Monday, January 31, 2005

Better Than Nothing?

Nah...I'm convinced that I work for a blow-hard, ignorant, dumbass, moronic, stupid idiot. Sure I got a 5% raise, but not when I felt like I should have gotten a 6.5% raise. On top of that, I was supposed to have this Performance Appraisal one month ago. Not surprising, considering he only remembers what you do a week before, almost totally disregarding all the frikin' work I did the year prior. I don't only "meet expectation", I constantly "exceed" them. So I wish you nothing but problems in the future, Boss.
But then I think about it: I have a pretty good job. I didn't realize that recognition was that important to me. I admit that I sometimes take advantage of the position I am in maybe 10% of the time, but to not get recognized for the other 90%? I still think I deserve more. Then again, I constantly overestimate myself, so maybe I am wrong? nah...not in this case.
Then I became happy though. I saw Sharon. We are both getting back treatment now. Yay!
Tired day today...picked up Gil and Marie last night at 1am. Tomorrow...gym for sure.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Damn Raps!

At least put up a fight against the Phoenix Suns. I love Steve Nash more than anyone, but once Chuck and Leo start talking about him for the majority of the game, it made me sick. I absolutely hate Leo Rautins as the Raptors announcer, prefer Raspy Jack Armstrong much, much more. Can someone just fire Leo already?
Spent the day with Sharon as she went clothe shopping. She's great. And sexy. Man, I really am a woman.
Gonna pick up Gil and Marie. At midnight. In Scarborough. Obviously I want to get shot. They should have thought about how they were getting home from Vermont before they left, no? I mean jeez...


All with my girlfriend. I love her plenty. I am such a girl. I hope she marries me. I'm selfish.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Poker Chump!

Against Maria, Ivy, BJ, Jeff, Mike and Arv. Now if I was playing for real money? I dunno... It's always fun hanging out with the original crew. It's always gay thinking about it too; the friendships that we all have anyway. If Sharon were with us, it would all just be perfect, now wouldn't it? GAY
That was some fast airmiles rewards shipping. They said, "allow 3-4 weeks for delivery." But BAM: 3-4 days later, I got my Blackstreet Greatest Hits and Carl Thomas. Yay airmiles!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Had An Interesting Convo Today

With a Chinese lady who owns a Great Canadian Bagel in Bolton. She said to me that it is very hard to operate her business in that town. I concurred, and told her that it didn't help that Tim Horton's was nearby. I felt bad for her because their product is much better: fresh, and not frozen (like Timmie's bagels). Then she said that her business would be much better if a white person owned and ran the place. Makes me wonder exactly how great Bolton is for minorities. But whatever, Sharon wants to live in Oakville anyway. Yikes...I have some planning to do for the future.
All this because of a conversation with a Chinese Lady in a White Town. She should have just opened up a Chinese Restaurant there then. Oh, then there is the Country Style Donuts there, that are run by an Indian family. Another company that Timmie's is gonna crush. What are these people thinking? It makes me sad for them, as all they wanted was a place to run and call their own.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What A Day Of Eating

This can't possibly be good, what with me supposedly in "training." Well, we had to go to Tony Roma's for my Mom's birfday celebration. And I mean, I don't mind paying, I guess. It is hard to save money when you spend it, but sometimes it's okay to; especially for your Mom's birthday and a family gathering. But I still can't get over this eating thing: breakfast with the crew at work, lunchtime sandwich, chips with dip when I got home, then Tony Roma's. Yikes.
Never again. I shall moderate. Oh yes, I shall.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Drybyng and Drybyng

And I love it...for now. Peel Region is so frikin' big, it's unbelievable. I did one inspection up on The Gore Rd., about 37km from my Brampton office. It was a private school, with about 29 students and they range from Grade 2 to 12. Yeah, what the?!? I mean, how effective an education would that be? It's quite possible that in your grade you could be one of like, three students. Just because you're rich, doesn't mean your child will get a good education in private school with very little students. They are missing out on the real world, the social aspect of a populated public school, all the things that make growing up fun (and sad...hey, you take the bad with the good). But whatever.
I was listening to the highschool students discuss sex, nipples, and pantyhose amongst other things in their 12 person class. And the girls were wearing kilts. Seriously, how the heck are you not supposed to think illicit thoughts? Yikes.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Another Busy Day

