Sunday, October 06, 2013

Where's The Motivation?

No, seriously, where did the energy go?  Somedays I feel it, but lately I've been moving like molasses.

Gotta get going...gotta stop just coming on to here to complain.

Happy notions:
-my son is getting to be a big boy and the Montessori claims that he is really smart and cute and gets away with stuff just when he smiles.  He truly is, some days, the only reason I smile
-the house stuff is coming along.  If I do a lookback on how it is now to when I bought it, I think I've been doing an okay job.  I just have to remember that stuff like what I'm doing takes a heck of a long time, so I shouldn't get down on myself if I'm not further along to where I unrealistically wanted to be
-new/old friendships I've been having lately
-that maybe it's working and that I still have some optimism

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