Saturday, June 30, 2012

Habubba Birthday

Happy Birthday to Sharon...Eamon and his Dad love you

*  *  *

Came back from the Jays game with the workmates.  Good times, especially since it was ll you can eat (like hot dogs, pop, nachos, chips, peanuts, popcorn).  Mikey packed away 12 hot dogs. Good thing I had restraint.  At 3.5 hot dogs?  Who am I kidding, really.

I also appeared on the Jumbotron for the first time ever.  Too bad there was no camera to witness it.  Maybe it's a good thing because I don't know how I looked up there.

Anywho, good times as always with the workmates

Thursday, June 28, 2012

And It Hit

This be it.

Or rather, it's beating me down

*  *  *

Big ups to Goetz alumni Andrew Nicholson for getting drafted by the Orlando Magic.  Went to the same high school.  This makes me proud

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Going to try to sleep.  Have to.  Can't continue this

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Didn't see that slope.


*  *  *

Accomplishment:  took the first step

Monday, June 25, 2012

As Predicted, Here Comes The Sore

Around mid-day today I started feeling the sore and enacted it by limping around.  Quite sad.

Luckily, I was able to secure a reflexology appointment.  And dang...the Chinese guy did quite a number on my body.  But I'm feeling quite better now.  Well, that is, at least a little less sore.

Usually the worse pain comes 2 days after.  I hope tomorrow won't be quite as bad.  I'm gonna go against my personal rule of "no unnecessary drugs" tomorrow and perhaps pop a few advils

*  *  *

Big ups to BeeJ for jumping out of a plane.  Who knew that he had it in him?  Better to do and not think than overthink and not do.  Like he said, peer pressure wins all

*  *  *

Keep your head up

Sunday, June 24, 2012


So it was a nice weekend.

On Saturday morning, we made the jaunt to Wasaga to Marie's parents' place, which turned out to be a house (none of this "roughing it" stuff).  It was walking distance to the beach, which was great to go out to with the boys.  Xavier and Antonio really love Eamon and hug/squeeze him so much that Eamon ends up

Then today was the Spartan Race.  Yeah...cray.  It was quite intense (in that my heart was beating so intensely I thought it was going to have an attack).  I have a bunch of scrapes and bruises, but overall I had a good time.  Just sort of wished I didn't eat that bacon in the morning.  I ended up throwing away all the clothes and shoes I was wearing at the race because it was such a filthy, muddy mess I just don't think I could've salvaged it.  I came unofficially in first on my team of 10, but we'll see the results in the next few weeks.  I'll see if I do it again next year.

The mud also made my skin somewhat rejuvenated.  So this is what a spa feels like?  I had to soap and scrub three times to get it all off.  My skin went through quite a workout today.

The only part of the weekend I didn't enjoy?  The cottage country traffic for the ride home.  Eamon screamed and cried for a solid 35 minutes before he fell asleep.  I still don't know how anyone could do that drive every weekend.  I would never want to get a cottage up north (this being one of many reasons not to want to).

Getting home we saw our neighbour Don across the street.  Looks like they are picking up and moving, as the condo-life is calling them.  A little bit sad of course because they were pleasant enough people, but there is always that worry that the new neighbours that move in we may not like.  Then again, we may be those neighbours, so really I shouldn't say anything.

Anywho, back to work tomorrow.  As always, the weekend just flies by.  Time to hype myself up, Spartan-style:  AROO!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Time Is A Blur

I've said this multiple times, but yeah...time is going by fast.  Nothing wrong with that, I guess, but I just have to remember to enjoy things more often

*  *  *

Mini-vaykay tomorrow; going to Wasaga for the day and night to Marie's family's cottage, and then the Spartan run on Sunday.  Should be fun, hopefully, if not, you know, painful

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some Songs To Tide Me Over Until October

Not that I want this summer to go by fast, but I'm excited about these places we're planning on going to in October (due to us not being able to go in February):

Also this song, which is always great because...yeah: (h8u)

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  buh lunch

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Didn't Really Know What I Signed Up For (Spartan Edition)

Oh.  I see.