All due to having a day off. Quickly:
-woke up early, worked out
-dropped Mom off to work
-went to chiro
-went to Vaughn Mills with BJ and Maria
-ate a wicked burger at Jonny Rocket's
-nothing to buy in Vaughn Mills
-drove home and had an interesting conversation with BJ and Maria about Heaven and the afterlife and Catholicism
-picked up CSI:Miami Season 2 from Kim
-went with Arvin to his Lolo's, Office Place, Shoppers, Winners, Walmart
-bought hangers, Arvin burned me Stevie Wonder's Greatest Hits
-came home, told Sharon all about my day
-contemplating whether or not I should stay up to watch the Tonight Show memorial to Jonny Carson
Back to the grind tomorrow, although I don't really mind the grind as much as other people. I think that is a good thing.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Finally Won At Poker!

Of course it was only against Arvin, Maria and Jeff, but at least I won. And I would have taken their $1 each, but I just didn't have it in me. There goes $3 profit.
Then we went to Demetre's. I ordered a crepe sandwich. Interesting indeed.
Then another minor disagreement with my girlfriend. I find it really crappy that she wanted to spend more time with me this weekend, but we didn't (not only my fault though). So then when I suggest we spend more time next weekend, she already says "no" because she wants to sleep more. I dunno. Whatever. This whole "sleep" issue will forever be of concern...

Saturday, January 22, 2005

That's Some Blustery Stuff Out There

The weather that is. I am planning on going to Brampton tonight to catch Mike Nadal's band. I'm getting cabin fever in here. I watched "Young Guns" today...good movie. I ate a lot of junk food. Not good. I'm gonna try to go out and my parents are going to blah blah blah about it. I am thinking more and more that if I'm gonna be an "adult," I better get going on with life and move out. But money.

"Pho" Is Pronounced "Pha"

I had this argument with my workmates because they didn't believe me. I called one of my friends from school, Marie Tran, who is Vietnamese, to properly pronounce it. She left me a message, and I was correct: it's pronounced "pha". So I won against my workmates. Why did this topic come about? Because we ate at a "Pho" place. The name of the place is "Pho King." No, seriously. Now say it again with the proper pronounciation of "Pho."
Went to Sharon's house for dinner and some QT. I love her. She's great. She's my everything. barf

Thursday, January 20, 2005

I hate it when...

...I "don't have time" to do laundry and I run out of tighty-whities. Then I have to resort to boxers. Argh. I hate jangly balls. But alas, I stopped being lazy and them. Now let's just see how motivated I am to fold. I don't know why it's such a challenge for me to do menial tasks.
One of my worst days as a Public Health Inspector. I better start sucking it up and get used to it. Doesn't help when my boss doesn't listen to me.
I'm supposed to start my piano lessons sooner or later. Just waiting on Melodie.
Two things I learned from Beata the other day that I didn't write about before:
1. She is 37 years old. She looks like she is 30. It was quite the shock to me.
2. I thought things like this only happened in "Friends": my Boss married a woman, had two children with her, and then they divorced because she was gay. No, seriously. And I would've never guessed.
-->There was a third thing but I forgot it. Dammit. I really, really hate it when that happens.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What A Day

