Sunday, February 27, 2005

Am I On-Call Again Or Something?

I stayed home the entire day again. Wasn't that productive. Well, I did finally move that socket set that's been in front of my bathroom for the past couple of months to the basement. I think that's the extent of my productiveness today.
I read over my car insurance details. Goodness gracious, car insurance companies are swindlers. I hate the system sometimes.
R.I.P. to Mike Sy's Lola. Got a phone call from his Dad this morning because Mike is in Guatamala (sp.?) and he didn't know if Mike was going home to Waterloo first or to Mississauga. Unfortunately, I didn't know, but found out from Ivy and BJ that he was coming home today. I hope she rests in peace and finds my Lola there; she'll show her around.
Just spoke to Mike, he's home now. I would say that my prayers are with him and his family, but right now my faith is in a flux. I never thought it would happen to me, but I could be having a faith crisis. I'll find it soon, or it'll find me soon enough.
" was me who carried you"

Jay Charles

That's my alter-ego if I was to be a rockabilly piano player. I was against watching the movie, but good thing Sharon wanted to watch "Ray." A good movie, but I don't know if it deserves to win the best movie award at the Oscars or anything. It never answered the question I wanted to know, though: how did he learn to play the piano so good?
Now I'm all hyped to start learning how to play the piano again. And visiting Long and McQuads, I now want to buy a small drum kit for when I move into my house. Is musical Jay back? I dunno...takes a lot of patience.
Olives. I'm eating a lot of them at this point in my life. I've been having the pang for olives lately.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Feet Hurt

Didn't go to the gym this morning because of the gluttonfest from last night. Went to work. Worked.
Went to Car Show in Toronto with Lil' Mikey. Nothing fancied my boat (car?) save for the 2005 Echo Hatchback RS (comfy seats and tach; oh how I drool), the Prius (except for the astronomically high price), Mazda B4000 Pickup (don't ask why, just did), Suzuki Swift (no, really!), and a BMW motorcycle (prolly too expensive though). I also signed up for a 2 year resubscription to PAS magazine for the incredibly low price of $15, and I got another shirt. Looks like I got a bathroom reader for the next two years.
All in all, a very tiring day. Yeesh, I went to Sharon's and I ended up just taking a nap there. Oh, and I think her Mom heard me fart. [groan]Well that's just nice[/groan]

Thursday, February 24, 2005

What The Hell Was That For?!?

Now why the hell did you go and eat two meals that are horrible for you?
1. Ate at Hooter's for lunch with the workmates because it was Tony's birthday. Had wings. Fries. Mussels. Had a major head/bodyache later that evening because of the grease. Man, Hooters is the worst; expensive and doesn't taste that good. I'm never going back there, no matter how half-naked (and fake) the waitresses are.
2. Went to Le Biftechque to eat these really fatty ribs with Arv and Melodie. Nasty; it was like eating brisket. Yet, I ate there. All because it was the last day of $13 all you can eat ribs (luckily I didn't that much).
I'm like one of those stupid lab animals that continually get shocked when they get the food they're not supposed to get. I better learn before I get dissected.
NO MORE GREASE shall be my mantra.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Okay, I Did It

Terry J. Fox shall make his debut on May 14th at 6pm, running 10K. I finally registered, and I paid $38 so I can't back out. Thus, training mode shall go on, whether I like it or not.
So what do I do? Kill my knee and blister my toe playing squash with Tony. Never played since my Rye High days. What a way to start my official training...nothing like killing your body.
So I talked to the son of the guy who got deported after claiming former Minister of Immigration Judy Sgro took bribes (did an inspection at his pizza joint). Told him I feel bad for him and his family. Hope I don't get implicated in something now!
Somedays work gets to you, even though I don't usually let it. But seriously: is my concept of keeping a place clean much more different than others? Damn, you lil' philthy mcnastys

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Second Post In One Day...Second Flat?!?

Geez...what's the odds of having two flat tires (separate cars, though) in one day? Thinking about this relatively, it's been years since we've had any flat. And then in one day both my car and my Dad's car, the exact same tire mind you, both have a flat?
I should play the lottery. Oh wait, I did already...come on $16million! But then what would I do with all that money? Yikes...hard to believe. I'd rather win the second prize instead.
That's it, I need to sleep. Oh yeah, and screw you Vince! Ha!

