Wednesday, November 30, 2005


So I normally preplay my regular numbers for Super 7. I won two free tickets, so I exchanged the ticket. The way it works is that I'm supposed to get my ticket back for the rest of the preplayed numbers. What happened? The stupid idiot lady didn't give me back my preplayed number tickets, instead just giving me the free ticket. The bigger idiot? Me, for not noticing until I got home (thus making it too late).
But: a silver lining.
I think this is a sign that I should not be playing the lotto anymore. I tried it out, I won a couple of times, but nothing big. Why should I waste my money on it?
I didn't realize it, but I changed. I've always said to myself not to play the lottery because it's not money you (might potential) earn. Even though the harsh realities of a fixed income hit, I shouldn't be playing this. Maybe I should be giving to charity or the Church instead. It's not like I'm in search of a miracle; I have a good life and am comfortable. In the future too, I'll be fine. And what would happen if I actually won? How drastic would my happy life change?
So with that said, I am going to stop playing the lotto, I'll just play out the rest of my tickets. Besides, I have the Casino (heh).
* * *
Hopefully I'll be done my woodworking project by this class. We'll see.

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