To recap:
-woke up to a lot of snow and traffic, but not as bad as some as I went early in the morning to the gym
-ran for 15 minutes, up from 14 the previous day
-went to work, waited for the chiropractor's office to tell me what time my x-ray was
-got the call, and she expected me to go the clinic right then and there. Right.
-tried to book half a sick day. Boss told me to go during my lunch instead. Decided I would have to lie to him and go and tell him I didn't go. It would just make things easier.
-got my x-ray
-went to Dr. Koh. Found out I have a slightly bent spine where it's not supposed to be bent.
-found out I would have to go to the clinic like 12 times in the next month.
-received my first treatment. Serious bone crunching noises.
-going tomorrow again. Yay bone cracking
-went back to work
-found out Boss is freaking out about a certain meat plant not labelling or packaging properly. Our regulations do not cover this. Boss never really listens to me, so what does it matter? I get angry. Tell Kiran about it. She agrees that he never listens.
-Found out I could get Platinum tickets to tonight's Raptors game for "your best offer" from some guy selling them desperately. These are $150 tickets each. I want to offer $20 each, but am too chicken to. Ruby offers to ask for me. She gets them for $50 for the pair. Score!
-Boss wants to go on an inspection of the meat plant with me. Already frustrated, how am I going to get those tickets? Ruby to the rescue again...she get them for me. I owe her lunch!
-inspection is a pain in the ass. I admit that a lot of the fault is mine, and you know how I hate being wrong, but a lot of my frustrations stem from Boss. It's especially tough knowing my performance appraisal is in the next few weeks, and me looking like a dumbass to him. I hope I get a raise still. Argh.
-found out I have to go back to the place tomorrow after writing a letter. It's not even my area anymore!!! This makes me even more madder.
-tried to forget about it and go to the game. I ask Ken to drive. He has his Mercedes. Sweet...if we are going to have rich-boy tickets, we might as well go there like we're rich.
-Went to the game. Here are my notes from the game that I posted on Raptorblog:

Guess who got lucky and got cheap-ass platinum seats again? Talk about luck when someone at work is unable to go and is desperate to sell them and I pick up the tickets at 83% off! So here are some thoughts to what I saw:

-picked up (rather, got delivered to me) the pulled-pork sandwich. Damnmit, it's that dang good...
-THUNDERSTICK night! First time I ever laid my hands on a pair. It is loud and annoying...perfect-I was 8 rows up behind the Raptors bench.
-Pape Sow needs to tuck in his shirt, and at least iron it. Loren Woods looks like he has a perma-sore-loser-face (seriously, it looks like he's gonna cry). Alex English is tall. Hoffa's tats are uglier up close and in person.
-These Raptors hug a lot, and not just hug, but hug, you know, like they were gone overseas fighting in some war and came back and settled in each other's arms. I seriously thought Rafer and Jalen were going to start making out. It was that emotional
-Michael Sweetney is one chunky chunk chunk. Seriously. I screamed at him, "YOU SHOULD EAT A SALAD." I am pretty sure he heard me.
-rousing ovation for the JYD. I missed him as a player for the Raps whenever he hustled for the ball. I didn't miss him as a Rap when he took those crazy lay-up attempts. I missed him as a Rap when he grabbed those offensive rebounds and stuck them back in. I didn't miss him as a Rap when he took those horrible free throws shots. I missed him as a Rap when he took those offensive charges. I didn't miss him as a Rap when I considered how much he got paid. It really was quite confusing to me whether or not I missed him or not.
-The "best point guard in the league" looked like he had no energy whatsoever. Allan Houston looked like he had no more knees that bent (I screamed to him in the not-so-original chant of "Houston you have a problem." I look back on it right now, and I think: that was horrible). Nazr Mohammed is the next Jamal Magloire (Kentucky is doing a good job producing those long-armed under seven foot centres). Tim Thomas...what a waste of talent and size.
-Highlight of the night for me and the kid with his Dad sitting next to me: seeing Eric Williams come out of the locker room from half time and we all shouted, "ERIC!" Then he looked at us, we pointed at him in the you-ma-homie-dogg fashion, and he pointed back to us. Seriously, we felt like we were his crew.
-Lowlight of the night for me and the kid with his Dad sitting next to me: trying the same thing on Milt Palacio, and receiving his stare of "don't-make-fun-of-me-or-I'll-kill-you" look because I am assuming he heard us making fun of him during the game of just how much he can't shoot nor finish a lay up nor dribble with the other hand. Seriously, he looked like he was mad at us. I wouldn't have been surprised if he tried to get to us in the stands a la Artest, but then miss us with his right hook like how he misses his lay ups
-Thought mid-way through the third quarter: man, the only way this night would be even more perfect would be if I got free pizza. Thought at the end of the quarter: oh well, no free pizza. Thought mid-way through the fourth quarter: what the?!? The might actually do it! Thought after Donyell hit that three to get the crowd free pizza: I hope you didn't look like an idiot jumping up and down with your thundersticks. You are more excited than the kids. Jeez, just please, sit down. It's...a...frikin'
-Fan sightings: Superfan Nav. Mayor David Miller. That hot girl in the white. That hot girl in the pink. Those guys with those hot girls who prolly wouldn't be with those girls if they weren't loaded (no, I'm not a hater :? )-Long Distance Shoot Out competition thought: why do they always pick those guys that don't look like they even know what a basketball is to shoot those free throws for prizes? He has friking cowboy boots on. Cowboy boots!!!
-some of those Dance Pak girls have the craziest thunder thighs. I'm talking about thighs larger than Loren Woods (maybe that's not the best example...let's say the aforementioned chunky chunk chunk Sweetney). I would've thought "equal opportunity" and that they were good dancers, but after seeing the routines...nah

