Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nervous Guy

For some reason I've been really anxious lately. But not in the good way; it feels like I'm having panic attacks. Extreme nervousness. And it manifests itself on the basketball court; I haven't scored any points in two games, I keep making turnovers, I'm playing so tense. Now it seems basketball is not so fun to me anymore. I think I just gotta get over this. Holy dramaqueen.
* * *
You may notice that I am not putting up pictures anymore. I have decided to not install "hello" because since I installed it on my last computer, I could have sworn I got viruses (viri?). So, from now on I will not post any pictures (unless I find a better program). I'll just try my hardest to describe what I want you to see.
* * *
I feel so "blah" at work. Where's the motivation?
* * *
I will bake tonight. Yes, I will do that.

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