Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Will Make My Own Furniture

Eventually. I hope. A spot opened up for the Woodworking 101 course at the Living Arts Centre, and I was on top of the waiting list. So what did I do? I paid $275 for 10 7pm-10pm Wednesday class starting next week. As always, let us all hope I don't chop off my fingers.

You know what they say about woodworkers with big feet...more painful when you drop wood on it

I must be crazy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Almost There...You Can Do It...YOU ARE A HANDYMAN

That's what I keep telling myself. I'm almost finally done my deck project, just need to buy the long pieces of wood that will act as the treads/steps. While I initially thought it would take me some time to do this project, I didn't anticipate it taking this long. Or expensive. When will I learn that whatever the budget you expect to pay, double it. Oh well, at least I got some great power tools out of it.
I also took a blood test today. Come on cholesterol! Stay low!
Turn on your speakers before you click on this:
Funny stuff.

I Hear You Loud And Clear

Went to ListenUP! Canada for my hearing test. According to the audiologist, I have excellent hearing. So I guess that leaves me with the real reason I don't hear everything sometimes when people talk to me: I am not paying attention. And I needed to get a hearing test for that? Yikes. I do have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow, so we'll see how the blood test goes.
My next powertool purchase? I think a sander. I was drooling over it today at Home Depot. I think I spend entirely way too much time in there.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jason Carpenter

No relation to Karen, the folksy singer. So I spent roughly 12 hours after dropping my girlfriend and her parents to the airport working on 2 planters. I don't know why it took me so damn long, but my back is hurting so I think I must be on to something. Here's what one of them looks like:

Now only if those stairs can magically finish themselves...
While I was working on them, a neighbour I haven't met before, Al Fernandes, asked me if I was a Carpenter. I had to hesitate because in my fantasy, I am. But I was forced to tell the truth and say, "I'm just a wannabe." So anywho, he asked me if I could do his crown mouldings for him, and that he'd pay me. Then he told me he was a Eucharistic Minister at Christ the King. So I have my first "job offer" but now I feel obliged not to charge him. Maybe I should've worked with the garage door closed to avoid this whole situation.
Oh who am I kidding? I'm all in my fantasy land now thinking I'm a contractor because a stranger thought I was one. What's my show gonna be called? "Marquez on Mansions"? "Real (Amature) Renos"? "While I Was Out There"? Okay, I'm gonna have to think about this.

Breaking Point!

I think I reached it, regarding the whole eating to much junk and whatnot. Time to hit the gym and go on a diet again. I have to!
Driving my Baby to the airport in about 5.5 hours. She's going to Western Canada for 10 days with her parents. Hope she has fun, I'll miss her too much.!
I am actually building something. Planters. Now if only it can get level.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Overtime With The Hicks

Worked overtime at the Albion/Bolton Fall Fair. Bunch of hicks who didn't realize why I was asking for handwashing stations. Then one guy even responded to me after I said, "don't shoot the messenger": we don't shoot, we hang. Jerry, get the rope! Yeah. Funny.
I really, really hope no one gets sick after eating that chili that stupid Bolton Rotary Club guy made at home. I hope I don't get fired! (No, really)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

What Drama

Lost my workphone, in my manager's car. I hardly ever lose things, and the time I do...hooboy. (I lost the phone because we went for lunch together with other workmates).
I really gotta go back on a diet and go exercise. Really.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Found It!

Raptorblog Forum is bizzzzack. I can now waste my time on the internet again with this site.
I really, really should be starting those planters soon. Soon.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Being A Tool Again

I went to the Home Depot again, and saw my next future purchase. A reciprocating saw. Luckily, the future is far away and I won't buy it anytime soon.
Read an article about Stewart McKellar Cameron today. Wow.
I hope my neighbour's homemade Portugese Sausage didn't give me the stomach ache I briefly experienced. It was damn good.
I'm a sensitive schmuck. Tell me something I don't know.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Okay, Final Plans

My new plans for the deck:

If you squint your eyes enough, you can see it
I hope this is it. Now I have to make planters though. D'oh!
Met my classmates too. Barbra is getting married. Wow, I really reached the age of marrying. Wow.


Yeah, right. Spent so much time and sweat and money today doing the stair for the deck, and it's still not half completed. Sooner or later. Yikes.
Went to Sharon's classmate Belinda's housewarming party. I ate too much chips. I feel bleh.
Gonna meet the classmates tomorrow at Cantina Mexicana. Yum...I've been on a Mexican Food kick lately.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

What A Great Friday

The day the weekend starts is always great. The only thing that sucked about this Friday was the rain, as I would have liked to have worked on the deck stairs today but I couldn't.
But whatever, my girlfriend is the best. Gay Smile!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Know I'll Never Love Like This Again

Great song by Dionne Warwick. Stuck in my head.
Sharon and I went to Kim's house because it was Michael's 3rd Birthday today. It's nice when he doesn't cry and scream when he sees you.
I have thought about what else I would like for Sharon and mine's house. Perhaps a projector screen TV where my computer can hook up to it. I like to dream.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It Was Actually Fun!

