Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Oh It's Good! No Bugs!"

So I was at a ghetto-er food court with Doreen for lunch today that was known for roaches.  I saw a pest control operator there after I ordered my bulgogi, and I asked him how the mall was doing in terms of pests.  He responded with the title of my post.

Sure enough after a few minutes eating my food, I feel something crawly on my arm.  Yup.  Roach.  Killed it and kind of heebee-geebeed.  lol.  Ah well, such is life; I'm still going to go there (of course).  Good thing I didn't go with other coworkers who would've freaked the eff out (ex. Kats).

Another freaky/eerie thing that happened at work today was driving along Eglinton near Forum Dr.  Doreen all of a sudden freaked out and pointed ahead...a tiny boy (looked to be about 3 years old) and an even tinier girl (looked to be about 2 years old) were holding hands and crossing in the middle of the street.  Luckily the lights were red and another driver jumped out of his car and frantically rushed the kids to the sidewalk all the while asking where their mommy was (no where to be seen).  My theory is that it was daycare kids that escaped.

Whatever the case, I couldn't forget about it because all I thought about was my boy. scary what could have happened.  Just thinking about it now makes me a bit sad.

Got home and hugged my boy a little tighter (also went to the splash pad and his cousin's house with him afterwards).  What sucks?  He looks like he might have the hand, foot and mouth disease that is going around the daycare (there are canker-like things on his tongue).  Dang.  Dang.

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