Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another Extinguished Career Aspiration:

Professional Go-Kart Driver. Went today with some workmates, and ended up dead last. Either my kart was the slowest one, or I just don't know how to drive "fast." I would bet on the latter. So, with that in mind, I can either: a)learn how to drive better by reading up on the internet; or, b)don't worry about the time I get and just enjoy the drive. I may have to stick with b).
How in the world do I go to Canadian Tire to "look" and then end up buying a Bench Grinder? Just because it was half-price. Hojeez. I'm returning it tomorrow.
My baby is sick, hope you feel better. Because when you're good, I'm good. A-heh-a-heh-a-hoy.

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