New Excuse For Not Going To The Gym: Flat Tire

And I'm not talking about my stomach. So this morning I was driving to the gym, and for some reason my tires were really loud. Only meant one thing: flat tire. Parked at the Tim Horton's, saw the flat, cursed, drove to Canadian Tire for the fix-up.
And then I remembered what I was telling myself yesterday while pretending to be a rally car driver on a snow-covered street in a construction zone: you're gonna regret it. Luckily it was a slow-leak puncture and I didn't die while driving home yesterday. Even luckier, my tire was patched (didn't have to buy a new one) and my rim wasn't bent.
In other news, I'm hoping to squeeze into the playoffs in my basketball fantasy league. From zero to hero. Oops, looks like I just jinxed it.
Time to watch Vince annihilate the Raptors.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Twitchy, Twitchy, Little Eye

Okay, so my eye continues to twitch. What the hell? I say, what the hell? Usually it twitches for perhaps a minute or two, but then it stops. This twitch has been going on for a day or two. I dunno if I should be worried.
Then again, it could be because I've been stressed (?) at work. It finally came to a head (who says that? I mean, really? "Came to a head"? Sounds pornish) with a meeting with Boss today. I'm still convinced he's the type of person that hears, but doesn't listen. Seriously. At this rate, my eye will continue to twitch.
My Dad told me to "weigh things over" before getting married. My Dad was the type to go to other countries when he was younger. You know, travel before settling down. I dunno, I'm not that type. I would perhaps like to travel one day, but why when I'm happy where I'm at? What if this is as good as it gets? Good thing I'm good. Well, just one more thing to do before I die. So close, yet, so very far away. Actually, make that two: I need to buy a house and get broke. This too, will come to a head.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Recapping A Weekend I Stayed Under House Arrest

-slept a lot
-watched a lot, and I mean a lot of TV
-contemplated what it's like not working for a living. Grateful I have a job to keep my life busy, however still wished it is only a 4 day work week
-watched Ong-Bak with Sharon, and spent some quality time with her
-slept a lot again
-noticed this eye twitching thing I had going on. Not sure if it's me twitching to get out of my house, but it's been pretty consistent
-missed Liz's party, but found out some funny "gossip" regarding this one ghetto/petty person that hangs out with the group I usually hang out with it. And yet, I wasn't surprised by it. So gay, so very, very gay
-realized it's really unhealthy to stay inside your house for 60+ hours in a row. I mean, there is nothing to do but eat. And boy, did I eat. Gotta hit the gym tomorrow
-cleaned my bedroom to a point it hasn't been this clean in a long, long time
-did laundry and ironed. I haven't ironed this early after washing my clothes in, like, forever
-watched the all-star game. Realized that the Raps are never going to have another player like Carter again. Damn.
-had a conversation with Sharon about our future. Exciting, yet scary to think about it.
Total tally of calls I received: 2
Total emergencies: 0
Total moments of realization that I could have gone out this weekend: don't even get me started

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Cabin Fever -- Not Yet, But Check Back Tomorrow

Seeing as how I am "on-call" this weekend, I have decided to shut myself in my house in case they call. So far I only had one call in morning. I suppose I can go out, but I'd rather just stay in and save money I suppose. Damn...I'm gonna miss Liz's birfday thing at Mandarin. But rationalization always saves the day: I'm saving my arteries!
Saving my arteries my ass. You ever stay indoors for a whole weekend? Nothing else to do but eat. I better stop.
Laundry calls. Then I watch the three point contest and dunk contest. Yay?

I Get Frustrated When I Play Poker

With people that don't pay attention, of course. So Melodie, Maria, Anne Marie, Arvin, Mikey, Sharon and I were playing. Already I got annoyed because I was playing the "teacher" while playing. It's not fun when people don't pay attention, or I have to explain all the rules. I think I got mad at Arvin the I better stop playing or else I am not going to enjoy poker at all anymore. Anywho, I'm glad they came by anyway because I'm on-call and I'm stuck in the house, so might as well move the par-tay over here. Hoe-oh!
And from work: I finally did it. I complained to Boss' Boss about Boss. I hope things will turn around in the office. Man...I gotta have balls to pull off something as dumb as what I did. Yikes.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The On-Call Inspector

That's the role I'll be playing for the next week. I'm not quite a Doctor, and I don't know what kind of emergencies I'll handle, but hey, I'm available for the week. The only thing I hope: I don't get any calls. Seriously, do I want to get a phone call, let alone go to a place at 2am?
I broke down again...fargin. I ate wings. Not only that, but I ate shit for lunch and shit for a snack (not literally shit, but might as well be). But I couldn't help it! I went with Lil' Mikey to meet Clarica Mikey and we ended up going to Originals after. I swear I should be a financial advisor. An interesting thought to say the least.
Huffin' and puffin' at the gym doesn't necessarily equate to getting healthy. I'm more like a retard that just makes a lot of noise at the gym. Yikes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Talk to Jason, Clarica Advisor (yeah, right)

Thinking about the future makes my head hurt. But it also makes me excited. What what.
Raps suck. The telecast suck ass. Seriously, they need to get a good director in there.
What happened to me learning the piano again this year? Oh right, my "teacher" is too busy.
Back to Clarica I go again tomorrow...but I don't mind. It's to help out Lil' Mikey.
Gotta hit the gym tomorrow again. Just gotta.
I think I'm a financial advisor. Now if only I can make myself some money.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Old Man Sore Ankles

I think that's what I'll call myself. For one reason or another, my ankles are really sore. Might be because I went jogging for 20 minutes this morning -- an experience all in it's self. Let's just say that I'm one of those gym members that makes a lot of noise when they're running. So much so that even the nice old Indian man said, "you're working hard this morning, huh?" Oh man.
Let's see...less than 3 months now to the marathon. I better get serious.
Some real life decisions to make now. I wished for it, now I got it. What what!

