Monday, September 06, 2010

Blistering Pace

Or should I say blistering race? As in, by kilometre 4, my arches were getting some of the worst blisters ever. Have you ever tried to ignore blisters? Unfortunately, I'm not that strong enough to ignore it.

So I tried to distract myself:

"Hey, that's a nice house! I wonder how they...crap, this hurts"

"Look how fit that runner is. I wonder if I can catch up to...crap, this hurts"

"Hey, water stand! And they are giving away those Powerbar Gels. Goddamn this tastes nasty...and crap, this hurts"


By kilometre 9, I was just about to give up, but I did that whole "I went this far, can't stop now" mantra crap I do sometimes. Plus I didn't want to look back in case Ian was close by.

So I ended up doing it in 51:22 and Ian came in at 52:42

I also have some of the worst blisters ever, which I'm currently icing down. I'm not too upset, really, because I think I've given up on having "good times". And plus, this is the first year I've done two 10km races in one year (what's that all about?), with a 5km race at the end of October.

This Oakville run was actually nice, not too busy like the Mississauga 10km run. How can I tell? Ian and I were actually near the front of the pack at the beginning of the race. We're not exactly elite runners, and we were actually questioning the smartness of being near the front, as everyone would be passing us. Plus, there were only 364 runners in total (placed 94/364 total, 71/164 men, and 14/23 in my age group. Meh?).

But whatever, good times and hopefully we do it next year again, much to the chagrin of Sharon. Who the hell wakes up at 6am on Labour Day?

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