl:

Is that guy...gonna poo?!?
If only the cousins I like lived closer.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Smhotgy Day

Hot, muggy, smoggy day. Blech. So much so that I didn't even leave the office today!

"Funny Guy"
The more things change, the more people still thing of me the same. Sigh.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Only In The Philippines...

Is a toilet on top of a taxi cab not unusual:

Remember to wash your hands
Because apparently diarrhea is a way of life.
* * *
Hot and sticky day today; makes me want to do nothing at work. Errr...make that a normal day at work. I ate a big burrito at work, and damn it was good. I'm gonna make burritos when we move into our house.
Had a surprise visit from cousin Angela from London; haven't seen her in a while. Same girl though.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Why Are The Workdays Feeling Longer?

Perhaps I'm still in vacation mode. I dunno, but man, my workday is feeling much longer now. I wish I was on vacation again. Like a month ago, when I was here (holy segway Batman):

Guess who's the tourist here?
That is the gate to my Lola's house, with Tito Pogi and my Godchild Joshua.
On an unrelated note, I like macaroni and cheese with lots of minced garlic. I have this love affair with garlic. Yummmm....

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Why Do I Do This To Myself Every Year?

The softball tourney, that is. I'm beyond sore again. It's like that feeling you get after your first workout after being nonactive for 5 months. But worse. And to top it off, I went rollerblading with my girlfriend, Jeff and Mike. I can't wait till tomorrow.
Dr. Sy did a glaucoma test on me, and it seems I'm normal. So I guess I may not have any legitimate reason to do the sticky icky.
* * *
The immigrants in Philippines:

I have a bone...errrrr

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sounds Like Owen

Random pic, from Philippines comedy club called "Punchline" with my cousins. It was quite interesting.

Just one guess as to who is paying
* * *
Went to Owen Sound last night with Kathie Brown, Rowena and Mikey. We went to the Friday night social/orgy drunkenfest with white guys that can't dance. Not as fun this year (most likely due to the fact that it wasn't open bar), but the ribs and wings were really good. Also shared a room with Walter, Trent, Krista and Dave. The company was...yeah.
As usual, I didn't sleep much for the games this morning. To quickly recap: we lost to London by 15 points the first game, then won by one point to Waterloo and Toronto South. I will have bruises on my wrist and hands due to the fact that a softball is not soft. I also played some lacrosse with the big bosses' daughters' equipment, and it was pretty fun desicrating Canada's National Sport. The last game was particularly fun because an acquantance (John Fernando) at 277 Victoria/Toronto South hit the ball to me three times in the game, and I got him out each time. I also hit the ball to him and let him get me out. In the end, everyone thought we were gay.
I am not sure, but I may have impressed some people at work with my "skills." No seriously, they think I'm semi-athletic. But then I offset it by of course, being the "funny guy." Bleh, whatever.
So Kathie drove us home right after the last game. I think she's a good person and extremelly funny. And she has crazy freckles. We were discussing how it sort of sucks having a lot of work friends because you would never be able to all take a vacation together. Although it would be funny if we actually did. "The Health Department is closed for a week due to the fact all the employees are taking a vacation together"
Then I went to Sharon's Papa's birthday party, but left a little early because I think the exhaustion of the previous days finally caught up to me. And so, I shall sleep.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sick Day

So I finally called in sick for the first time this year. And what did I do all day? Relaxed, watched the whole first season of Gilmore Girls (I know, I know), ate Wendy's hamburgers and chili (I have been craving Canadian Beef lately), and slept. I feel a lot better now. Maybe it's the mental aspect too. Oh, and Sharon and I danced, and had lots of fun (at least I did).
Next random pic, Palawan:

Not satisfied with the shopping on the first boat, I go to the second
These were the boats we rented as we went island hopping in Palawan. Only did I find out afterwards that Palawan was the place that tourists got kidnapped. I like to live dangerously. Well, ignorantly-dangerously.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

King of Balls!