Well, not that I wouldn't have expected it to be as I always try to have fun whatever I do. But the golf game today with the Boss, Al and Judi was fun. I hit some good shots that impressed them. But whatever good shots I hit was tempered with equally bad ones. Hey, I'm an equal kind of guy.
Back to work tomorrow. I wish I had the week off.
Oh yeah, and I finished reading the book "Memoirs of a Geisha." It was bad. Gave me insight as to what Geisha really were/are (they are not only prostitutes, but classy Mistress'). I wonder what's next on the book reading list. Then again, I wonder if when I'm gonna read again. As Sharon's classmate Suzanne says, "you're either a reader or you're not." As with a lot of things in my life, I'm a straddler between the two.

Monday, September 12, 2005


That's what I'll be yelling with my Boss, Al and Judi tomorrow as we comprise a "foresome" at the Region of Peel Golf Tourney being held at BraeBen Golf Course (otherwise known as the course on top of the dump). Should be interesting. Arvin and I went to the driving range today to wack a few balls. I still got it.
"It" = "No Game"

Sunday, September 11, 2005

That Guy Is A Tool

I think they were talking about me, because the rate I've been buying tools. Yikes. The latest "need":

Now I have something to cut my pizza with
The DeWalt DW368K. I originally bought the DW368 at the Oakville Home Depot, but then after passing by my Home Depot (I say "my" because I've been there everyday for the past, oh, 4 days) I saw the DW368K for the same price. What does the "K" stand for? I guess "kit" because the only difference was it came with a carrying case. But a sweet carrying case it is. The lowdown: original price, $162. Jason found sale price, $99. Yee-uh yet again. Credit card takes quite the hit, again.
But hey, at least I'll have my tools for when I move into my house, right? Right? I'm saying this as much to convince myself as much as for Sharon, for she asked me, "are you saving for my wedding?"
Yes, dear. As long as you're saving for my Pick-Up.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Maybe I'm Not A Mike Holmes

I never thought this hard in a long time. Trying to build stairs for a deck wasn't supposed to be this hard. Regardless, I ended up going to Home Depot 3 times, and spending a whole lotta cash. But whatever, as long as this damn project gets done. Haha...this is now referred to as a "damn project." Ulp.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


So I referred my friend Rowena from work to ING Direct, and as a result, we both got $13 for free. I better save it and invest it wisely.

Oh I know, I'll go for chicken wings today at Originals, it's been a while. I'm such a good financial manager.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

They Got Me

The Chiropractor finally got ahold of me and I felt I needed to make an appointment. Man, it's like being a part of a cult or something.
Went for a bike ride today for the first time in a long while. It was nice, I just wish I lived near more trails.
Meetings, meetings and more meetings for the next couple of days. I am also contemplating if I should work overtime on Saturday; I don't think it would be a bad idea considering I've been thinking a lot about Las Vegas lately. Ohoh.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Taking This Power Tool Obsession To A New Level

And I didn't even buy a level yet! But I did get this:

Now imagine it with the bag off...yeah babeeeee
Delta MS275 Mitre Saw, 15 amp power. I couldn't really resist. I mean, regular price was $250 and I got it for $100. It was unadvertised. The model just below it, the MS250, 13 amps, was the same price. So of course with that in mind, it just sealed the deal. I now own a power saw.
Of course I do have another rationalization for it: I am fixing my deck. I gave it a good powerwash today and it took out almost 10 years worth of dirt; the deck looks much better and new. Now only if my hands didn't kill me...

Being A Renovator Hurts

I tore down my deck structure today. I also tore down my body. Yikes.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Found Out Something Today

Win one of these at the CNE for your girlfriend playing a game where you throw a ball and you have to break two beer bottles in a row, and it turns her on:

Big Head...heehee
I actually had fun at the CNE today with Sharon, Mike and Christie. I always thought the place sucked, and while it prolly does, the company makes it better. That plus the fact I actually have the money to do stuff there now. Oh, and I also ate like a crazy obese person today. Back to being "healthy." Yargh.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


I think that's what I have. I seemed to have developed it after all these years. I should prolly go to a Doctor or something.
Finally went to White Bros. Fish n' Chips in the Beaches. Truly a good piece of battered halibut.
Just saw a clip of Kanye West saying that George Bush does not care about Black People during a telethon for New Orleans. He's wrong; George Bush doesn't care about anyone but him and his rich cronies. Also, can Kanye just shut up already?
Played some poker with Ken, Mikey, Nit, Walter and Martin. I think my poker cravings have gone towards more of a "fad" now. It was good while it lasted.
I won while playing Cash for Life. Oh how I wish it was the actual grand prize, but I'll settle for the $6 I won (which in reality is really $2 since the ticket costs $4).
Oh I also went to Tony's restaurant for lunch with him. We had authentic Azorean food. Yummy.
Work tomorrow for the WNV Dead Bird Reporting line. I better bring my book; I would be surprised if I had more than 2 calls.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Go On Get Your Hair Did

So I did. Low-fade/Afro in the house.
Last day of dance class with my baby. It's been a great ten weeks, looking forward to ballroom dancing now.
Got to go to the gym, got to stay motivated...