Saturday, April 05, 2014

Hard Not To Get Sucked Back In

As I keep trying to move forward, I realize the problem is occurring because I have a rear view mirror.

The objects, though, are at least moving further and further away.  It's just that...I can still see them.

*  *  *

Great couple days with my boy. As frustrating as it gets, it's nothing compared to the joy he brings me

*  *  *

Mushed up ankle is recovering nice and Wolverine like. I mean, sure it's all cankle-like due to the swelling and there's this nasty bruise, but considering I could barely walk yesterday and I even got X-rays it's coming along okay. 

Question is now how tentative am I going to be on it when I resume basketball and other activities?

*  *  *

Gotta do my taxes. Okay. Tomorrow. Let's see how far I get...

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