Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weighing Risks

Seems about to be 200lbs or so?  Well whatever the case, I'm starting to get tentative. For example, I find myself asking myself if I should be playing bball with the risk of injury before my vacation. Why, just last night I played full court for the first time in months and lo and behold, I strained the ankle.

Also, I haven't ran in two weeks. I fear I'm getting slothy again. 

Also, after about a month or more of not watching prok...I just broke that cycle. But, luckily it's not the same!

Also, I need to stop thinking again. I was doing much better before. 

Also, I refinanced my mortgage. So adult. 

Also, I'm planning my renoes again. Also, when exactly will I have the time/energy for that again?

Also, holy barf of thoughts typing with one finger

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