Sunday, February 05, 2006

Can I Have Caviar And Grey Poupon With That Pizza?

Went to the Raps/Clips game with Sharon's Dad's Company's Boxseat Tickets with Debbie. Here is my recap I posted on Raptorblog:
Went to my Third Annual "Being Rich In the Boxseats Thanks To Your Girlfriend's Father's Company's Tickets" game today. The pizza was great. So was the salad. Also the Chuck Swirsky Special (gingerale and cranberry juice). Oh, and don't forget about the ice cream. The only thing not there was salami and cheese.
Some random thought from the game:
-I had one striking psychic moment: when MoPete missed that free throw from the Kaman Technical, I knew that it would come back to haunt them, to the point they were gonna (and did) lose.
-I also knew Cassell would be the one to break the Raptors' hearts today. I should've played the lottery. Oh wait, I did; I played the 50/50 draw and didn't even come close.
-The Raps DancePak girls are hot.
-Eric Williams is horrible.
-What happened to Bonner? He used to be able to hit from everywhere on the court.
-I was waiting for the patented one time per game MoPete circus shot. He delivered.
-I wish Kaman was on our team.
-I had two of those "woahwatchoutnow" impromptu screams when Singleton flushed it down.
-15 600 people in attendance at the game? I don't think so. There seemed to be whole sections that were empty.
-Why do they keep on playing that horrible "Cotton Eye Joe" song from the early 90's every single frikin' game I go to?
All in all, a good time, if not only for the reason it was a free.I dunno, my heart has not really been in it this season (the first of ten). Maybe it's the ridiculousness of management, maybe it's the fact I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, maybe the Raps losing act is just waning on me, maybe it's because I miss Carter (the playoffs edition VC, that is) and my namesake playing for the team. I do know I'll be a fan for life, just not as hardcore right now. I can't wait till next year though, when I get to be rich (or die tryin' ) all over again.
Like I posted, it was a good time. Then I drove Debbie back to Hamilton and then went to ballroom class.
There was a Superbowl Game today? Yikes, I guess I'm not American.

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