All in all, a great game. The last time I had Platinum seats, I thought it was once-in-a-lifetime. I guess it is a twice-in-a-lifetime event for me. So I tried to pretend like I was there before and play it cool and calm and collected. But I couldn't leave without feeling that the regular season ticket holders knew I didn't belong. I don't know why :shrug:
Anywho, sorry for the long post. Just wanted to share with y'all again.
Now my next mission in life: to get courtside seats somehow

-Went home and wrote a whole lot about my day. Oh well, it's always exciting whenever a big day occurs. To me, anyways.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

There Goes The Wings Fast

Well, I couldn't really help it. I was working overtime with my partner, and she really wanted to eat wings at the Pump House Grill on Lakeshore. So technically, it was for work as we were surveying. Damn I'm good at making excuses. Now, back to training.
Hope my knee doesn't feel as fudged up tomorrow as it does now. Then again it's been a pretty long day, and I'm pooped. Yeah, I should sleep, good idea.

Monday, January 17, 2005

I'm Not Paralysed...Yet

So I went to Dr. Ivan Koh today for my first Chiropractic Assessment. I was always against the Chiropractic Practice as I thought it would paralyse me. Then I started to get (imagined?) back pains, and my knees are betraying me. So? So I go to the Chiropractor. Mind you, a big reason why is because my benefits cover it. If it didn't? Hey! Back pain and wobbly knees get incorporated into my life.
Anywho, on Wednesday I have to take a half day so I can get x-rayed and go for my first treatment. Should be interesting. I hope I can take that day off!
Tomorrow is gonna be another long day...another overtime shift. Ah well, free food and more money. I guess that's one way to make more to save it...

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I'm A Whiney, Selfish Brat

I'm lucky I have a wonderful girlfriend who puts me ahead of herself. I love you! You know I try to be a good person; I promise I'll try harder.
I watched "King Arthur." I thought it was a great movie. Oh, and Keira Knightly is bloody hot.

Adios Rice!

And just like that, she'll be gone tomorrow. But I'm exicted to have a contact in New York; I have a place to crash when I go there! Score!
So yeah, the feelings of frustration are coming on. I hope it doesn't last.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Welcome Home Rice!

That's the name I always called Rizalyn in Grade 9. I had such a crush on her, that I wanted her to remember me, so I called her "Rice." Little did I know that she would have my baby...actually, nah. None of that happened. But she's a good friend and I'm glad that we stayed friends, as she always "keeps it real."
So anywho, she came home from Italy after spending 4 months there, and is off in the next couple of days to go to New York for another 4 months. Talk about "living the life" of a travelling student. Luckily I'm happy with my choices, and I never really had the urge to "get away." We all went to a place called 2nd floor, some cheesy Mississauga lounge/club where Coffee, Tea, or Me used to be. If Angela didn't have her birthday there, there would have technically been no one there. Dry, needless to say.
Before that, I went to Milestones with my girlfriend to celbrate Madie's birthday (as planned by Kim). I swear if Sharon and I didn't talk as much as we did, it would be a dead silence table. And to top it off, I ordered some crappy dish I shouldn't have (Portobello Mushroom Chicken). Talk about bland. I should've just ordered a salad. I am, after all, in training.
And why I didn't update last night? I worked 13 hours doing overtime with Diana Teng. She's a fun gal to work with. I hope I get to work with her again; she brings out the worst of the "government worker" in me. And then I promptly spent the overtime money I earned on the outing tonight. I'm happy that at least Sharon really enjoyed her Thai Chicken Tacos. It was tasty.
Wow I used a lot of quotation marks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I'm Gonna Do It

