Sunday, July 14, 2013

"What You Say Brah? Come Here And Say That Again, Brah!"

The stupidness you hear from a basketball court when our group asks someone who didn't rent out the gym to leave.  (Wasn't directed to me; was directed to the white guy from a black guy.  Still felt tense afterwards, of course).

Hope my body doesn't break down completely.  I rather enjoy playing basketball again

*  *  *

Weird how my feelings go.  Always have been weird.  Just trying to get in tune with it now and trying to control it somewhat.  Life changes all the time; why can't I?  I don't think it makes me any less of the person I think I am.

I haven't ever forgotten my dreams.  It's just not the dreams I expected.  I remain optimistic...just hope I don't lose the faith

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