Monday, February 14, 2005


Woke up early, went to gym just to play basketball. I think I'll take the week off lifting weights and just run.
Went to chiropractor. Got chocolates from him as "special surprise."
Dropped off cheesecake to Sharon's house for her Valentine's Surprise. Oh right, she's abstaning from sweets for Lent. Oh right, she already ate sweets. Nevermind.
Bought all sorts of $0.99 Sobe drinks from Mac's (original price: $2.29). Remember: "when cheap, buy in quantity"
Went to get my car oil changed, ended up getting the "maintainence package." The breaks are okay, so I'm glad again. Gotta change my air filter...please don't forget.
Went to Clarica to visit Mike and readjust my finances. Found out I overpaid my RRSPs. Damn. Drastically lowered my RRSP contributions, started paying into my Universal Life Insurance plan again, and got a mutual fund. Not looking forward to telling all my friends about it as they will ask questions regarding how I invest, but sort of looking forward to it as well. I mean, I like to share my "knowledge." Too bad I ain't got none.
Home. Back to work tomorrow. Sigh? Maybe for now...I want a week off.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

And Then We Get To...Orangeville?!?

Lovely drive through the vast Region of Peel again. We went to Belfountain, (outside of Peel) Erin Township, then to Orangeville. Peel Region is frikin' huge. A lovely drive up there though.
I had to go pee. It was one of the most painful feelings I've had, not maybe since when I worked in the City of Toronto, and I had to go pee so bad when I was travelling on the Gardner and there was an accident where only a shoulder was open. The traffic was so bad, I seriously thought about either: a)peeing in a bottle; or, b)peeing in my pants. I resorted to peeing in the parking lot of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Quite a day indeed.
So yeah, I usually like long drives, but after I had to go today, I was hoping a bathroom was nearby. I found some "Olco" Gas Station, but then the guy said his bathroom was broken. I was about to cry, but he told me to go behind the building. And I joyously did. I find that peeing after you really, really, really have to go is one of the best feelings in the world.
As I am typing this, Lizanor is on TV on GirlzTV. Hey, congrats to her, but damn... *no comment*

O Hungry? O Tabico!

Tony's Dad's restaurant is the bomb. I had a stew that was like pork and beans except it was shrimp, sausage and beans. Plus I had some of Mikey's seafood, and Sharon's chips. And then I had a dessert. I was so full from lunch I didn't even eat dinner. Yes, it was that good and filling.
Went to watch "Hitch" with Sharon, and we ran into Ken and Janice (insta-double date). Funny movie. Two very, very funny scenes: Eva Mendes crying; and, "Q-Tip and Throw Away...Q-Tip and Throw Away"
Played two quick games of Hold 'Em with Maria and Arvin. Great game, and I got to debut my "JERK" poker shirt

Friday, February 11, 2005

Dim Sum Yum

Since I can't eat meat today, I went for shrimp -- and lots of it. Little Mikey and I went for some dim sum. Absolutely frikin' great, especially since I was craving it badly after watch "Eat Drink Man Woman" the other night. Har Gow!
Gonna Hold 'Em tonight again. What a great game/fad.
Can't believe I went to Originalis last night. What happened to the will power? What happened to "training"? Oh right, they're so damn tasty.
I'm happy I made a lot of money off the interest of the RRSP's I bought this year. I hope it will still be there in the future.
Tony's restaurant for lunch tomorrow. Can't wait!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Best Veal Sandwich Ever

So I had the best veal sandwich I ever ate today, at Tonino's in Brampton. Went with the workmates, and I thought: it's okay you're not switching to Mississauga just yet, because you have a good crew. Lately I've been eating a lot of olives, and I had some at Tonino's. Geez, what am I, pregnant?
So now Eric Williams wants to be traded. Good gosh. Damn these Raptors. Let's see, my list for the only Raptors to come back next year is as follows: Bosh, Al Williams, Bonner, and just barely MoPete. Just scrap the whole team right now and let's bank on the future. Dammit.
My girlfriend is emotional. Good thing it's only once in a while, because if she was as emotional as me, we would be one of those psychotic Filipino couples (and she's not even Filipino!). Go figure. But that's okay girlfriend, you go girl
I wanna invest more money into, well, investments. Moneymoneymoneymoneymoney (when the hell did I become all money-hungry?)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I'm Canadian, Eh!