Gonna be interesting this weekend!

*  *  *

Had a thought today about work:  really liking it.  The change, thus far, has been good.  Of course there are always going to be negatives (i.e. two of the wenches I work with, having to leave the gym early to make it to work on time), but the positives certainly outweigh the negatives.


*  *  *

Accomplishment:  made some yummy homemade hummus

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Sweaty Crotch Of The Year

Yep, it was that hot, and travelling in a car with student that doesn't have a/c just makes me even more happier.

And tomorrow is supposed to be hotter.  Awesome!

*  *  *

NBA Finals almost done.  This is definitely one of the better playoffs in recent years...and I'm still not sure whom I want to win it all

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  watered the grass

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree?

More like the apple might still be attached to the tree.

So in order to get Eamon not to do things that he's not supposed to do (ex. open drawers that have sharp utensils in them), we say sternly, sometimes shouting, a big "NO!!!"

It usually follows with a big dramatic, head tossing cry.  Well today was no exception, except he held a grudge towards me.  He didn't want to kiss me good night or acknowledge me.  I found it quite amusing.  Sharon did too, exclaiming that like father like son.  Yikes

*  *  *

Other funny thing that happened this morning with the boy:  I was going #1 in the toilet, and for whatever reason, he wanted to go beside me and touch the toilet.  I was successful moving my body, not spilling and blocking him from touching the toilet.

Until...I saw two little hands go underneath and in-between my legs and start touching the rim of the toilet.  I was horrified and yet could not stop laughing at all.

Luckily my stream didn't hit him (although it came really, really close), and I did not spill either.  But I did immediately wash and soap his hands.

Talk about curious or something...but just the whole situation makes me laugh so much.

Just a few months ago, this kid was immobile.  Now look at him...damn.  He's so smart...crazy.  He's growing up so fast

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Have To Say It Yet Again

I've said it here dozens if not hundreds of times before, in hopes of motivating/shaming myself into taking better care of my health:  I've got to stop eating like crap and exercising more.  What I see in the mirror I don't like.

Unfortunately, I think I've been mildly depressed lately and I've totally been emotional-eating.  I know, wtf?  What would I have to be sad about?  Isn't my life, on paper, as good as it can get?

I have a very, very good life.  I'm very fortunate.  I never lose sight of that.  But sometimes I have these creeping feelings of overwhelming sadness that I just can't shake.  And when I do shake it off, it takes a while.  As I get older, it takes even longer to shake it off.

And there might not even be something specific that I'm sad about or anything specific that sets it off.  I might have a thought in my mind that would lead to happiness, but who is to say that would actually lead to it?  There is a lot of doubt in my mind.  All part of the insecurity trap that keeps snatching me.

I just gotta focus and take it day-to-day.  I started this blog years ago because it was supposed to be a marker of sorts; a recollection of what I did that specific day or how I felt.  I would like to say that this whole process has been cathartic of sorts; it helps regulate me because if I put it down on paper (on screen and accessible to the world, really), I can keep track of my emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Open your eyes and see, Jason

*  *  *

Received a very thoughtful card from Eamon (and his Mommy) today as I celebrate my second Father's Day.  Made me happy

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  put up four picture frames

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Early Porky Father's Day

So our family spent dinner celebrating Father's Day a day earlier at Ellen's Place, a Filipino joint.  Needless to say, there was a lot of oil, sodium and fried pork to be had.  Looks like Eamon really embraced his Filipino side, as he was all over the pancit that had crazy amounts of oil and the halo-halo which had crazy amounts of sugar.  That's my boy!

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  mowed lawn and gave it a thorough watering

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bound To Happen (WNV Edition)

I always try to start a new opportunity with positivity.  For example, when I started this WNV position for the summer, I was upbeat and excited.

But then it slowly crept in, and of course it was bound to happen...the negativity.

