Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When Exactly Does It Get Easier?

You know, work. Life. Et cetera.

Mind you I may be saying this only because I left work today at around 7pm.

* * *

Yet another reason I think my Mother is funny: she's been in the Philippines the past month with my Dad. Did she call us to tell us that they were there and that everything is okay?

Of course not. So how does she communicate with us now? Well, Facebook of course. Jeez. (That is, if she actually does bother to try to FB message us).

I've always been a fan of my mother's randomness and her punctuation. Case in point, a message she sent to Con, after Con asked her to buy him some undershirts:

"will be arriving at 430 pm on thursday sept 16 be sure you're home will call on arrival what do you mean with the buttons and sando the undershirts you mean what color of long sleeves gray or white or both clean the house"

Seriously, if you were inside my head, you'd know how funny this is to me

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