Thursday, November 07, 2013

Bruk Down Body

So I pulled my groin playing basketball.  And the pain extended towards my back as well.  Hurts something firece, even with the massage therapy I received.

Took an epsom salt bath and while my skin is left feeling refreshed, I'll have to see tomorrow how my back and groin muscles respond.  It was a nice bath though.  I thought there were a few moments I was going to nod off in the bathtub.   lol

And really, how the hell do I ask an RMT to massage my groin without looking like a perv?  I mean, I do so well (for the most part) hiding it.

Oh, and all this concentration on my body parts has also got me realizing I'm becoming more than pudgy and my malaise towards the whole situation should be troubling.  I'll always have this sense of what I want to look like and if I continually have my doubts of getting there I figure I'll always have that motivation.  So why the eff am I so apathetic right now?  Gotta git back on it

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