In this case, it's not the work per se.  Instead, it's a couple of co-workers I have to deal with.  Definitely not my favourite people.  The type that walk around and think they own the place/know everything.  Even more infuriating is that they interrupt conversations people are having that they are not a part of and interject their opinion.  They are also so constantly negative and everything to them is a "tragedy".  Way, way worse than I am.

I've been biting my tongue all this time, but I feel like I'm soon going to say "eff it. Shut the f*ck up" to them (as if I really would.  Maybe not in those exact words, but something similar to that).  I think I already sort of did today.

And as a result, the shrek-looking one whose face needs a thorough loofahing and looks like an ugly elephant gave quite the attitude to me.  I can't help but laugh (along with the feelings of anger and insecurity I've been known to have).

Luckily I have some other co-workers I enjoy working with.

I just have to make sure I stay quiet and don't create any drama

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  got Xavier, the notorious picky-eater, to eat (went to his house after work because they needed some babysitting)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kijiji Works For Mememe

Just sold the original tires from Fitta to a dude from Markham, and got what I think was a good deal.  Finding, unsurprisingly, that it's working better than Craigslist.  Behold the power of the Internets!

It's always good to declutter

*  *  *

Funny thing happened at work today in the lab as I was trying to identify mosquito species:  I fell asleep.  I think for like only 1.5 minutes, but I woke up with a back ache and the fear someone caught me.

Yeah, maybe I should get some sleep.  But game 2 of the NBA finals are on.  Uh-oh...dilemma 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bionic Knees

So I went to the gym this morning for the first time in a while and played ball with the boys.  I tried out my new knee braces, and I don't know if it's just a placebo kind of thing, but dang, they work awesomely.  I felt like Dwyane Wade, and played (the opposite) of him.  Cray.

I miss playing ball everyday, but I guess feeding/dropping off Eamon is worth it.  I guess.  lol

*  *  *

Biked to Mellie's house today after dinner with the boy.  I'm excited for her, as she is due with her first kiddo in November.  I've always liked her.  She's one of the most genuinely nice and funny people I know.  Very happy for her

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

At A Minimum 4 More Games Until...

...sleep returns!  NBA finals start tonight.  I don't know who to root for.  Both Lebron and Durant amaze me.  I think either or would be good for this fairweathered fan

*  *  *

Feeling a transition or something

In Which I Got An Unnecessary Necessity

Had the day off and went for an adventure today at the East End.  Met up with Dave at Vosier and got my window's tinted and my roofline vinyled black.  I must say it looks like my economy car is looking a bit more luxury.  What can I say?  I'm a poser!

But really, I spent the whole day there.  Good thing I spent some time with the boy in the morning before I left.

And now...I think I have officially caught the modding bug.  I can't help it, I want to drive a car that is an extension of me.  You know..."look at me!  Look at me!"

Sunday, June 10, 2012

And Thus Concludes Another Jam Packed Weekend

No wonder everyone in the house is tired.  I mean, aside from spending hours out in the sun.  The rundown that made us rundown:

-church in the morning
-Jack Darling Park for a walk on the path with some association from Oakville
-parents house, where Eamon slept
-went to Sq1.  Bought stuff again at Old Navy.  Uh-oh
-back home to pick him up and take him to the huge-a** splashpad at Celebration Square.  What did we learn?  Eamon is less of a splasher, more of a drinker of splash pad water.  That's my boy!
-home for dinner, then a quick visit with Xavier and Antonio.  Antonio is getting big!  He's already as big as Eamon, and will soon pass him in size
-went home and washed/cleaned both cars


No work tomorrow (day off what!).  Gonna get Fitta tinted and vinyl wrapped at Vosier.  Looks like the modding-bug unsurprisingly caught me with my new car

*  *  *

Random thought:  I dislike overbearing, helicopter-parents

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Productive/Relaxing Day Happiness

As I've said before, I love it when days are productive yet relaxing.  For instance, today we:

-went swimming in the morning
-went to watch MIB3 (I like the franchise.  It was a good, above-mediocre movie in my opinion)
-went to Erin Mills.  Old Navy was having a big men's 40% off everything sale.  Uh-oh...I haven't bought clothes in the longest time.  Until today
-went to Bioped and got my professional knee braces and my orthotics covered.  I hope when I wear it people don't think I know how to actually play.  Because I don't
-spent about 1:45 mowing the lawn for the first time since that gardening splurge we did.  It's looking good so far...just gotta make sure the grass doesn't die

And now I'm gonna watch the Heat/Celtics game.

