Tuesday, July 09, 2013

That Was Floody

So I worked last night during this big storm/power outage.  (Secret?  Avoid major streets, take side roads).

I hate people who don't treat stoplights as four way stop signs.  I was quite daring just laying out my horn in my small car.

Anywho, I almost got stranded in a flood on Derry Rd. between Torbram and Bramalea.  Good thing I was going like 70km/hr cause when I hit that 4" of water on that flooded out bridge, it slowed me down to like 20km/hr.  Any slower, I may have not had the traction to keep going and I would've gotten stuck.

With my heart pounding, I called up Peel Police and reported that they should close down the road (don't know if they ever did).  All this for effin' mosquitoes...lol.

But otherwise, it was nice working out in the rain with all my rain gear on.  I enjoy it, makes me feel like I'm doing a different/important job.  Ghey.

Also funny?  When I got to Sharon's house, the homes right across the street had power and of course her house didn't.  Like, literally 20 ft. away.  I was this close to busting out an extension cord.  Ha.

When it did go on at midnight, I got up all confused and turned off all the lights and of course Eamon woke up and then of course he was a disaster this morning.

*  *  *

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