I'm gonna run in the 2005 Mississauga Marathon on May 15. Time to seriously start training...I have about 122 days to go. Finally, I have a goal.
My body is sore. Damn this working out after a month and a half of inactivity.
Whatta game by MoPete, as he scored 37 points. Trade Jalen already...get rid of the garbage on the team.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


erg. Let's see you try working out and lifting weights after taking approximately 1.5 months off. I should've never stopped, but it's hard to when you're inherently lazy. But whatever, it's a good kind of pain. I keep trying to tell myself that.
Thank you Government of Canada for the $85 tax cheque! Prolly the last time I'm gonna get one of those, but sweet nonetheless.
I keep making the mistake of puttin 2004 on my dates instead of 2005. It just doesn't feel like 2005.
Contemplating if I should try to get a long-ass vacation with a leave of absense to visit the Philippines and possibly Australia in June. It is Tito Frank's and Tita Aluh's anniversary party after all. Just: where will I get the money?

Monday, January 10, 2005

Drybing and Drybing and Drybing

Is what I'm gonna be doing this year. A lot. We'll see if I come to regret taking Bolton. On top of that, my boss is starting to annoy me. But then I think that may just be because I was hungry.
Went to the gym this morning for the first time in a long time. I sense a very, very sore body in the very, very near future. Yikes. But no time to think about that: gotta go back tomorrow.
Short or long? My hair, that is. Always a big decision.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Couple of Notes:

-fun party last night. Right. Hey, at least the burger was damn fantastic.
-now I remember why I don't like playing slots: you always lose. What happened to not gambling? Let's see me rationalize the $20 I lost now.
-I'm in saving mode. Luckily I got gift certificates at Square One, which enabled me to buy socks and "Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pumping Iron". Come on motivation!
-I'm gonna play "family poker" with my brothers and Marie. Should be interesting.
-Raptors win! Raptors win! Raptors win!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Yet Another Party

It's fun and all, but I'm seriously going to have to start this whole "diet and save money thing" sooner or later. This time it's Mag's birthday. Good thing I'm in the mood for a hamburger...yummm....
So it finally happened: my workmates from Mississauga stopped inviting me to places. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because I always bail on them. That and the fact that a certain someone planned it and that someone doesn't particularly like me (I think). It's funny, really. And then I think: I wouldn't have gone anyway and I don't really care. [Hey, I had to write about something in this spot]

Mandarin Lunch

Always a Mandarin Lunch when there is a workmate outing. Jeez...damn these putee people. But whatever, I always get my chicken ball/egg roll/spring roll on.
So Sharon might possibly have mono. You know, the "kissing disease". I don't think I gave it to her, and I don't think she got it from kissing her other boyfriends. She told me that 4 of her classmates had it the past year. I am suspecting them to have given it to her. Apparently it can knock a person out for weeks, even months. So this means that I won't be able to kiss her for a that long. WTF?!? Well, I figure I lasted long without a kiss for so many years, what's another couple of months. Oh, and of course, I hope she gets over it (what a kind, considerate man I am always putting her ahead of me). She won't be able to participate in karate...I feel bad for my baby.
Finally won a round of Texas Hold 'Em against BJ, Dr. Sy, and the hustler Melodie. Feels good to win. If only for real money...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I know how to drive

I'm pissed off right now because I'm not that much of a kid anymore, and I've been driving for over 8 years. I know how to drive, so stopping thinking I don't know how. Piss me off greatly...