One of the first pictures I took when I was in the Philippines:

Sister Company? "Suck: Queen of Balls"
I don't know why, but it made me laugh. Really, I am mature, but it just made me laugh.
* * *
Sick. Again. Another "head cold." Argh. I'll be in Owen Sound this weekend playing softball; hopefully I won't be sick anymore.
Thank goodness I have a girlfriend, otherwise I swear I'm a homo. So I went to Walmart to exchange Gilmore Girls Season 1 because it was all scratched up from the packaging. Of course it was sold out. Oh, and I also told the cashier, "I bought this for my girlfriend a few days ago..."
Then I went to Best Buy. And bought not only season 1, but also season 2. I think I may be obsessed. Really though, Sharon loves the show, I love Sharon, so Sharon has somehow osmosisized into me. I blame/credit her. And it has nothing to do with the fact I have a crush on Rory.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Maybe Jet Lag Is Affecting Me

I couldn't wake up this morning to go to the gym. Oh wait, I was up watching Gilmore Girls too. Maybe that might explain my lack of gymness.
Another picture, except this time of Patricia Kiah Mulingtapang (known as just "Kiah"), my Goddaughter with my Ate Mylene and Kuya Rocky:

Happy because her Ninong spoiled her
I really should download some more pictures. I will make that a task.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Finally Some Pics!

Well, "pic." I think I will just post one pic a day from my Philippines trip. Not because I have a choice; I don't know how to post more than one pic at a time. So the first pic is one of my adorable cousin Nina (pronounced "neen ya"):

That's not a real cat. Did she fool you?
This is her in a cat costume during her ballet recital. This is my cousin that I never knew I had; my Dad's Half-Brother's youngest. The one who was attached to my side during the trip and who misses me so much she called me on my cellphone last night and left me text messages saying she didn't want me to leave and that she wants me to come back. Awwwww...I guess I really did get that baby sister I always wanted (not counting Hobbes of course). Luckily there is always e-mail.
* * *
Went back to the Chiropractor today for the first time in a long while. Super-crack-a-tory today. I also bought my replenishment for tightey whiteys. See, I know I'm old now and I shouldn't be embarassed about buying them, but for some reason today was really embarassing. Here's my brief story (hardee har har):
-went to Walmart Square One yesterday, but it was sold out. Damn.
-went to Walmart Airport Road today during work, but it was sold out too. What is this, brief buying season? Before I go on I must state that I only prefer to buy Fruit of the Loom briefs because a)it's cheap and I can always replace it easily; and b)I don't believe in spending ridiculous amounts of money on underware, only to throw them out at the same rate I would throw out relatively cheaper underware; and c)it's mega comfortable. Although I don't know if the expensive ones are more comfortable considering point b)
-went to Walmart Sherway Gardens, and finally they were in stock! So I bought three 6 packs of briefs. Hey, I thought, while I was here, I'll buy season one of Gilmore Girls. So I go to the electronics department and pick it up. Then I went to pay, and of course I see someone who might recognize me (the girl was from Patricia Sabares' debut. I think her name was Michelle). So of course, me holding three packages of briefs and season one of GG, I wait to see if she leaves. She does; except with the Cashier to get something.
-but just my luck, a new Cashier comes along. So I go to pay for three packages of briefs and season one of GG, with no one at the cash.
-but just my luck, the girl returns with the old Cashier behind me, while the new Cashier was atrociously slow. So what do I do? I turn around so my back is facing the girl and wait for about a minute as the Cashier finally puts my purchases in a bag. I didn't turn around once, fearing that the girl might have seen me buying three packages of briefs and season one of GG. She might have thought I was weird. Wait, I am. Well, embarassed and weird, anyway.
And remember, I'm 25 years old.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hoping For Pictures?

Me too. Soon. I haven't posted pictures in a while. When I get around to it, I'll download some of my Philippines pictures and post them up. Soon.
Do I really have no jet lag? Or am I just foolin' myself?