Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh Hello Glass Ankle

Sucks.  Sprained the ankle while playing ball.  It's just a little my heart.  Lol.  Gay.

I hope it's a fast recovery.  Best part about this sprained ankle, if there is one?  I still made the shot!  (Wannabe) ballah!

*   *   *

Also a hello again?  Hello again not being able to sleep.

Why am I so miserable when I have so much to be grateful for?

I carried my boy and danced with him while the Beach Boys song "God Only Knows" was playing.  I haven't been so happy.  I dread the day when he's too grown up.  Sigh.

See?  Again...why do I look at the sadness?  I have a lot in life to learn still

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