Good day!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Love It When Friday's Sneak Up On Me

Today is one of those Friday's!


Might be because I'm enjoying my WNV stint so far

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Clean Clean Clean

This is the best point.  Because at this point it is the longest point before I have to clean the washrooms again

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  cleaned

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

And Just Like That, 8.5 Years...

...has come and gone.

Thank you for getting me places!

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  I'm on a selling spree!  Sold the car, and now about to sell the microwave

Emotional Over "Angelita"

Don't know why I'm feeling so sad/acting so ghey.

I sold the Vitz (dubbed "Angelita" back when I got it for obvious reasons).

The newer buyer will be picking her up today.  For some reason I find comfort in the fact that the new buyer's name is Jason and his e-mail address includes the word "hobbes".  As always, I am looking at some weird signs.

Of course it's all about the memories attached to the car, but it's just that -- memories.  The car

Life goes on, and I really like my new car.  I haven't named her yet...I was thinking Fitta.  And then I realized that I'm a grown-a** man and I'm naming my  Oh whatever, Fitta it is

Monday, June 04, 2012

Headlights? Really?

So selling this car is quite the hassle.

First went to the DMV.  Lineup crazy.  Didn't go to the DMV.

Finally got the info I needed by calling in.

Went to Crappy Tire "secretly" with the car.  They said they can do the tests.  Left to walk home. They called me and said that they can't do it.  Went back.  Then they said they could do it.  They did it.

And found...that it didn't pass because the door lock wasn't working and the headlights needed "restoration".  wtf?  I mean, I understand rules are rules but dang.

So of course I got home and the door lock promptly started to work.  And I vimmed the headlights.  Was gonna go back, but the technician left for the day.


And I have to get this all done by Wednesday.  Maybe this is a sign that the Vitz doesn't want to leave

But short term pain, frustration, pissed-offness for long term...well, nothing.  I lose my car and I'm not getting the most profit out of it.  But whatever...I'll finally get to park my Honda Fit in the garage!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

This Is The Beginning Of The Goodbye For An Inanimate Object

But that object of course does have a little meaning to me.

Looks like I got a buyer for the Vitz, provided I get it safety tested and e-certified.  Just gotta figure out how to do that considering it doesn't have plates anymore

*  *  *

Went to the Bread and Honey Festival for the first time ever today (not including the time in high school the band played in it).  I don't know why I found it surprising that they actually serve bread with honey.  It wasn't bad, and it was for free!

Oh, and was served pancakes by our 347-year old Mayor.  The wrinkles in her face are probably older than my parents.

Other than that, it was also the first time ever traversing that part of Streetsville.  It's always fun discovering the City I've lived in my whole life

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Hair Today, Gone...Today

So Eamon got his first "summer cut" from Melon Head Argay.  Kalbo special, like his father.

He looks like this guy:

He likes to rub his head, so I'm gonna say that he does like it.  And he's going to especially like it in the summer when it's hot.

Funny that we shaved his head on a really cold day though

*  *  *

Accomplishment:  sold the first set of tires

Friday, June 01, 2012


So I had a groupon for a Reflexology appointment at one of those Chinese Spa places (Happy Foot Spa).

Went and right away might have figured out that with all the nail polish on the walls that maybe it wasn't what I was thinking; not a true Chinese massage place but rather a pedicure

But then the guy (Jeff) gave a killer massage and foot therapy session.  Dang.  And of course, being the company they are, they agreed that in the future that they could give me an "RMT" receipt.

Well then.  Rolando will have to share that insurance money.

I did find it funny that while I was getting the massage I had the Filipino Channel on the TV in the background

*  *  *