Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Where's Haha And Toto?"

My son and his monkeys and his imagination. Makes me laugh so much. 

He has four monkeys: Titi, Haha, Toto and Toto.  There are small nuances amongst them that he can discern (freaky) and he's convinced they're real.  In fact, he's convinced his Mom and me that they are, because if one of them (especially Titi, his BFF...or is that BMF?) goes missing, well then all hell breaks loose because he cries uncontrollably and can't sleep.

Anyway, he's in Ottawa this week and I asked him on the phone where Haha and Toto were (other Toto has been "going with me to work" this week).  He responded that they are at home at his Mom's house. I asked him why didn't he take them with him to Ottawa...his response?

"Because they're oncall."


*  *  *

Been a week now since I did that call where a guy committed suicide on his balcony (I was actually standing on the spot where his body was). I guess it affected me more than I thought.  I feel bad for the landlord who found him, because if I found him I'm pretty sure it would highlight how not as strong mentally I purport to be.

Gotta keep living!

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