Monday, October 01, 2012

IT Tech? Pshhh...I Can Be That

(not really)

So I was without the Internet at home for the past few days.  I wasn't sure what was happening (nor had the inclination to figure it out).  I actually kind of felt helpless.

So I did what any resourceful person did:  google and youtube the crap out of it.  And lo and behold...I have fixed the network!  Of course the reason it screwed up in the first place may have been self-inflicted, but you know, whatever.

And now that the internet is fixed again...Sharon rolls her eyes and does not verbal say "oh great here we go again"

*  *  *

Okay, so today is now officially the first day of the last week of WNV.  I think.  We'll see what happens

*  *  *

No energy at ball today.  Sucks

*  *  *

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