Okay, so I finally picked up the newspaper and read all about this sponsorship scandal happening right now. I figure I should at least know something about Canadian politics. I think I was inspired because my workmate Bickram became an official Canadian Citizen yesterday. I wonder what that would have been like.
Luis dislocated his knee last night at karate. Sharon went with him to the hospital. Check out pics at Looking at it makes me heave. And yet...I continue to look at it. Then I look at my knee, and imagine it happening to me. Then I heave. Then I look at the picture again. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
Went to the chiro today, and they asked me if I was doing anything for Valentine's Day. I told them that Sharon and I do not celebrate it, for we celebrate our love for each other everyday! At least, I think we do.
Raptors report: Rafer must go. The guy is too emotional. Jeez, who does he think he is, me?
Grey's closed down. There goes the good chicken wings in Mississauga. Jeff and Arvin is in mourning.
I hope Sharon gets a fulltime job, so she'll be happier.
And finally: Gung-Hi-Fat-Choi!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What Is Up With All These Bebo Signups?

Seriously, I'm getting annoyed. I'm not signing up for your Bebo thing.
Okay, I showered early so I can iron my clothes. I always have to shower first otherwise I'll get sick. I think it's the steam from the iron or something. Now let's see if I'm actually gonna iron. Lebron's on tonight against the Raps! How the heck can I not watch the King?
So some cousins came over last night and played poker. I wore one of my Poker shirts. I didn't win. Friggin' Fargin'
Philippines in June? I already requested 3 weeks off. I don't know if I'll get it. I mean, it is Boss I'm talking about...that dumbass

Monday, February 07, 2005

What Happened?!? (oh right, busy weekend)

I used to update everyday. But I guess I couldn't this past weekend because:
-Friday I went out with my girlfriend to Shopsy's for dinner. Absolutely awesome Reubin, Reubin sandwich. I vowed that I will not eat another one until after my marathon. In May. Yeah, let's see how long I can wait out that one.
-Then I went to play poh-kur with the boys until 3:30am (emphasis on "poh", as we do not play for money).
-Saturday I went to Square One with Arv. Bought two shirts, which I'll wear when I play the newest fad in my life, poker: one that says "If I Play I Might As Well Win" and the other that says "JERK". I also bought a new wallet, that has a money clip on it. Too bad no money to put in it. *whomp whomp*
-Then I went with Sharon to pick up her pants and then we went to Church at St. Joseph's. The Priest is a funny guy, and I'm thinking she wants to get married there. But with who? dun-dun-dunnnnn
-Then we went to "Waterloo." Absolutely fantabulous.
-Sunday Sharon and I went to Loblaws. I saw Dentyne Spicy Cinammon gum on sale for $0.25 a package. I bought 26 of them (in keeping with my whole "buy in quantity when cheap" theory of buying). I'll be chewing for a while. Apparently they are on supersale because they don't make the flavour anymore. I hope I don't like them too much because I'll never chew it again.
-Then we went to Tita Becky's house for Tito Arthur's 40 Day death anniversary. Good food. Cousins were there, so of course we had poker. This time for money. Dammit I lost $5. Then I played more poker, but not for money. Then I played more poker. Then 5 hours later, I finally got home. I think I played a lot of poker. Yikes.
Which brings me to today; back to work, back to the gym, back to everything. Eh, it's not so bad.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ever Have One Of Those Days When You Think Nothing Goes Right?

I had one of them today. Quite the emotional day, really. I'm glad Sharon is there for me; I don't know what I would do without her. I gotta remember to just chill; take it easy.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Chant Of My Youth

And I quote: "los lobos kick your ass, los lobos kick your face, los lobos kick your balls into outer spaaaaacee......." Now this does not pertain to Sharon or the fact that her last name is Lobo. It's from the movie short circuit. Classic. Thanks to Arvin for letting me remember that one.
Why do I still watch the Raptors? It's too painful somedays. Can't believe they won against the Pacers.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Venom Still Spews, Even Quietly

So I found myself still mad today at Boss. I am thinking that he knows because I didn't say much today to him, and I'm sure he saw a scowl I produced. I made a pact with myself: it's okay to be mad, but not for long. Today is the last day I get mad.
But then I find out that a couple of workmates that I have seniority over (not that it matters much, but I want to build up my argument here) is getting paid roughly $5000 more than me when they started. Sure they have one or two years more experience than I do, but to get paid that much more?!? So then I'm thinking that means I should be getting the same amount as them this time next year. Right? Yeah, my ass. I am beginning to hate this system more and more. How the hell am I supposed to be happy at work when I think of inequity? But whatever...I always said that money "shouldn't" matter. I dunno.
Like I said, today is the last day I am going to be angry about this. I hope.