Bet High

Okay, $1 isn't exactly a high buy-in for the pot. And playing with family isn't the best for high money stakes. There, I have my excuse. Tito Mon is funny as hell with his bluff tactics. I still have a lot to learn. And no, Sharon my love, I am not going to get obsessed. I still want a house, and I'm not about to lose a lot of money on Poker.
Back to work today, and groggy as heck. I better start making an impact.
They say it's supposed to snow a lot tonight, but it's 12:50am right now, and the ground is still dry. I want it to semi-snow, thus the purcahse of my snow tires is more justified. Plus it's fun to go "drifting". No wonder my car is going to get screwed up. Oh well; I'm excited that I planned July to be the month that I finally pay off all of my car, finishing up more than 2 years early. Then I can start saving "for real" for a house. Yay!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

And With God He Goes...

Rest in Peace Tito Art.
At least know that the food at your reception was beyond kick-ass...thanks goes out to Bryan and his hook-ups at Clarkson Pump. I mean, really, have you ever heard of ribs, chicken wings, shrimp, stuffed peppers and other pub food at a funeral reception? Then Maple's brother cooked some really good roast beef and potatoes. Dang.
I put my hair forward (a la Beatles style). Somehow, though, it got lost in the translation. Some people thought I cut my hair to get bangs. Some thought I looked like Austin Powers. Most were not receptive to it. Good thing I don't care what people think about my hair (generally). I just have to find a big collar '70s shirt.
Looks like house-owning dreams are back thanks to talking to my uncle/real estate agent Tito Ramon. Putting down minimum 5% down payment on a house is not bad as opposed to 10% in a couple years. The logic is all there; I just need the funds. Enter: Ken. My longest time best friend who has a full-time job now. I have to convince him that it can work if we become roomates. The only thing I have to do is find a location and give him some prices. I somehow see this latest idea of mine fizzling, but hey, at least it keeps me busy.
So back to reality tomorrow I go. I'm gonna go full steam in my new year of work....I better, I have no choice. Well, I do have a choice, but I wanna make sure I'm ahead of the game.

Monday, January 03, 2005

That Was Some GREAT Donair Today

Top notch. Dixie Mall has a good Pita Pizzaz. While I was there, bought 4 short sleeve dress summer shopping is done. Hopefully.
Finally started the ironing. Completed the shirts, not the pants. Couldn't help it though, because the Raptors game was on.
I love Jack Raspy Armstrong. I hate Leo Rautins. Jack telling it like it is: referring to the departed Vince Carter as not bringing his game everyday. Damn...hello!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Years Resolutions...Yeah, Right

Every year I make resolutions, and every year I break it. I would like to think, though, that I am getting better at not breaking it. This year, I hope, is the year that I go far into the year without breaking it (fully, at least). So without further adieu, my resolutions:

-be more budget conscious. Remind myself that I am never going to get a house if I keep spending my money superfluously.

-take up piano again, and don't give up. I want to at least play one song by year's end.

-learn how to be a good poker player. I should watch "Rounders" while I'm at it.

-be a good brother, son and boyfriend (lol...shouldn't this be like priority one? Speaking of which, my next resolution is the one that really should be number one)

-be a good Catholic and go to Mass every week. Although I already broke this resolution (I didn't go this weekend already), I feel my faith and beliefs are constantly changing. Let's just hope, through the grace of God, that it changes for the better.

-start saving up for the thing that rhymes with zing.

-buy less DVD's (the only exception: CSI)

-visit Lola more often

-PRACTICE GOOD HEALTH (I had to bold and caps this one because it is imperative. Diet and exercise should be my mantra)

-wings only once every month or once every two month. This one might be the hardest one to do. Yikes.

Back and Forth and Back and Forth

I went to the airport two times, the past few days to Tita Becky's enough times, the 403 is my new personal roadway, etc. I don't usually try to be a complainer, but dang. And tomorrow, again? But whatever.
There is this cat that is staying on the porch of Tita Becky's house. It shows it's fangs a lot. I don't like cats (it stems from my Tito Cesar's cat...traumatized me that frikin' beast). Anywho, they never saw this cat before, and it only seemed to come since Tito Arthur died. And, Filipino's being superstitious as they are, they think it's Tito Art. I would normally be reluctant to believe that, but it seems might suspicious. Which makes me think, when I die, what am I going to be? I would like to be a cow or something, but can you imagine a cow on my front porch scaring the beejeezus out of my family? Crazy