Friday, November 18, 2005


Officially started with the answering service waking me up at 5:45am for a fire in Mississauga. It'a been a long day thus far.
* * *
Ate a burrito from Chester Fried Chicken Mexican Food. Last time I'll eat one from there. I hope I don't get a food poisoning, but then I am going to have to investigate it since I am the on-call inspector. D'oh!
* * *
0-9 to start the season. Oh Raptors. I hope they only win 3 games this season; then it would be like my basketball team, and then truly in my head I would be playing for the Raptors. Hey, it works for me. (Yesterday's round-up: I hit a three pointer! We lost by 72 points! Whattagame!)

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