Friday, October 17, 2014

I Still Blog...Sort Of

Pedorthist Jools asked me randomly if I still blog.  I mean, I do, sort of. But ever since life has changed for me (marriage ending), the desire hasn't really been there.

I've always been one for history and sentimentality (I've been doing this for more than ten years now?), but I guess I've just become a more...different person. I won't say jaded (life is good, I really can't complain).  Maybe just a bit more...private? Introspective? Maybe I'm looking to change the person I am, which includes letting go of much of the past?

I dunno.  I doubt anyone even reads this anymore, including myself at times.

But the original intent is still there: to see what I was up to at a point in time in my life; a place to hone my (erratic) writing skills; somewhere to develop my humour/thoughts by writing it out; a place to be dramatic and cryptic; and a place to allow some people into my life that I wouldn't actually share otherwise. I hope it evolves to something better for me

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